Deception 2 Teasers – April 2020

Deception Teasers - April 2020

Read what will be coming up on Deception 2 showing on Zee World in April.   Wednesday 1 April 2020 Episode 27 Naren takes Pooja away from town to seek help for her condition, and on their way a clown comes and distracts Pooja. Everyone in the house is looking for them. Thursday 2 April 2020 Episode 28 Pooja manages to convince Naren to wear female clothing for the day. Friday 3 April 2020 Episode 29 Pooja wants to see more magic tricks, and she has no idea the magician…

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New! Jodha & Akbar Teasers – March 2020

Jodha & Akbar

Zee World’s new novela Jodha and Akbar premieres on Sunday, 1 March at 21h00, replacing Gangaa 3 which ends the day before. Below are the teasers for March: Sunday 1 March 2020 Episode 1 This is the story of princess Jodha, who is forcefully married to a hard-hearted king who conquered her father’s kingdom. She reluctantly goes to his palace only to find that she is one of many wives. She faces opposition from the word go and discovers that she will have to fight for her husband’s affection. Her…

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Ring of Fire Teasers – March 2020

Ring of Fire Teasers - March 2020

Coming up on Ring of Fire (Agniphera) this March 2020 Sunday 1 March 2020 Episode 31 Shristi goes to the exam centre with Shekhar. Revati is elated when both Anurag and Vidvaan go out of the house for the entire day, making it easier for her to deal with Shristi. While Ragini waits for Anurag’s return, Revati humiliates Shekhar and Shristi and accuses Shristi of ruining the family’s reputation. Monday 2 March 2020 Episode 32 Teaser unavailable Tuesday 3 March 2020 Episode 33 Shristi and Ragini both leave the house. Vishu is…

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Showing This Week On Zee World Series Feb 3 – 9

Showing Feb 17 – 23

Below are weekly teasers of your favourite soapies showing this week Monday to Sunday, Feb 3 – 9 on Zee World. Lady Luck Monday 3 February 2020 Episode 82 Pavitra’s life is in danger, who will save her? Ansh begins to grow more suspicious about the relationship between Divya and Yuvraj. Tuesday 4 February 2020 Episode 83 Yuvraj is adament on revealing the truth about Divya to the Prajapati family. Ansh fights for Divya. Wednesday 5 February 2020 Episode 84 The Prajapati family comes together to help Pavitra. Divya is…

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Reach For The Stars makes Comeback On Zee World

Reach For The Stars

Reach For The Stars with the Indian title, Ek Mutthi Aasmaan, will be making a comeback on Zee World on Monday, February 3. Synopsis Kalpana is the daughter of Kamla, who is a domestic worker. Kamla works for the Kapoors, Sahil and Neetu. Kamla and Neetu gave birth on the same day. Kamla has fed Neetu’s daughter Pakhi ever since she was small and would neglect Kalpana. Neetu did not like Kamla. As the kids grew, Kalpana continued to feel neglected by her mother, who spent most of her time…

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Zee World: Married Again 2 Teasers – January 2020

Married Again 2 Teasers – January 2020

Below are teasers of Married Again 2 (Punar Vivah – Ek Nayi Umeed) showing this January. Wednesday 1 January 2019 Episode 42 Now that Raj and Sarita have signed the divorce papers, Sarita is ready for her wedding ceremony. Sheela is kidnapped by Rohan. Thursday 2 January 2019 Episode 43 Sarita and her husband Vikrant don’t get along, but they convince everyone around them that they are happy. Vandana has started her evil ways against Sarita. Friday 3 January 2019 Episode 44 Raj decides to go back and marry Divya…

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Zee World: Lady Luck Teasers – January 2020

Lady Luck Teasers – January 2020

Below are the teasers of Lady Luck showing this January. Wednesday 1 January 2019 Episode 49 Pavitra tries to break the trust between Ansh and Bhoomi as she brings another person into their relationship. Bhoomi and Ansh stand together against Pavitra. Thursday 2 January 2019 Episode 50 Vasundhara has been made to seem unfit and the rest of the family begin to worry about her mental state. Ansh is arrested for harassing a woman, will he be able to prove his innocence? Friday 3 January 2019 Episode 51 Ansh goes…

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Zee World Debuts Myth-Inspired Series, Deception

Deception Teasers - April 2020

A new series, Deception, will be replacing Amma which wraps up on Sunday, January 5 on Zee World Africa.  Deception premieres the day after at 19h00. It is a total of a 175-episode series inspired by a mythological Hindu story. Below are 5 important things you need to know about Deception. It’s a modern-day retelling of the love story between Menaka and Vishwamitra. Menaka was an Apsara – a type of female spirit in Buddhist and Hindi culture.Vishwamitra was a sage, a very enlightened person of ancient India who spent…

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Zee World Premieres Four News Series In One Month


Zee World is premiering four new series this November.The new shows and seasons include Lady Luck, Amma, Married Again 2 and Gangaa 3.   Lady Luck Premiere date: Thursday, November 14 at 18h00 Replaces: The rebroadcast of Fire and Ice Original Hindi title: Bhagyalaxmi At the centre of the story: Bhoomi Shukla, played Simran Pareenja (right in the above pic). She’s bright, she’s ambitious, she’s just finished school and she has to battle against being oppressed by the tradition of becoming a stay-at-home wife. The good news for her: her mother supports her…

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Showing This Week On Zee World Series Nov 11 – 17

Zee World Nov 24

Below are weekly teasers of your favourite Zee World series showing this week Monday to Sunday, Nov 11 – 15. The Heir Monday 11 November 2019 Episode 156 The undying love between Preet and Raj threatens to tear the Pawaniya’s apart. Gunjan has good news for her family. Chandar and Jagan plot the destruction of Amba. Tuesday 12 November 2019 Episode 157 Amba humiliates Raj in front of the villagers. Babli is used as a pawn to further paint Raj as evil. Wednesday 13 November 2019 Episode 158 Chandar is…

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