Thursday Update On Gangaa Oct 25, 2018

Gangaa brings tea for Niranjan and he is surprised to see her doing
that. She says she is going today and asks how could she have gone
without meeting him?. Niranjan and Madhvi feel sad. Niranjan tells
Gangaa that he is not sending her far and she can come over to meet them
whenever she feel like. Plus he will always be with her. Gangaa shares
how her father too used to say the same thing yet he left her. Madhvi is
in tears hearing this but Niranjan signals her not to cry.
then hugs Gangaa. He too is very emotional. Prabha comes upstairs to
take Gangaa with her so they can pack all the stuff as Gupta’s will be
coming. Gangaa looks at Niranjan once again. He caresses her head
lovingly and sadly. Gangaa holds his hand for a moment. Prabha
intervenes and takes Gangaa with her. Gangaa continues looking at
Niranjan all the while. Madhvi cannot hold back her tears any longer.
Sagar returns from school sadly. His colony boys remind him of the kite
competition tomorrow and he should be ready to face defeat. Sagar
replies that he won’t lose but they mock him that they will cut his kite
and then show it in the entire colony. They joke at him to go and call
his grandma now and cry in front of her. They leave.

Meanwhile, Madhvi
gives all the necessary things to Gangaa that she might need. Amma tells
Madhvi to keep all the stuff in Sagar’s old bag and take out everything
before giving the bag to Gangaa. She notices Sagar and goes calm and
sweet to Madhvi telling her to buy a new bag for Gangaa. Madhvi nods and
leaves with Gangaa. Sagar watches them go upstairs. Prabha notices
Sagar and realizes the whole thing. Amma decides to distract Sagar
somehow. Sagar tells his grandma to stop Ganga. Amma reminds him of his
words yesterday but Sugar plead with his grandma to atleast stop her for
2 days. Amma finally agrees to stop her and asks him if Gangaa stop as
she is getting new parents, new house and what if her new parents refuse
to take her with them in two days time?. Amma adds that the girl will
think about herself?. Sagar falls for his grandma words. Prabha too
calls everyone selfish and tells Sagar that not everyone is like him.
She remind him that he did so much for Gangaa but she is so excited
about her packing today and she would have refused to leave if she cared
about him. Prabha adds that Sagar will get many more kids to play with
him and that her son is there too. Just then, Maharaj informs them about
Mr. & Mrs. Gupta arrival.

Madhvi has packed Gangaa’s bag.
Prabha informs her about the arrival of Gupta’s. Gangaa wants to meet
Pulkit and Sagar once before she leave. She gets to know that Pulkit
will return in the evening only while Sagar will be in his room. Madhvi
goes out to attend to the guests. Gangaa takes out the chocolates from
her bag and as she is heading to Sagar’s room, she notices him sitting
outside the room only. Gangaa brings chocolates for Sagar but he refuses
to take them with an excuse that they have given it to her. Gangaa can
clearly see it that he is angry and asks if he won’t talk to her as she
is leaving the house. She try to console him that she too is very sad
that she is leaving them all. But she have found a new parents and she
couldn’t say no when his father Niranjan explained it all to her. Sagar
continues to look downstairs at the other boys of his colony with their
kites in their hand. Gangaa continues talking to him that she will have
to go. Sagar disagrees that she won’t go anywhere. She asks him if he
doesn’t want her to have new father or mother. He stays put and she too
cannot step back from his decision now. He gives up irritated calling
her selfish and remind her that she challenged those boys for kite
flying competition and now she is running away. He taunts her to go to
her new mother and father. Adding that his father is right that she is
selfish. Gangaa tries to explain to him that she cares about him but
cannot say no to his father Niranjan. He calls her a liar. He angrily
tells her to go that he is mad that he fell for her words and warn her
not to talk to him ever again. He adds on that they are not friends
anymore. Gangaa is hurt with his harsh words, she keeps the box of
chocolates there, wipes her tears and leaves sadly.

tells Gupta’s to take care of Gangaa as she has recently lost her father
in an accident and she is still not over it yet. Niranjan further tells
Gupta that he would know how much such kids yearn for someone’s love if
she gets love from his family then her life will become beautiful.
Prabha assures him that he should not worry as they don’t have any child
of their own so they will definitely take good care of Gangaa. Rashmi
nods. Madhvi too assures her husband that Gangaa is a lovely girl they
all started loving her in a few days time so she is sure they also will
start loving her very soon as Gangaa can make anyone her own. Rashmi
nods and sat Gangaa is anyways going to her own house only as their
daughter. Prabha wonders where Gangaa is but Amma tells them that the
maid has gone to call Gangaa. Madhvi notices Gangaa upstairs and they
all follow her gaze. Maharaj too is feeling a little sad.

Niranjan walks up to Gangaa. He offers his hand to her and she puts her
hand in his without any second thoughts. Gangaa comes in front of Amma.
Amma stands there tensed. Rashmi holds Gangaa’s hand asking her to come
to her house but Gangaa pulls her hand back. Niranjan holds Gangaa’s
hand and they both walk toward the main door together while Gangaa track
song plays in the background as Ganga looks emotionally at the house.
Everyone follows them. While outside the house, Mr. Gupta points out
their car to Gangaa. Sagar watches them from upstairs. Madhvi gives
homemade sweets to Gangaa. Gangaa tells Amma that she will miss her.
Amma fumbles as she replies her to take care of everyone in her house.
She advice her to help her mother in household chores and warn her not
to jump around the house like she have been doing in this house and that
the sooner she understand things the better. Amma further tells her to
only remember this that she have to live her life on her own for life.
Amma lies to everyone that they all will miss her. Prabha points out
that this move will be actually good for her life only. Amma agrees.
Niranjan drops Gangaa till the car. She notices Sagar upstairs in the
balcony. Prabha’s plan comes to fruition as Gangaa leaves with Rashmi
and her husband.

Niranjan walks along with Ganga till
the car and days he know she won’t have any problem in that house but
still. He keeps some money in her bag along with his telephone number
written on a piece of paper. Gangaa looks upstairs towards Sagar but he
simply turns his face away. Niranjan opens the car door for Gangaa and
she sits inside next to Rashmi. The car drives away with Ganga still
looking at Sagar but he is still not looking at the car. He looks in
that direction only when the car disappears from the view. Prabha and
Amma enter inside, muttering about how finally they are free of this
tension. Sagar overhears them and then heads back to his room. He is
very angry. He throws his stuff away and then notices the kite. He tears
it completely. Madhvi had just come to his room and notices him thus.

Gangaa comes to her new house with Gupta’s. Rashmi shares that this is
her mother’s house and they live in a huge city Delhi. Just then, the
baby starts crying. Gangaa looks on in surprise as Rashmi’s mother comes
with the baby and maid. Rashmi comforts the baby. The maid has to leave
as her baby is alone too. Mr. Gupta gives her leave for the day. Gangaa
asks them about the baby. Mr. Gupta tells Gangaa that the baby is her
sister, she is sweet just like her and asks her if she will play with
her?. Gangaa is quiet and observing. Rashmi and her mother try to sweet
talk Gangaa regarding the baby. The baby cries. Rashmi says she must be
hungry. Her mother asks Gangaa if she knows how to make powder milk.
Gangaa shakes her head. She agrees to teach everything to Gangaa today
so she can do it from tomorrow onwards. Mr. Gupta takes Rashmi aside
asking if she is sure if she would handle everything?. Rashmi nods but
he is not so sure and says he had already told her that the girl is too
small and she have brought here for household chores but maybe she (
Rashmi) will end up doing her work. Turns out that Rashmi had her own
hidden agenda why she wanted to adopt Gangaa so soon and denies that
Prabha told her that Gangaa do all her work on her own as she is a girl
for whom self-respect matters the most and they anyways are not going to
make her do all the work. She just has to handle the baby, make milk
for her and change diapers, and some housework. She tells her husband
not to think so much that they have to go to Delhi tomorrow and he know
how much the maids charge there but they got the girl for free.

adds that she ( Gangaa ) will live with them 24×7 and they don’t have to
give her anything, but only food and clothes. She further asks her
husband who gets a maid this easily in today’s time?. Just then, they
are both shocked to see Gangaa standing there only with the milk bottle.
Rashmi asks her since when is she standing here and further asks if she
is eavesdropping on them?. Gangaa shakes her head and says she have
come here just now and that Nani has taught her how to make powder milk.
They are relieved. Mr. Gupta praises Gangaa for learning it so fast. He
sits down to teach Gangaa how to feed milk to the baby. He also makes
Gangaa try it. Rashmi is scared that one day Ganga will find out the
truth. Her mother tells her not to worry as they will anyways be leaving
for Delhi tomorrow. Gangaa talks to the baby asking if she is very
hungry and then says. milk makes them very strong. She promise the baby
that she will make her drink milk every day now. She further tells the
baby that Sagar and Pulkit too drink milk twice a day as their mother
offers prayers to the moon at this time and that Amma will be reading
Gita and might be scolding the maid too.

Everyone at Chaturvedi
House is doing exactly what Gangaa had mentioned. Maharaj is taking milk
for Sagar. Amma adds lots of crystallized sugar lumps in his milk.
Madhvi points out that this is not safe for Sagar’s health but Amma
doesn’t pay heed proudly saying she is his grandma and she can spoil him
this much atleast. Maharaj finds Sagar sitting alone at a corner. Sagar
tells him that he can see so many homes and asks which house would
Ganga be in?. Maharaj replies that Gangaa is in railway colony. Sagar
refuses to drink milk. The maid points out that Sagar doesn’t care about
what his grandm says and he only cares about Gangaa. Maharaj tells her
not to speak against the little girl as she lost her everything in a
second. She talks about Gangaa’s good luck. Maharaj only hopes that
Gangaa forgets all her pains. Sagar wonders if Gangaa will forget
everyone, including him. The maid continues to talk against Gangaa while
Maharaj tries to stop her but in vain. Sagar too agrees with the maid
that Gangaa is selfish as she didn’t even think about what will happen
in the kite competition tomorrow knowing that everyone will mock at him.
He vow to never think of her or even look at her.
At night,
Gangaa is humming to the baby to put her to sleep while Rashmi soaks her
feet in hot water. Gangaa talks to the little girl about her father and
that her mother used to sing it for her every night. But then she went
to god and used to sing it for Him and that she love this very much.
Rashmi’s mother comes inside and asks Rashmi about her feet pain but
Gangaa tells her to speak in lower tones or the Gudiya will wake up.

They are impressed with Gangaa taking care of the baby and asks if she
became friends with her little sister. She had not slept nicely till day
but is sleeping so peacefully today now that Gangaa is here. She is
told to go and sleep now. Just when Gangaa is about to lie down on the
bed, Rashmi tells her to sleep in the hall. Rashmi’s mother calmly
twists the words and convinces Gangaa to sleep outside. Gangaa leaves.
Rashmi’s mother tells her daughter not to speak like this. Gangaa is
about to sleep on the sofa when Mr. Gupta brings a bedding for her. He
spreads it on the floor for her and leaves. He switches off the lights
and closes his room’s door. Gangaa feels scared as it is very dark and
wondering how she will sleep in dark as she is very scared. She
continues to look around carefully and scared as she lies down. She
imagines her father coming there with a lantern. He sits down beside her
and saying his Ganga was so strong. She got scared of the dark today?.
She replies that he was not with her so she got scared. He says he is
always with her. She asks him about her mother who always used to make
her sleep with her and asks why her new mother is not doing the same?.
Her father smiles and asks if she felt bad about such a small thing?. He
tells her to come that he will put her to sleep. He keeps her head in
his lap and caresses it lovingly. She drifts off to sleep.

The baby
wakes up at night. Rashmi calls out for Gangaa but there is no reply.
She is holding the baby in her hands so she nudges Gangaa with her foot.
She gives the baby to Gangaa telling her to handle her that she will
bring milk for her. Rashmi’s mother too wakes up. Rashmi and her mother
give instructions to Gangaa. Gangaa walks around the room to comfort the
baby. Rashmi brings milk and gives Gangaa to feed the baby. She goes to
change her clothes as they got wet.
Next morning, the maid has
not come so all the household work is yet to be done. They call out for
Gangaa. She comes running there and asks them as to why are they
shoutingbas she was busy taking bath. Rashmi tells her to clean the
utensils but Gangaa asks about the maid. Rashmi’s mother again sweet
talks to her that she ( Gangaa) is the elder daughter of the house and
asks if she won’t help her mother?.

Pulkit wakes up
Sagar. Madhvi too comes there as it is Sunday and him to wake up now.
Sagar lies that he is having fever. Madhvi puts thermometer in his mouth
so she can check his temperature. Amma gets to know about it and
panics. She tells Madhvi to bring turmeric milk but Niranjan stops her
after checking Sagar’s temperature and says Sagar is not ill. Sagar
continues to pretend that he is not feeling well. Amma falls in his
trap. She is all hyper and scolds Madhvi for not bringing the turmeric
milk. Niranjan again stops Madhvivand again says Sagar is perfectly fine
and they both stretch small things for no reason. He adds on that Sagar
will feel lazy and tired if he sleeps till late and he has to literally
scold Sagar so he gets up. Pulkit goes to study. Niranjan sends both
the ladies downstairs but Amma runs back in Sagar’s room. She tells him
to rest for a while. Amma suggests Niranjan not to be so hard on Sagar
but Niranjan doesn’t want them to spoil Sagar like this saying kids
should be able to bear some things.

Madhvi points out that the doctor
too has advised them to take extra care of Sagar. Niranjan doesn’t want
them to give everything that Sagar asks for as he is becoming stubborn.
He throws tantrums and even refuses to eat of which they don’t do what
he wants and this is wrong. He warn his wife Madhvi that he hope she
don’t harm her own son in her motherly love. He walks away. Amma calls
him a typical lawyer that he has become so unwell in one day only.
Madhvi nods that he is feeling alone as Gangaa is not here anymore. Amma
is irked hearing Gangaa’s name. Sagar looks down from his balcony. All
the kids are pacing around his house, waiting for him, with a kite in
their hands respectively as they have to defeat him and it will be fun.
Sagar hides in a corner. Pulkit notices him hiding and asks Sagar what
it is. Sagar tells him about the kite flying competition in which Gangaa
has trapped him. Pulkit encourages him and even offers to help him.
Sagar knows that he doesn’t even know how to fly a kite. Gangaa knew but
she left for her new house.

Gangaa is doing dusting when she
thinks of Sagar that he doesn’t know anything about kites and he won’t
be able to take it if he loses. Plus those wicked kids won’t spare him
if he loses today and wonder how can she help him from her new house?.
She recalls Niranjan giving her his telephone number on a piece of
paper. Gangaa takes it out from her bag happily. She dials Niranjan’s
number to speak with Sagar. Initially, Gangaa is all quiet after hearing
his voice. He is surprised to receive a call from her and asking if she
is alright and if they take care of her?. She replies in yes. She then
tells him that she is just cleaning the house. Rashmi takes the receiver
from her. She talks to Niranjan and finds out from him that Gangaa is
the one who has called him. He wants to talk to Gangaa so Rashmi has no
option but to give the receiver back to Gangaa as Gangaa wants to talk
to Sagar. Niranjan calls out for Sagar but there is no reply. Pulkit and
Sagar are not able to prepare a kite so it is ready to fly. Sagar
suggests to accept defeat beforehand only but Pulkit wants to try it
once and says one should never give up. Maharaj gives phone to Sagar.

is angry to hear Gangaa’s voice as he refuses to hear her out and says
he don’t want to talk to her. He says today is kite flying competition
and she took this challenge yet she is the one who left and asks what
will he do now?. He then retort back that why will she worry that she is
wrong that he won’t be able to fly a kite and win the competition. He
adds on that he will prove her wrong. He disconnects the call. Even
Rashmi scolds Gangaa for calling without seeking her permission and warn
her not to do this mistake ever again. She adds on that Gangaa won’t
call anyone without seeking her permission. Gangaa stares at her in
confusion as Rashmi says she have no relation with them anymore and
those people had shown pity on her so they took her to their home, but
she is their daughter now and they will only take care of her for life.
She then order Gangaa to go and resume her work. Meanwhile, Rashmi hides
the paper in which Niranjan’s number is and preventing her to calls the
house again in future.

Pulkit and Sagar come on their terrace.
They see other kids on their terraces too. Pulkit assures Sagar that
they only will win. The other boys tease Sagar but Pulkit tells them not
to think of what they are showing but to ocus on the competition. Sagar
tells them to start the competition. They advise him to accept that he
cannot win from them but Pulkit cheers up his brother. Sagar promises to
emerge as a champion. While, Gangaa is cleaning vegetables, she notices
few kites stuck in a tree outside and think how will Sagar win as the
other boys will taunt him like anything if he loses the game. She talks
to herself that poor Sagar was telling her that he cannot fly a kite but
she got him in this situation and this is the reason why he is so angry
with her. Gangaa wants to go to Chaturvedi’s house for a while to meet
her friend. Rashmi’s mother asks her how she will go. Since Gangaa had
seen the route while they were coming to the new house, she says she
will find Babu’s house ( Niranjan) and it is very important for her to
go. She adds on that if she don’t go then her friend Sagar will lose the
competition. Rashmi tells her not to argue with her over this matter
As the baby cries, Rashmi’s mother goes inside to attend to her
while Rashmi tells Gangaa to make milk for the baby.
competition is on in full swing and Sagar is not able to handle it so
well. Ganga comes the baby’s room but finds no one there. She calls out
for Rashmi as mother but gets no reply. She notices the open door and
smiles. She runs out of the house and in the streets.

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