Thursday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 438 – 440

At the Hospital, after her medical checkup, Urmi tells Diya to get back home as soon as possible, and try and retrieve her clothes, as if she can, it would be immensely helpful. They are reminded of her family’s hostility and anger towards Diya’s decision to go public, but Diya says that they are her family, and are angry maybe, but they will definitely come around. 

They decide to be with her, when she goes to the house. They leave the hospital. As they step outside, They are suddenly jolted by loads of reporters and camera flashes, that directly ask Diya questionsd about her ganagrape. She is horrified, and shocked, taken off-guard, and is distraught and appalled. The reporters throng her with questions, while she turns away. Shaurya and Urmi cover up for her, and asks the reporters to have some sense of respect and humanity to be sensitive to the victim. Urmi says that they have filed an FIR, and they should go to the police station for all the information. They also talk to Diya about the fiancee who is absconding since then. They rush from there, but the reporters keep having a mayday at this media byte.
At Diya’s residence, Diya’s family is ready to move out as soon as possible. They are all packing and arranging their stuff, trying to find if they can leave tonight only, if possible. As Diya returns home along with Shaurya and Urmi enters, but only to find out that her family disowned her as her brother stops her right there. Diya goes to her mother, but her father stops her right there. She is tensed, as she addresses him as father, but he says that he is dead to her, and reminds her what they had warned her of, and ask her to go just like she went. Diya asks what’s she saying. Urmi asks how can they do this to their own daughter. Nirmala says that she insulted and humiliated them. Urmi point out that Diya isn’t at fault, and is just fighting for justice. Nirmala asks them to stop this lecture, and blames Shaurya and Urmi, for instigating Diya against her own family. Diya asks her not to talk like this to urmi. Urmi again tries to advise them to support their daughter, and not to think about the society as she won’t be able to do this without them. Devesh says that she has always done what she wanted, but they won’t put with her nonsense anymore. He hollers at her to get out. They are all tensed. Diya goes to her elder brother Devesh, but her father says that it’s of no use now, adding that that they have ended all relations with her, and that she is dead to them, and infact she should have died that night, as they would have done the customary rights of the death and then moved on. Urmi and Shaurya are shocked. Her father asks them all to get lost. As Diya’s family behaves hostile, Diya breaks down asking rather begging them to allow her inside, as they are her family, and where else would she go. Her father says that she should have thought of that, before walking out hand in hand with someone, despite them telling her not to, and that now she should go and stay there itself. Devesh asks her to leave and never show her face again. Diya screams distraught as her parents throw her out the house. They slam the door shut on her face. Shaurya and Urmi are angry but they support Diya to offers her a place to stay in their house.
At Awaz’s office, Chiku handles the office and the newspaper’s dealings in Shaurya’s absence, when a reporter comes and asks Chiku if he hears the latest news about Diya. He is shocked and tensed at the same time, and asks what he means. The reporter tells him regarding Diya. Chiku is shocked to know that Diya has been gangraped. The employees start talking about it. Chiku rubbishes it off as nonsense, or a cheap publicity stunt, saying that this can’t happen. Chiku gets a call, as people start asking about their employee’s Diya’s gangrape. He is too stunned to react.
At Karan’s residence, Karan is practising his poetic, romantic lines, when his mother comes in concerned about Diya. She asks him to go and meet Diya once, but he isn’t interested. She says that if he has decided then he should have the guts to stand by it, and that he should either return the ring, or else she will go and do so. He callously says that she is more concerned for them, rather than her son’s acting career. Karan asks his mother to return their engagement ring, while taking off his own too, pointing out that the one they gave was solid gold, and hence she should get it back. His mother is ashamed of his son’s callousness and indifference to the poor innocent Diya. He asks her not to waste his time, and let him learn the script and get lost. His mother notices the news on the channel, where Karan too learns about the reporters take on it.
At Urmi’s residence, Anirudh and his family are shocked to hear the same news, and are outraged as to how could this have happened to her, as they all recognise Diya. Anirudh goes to place a call, when the maid announces that Urmi has come. Later, as Urmi steps inside the house, while the entire family waits, Anirudh asks what’s all this, that’s being shown in the news. Urmi turns around and Anirudh follows his gaze, to find Shaurya coming in with Diya. They are shocked to see Diya’s condition, while she stands with her head hung low, held by Shaurya firmly. Anirudh is appalled. His family is unable to believe this. Anirudh makes her sit down. Damini asks Diya if she is okay. Ishaani asks the maid to get water for everyone. Shaurya gets to know from Anirudh that Diya wasn’t named. He is angry at the dirty journalism. Ishaani expresses her grief at what happened with Diya, and then gives her water. She asks the maid to bring tea. Damini tries to ask how this happened. Anirudh too hesitatingly says that this can’t be undone, but with time, all will be right. He asks Urmi if the police complaint has been filed. Urmi gives him the entire update, and tells why the complaint got delayed. Damini asks why Diya’s family wasn’t there. Shaurya tells them about Diya’s family’s reaction towards all this. Urmi’s family is shocked to know this, as Shaurya explains why they deserted Diya in this time. Anirudh however stands by Diya. Damini asks Shaurya if he forced Diya to complain. Shaurya explain that this was entirely Diya’s decision and he merely supported her. They applaud Shaurya and Urmi, and solicit their support for her. Damini asks Urmi why is she taking her around like this, in such a condition, as she should be in her house, resting, which she needs the most. Shaurya explains how Diya’s family didn’t allow her to get inside the house. Anirudh comforts Diya that they too will come along. Urmi explains what happened after they went to the house, from the hospital. They are all shocked. Hence, Urmi says that they got Diya here with them only. Damini asks what she means. Urmi says that from this day forth, Diya will stay here with them. Damini and Ishaani are taken aback, as they don’t like it while Damini’s shocked.
Urmi and Shaurya face a hard time from Damini about Diya staying there, but Sandhya and Anirudh support her. Damini asks how can Diya stay here. Urmi asks where will Diya stay then. Damini says that this is her house, and not her volunteering NGO, that she gets anyone in. Damini further points out that if Diya stays here, then that would have repercussion on Ishaani too. She asks what if Ishaani is insulted because of this, and who would want to marry Ishaani after that. Upon hearing this, everyone are tensed including Urmi. Diya looks at Urmi, distraught. Just then, Karan comes there and everyone is shocked to see her. Diya runs to him, hugs him, cries and asks if he is alright. He replied that he is fine and assures her that he will come and take her in some days, but his mother doesn’t approve, and he will take sometime to get her around, to accepting Diya after the incident. He leaves but no one knows Karan why he suddenly show up. Shaurya is at unrest and leaves after him confront him. He gives Shaurya the same sob story and then leaves to meet Diya. Shaurya isn’t convinced as the real reason for Karan sudden visit is still unknown. Inside Urmi takes Diya to her room, and then gives her all the warmth and love that she can get.
Later, Chiku comes and asks Shaurya and his aunt Urmi why wasn’t he told before. Damini hears all this. they discuss what’s the next plan and how can they get Diya out of this tragic nightmare. She is snubbed as usual by Damini regarding Diya’s stay. She is furious when she gets to know that Karan’s here too. Urmi sends for Diya and Karan’s breakfast up in the room.
Upstairs, Karan pretends that he is so guilty that he can’t save Diya from this. Diya asks him not to blame himself. Rani comes with the food. Karan keeps assuring her that they will go together and talk with Diya’s parents. He eyes the food, gives a piece to Diya and hungrily eat the food as if he have not eaten for days.
After happily finishing the breakfast and doing the formality of asking Diya to eat too, he retires to the washroom. He locks the door from inside. From the bathroom, Karan calls up someone and tells them to arrange all reporters within 45 minutes at Diya’s house, as that’s when he shows up with her. He thinks that the whole town will see his face on every channel. He says to himself that he should be able to extract some benefit out of this tragedy and that soon he will be loaded with serial and film offers, once he is on every news channel.
Downstairs, Sandhya discusses that i’ts good that Karan decided to stand by Diya in such times, as she needs him the most. Damini comments what’s the use now, as he ducked when he was needed, or this wouldn’t have happened. Shaurya and Urmi listen resignedly. She also accuses Diya of being reckless in daring to roam at night, as a person’s respect is in their hands, and she was careless enough to risk it, by roaming at night. Shaurya and Urmi instantly spring to her defense asking why and how was this Diya’s fault, and her going out at night, doesn’t mean she is liable to rape. Damini says what’s the need to be out at night, in such times, as that’s inviting trouble. Urmi asks how’s that. Shaurya too tells that even in board daylight, where news of a young as 3 year old girls being raped, hog the limelights, and confronts Damini as to how is it their fault then. Chiku too grees with them. But Urmi and Shaurya ask him to stay clear from talking to Diya directly about this stuff, as she is still traumatised. Just then, Sandhya finds Diya coming down with Karan. Shaurya and Urmi are tensed for her, and rush to her. Damini wonders what new drama is going to unfold now. Urmi asks Diya to go and rest and she should have told them if she needed anything. Diya stays quiet. Shaurya too asks why isn’t she resting. Karan tells them that they are going to meet Diya’s family. They are surprised. Urmi says that they have already had a chat and they are beyond any consideration. Karan says that their talking might change them. Urmi says that the news has spread and hence it’s not nice for Diya to step outside. Karan says that they have together decided that they will try and make her family understand, as she can’t stay their house forevere. Damini understands, and says that Diya is her family’s responsibility, and not theirs, and commends Karan for his efforts and encourages them. Shaurya and Urmi ask Diya if she wants to go. Diya complies. Karan and Damini smirk happily. Urmi asks Shaurya too to go with them. Urmi further asks her to try once more, but if they don’t comply, she should return back without any hesitation, extending full support. Damini is tensed. Sandhya too voices Urmi’s opinion. She sends them, while Shaurya leaves to get his car. Karan leaves with Diya.
At Gaurav’s residence, Asha finds Nupur having spoiled all veggies in the name of cutting them for food preparation. Nupur is unfazed and continues to irritate Asha, who tries to give her advice and learning, that bring able to make good food, will land her good points in her in-laws’ house. Nupur gets excited and decides to definitely make a try. Asha teacehs her and asks her to practise. Nupur complies.
Outside Diya’s residence, in the car, Karan adjusts his hair and face wondering that soon he will become famous. Shaurya eyes him tensedly, boggled as to why he is smiling. He gets out and doesn’t find any reporters and wonders where’s everyone. He gets Diya out, and Shaurya comes out too. He asks Karan to hurry up, as he lingers around. Shaurya suddenly finds the reporters thronging them, from all ends. Shaurya tries to refrain the reporters while Karan enjoys the limelight, Diya hides her face. The reporters continues to blast them with questions. Karan gives a media byte, saying that he is Diya’s fiancee, and they should direct questions to him, as Diya isn’t in a state to talk and they should respect that. Shaurya asks Karan what’s he saying. The reporters get alert and then Karan involves himself in interaction with them. Shaurya takes Diya inside, and makes her step inside the car, while Karan keeps giving interviews and media bytes. Shaurya frustratedly asks Karan to come along, and is super irritated at the way he boasts about himself. Karan smiles for the cameras, while Shaurya confronts and accusingly asks how the media knew that Diya would be here. Karan says that the news has spread so much that the media is bound to know. Karan adds that for justice the media will have to be involved. Diya is ostracised, while Shaurya is furious at Karan.
At Shaurya’s residence and office, Chiku confirms from one of the reporters who confirms that it was Karan, who placed the call from his number, who informed the reporters about Diya’s whereabouts. Chiku calls up Shaurya, after confirming the news, that Karan called up the reporters at Diya’s place, and reprimands Karan as to what and how could he do this. Shaurya is in a rage.
Downstairs, Ishaani asks the maid for boiled eggs. Rani apologises that she forgot to make it as she was getting food ready for Diya, who has to take medicines on time. Ishaani asks how she dared to do that. The maid says that she was going to give Diya the food, and then she will get Ishaani’s food ready. Urmi comes there and silently takes the eggs out to get them to boil. Damini watches the drama, and then comes to add fuel to the fire, angry at the maid asking her who gives her salary, Ishaani’s family or Diya’s. Ishaani asks how could she remember Diya’s food but not hers, as she knows she needs boiled eggs after gym. Urmi asks them not to be angry as she would get Diya food, while the maid prepares her food. Ishaani asks her mother Urmi to stay out of it. Urmi leaves. Damini comes and reprimands the maid, that Ishaani is hungry right now, and hollers her to leave, while she makes an omelette for her. Ishaani thanks her grandma Damini. Once Rani leaves, Damini continues to instigate Ishaani against Diya, that her needs are compromised, due to Urmi and Shaurya, as they themselves are a burden, and now they got Diya too. She adds that this house is hers and she is being done injustice. Ishaani says that this is due to her mother Urmi. Damini also point out that it’s due to Shaurya, too, and she has to say it, even when he is the apple of her eyes. She says that she won’t be able to bear such injustice. Ishaani seems convinced, while Damini eyes her if it had effect.
Outside Karan’s residence, Karan talks on the phone, while on his way to the gym, glaoting about how he needs to take proper care of his body, as soon he might get offers for acting. He also asks his friend, to watch the media byte in the evening, where he got much more footage than Diya, and is hopeful that some producer or director will spot him. He asks them to circulate the video on social networking websites too. Shaurya who has come to meet Karan and confront him, hears all this and is appalled. After disconnecting the call, Karan turns around and finds Shaurya staring at him. Shaurya asks Karan how long he plans for this drama and that he called the media, to get his coverage on Diya’s tragedy. Karan asks why would he do that. Shaurya point out that Karan will do it for publicity. Karan says that he is accusing him unnecessarily, and Shaurya emphatically says that he is and tells him what Chiku told him. He reprimands Karan if he actually thought he would be able to befool him and further asks how can he take advantage of Diya’s innocence and her nightmarish tragedy. Karan starts guffawing loudly. He smirks and accepts that he is doing it and callously asks what’s wrong if the accident that happened with her, can be exploited for his personal gain. Shaurya is shocked at his insensitivity.
Karan objectifies as to what he did wrong, if he took advantage of Diya’s rape, as her rape is done, and asks what can be done now, since she is already done with the incident. He further says that the only thing is he can sympathise with her, and if her tragedy comes to his use, then why not, since they share a relation. Shaurya says that he can’t believe they love each other and have a relation, the way he speaks right now. Karan says that relations are a give and take, and he took his part of use from this relation. Karan callously claims that Diya after having been raped, is a used commodity, and a thing is valued only as long as it’s new and untouched, and Diya is no longer that, and no man, definitely not him, can be able to live with that and even think about being with a girl like that. He callously says that she has been used, and is hence uselss now. Shaurya’s blood boils with rage and he grabs Karan by the collar. He asks him to watch what he is saying, as Diya is the only reason, he is tolerating him so far. He says that he thought they loved each other, but he was mistaken. Karan is unfazed, and says that he will exploit her, and asks what will he do, tell Diya, and then asks what will he tell her, as if he does, she would break and fall apart which he won’t allow to happen. He asks Shaurya to stay quiet, as that would help him too, since Diya will be able to get back to work then, and bring news for him as usual. Karan takes leave, while Shaurya stands stunned.
At Urmi’s residence, Diya’s screams in the night which alarm Urmi and Shaurya. They find her pinned in a corner, scared and terrified, and take her in her arms and ask her to relax and calm down. Anirudh comes in too, along with Damini and Ishaani. Ishaani says that she got very scared. Damini says that she is right here and she needn’t be scared. Damini then wonders if this drama will happen now too. Anirudh, and Shaurya along with Urmi, ask her to calm down and relax, and not to be scared. Sandhya asks Urmi to stay with Diya, as Diya seems scared. Urmi too thinks that this is nice. Anirudh asks them to call if they need anything. Damini comments that they shouldn’t even sleep, as they can be on nightguard as the horror show might begin again, as Diya should be safe and sound, even if that means they should be ruined. She asks Urmi to get some more if this isn’t enough. Anirudh asks her to shut up and retire. They all leave, while Diya is terrified.
The next morning, Diya is brought down with Urmi, along with others in the drawing room, to cheer her up, and change her environment so that she interacts with others. Urmi asks Rani to get tea for Diya. Damini keeps commenting to make it fast. She asks Diya to cheer up and divert her mind, but this shan’t change a thing, as a tragedy like this takes years to change. Shaurya says everything changes if there’s firm will and determination. Karan comes in and suspiciously eyes Shaurya, and then calls Diya. Shaurya is enraged to see him, while Diya smiles happily. Urmi asks him to come in. Karan wishes everyone including Shaurya. Karan asks how Diya is now. Urmi says that it’s good he came, as they were planning to call him. He asks why. Urmi tells Shaurya that they can send Karan to pick up the clothes, that are at Diya’s place. He asks which clothes. She identifies them, asking him to do so, as they are needed for forensic test, which would strengthen their case. Karan is shocked, and says that he can’t bring it. Shaurya asks why. Karan says that her parents won’t allow him inside. Urmi reminds him that he was planning to talk to them yesterday, and Diya too requests. Karan says that today is different, and that when they see him on TV, they would be fired up. He asks why him. Urmi says that someone has to go, and since they won’t be allowed, he can atleast try. Karan keeps grumbling. Shaurya agrees to go, and asks Karan not to take tension. Karan shrugs his shoulders.
Later, while Ishaani passes by Diya’s room, she finds Diya gazing in the mirror, at the injuries healing. She places a hand on her shoulders, saying that soon her marks and injuries will go, and her face would be back to normal. Diya tells Ishaani that time will heal the external wounds, but the internal injuries on her heart and soul will never heal. Ishaani says that she won’t say she understands her pain, as what she is suffering is extremely difficult for her, but if her will power is strong, she can defeat everything, and asks her to stay strong. Diya thanks her. Ishaani says that she can become her confidants, if she wants to share anything. Diya smiles. Urmi sees them and gets the wrong impression, and asks Ishaani what’s she doing here when Diya should be resting. Diya begins to speak, but Urmi asks her to rest, and asks Ishaani to go. Ishaani leaves. Urmi asks if Ishaani said anything. Diya says that she is fine. Urmi thinks that she had to do something, as Ishaani is unpredictable and could have said anything.

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