Tuesday Update On My Lost Home

Mahi is just about to go with the lady, she opened the door then
everybody become shocked to see Shabd there at the door. The lady looks
at Shabd and tells him that she is so happy to see him. She then tells
Mahi to bring tea for Shabd, but again she stops Mahi and says that she
will make tea for Shabd herself as Shabd used to like tea made by her.

Shabd also gets shocked to hear all this from the lady. Shabd enters the
house but he is angry with Mahi and says that now he knows why Mahi
denied going with him and he enters his room with anger on his face.
Mahi becomes sad that he
learn all this from her that if she love some one then do everything
for her love one and that if she don’t believe it but he do. He adds
that he know she have a loving heart that cares for every one, then how
can he ignore her feelings about that lady. Mahi and all other members
of the become happy to hear all this from Shabd, then Mahi and Shabd hug
each other and Shabd kiss Mahi.

At Khurana’s residence, Durga is
worried about her son then Mr. Khurana go into Veer’s room and try to
console his son and says that he was not aware of all this happening but
he is sure that his wife only loves him and asks to try to forget all
everythings. Veer doesn’t reply and Mr. Khurana go from there.

Meanwhile, Shabd and Mahi come to Soni and there Shabd console her that
he can undestand her feeling because he was also in such situation
before and felt the same when he had same fear to loose his Mahi. He
adds that the bad time does not last for a long time and if her love is
true and strong then it will come to her once again. Soni cries and says
that as she didn’t pay attention to Mahi’s advice to tell the truth to
Veer and now it seems every thing is going to be worse for her. Then she
leaves, Mahi also cry then Shabd tells Mahi that she has to be strong
enough because now she has to take care of her sister Soni too because
she has no one in her life except them. He kiss Mahi.

Durga on
the other hand yell at the servant as he didn’t prepare food. The
servant informs Durga that Cherry ordered him to go to the laundry shop
that’s why he couldn’t prepare food for tonight. Cherry comes downstairs
and asks how can a servant disobey orders of Khurana’s daughter-in-law.
Durga and Cherry has arguments whereby Durga reminds Cheery that Cheery
used to say whatever she do is for the best of the house but it’s
different that she ( Durga) never trust her word. Cherrry reply her that
it’s amazing that she ( herself) and her ( Durga) are so alike that
nobody can understand their hearts and minds as well as they know each
others then Cherry again bluntly tells her mother-in-law if she keep
herself hungry for one day then it will be better for her health and
adds that no one can die being hungry for one day and then she leaves.
Jyoti who witness this tells her mom that Cherry will be the biggest
problem for them. Durga who couldn’t believe Cherry bad behavior towards
her remained silent with anger as Cherry goes head to head with her.
Veer meanwhile remembers Jeet’s talking about his first love. both Veer
and Soni remebers their past.

A disturb mine Soni walk
in the room, worried from side to side with tears coming out of her
eyes, she wipes it and turns around to see Aunt Billo and Mahi walk in
with food. They smile at each other. Aunt Billo says says she is always
sitting and crying and asks her to come and sit. She takes her to the
bed and they all sit together. Aunt Billo asks Soni if she is going to
sit and just cry then it won’t do. Aunt Billo tells Mahi to feed her but
Soni refuses to do so with excuse that she is not hungry. Mahi asks how
can she not be hungry. Soni says she is just not in the mood to eat.
Mahi says she have made her favourite dishes. But Soni refuses and then
Shabd’s uncle and Shabd walk in. Shabd’s uncle tells Soni that she
should never say no to food and his wife says it’s not good in it. Shabd
tells her to eat a bit as well and further says they all have decided
that until she don’t eat nobody will eat dinner. Aunt Billo lovely
address her as her child and that she have to eat it. Mahi feeds her and
she remember when Veer fed her food. Soni just walks away from there

Back at the Khurana residence, when Jeet is working,
Cherry walks in to the room. She sees him working and then she looks at
Jeet while he just looks down. She starts sorting the bed out and
putting her clothes away and puts his night suit on the bed. She tells
Jeet that she has done so. He gets angry and gets up saying she don’t
have to do all of this for him as he can take care of himself just fine.
Cherry raises her voice as well asking what’s wrong with him and what
happened to him? He just looks at her angry and goes towards her. He
asks her that she is asking him what has happened? He reminds her that
after what she have done she is asking him what has happened to him? He
thought she would have changed but she pretended all the way. Cherry
feels less concern and just looks away and then he says she did a very
good drama and made a wicked plan against the whole of his family.
Cherry lost her cool and raise her voice with a yes that she did it and
asks Jeet what have she got from him and his family till now and further
asks him if he have ever thought about this? She have just given his
family back what they gave to him. Jeet looks away. She carries on to
say if he think about it honestly then he will think about what she have
done. Adding that after what he and his family have done to her in
comparison then she have not done anything. Jeet looks at her shocked.
She asks what have he done and asks him to just tell Veer the truth, she
admit that she did it and if he have taken it so bad then he should
think about it 10 times before doing this or he should think about the
consequences of all of this and asks if he understands?. A flabbergasted
Jeet just walks away from there.

The next morning, Soni sit on
the sofa wearing a blue suit in her own thoughts. Gauri calls her. She
turns her head and when Gauri asks her to give her breakfast, Soni
refuses. Gauri then inform her that they have made special Spinach
Parathas for her. Soni looks down and says Veer likes her hand made
Spinach Parathas. She just walks away from there when Mahi and Shabd
come down. Shabd asks where is she going. Mahi outs her hand on Soni’s
face and says staying upset like that will ruin her health and assuring
her that everything will be okay and asks her not to worry. She then
shows her that they have brought her a suit. Soni asks what will she do
with a suit? She tells Mahi she don’t want it. Mahi asks what she mean
and what will she do with the suit? She asks if she have forgotten today
is Vaisakhi? Shabd then inform Soni that he have calls his Durga aunt
and has invited the whole family and that he just spoke to her. Adding
that Veer will come as well. Soni looks up with hopefull eyes and then
tells Shabd that she don’t think Veer will come. Shabd says he will
definitely come as he will never refuse his invitation and advice Soni
that when Veer comes, she should open up her heart and tell him
everything and his heart says that everything will be okay. He reminds
her to watch the way he took her in the house and that’s how he will
take her home. Soni asks if they both ( Shabd and Mahi ) will make him
understad? They both says yes they will. Mahi suggest her to make Veer’s
favorite dishes. Shabd likes Mahi idea and says what an idea. Soni says
okay. Shabd tells her to make some extra food for him because it was
his idea. Mahi smile at what he says and Soni smiles at it as well. Mahi
then tells Gauri to help Soni in the kitchen.

Later, Soni walks
in the garden from one end to the other waiting for Veer. Mahi and Shabd
come to her and tells her that she is worrying for no reason as the
party has just started and assured her that Veer will come. Shabd walks
away to see some guests. Shane’s Uncle tells Mahi that the guests are
looking for her. Mahi goes t meet the people. Soni meanwhile is still
waiting and watching everyone enter. Just then, a black car arrives at
the door. She gets happy hoping to see Veer and she does as she gets
very happy. He advances towards the door and her and so does she. Mahi
sees her go to the entrance and goes after her. She calls out to Soni
asking where is she going? She thanks Mahi and inform her that Veer is
here. Mahi looks around and sees no-one. Soni is shocked and is left
disappointed as she realize that it was just her imagination. Mahi says
he is not here yet. She is shocked and they both have tears in their
eyes. Soni tells Mahi that it seen he really did. Mahi asks what is she
saying. She says she sees him. The Dhol people enter in the entrance and
start dancing. Soni is waiting while mahi looks disturbed for her
sister and people make her dance. Both Shabd’s uncle and aunt discuss
and say to each other that it is so hard to see Soni in such a bad
condition and they are hoping everything gets well soon.

On the
other hand Veer is refusing to go to the party. He reminds his dad that
he have said that he is not going to go down and request him not to
force him. His dad says okay that they will not force him. Chery stands
there all happy when Durga comes behind her and looks angrily at her
back. Veer tells them to go that he is not coming. A worried Mr.
Khurana says they won’t go without him and they can bring her back with
respect if he want. Veer tells his dad not to keep on saying that and
asks him to just leave him the way he is. He walks away from there.
Cheery smirks and walks away too. Durga and her husband look at each

The party starts with Shabd’s uncle welcoming people into
the house for the festival. while the rest of the family stand at the
edge. Shabd comes there and tells Mahi to come with him. Aunt Billo
looks at them and nods her head. Shabd takes Mahi away with him. He
takes her far away from everyone. Mahi asks Shabd were have he brought
her? He leaves her hand and says he wanted to talk to her. He tell Mahi
he just spoke to his Durga aunt and they said they are not coming. Mahi
asks if Veer is not coming? Soni here their conversation as she is
standing nearby. Shabds inform a shocked Mahi that Veer as refused to
come and that made him understand a lot but he is not ready to listen.
He further tells Mahi that he don’t think the matter will be sorted out
quickly. Mahi looks up at Shabd with tears in her eyes. He don’t know
what has happened to Veer but one thing he know for sure is that when he
makes a decision he never changes it and that Veer will always do what
he thinks as he knows him for many years. He never makes quick judgement
and if he does, he never moves back from his decision. Mahi asks if he
know what will happen now that Soni has been waiting for him since
morning. She made all of his favourite dishes and what will happen to
her when she finds all of this out? She further asks what will she tell
her? Seeing how worried she is, Shabd asks Mahi to control herself and
if she do this then who will help Soni.

Soni on the other hand is crying
listening to this and moves back and walks away in tears. Shabd asks
Mahi to control herself and inform her he is just going to go see the
guests and he leaves. Mahi looks around and realises Soni is not around,
she screams her name out and she runs everywhere. On the way people are
talking to her when she sees Aunt Billo and scream out her sister name.
Aunt Billo asks what happened and Mahi’s inlaws’ break into a panic
when Soni disappears as Mahi inform them that she can’t see Soni around.
Mahi tells everybody to look around. Aunt Billo consoles her that she
will have gone no where so she should not worry but Mahi is crying
uncontrollably. Just then Shabd comes there and asks what happened to
Mahi? Mahi inform him that she can’t see soni anywhere, he asks if she
is not in the hosue? Mahi tells him that Kamya and Gauri have gone to
see but they can’t find her and begs Shabd to look around as she is
really scared. Shabd says he will look on that side. Everybody come back
from where they went to find Soni but they could not find her. Mahi is
really stressed and asks Aunt Billo where could Soni have gone? Shabd
comes back and says she is not their either and wonders where could she
have gone? Mahi tells Shabd to please go and find her as she can’t find
her anywhwere. Shabd asks her not to worry that Soni won’t have gone
that far and he will go and get her. Shabd leaves.

While Soni is
walking on the lonely road where it is very windy and leaves are flying
everywhere remembering Shabd and Mahi’s conversation about Veer not
coming for the event of Vaisakhi. She cries so much. When people going
by see her and are thinking what has happened to her. Shabd on the other
hand is in his car looking worried and looking everywhere hoping to
finds Soni. Soni again walks around the road and just she turns around,
Shabds car just passed by and he just missed her while Soni is crying
remembering her happy moments with Veer. A flashbacks of her being with
Veer and crying with a sad song in the background. She walks towards the
edge of a cliff. The same people who seen her earlier see her and say
what is the girl doing near the clif and wonders if she is going to
fall? Soni looks down and suddenly she feels something in her head,
holds her head and everything around her is spinning. The people are
still watching her when she falls unconscious and falls near the edge of
the cliff.

When she falls Veer wakes up from his sleep and
scream out Soni’s name really load. He runs around the whole house and
down the stairs screaming out to Soni and then he looks by the door and
remembers what happened. He just turns around and walks back up the
stairs. Jeet also looks at his brother as he go up stairs and he decides
in his mission of getting Soni back as he ruined both his brothers and
Soni’s life. He blames himself that he have made a very big mistake now
and then correct himself that he did not make mistake but a very big sin
and asks himself how did he do it? how can he sort the problems he have

Back to the people who saw Soni faint. They say the
girl has fallen and run to help her. They all pick her up and take her
to the hospital. While they are doing that, Shabd’s car come to a halt
at a place. He gets out of the car near the cliff where the people are
taking soni to the hospital, he turns around and misses seeing her. He
stands there helpless because he does not know what to do. On the other
hand, the doctor puts Soni down on the bed and lay her down properly.
The doctor check her after giving instruction to the doctors. The doctor
then asks who Soni is and the people just tell him that they don’t know
her but only brought her to the when they saw her unconscious.

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