Wednesday Update On Begusarai

Dadda ji says teach girls. Our family’s girl will go to college. She will become doctor engineer, have you all lost your mind. Girls dont study they are ought to stay in house. Lakhan i order you to go and bring her and throw her in my feet. Then I will treat her. Lakhan says I feel sad for your thinking.
Poonan is a nice and dignified girl and everyone knows that. Mitlesh says Lakhan keep your mouth shut you wife has shown her tongue already. Badi amma says you stay quite mitlesh. She says forgive Lakhan dadda ji he is worried for Poonam. Go lakhan look for her. Mitlesh go and look at manjita’s place maybe she is there. Bindya says in heart this is the time to show them what she is up to. Bindya goes towards the gate. Dadda ji says where are you going? She says I have been calling Priyom but he is not picking up. I wanna go out and see where he is. I am really worried. I wanna say that he is not home as well. I wanna check because I doubt. Badi amma says what you mean? Say it clearly. Bindya says you all know and priyom said he can’t forget his past. Maybe Poonam has her old love in her mind while she is drunk. I think Poonam is out with my husband. I wanna go and check. Badi amma says how dare you and slaps her. Badi amma says you make fuss of nothing. Bindya says in heart your slap can’t stop your family’s honor to be ruined.

Guddi and Dolt arrive at a place. He says what are you thinking? She says I am scared. what if someone knows. He says they will know. she says what you mean? He says our hearts will prove the love. The air will spread the love.

Dadda says don’t exaggerate it. Call her. Lakhan says but this will waste time. Mitlesh says do as he is asking. He says poonam’s phone is off. Can I go now to find her? Bindya says call my husband once as well. Lakhan says i think the slap has not even shut your mouth. Dont force me. Bindya’s calls him but he hangs up. Rekha says i doubt now as well. Lakhan says i dont care what he does but don’t ever take poonam and priyom’s name together after today. Bindya says what will you do? You will hit me. I doubt them. You can’t change that. I will call my husband as many times as i want. I will who stops me. She calls prirom again but he cuts the call. lakhan goes out.

Priyom and Poonam are in the car. Priyom gets a call from bindya. He says we couldn’t tell anyone. Priyom says are you sure you saw guddi with dolt? I mean maybe you were mistaken in dark. She says I can recognize my brother. I followed guddi. Guddi was leaving. He says if you didn’t find me you would leave alone. She says no i would go to lakhan and go with him. Priyom cuts bindya’s call.
Dolt holds guddi’s hand. He says I have waited so many nights for this moment. But today these breezes even know my pain. The same breeze that touch your skin,these stars used to be with me when i used to wait for you on the rooftop to see your face. Your heart knows my pain. You can’t keep it away from me. But today, there is no one to stop us. She smiles. He picks her up and takes her in.

Bindya says this is the problem, when i say something everyone tries to prove me wrong. Just think is there steam without fire. Why is all this happening in one day? Priyom is disconnecting his phone while poonam is not picking. badi amma says lakhan trusts his wife. Bindya says you all trust her you will never see her wrong. But what about the world? They will see everything. Dadda ji says don’t teach us dignity. We know what is the limit for a woman. Whoever says a word about us, i will tear them apart. Bindya goes in. Dadda ji says Mitlesh go bring lakhan and that girl. You should be here before morning. Mitlesh goes out with his men.

Dolt gives Guddi a dress. She says is this for me? He says no there is a witch outside its for her. Obviously its for you, its my choice. He caresses her face and says it will look so good on you. Go wear it. He says in heart today i will seek my revenge and my heart will be at peace. No one can stop me today.

Lakhan is on his bike looking for poonam. Priyom and poonam reach a place. Poonam says please bhaiya don’t do something that embarrasses me forever. Guddi comes in that sari. He says come back home. She says why? He says you looks so beautiful and i know you love me. I will never ask you to prove your love. I can spend my whole life with your shadow. He holds her hand hand. She stops and smiles. Poonam asks priyom did they come here? He says no. They go ahead. Lakhan says nothing will happen to my poonam she will be fine wherever she is. Priyom asks another man. He says yes a bike went from here.
Guudi comes close to Dolt and kisses him.

Lakhan asks people if they have seen poonam. Priyom asks a man if they have seen a guy and girl. He says yes a bike went from here. Guddi kisses Dolt. He makes her sit. Lakhan reaches a place and recalls what Bindya said. He says she is out of her mind. I will never doubt on poonam and hurt her. she is only mine. Wherever you are I will find you and take you home.

Guddi and Dolt sleep together. Guddi says I really love you dolt. He says everyone trusts their love unless they are deceived. she says why are you saying that? He gets out of bed. He says I loved you but you deceived me. History repeats itself. Today you love me and I deceived you. she says what are you saying? I don’t like these jokes. she hugs him. He says I loved you but not anymore. She says you are just teasing me right? He says for wise only a sign is enough. She says you cant leave me like this. He says why can’t I> I gave you all I had. She says please don’t do this to me. I really love you, that was my mistake. He shoves her and says now pay for your mistake all your life. He leaves. She stands there stranded in tears. She says please stop dolt but he leaves.

Poonam and Priyom reach the place. They see dolt going. Poonam says Guddi wasn’t with him. Lakhan reaches the man who told Priyom and poonam about dolt and guddi. Lakhan buys water from him. He says you look worried? You need some help? Lakhan says what can you help me with? He says you can use my phone to call. He says have you seen my wife? The man says she was in jeep with Priyom. Lakhan throws water on his face and how you dared to say this. He says I said what i saw. Lakhan shoves him and leaves.

Rekha says to bindya you know dadda ji’s anger. Bindya says i am not lying. I saw poonam and priyom going together. This thakur family should know what losing dignity is like. One side, their daughter in law is doing this and on the other hand guddi will ruin their name. Rekha says how did guddi come between all this? She says i thought priyom was a nice guy, but no. I wont leave any of them.

Priyom and Poonam enter the alcove. He says why would dolt come here. Poonam says guddi is somewhere here. I will check here you check in the other direction. He says take care, and keep your phone with you. She says don’t worry and look for Guddi. Dadda ji says he didn’t come. Lakhan didn’t come. Call him. Rekha calls him. Choti amma says maya take the kids with you. Maya wonders that kids woke up because of dadda ji’s voice then how is guddi still asleep. She says maybe guddi is in her room with poonam. I should go and check. She says you both go to room I am coming.

Dadda ji says to rekha should i place a tower in here. Rekha says he is not picking up. Badi amma says i hope poonam is fine. Guddi is crying. She says I am ashamed. I did such a big sin. I am ashamed of myself. I hate my body that dolt touched. How will i go home now. How will I face my family. There is only one way. She ties her saari on the rod and hangs herself. Poonam comes there and sees her. she screams. Poonam holds her and says what are you doing. She says priyom come here. Guddi says leave me. Poonam makes her stand on the stool. Poonam takes the saari off her neck. Guddi has fainted. Poonam says wake up guddi. She says look here why you tried this? What happened? She says I used to be your friend. You used to tell me everything. Guddi is coughing. Guddi starts coughing and sobbing. Poonam says what happened? She says dolt..
Lakhan says where are you poonam i have been looking for you. He calls her but her phone is off. Priyom comes there and says where is poonam? Her phone is off as well. Lakhan calls priyom. He says what should i tell him? He mistakenly leaves phone on. Priyom says where are you poonam? Can you hear me. Lakhan hears it.

Guddi is crying. She says then he left me crying here. I can’t go home. What will I say to them. I have no other option but to kill myself. Poonam says I can’t believe dolt can do this. He was never like this. Bindya says I am not lying. Poonam says I trust you but suicide is for weak and cowards. You are not a coward. We will find a solution. You have made a mistake but the world has not ended here. Poonam hugs her. Guddi says my world ended with his betrayal. I cant go home and answer everyone. Poonam says no. Poonam says trust me. Guddi says but what will you do?. Poonam says i don’t know myself but I will do something. You wont tell it to anyone or our whole family will be destroyed. Guddi says I promise. She hugs her. Poonam says right now we have to go home.

Priyom calls Guddi. Poonam says priyom shouldn’t know this. Guddi you have to go home alone. Go. Just keep your promise. Go home. Guddi leaves.

Priyom says neither guddi nor poonam is picking the call. Guddi says forgive me poonam. you always wanted our better and we always doubted you. Poonam says I have no grudges. You are my best friend and you will always be. Poonam says guddi leave priyom is coming. Guddi leaves. Priyom comes in and says poonam? Are you okay? why did you shout? she says i saw a snake and no one is here. Lets go.

Maya comes to Guddi’s room and sees cushions under her blanket. She says where can guddi go? She comes downstairs. Dadda ji says why are you so worried maya? Maya wonders should she tell everyone or not. Badi amma says did you get to know something about poonam? She says no but guddi isn’t in her room. Dadda ji stands up. He says what is happening in this house. Is there some limit? Badi amma says maybe she is in washroom. Maya says no i saw everywhere, she is nowhere.
Dadda ji says I can’t tolerate this. These girls are out at 2 am.
Maya says maybe they both went out together. Or maybe Guddi went somewhere and poonam went after her. Bindya says wow in one sentence you said that you blamed guddi and said that Poonam is innocent. I think you are blaming guddi. Maya says I didn’t mean that. Bindya doesn’t like Poonam maybe that is why she is complicating it. Bindya says all i want is that she should stay away from my husband. Go find guddi must be in house. Badi amma says I will look for her.

Poonam says in heart he can’t ruin guddi’s life. Priyom asks poonam did you get to know about guddi? She says i forgot to tell you. I called Guddi. I was worried for nothing. We never needed to come here. Priyom says what you mean? Poonam says guddi told me she has gone home. Priyom says but where did she go? She says she went to wish her friend pooja. Priyom says she could tell at home. Poonam says you know dadda ji. That is why she took dolt’s help. Priyom says is that true? She says why would i lie? Lets go its late. Priyom says your phone was off? How did you call guddi then? Poonam says i turned it on to talk to her.
Then the battery died again. Lets go its late. Poonam sits in jeep. Lakhan sees them together and follows them. He goes in that room and finds jewelry on the floor.

Maya says why is bindya trying to trap priyom? Badi amma says they want to ruin everything. I trust poonam. I am worried for lakhan. Dont know what will he do with her. Lets go check in kid’s room. they enter kids room and find Guddi sleeping there. Maya says if she is here then where is poonam?. Poonam and priyom enter the house. Choti amma says ponamm.. dadda ji stops him.

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