Wednesday Update On Begusarai

Poonam is shocked when Lakhan approaches him with a glass of milk. He goes on to dump a box full of chilli powder into the milk and forces Poonam to drink it. Poonam drinks the spicy milk and starts to sweat profusely. Her problems further increase when Lakhan orders her against drinking water.

Meanwhile, Priyom continues to remain lost in his love for Poonam and finally decides to once again meet her. At the same time, Poonam reaches the kitchen to drink water but decides against quenching her thirst as she remembers Lakhan’s orders.  On the other hand, Priyom is determined in convincing Poonam to return to him.

Rekha Devi sees Poonam standing by the window and suspects something fishy.  Poonam makes an excuse and manages to escape Rekha Devi but Rekha Devi doesn’t rest until she herself opens the window and looks for anything that can be used against Poonam.

Meanwhile, Badi Dadi and Phulan remember the past days that Phulan and Bhushan’s family shared every weekend and feel upset as the two families now share a bitter present. Just then, Priyom reaches the house and seems completely lost. The next morning, Poonam starts to do the morning prayers and Rekha Devi encourages her as she is aware that Lakhan hates to be disturbed by the morning prayers. Poonam is now left again to face the wrath of her bullying husband.

Rekha finds her position in the house to be in danger when she sees Lakhan consuming the offering from Poonam’s hand. Later, Tiwari approaches Lakhan’s house and offers him a deal whereby he agrees to give him the government tender at as less as ten percent and in return, he asks for Lakhan’s support.

At the same time, Mithilesh learns of Tiwari’s cunning attempt and he decides to bring an end to Tiwari and Lakhan. Priyom tries to stop him as his anger can lead to problems for Poonam but Mithilesh shows no concern for Poonam. Later, Phulan and Bhushan discuss about the growing animosity between their families and Badi Dadi finally comes up with a plan to bring the two families together.

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