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At Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Dance Contest, Jazzy Singh : (blocking her way) I don’t think the competition will be so easy as you expect it. Indira says what do you mean?
Jazzy Singh : (changes the topic) I mean all the best (offers his hand for handshake .she at his hand and then at him). Indira : (coldly) All the best to you. (walks away from the room). Jazzy Singh : (grins and yells)Hey girl, please shake hands with me. He instantly receives a call from Shwetha. He looks around and picks up the call going to a corner. Shwetha : (in Leela Medical Clinic) Ricki, is everything alright? Have you cooled down now? (Rishi admits it) I just called to inform you that I will not be coming to see your dance rehearsal today. Will call you later. Bye. Swetha: (calls a nurse) bring me all the files belonging to Dr. Kashyap’s patients. At present he is not well and until he is back I will be handling his patients.

A receptionist: (In Leela Medical Clinic to Indira) Dr. Kashyap hasn’t come in today. But you can meet his junior doctor.
A nurse brings the patients files to Swetha. One of the files has the name “Indira Sharma” on it. Indira is walking towards the cabin. Shwetha : (to nurse) call the first patient. Nurse (goes out to waiting area ) Mr Rajesh. Your turn. Indira: (interrupting) sister, I too have an appointment to see the doctor. My name is Indira Sharma.

Nurse: (to Indira) next is your turn. Please sit down. Indira standing near the door recognises Swetha who is seated by the desk and gets flash back of seeing her interrupting her’s and Rishi’s quarrel. Indira: (calls a nurse) who is this doctor?. Nurse: oh, she is Dr. Shwetha Kapoor and she has come from Dehra Dun.

Indira panics as she see Shwetha talking to the patient and regards the files on her desk. Shwetha asks for the next patient and goes to picks up Indira’s file as Indira panics. Suddenly there is a crashing sound. Shwetha and nurse go out to investigate. Indira hides her face form her. Shwetha : (to ward boy who has spilled the medicine contents on floor) What have you done?

Ward boy: Sorry. A girl came speeding towards me and it slipped from my hands. (Indira sees a chance to go inside and hunts for her file from the pile of files. Shwetha : ok please clean up this place before anyone gets hurt. Indira finds her name on the file at the bottom of the pile while Shwetha supervises the ward boy as he cleans up the place. Before Shwetha could come inside, Indira take the file and gets out of the cabin. Indira: (sighing in relief) thank god. I took the file, Or else Shwetha will definitely tell Rishi and Rishi will broadcast to the whole of Delhi.

Day 17

At Sharma Nivas, A girl, Madhu, who had given order to Sunaina to get her clothing stitches is calling out to Sunaina. Munna, fast asleep in the court yard wakes up as she calls out his name. He starts drumming thinking it is time to milk the buffalo. Sunaina tells him to go back to sleep and hands over the stitched dress to the Madhu. Sunaina is pleased to receive Rs. 230 for her tailoring work and states that it is her first earning income. At Inshi’s room
Indira is giving Madhu Rs.230 and takes the stitched dress from her. Madhu: Didi, I don’t understand why you need to ask me to get your dress done from your bhabhi. And you gave her the money also in spite of living in same house. Indira: (smiles) if I tell her directly then she will not take it seriously and she won’t understand the value of her work. But now see when people come to know that Sunaina is started her tailoring business, she will become successful.(snaps her fingers).

Sunaina calls out to Indira startling both her and Madhu. Indira looks at the dress in her hand. Sunaina comes into Inshi’s room excitedly and see Indira doing some calculation sitting on bed as the dress is hidden under the razai. She comes and pulls the paper from Indira’s hand. Indira gasps.

Sunaina: (cheerful) Now no need for this calculation. See (showing the notes) I just received my pay from the girl who needed her dress stitched. Now I too will become a earning woman like you. Indira: didn’t I tell you that you need courage to do this?. Sunaina: yes, now I ask god to keep you close to your maternal place, so I can become a business woman. (Indira is uninterested) I know I am selfish. But please don’t go away far. Even if you go just come back to this place.( holds her hands) and nothing should separate you from me. Indira: (hides her emotions) now bhabhi, stop this emotional drama. (impatiently) Now it is Jhoom Barabar Jhoom semi finals and I need to go.
Sunaina looks at her notes in delight.

At Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Dance Contest. Jazzy Singh holding lump sum of notes and whispers to Indira’s partner that he should not let Madam to win the Dance Contest. Indira: what is happening here? (approaches them wearing a appealing dress which fascinates Jazzy Singh. Jazzy Singh hides the notes in his pocket ) what are you doing with my partner?. Jazzy Singh : (stutters) oh…all the best (to Indira’s partner). He partner too grins and wishes Jazzy Singh all the best. Indira gives a stern look at them as she passes by. Jazzy Singh is once again fascinated by her looks. Indira’s partner: (slaps Jazzy Singh and smiles) now I know what your intention is. You are after her. You don’t want me as her partner. I need to fail in the Dance Contest and then you will have her as her partner. Jazzy Singh: good you understood. That girl is in my heart. So take the money and do as I say. (hands the notes and shakes hand with him. Looks at Indira talking to others) you can pretend to hate me how much ever you want. But I will remove you from this Dance Contest. You need to be cheated in the last. Now, I am going to show you the difference between Ricki Diwan and Rishi Kumar. (walks away looking at Indira ). Shwetha: ( comes behind Indira and shows her the file) You had by mistake taken the report of Indira Bannerjee and your report is this one. (Indira goes dumbfounded taking the report). How can you do this? How can you hide this from him?. Indira: (aggressively) yes I did and you don’t say a word to him. Shwetha : (pleads) but why? He loves you more than life and you are creating hatred in his heart. Do you know his anger? He will ruin everything.
Indira: (interrupts her frustrated) yes I know. That is the reason why I want him to hate me. If not, he will sacrifice everything for my treatment and will break down.( Swetha is dismayed) I can withstand him hating me but I can’t see him collapsing. After I am gone. Swetha: what is after I am gone….? Isn’t there a treatment for this. Indira, science is very much advanced now. Dr. Kashyap is a doctor of yesteryears. But I have done research in internet on my own. (Indira stares at her) it is a bit difficult but not impossible.

Indira says ok, but what is the guarantee in it? Can you write this matter on a stamp paper?( Shwetha is speechless) it is easy for an ordinary girl to tell this. But not for a girl like me who takes the responsibility of her own family. if my family come to know this they will collapse and drown in sorrow instead of being independent. That is why I am doing it practically. (emotional) I know the pain and state of Rishi after I am gone. That is why I am hiding this. (aggressively) Ok now, if you think that you still want to divulge this to Rishi then go ahead and do it.

Shwetha says I have seen many selfish girls but not like you. Despite being close to death you are giving a life to your family. Now I understand why Ricki has chosen you instead of me. You are really special. (puts hand on Indira’s shoulder)Don’t worry I will not tell him anything. (Indira hugs her going emotional).

Indira : (thinking while she hugs) I know that you are very understanding and you are well suitable for Rishi. Indira and her partner start their dance performance to the song “aaja udiye chal udiye”. Shwetha is seated in the front row watching their performance. Jazzy Singh is at the back watching them with swaggering moments and with scorns. Suddenly Indira’s partner drops her roughly and she falls injuring her leg. Swetha and others girls rush to her aid on the stage. Swetha asks her if she is all right. Jazzy Singh approaches the stage. Indira’s partner: (to Jazzy Singh who pushes him roughly) you are the one who wanted to spoil her dance show. (Indira looks at them) perhaps now she may not dance for her lifetime. (Jazzy Singh holds him by the collar.) Now I need extra money for this too. (grins and Jazzy Singh drags him to the rear part of the stage and throws him out.). Jazzy Singh : (twisting his arm) I told you to spoil the show not to ruin her. (bashes him up and Indira approaches them).
Indira: (admonishing Jazzy Singh) why are you bashing him up? But wasn’t it a part of your plan? (both the men get up.)
Indira’s partner: ( accuses Jazzy Singh ) yes, he did it and now he pretends to be a hero.(walks away). Indira: (approaches Jazzy Singh with a painful expression as he turns away from her. She catches him by the collar and hisses) why did you do this, tell me? You were so jealous of me that you want to destroy me. You have not only injured me but you have ruined my family’s future planning also. (Jazzy Singh lowers his head) to win this competition, do you know what I have done? I have lied to my husband (Jazzy Singh is stunned) and have broken his heart so that he will not stop me. He assumes that I am after money and I love my family members more than him. But I am not after money. However, I am compelled to do this. Do you want to know why? I have brain tumor. (Jazzy Singh freezes on spot) I have 13 days left and I want to settle this winning amount for my family and my husband’s future in these 13 days. I used to come here every day fighting death because the winning amount is my hope and I want to put this amount in names of my family and my husband in FD account. I am doing this because they shouldn’t suffer after I am gone and they should be independent in their lives.(Jazzy Singh is still in shock) I need to see them being independent before I am gone. Time is less for me. Death doesn’t inform anyone before it comes. But what for you? you can’t see anything of this. If I win the competition then what will you lose, tell me, Mr. Jazzy Singh? Cowards like you cannot ruin my confidence and in spite of being injured I will struggle and win the competition. Indira Sharma will never lose and there is no one born to defeat me. Do you understand? ( Jazzy Singh remains motionless as she walks away). Shwetha : ( from behind the curtains clutches her purse and thinks) You have divulged this hidden matter to your husband unknowingly. Now Ricky will do something which you would not have expected. I know Ricky Diwan very well. Jazzy Singh: (removes his dark glasses still astounded) You hid this dreadful matter from me. You have brain tumor and I will not let you die now. I will do anything to save you ,even get you treated by some good specialists. I will even fight with God but will not let you go away from me. You have 13 days left now. In this 13 days, I will put all my efforts to save your life and will not let you slip away from my hands so easily. The whole world will see how RK has saved his wife from death. I am ready to go against god and block death coming to you. Everyone will witness this.

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