Wednesday Update On King Of Hearts Episode 634 – 636

Mahi is overcome by emotions. She locks herself inside the room and
starts to cry as she recollects her childhood memories with Payal, who
she considered to be her mother. Satya’s mother asks Mahi to open the
door and after a while, Mahi opens the doors. She hugs Gangu Tai and
tells that she has become lonely.
Satya asks her not to cry and says he
has exposed Payal for their happiness. Mahi pleads with Satya’s mother
not to leave and to stay in the house. Gangu Tai hesitates. Mahi
convinces her and after a while, Satya’s mother agrees. She says she
wants to become Mahi’s mum and not of Satya. Satya hugs them. Gangu Tai
says although Satya is mischievous, but he is hers. Satya says he is
also of Mahi. He hugs both ladies. Everyone smiles. While almost
everyone is happy with the family coming together, there is one person
who is overcome with sorrow and she ( Aleena ) sadly looks at them.
Later everyone gather at the dining table as it seems that things have
eventually settled down in the Sengupta household. Aleena tells them
that she made food for everyone. Satya makes Mahi eat kheer. Aleena asks
Naina and others to have food and says she is going tomorrow. Naina
says she can’t eat food today, because of the happenings at home today.
Others also don’t eat food. Mahi asks Aleena not to get sad and says
Satya made everyone have Kheer to cheer them up. Aleena says it is okay
and looks on. Mahi asks Satya to make Aleena have Kheer too. Satya
makes her eat and jokes.

The next morning, Satya tells Mahi that
he will take tea and rest. He suggests her to let him enjoy his
son-in-law hood. Mahi pats on him. Satya says he will work, and kisses
on her hand. Gangu Tai comes there and says Mahi and Satya are going on a
honeymoon. Mitul says Aleena is also going today. Satya offers to drop
her. They drop Aleena. Aleena hugs Satya tightly. Satya tell her that
she have made him indebted to her, and asks her to call him. They leave
her and go in their car for their honeymoon. Aleena gets teary eyes
seeing that Mahi and Satya decide to go to a hotel room to enjoy one
another’s company.

Satya and Mahi reach the honeymoon place and
see the decorated bedroom. Dekha Hazaron Martaba Aapko song plays in the
background. Satya and Mahi get romantic. Satya lifts Mahi in his
embrace and takes her to bed. He hugs her. However, it seems that
someone is still out to make their lives a misery as the wires suddenly
catches fire due to short circuit. Mahi opens her eyes and is shocked.
Satya and Mahi see fire all around them in the room. They knock on the
door asking for help, but nobody can hear them because of the Baraat
going on from there. They see Aleena coming there. She tries to set off
fire, and takes Mahi and Satya out. She asks the waiter to bring water.
She asks Mahi, if she is fine. Mahi says she is fine and thanks Aleena
for saving them. Mahi then mention that she went to the airport. Aleena
explain to her that their bags was exchanged, and her passport is with
her. She adds that when she came there, she saw the smoke and thought
something is fishy. Meanwhile, Payal is seen cleaning the hotel as a
waitress. Satya scolds the manager. The manager says it is someone
conspiracy. Satya scolds him. Gangu Tai calls Mahi and asks about them.
Mahi says they are fine and coming there. Mahi is shocked to sees her
mom ( Payal ) there. Mahi tells Satya and runs after Payal. Payal also
runs from there. Aleena comes behind her and makes her fall down. Payal
gets up and angrily looks at Aleena and seeing them, Satya and Mahi rush
toward her.

Satya insults Payal that he gets angry seeing her
and that he didn’t know that she will fall so low. Payal says she didn’t
do anything and asks them to listen to her. Mahi tells her that she
will file police complaint against her. Satya asks the security guard to
take Payal away. Aleena talks to someone and asks how can she arrange
her passport so soon. Satya asks her what happened? Later, Aleena tells
Satya and Mahi that her passport got burnt in the fire that broke out in
the hotel and says that she has nowhere to go now until she gets her
new passport. Mahi and Satya ask her to stay there in her house. Naina
comes there and says it is enough. She laughs and says they will go on a
picnic tomorrow. She asks them to also call Kajal and Sunil. Mitul says
it is Naina’s plan and gives them sweets. Koel throws it away and says
it is disgusting that they are planning picnic after throwing her mum
out. Satya explain to her that she tried to harm them and burnt the
room. Koel says she tried to take the house keeping job, but Mahi
interrupts her and says it’s enough and tells that it is her house. Koel
calls Shom’s name. Satya says they don’t want to leave from home.

Satya tells Mahi that he can’t sleep until the fan is on. Mahi says the
AC is on. Satya says he can’t sleep and asks her to switch on the fan.
She goes and switches on the fan. Flower petals fall on her and Bolna
Mahi Bolna song plays in the background. Mahi smiles and says that is
why he was feeling hot. Satya suggests they should get romantic today.
Mahi says okay and smiles. Just when they are about to kiss each other,
someone knocks on the door. Satya says what is this freak. Mahi opens
the door and sees Aleena at their door room. Aleena says her room AC is
not working and asks Mahi to give her bedsheet. She sees flower petals
in the room and makes an excuse. Mahi asks her to sleep in her room.
Satya is shocked, angry and goes to sleep outside.

Later, Koel
and Shom bail out their mom. Payal asks them to keep an eye on Mahi and
Satya. Shom informs her that everyone is going on Ghat for picnic. Payal
gets the idea.

Everyone come to Ghat for a picnic. Someone is
seen digging a land to trap Mahi and pushing a big stone to her
direction. Satya sees this and manages to saves Mahi at the right time.
Mahi says something is wrong. Satya says it was just an accident and
asks her to look at her family who is so happy. He asks her not to tell
anyone. Aleena asks Satya to help her. Mahi asks Satya to help Aleena.
Satya suggests they can do it together, and tells Aleena that he is
expert in putting umbrella. He asks her to marry someone and leave stunt
job. Aleena intentionally falls on Satya and everyone looks on shock.
Mahi sees Aleena on top of Satya and laughs asking Satya not to try to
put the umbrella again.
While everyone are enjoying the picnic.
Payal looks at them from far. Mitul thinks to have sandwich while
standing at the distance. Gangu Tai says she will sing Marathi song and
asks Mitul to dance. Satya thinks to himself that he don’t know when he
will get a chance to dance with his Mahi. Mitul asks Mahi to dance next.
Mahi says she don’t know how to dance. They all ask her to dance and
Mahi dances. Satya admires her and asks God why he and Mahi don’t have
time to spend with each other. He thinks of what to do. Just then he
sees something. He shouts out to his mom. Gangu Tai says this is Satya’s
voice and they search for Satya.

While everyone is searching for
Satya in the jungle, Satya holds Mahi from back side. She gets scared.
Satya says he called her there to romance and jokes with her. Mahi asks
him to leave her that he have become naughty. Someone is seen holding a
knife in her hand and is about to throw it on Satya and Mahi, but stops
seeing Gangu Tai coming there and pulling Satya’s ear. Satya tells his
mom that he is with his wife and asks his mom to go. Just then, Gangu
sees Payal running away and wonders why she came there. Gangu Tai bring
Satya back and tells him that he was romancing with Mahi, and they were
worried here. Aleena who is obsessed over Satya gets jealous. Mitul says
how romantic and Mahi feels shy as they are teasing them. Gangu Tai
scolds him teasingly. They see some guys and girls coming there for
picnic as well. Mahi and Satya join them to play football. While they
were playing football, Mahi purposely makes Satya’s team lose with
her romance. Satya says this is cheating. Gangu Tai point to him that
she is clever. Satya and Mahi romance continues while they are playing
football. Satya romances with Mahi to make her lose the game. Aleena
tries to interrupt them. Satya wins. Mahi says this is cheating. She
goes to drink water. Gangu Tai thinks she has to be careful and wonders
if she really saw Payal.

Mahi drinks water and shouts out Satya’s
name to save her. Satya runs to save her and sees her falling down from
the cliff. Payal holds Mahi’s hand and tries to pull her, but she
couldn’t. Satya holds Mahi’s hand and saves her. Mahi hugs Satya and
cries. Payal makes an innocent face. Satya asks what is she doing here?
He asks if she have done this? Payal says no. Gangu Tai says she saw
her, but kept quiet thinking it is a misunderstanding. She slaps Payal
and accuse her that she have pushed Mahi and then acted to save her.
Payal says no. Gangu Tai warns her that if she try to harm Mahi then she
won’t leave her. Payal tells Satya and Mahi that they have kept
snake/enemy in their house. Mahi rudely blunt out that she is snake in
the sleeve.

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