Wednesday Update On My Golden Home

Sheetal throws the belongings of Uday and his family on the ground and also yells at all of them to leave. She tells them that ever since they have come to her house they have ruined everything and she does not even smile anymore.
She also tells them that they should just leave her house and tells them to get out. She brings out the pictures of Uday’s ancestors and tells him that she no longer wants to see them or the junk they call pictures at her house anymore. Everyone picks up their stuff and they start leaving.

Uday and his family are outside of Sheetal’s house and she tells them never to come back. She then shuts the door behind them. The Singh family walks on the streets of Ujjain sadly whiles everyone looks at them. Chandra tells Prakash to call Abha and he does so.  Prakash gives the phone to his mother. Chandra tells Abha everything and how they were thrown out of the house. Abha is shocked and tells her mother not to worry as she will inform the man who is selling the house that they want to move in today itself. Abha calls up the agent but he tells her that he will not be able to allow them move in because they need to pay the money before they can move to the house. Abha kept on wondering as to how she will get so much money. Vimal comes and offers her 50,000 rupees. He smirks and tells Abha that he needs the Swarn Bhavan papers. Vimal tells Abha that she will have to get the papers in order for her to get the money. Vimal also tells Abha that she was caught the last time but this time she will correct that mistake. Abha questions Vimal as to why he desperately wanted to betray his father. Abha tells Vimal that she will never betray Jagmohan as long as she works in Swarn Bhavan. Vimal tells Abha that she is forgetting that he (Vimal) knows where her house is.  Vimal then threatened Abha that if she does not do as he wants then his wife (Shelly ) will go and tell her family everything. Vimal then handed over the money to Abha. She then tells Vimal that she will only do the work if Vimal gives her 2%  of all the profit and tells him to write it on a paper. Vimal does as Abha has instructed.

Meanwhile, Abha plans to prove to Jaghoman that Vimal is a dishonest and a cunning man  by showing him the paper she made him sign. At Ujjain, everyone is looking at Uday. Two men whispers and asks as to why Uday is walking on the street homeless. Uday hears this and he felt sad about it. Chandra tells Uday not to pay heed to what they were saying,  she asks Uday to come along but he refuses to go from there. A guy comes towards  Uday and he give him some coins. Uday begs him for some money whiles everyone looks at him speechless. Meanwhile, Uday asks people to have mercy on him.

Uday makes a fool out of himself on the street of Ujjain. Chandra stops him and Abha comes there and sees what was going on.  She felt bad and started crying. Meanwhile, Karan comes out of Swarn Bhavan and Veer sees him. Karan tells Veer that he is going to get some furnitures for Abha’s new house.  Veer tells Karan that Tasveer might refuse his help. Karan then tells Veer that his love for Abha has increased a lot. Karan leaves to get the furnitures.  Abha  stands outside crying and she tells her mother not to worry as they will go into the house today itself. She tells Brij to take Uday to the temple but Uday refuses and says that God has been unjust to him but Brij takes him away.  Abha is worried as to how they will move into the new house.

Karan sees Abha and her mother on the road and he is shocked.  He drives up to her and asks her what is happened and why she is looking worried. Karan notices her luggage. Abha tells him that they had to leave their house and now they have nowhere to stay.  Karan wonders why she didn’t tell him. He then asks Abha if he was such a stranger to her? Karan assures Abha that he will make everything work out. Abha tells him the deposit of Rs 50,000 has to be made first before they could be allowed to move into the new house she rented. Karan tells Abha that he feels sad whenever she is also sad. Karan goes to Chandra and consoles her. Karan tells Chandra that he is more worried about her.  Chandra tells Karan not to worry as she has full trust that God will stand with them. Karan tells them to wait for sometime as he will be back with the keys of another transit house.  Karan tells them to wait for him.

At the temple, bhang is being made for the holi celebration. Uday also sees all the merry-making. A priest offers him a glass and he calls the drink as an offering.   He urges Uday to have it. Uday drinks it in one shot and the bhang makes him drunk.  He remembers all the bitter words Jagmohan had spoken to him at their last meeting. He remembers Jagmohan telling him that Swarn Bhavan is no more his property.  Uday on the other hand is totally drunk and he makes a joke out of himself.

Karan tells his father about the sad predicament his “friend” is in. He intentionally didn’t mention Tasveer’s name.  Karan asks Jagmohan if he could allow his “friend”  live in their old house which his friend will vacate when he finds new accommodation.  Jagmohan tells him that he can help his “friend” Jagmohan gives in and allows Karan to take the keys of their old house.  Meanwhile, Uday who is completely drunk enters Swarn Bhavan.  He is stopped at the gate  by the security. Uday tells the security that he is the owner of Swarn Bhavan.  He continues to roar like a raving lunatic.

Uday forces his way inside Swarn Bhavan and what ensues is more melodrama.  Uday accuses Jagmohan and he also insults him badly.  Meanwhile, Karan sees all this and he is fast losing his temper and patience.  Uday  then starts abusing Karan and also tells him that his grandfather was a servant to his family.  Karan furiously asks Uday to be quiet. Uday who is completely drunk continues to taunt Jaghoman. 

Abha calls Lata and she speaks to her on phone. Abha tells her sister that she is so grateful to Karan for his help. Meanwhile, Lata wonders if Abha is in love with Karan.

At Swarn Bhavan, Jagmohan is enjoying the downfall of this impoverished lord.  Karan’s brother decides to call for help. There is a sneer on Jagmohan’s lips who is snidely enjoying every minute of Uday’s gibberish.  There is a heated exchange of words between Karan and Uday but the police arrived at the scene. The cops comes and take Uday away.

Karan takes Abha and Chandra to his old family house.  Prakash tells them that he will fetch his father from the temple.  Karan asks Abha to stay in the room which had been his and she is shocked.

Abha asks Karan as to how he knows so much about the room. Karan then shows her his old photos and tells her that this was his room before shifting to Swarn Bhavan. Abha is shocked. Abha asks him why he lied to her by saying that this was his friend’s house? Karan tells her  that he lied because he wanted to help her and if he would have told her the truth then she would have refused to come along. Karan tells Abha that he cannot lie to her anymore as he loves her so much. He also tells her that he is still waiting for her answer. Meanwhile, Abha is anxious and Karan leaves in a hurry.

Abha puts up the photos of her ancestors and she also removes the photos of Karan’s family so that Chandra doesn’t see them. Meanwhile Chandra asks her where Prakash is and why hasn’t he yet come. Abha’s phone rings and it is Brij. Brij informs her that Uday is in the police station. Brij tells Abha that Uday is drunk and he misbehaved at Swarn Bhavan. Abha is shocked. She hurriedly leaves for the police station.

At the police station, Uday is half-unconscious and has gone totally mad. He tells the history of Swarn Bhavan to everyone and Abha arrives.  She apologies to the inspector and she manages to get Uday freed.

Uday is brought home and Abha offers to prepare some nimbu pani for him. When she suddenly sees Jagmohan’s photo on the wall,  Abha rushes to remove it when Uday  says that he wanted to see a garland over his ancestor’s photo. Abha stands alone and thinks of the moments she spent with Karan. Abha on the other hand thinks as to why can’t she accept Karan’s proposal.

Meanwhile,  Chandra comes there and asks her if she thanked Karan yet. She adds that Karan is like an angel to them. Abha tells Chandra that the house is Karan’s old house and Chandra is shocked. Chandra forces Abha to tell the truth to Karan before it is too late.

At Swarn Bhavan, it is time to burn the Holi fire. All the members of the family are present there but Karan is standing in the balcony. The puja starts and Jagmohan tells himself that he wished Grandmother was there to enjoy Holi with them.

Meanwhile Abha calls up Karan. Abha expresses his sincere gratitude to Karan for helping her and her family. Karan tells her there is no need. Abha tells Karan that she wanted to tell him something very important. Karan thinks that Abha wanted to say yes to him regarding his proposal. Karan fells so excited.

Meanwhile, Prakash calls up Vimal and tells him that tomorrow is the last day for him to submit the Swarn Bhavan papers otherwise he will have to pay 20 lacs. Vimal tells Prakash that everything will be done. Vimal then tells Shelly that it is a very lucky Holi for both of them as they will be able to execute their plans in stealing the Swarn Bhavan ownership papers from Jagmohan.

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