Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate 2

Pragya looks at Rockstar toy….Oh Tere Bin Yaara…plays….Pragya talks
to toy and asks him to atleast remember his hatred for her, if not love.
She thinks how could you forget our love, hate, fights…and says I
am yearning for everything.
She says fuggi name was bad, but it was good
from your mouth. She asks him to call her fuggi once and cries hugging
toy. Abhi is sleeping and says fuggi. He gets up and thinks why did I
say fuggi while sleeping. He thinks something is strange, and if this
goes on then everything think me mad. He then washes his face and looks
at himself in the mirror. He talks to his mirror image, and asks him to
think about music….He thinks fuggi is a catchy word and decides to use
in a song. He makes a song…oh my fuggi meri cookie…He thinks to sleep
and get the lyrics for the song. Tanu is standing outside Mehra house.
She thinks Aaliya will scold her for coming there. Aaliya comes there
and asks why did you come here. She says Bhai will reject you if he sees
you in this condition post pregnancy. Abhi comes there calling driver.
Aaliya asks Tanu to hide. She tells him that her friend came to pick
her. Abhi calls driver and goes. Aaliya asks Tanu to come before Bhai
sees her.

Saira asks Pragya to give 200-300 Rs. to Harry to buy
energy drinks. She says I am really tensed…Pragya asks what happened?
Saira says Abhi is showing tantrums and asked me to get positive energy.
Pragya says I will solve his problem. Saira says do you have magical
lamp. Pragya says no, and goes to kitchen. She brings coffee and asks
Harry to give it to him. Saira says he asked for energy drink. Pragya
asks her to believe and says Abhi will not ask anything after talking
coffee. Saira says are you sure and takes coffee for him.

Abhi is
preparing to sing…and talks to music director..Saira comes there. Abhi
asks her to close the door. He asks her from where she called the music
director, and asks for energy drink. Saira asks him to have coffee till
energy drink comes. Abhi takes a sip and asks who made this coffee.
Saira thinks his mood is upset and says receptionist made this
coffee……Abhi goes to reception. Pragya asks do you need anything. He
asks Pragya….who are you…Pragya is shocked and surprised. She says I am a
receptionist here. Abhi says no, you are a spy and that’s why you knows
my bedroom secrets. Pragya wonders what it might be? She says I don’t
know anything about your house or room. Abhi says you made this coffee.
How did you know that I drink this type of coffee whenever I sit to make
music. Pragya says I just made it…..Abhi asks everyone to get back to
work….Darmiyan song plays…………….He looks at her…..Pragya also stares

Aaliya and Tanu come somewhere. She says we can’t take
risk. Tanu says I just want to see if Abhi gets same feelings for me,
and says I saw a bad dream that Pragya came back in his life. She says
she is not sparkling now, but want to see his reaction on seeing her.
Aaliya says you want to see if he is interested in you or not, as you
are insecure. She says I will make you meet him today, but do as I says.
She asks her to change her clothes and look hot. Tanu says I will dress
nicely that Abhi will not see others after seeing me. Pragya says you
have shared your coffee in a magazine, and I read it. Abhi thinks why
did I share my good music secret….She says I am your big fan and will
not lie. Allah Wariyan plays………He looks at her and goes holding coffee

Dasi telling Dadi that God has given clever mind to Aaliya,
but she don’t use it for right things. Dadi asks Purab why did you try
to make him remember all that. Purab says I couldn’t bear it. Dasi tells
that they feel bad seeing Abhi running after money. Dadi says we can’t
risk Abhi’s life. Purab says there is a way and asks her to bring Pragya
home. Dadi reminds him of Doctor’s words and says she can’t risk his
life. Purab says we shall see how Abhi reacts seeing Pragya. Dadi says
if he pressurizes on his mind to recollect then….She says even I want
them to unite, but not at the risk of his life. She says how we will
leave if anything happens to Abhi. She asks him not to talk anything
which will risk his life. She asks him to leave everything on time, and
says everything will be back like before.
Pragya comes out of her
office and waits for auto rickshaw. Someone informs her about strike.
She thinks to go by walk and calls Sarla. Abhi comes in his car and
offers to drop her, says there is a transport strike. Pragya says I will
go and thanks him. She is again walking. Abhi says I want to return
your favor. Pragya asks what? Abhi says you have identified my stuff and
made my favorite coffee. Pragya refuses to take lift. Abhi takes her
refusal on his ego. Pragya asks him not to take it on his ego and says
her family may not like it if she takes lift. Abhi says okay and gives
her good luck. Pragya turns and walking. She slips and falls down. Abhi
comes back and says your people will not like if you go home by
crawling. Pragya asks why you are teasing me, and says I didn’t refuse
for help. Abhi helps her stand up.

Aaliya and Tanu are in the
pub. Tanu says so many guys are looking at me and praises her beauty.
She says she is excited to meet Abhi. Aaliya calls Abhi and asks him to
come there. Abhi says okay. Aaliya and Tanu go to dance. Pragya sits in
Abhi’s car. She asks is driving allowed to you? She says I read in an
article that you met with an accident. She asks aren’t you get afraid of
driving. Abhi asks you just fell down, will you stop walking. Purab
calls Pragya and asks where are you? She says she is coming home. Purab
says I will come to take you. Purab hears Abhi’s voice, as Abhi says I
am with you. Purab says if you are with Abhi. Pragya says no. Purab
thinks if she meets Abhi then things will be fine. Abhi drops Pragya
near her house. He thinks she might fall again and lifts her in his
arms. Allah Wariyan plays…………..They have an eye lock.

He asks
where is your house? Pragya asks him to leave her, and says I will go
home. Abhi says your condition is will go somewhere else. He
says you are No. 1 fan and I will not leave you. He asks where is your
home? Pragya says I will not tell. Abhi says you are clever and don’t
want to get down of rockstar’s lab. He asks someone about her home.
Pragya asks him not to tell him. Abhi says she is dangerous and need to
go home. Man says her house is there. Pragya says no…as Abhi takes her
to her house.

Aaliya and Tanu dance on the dance floor on the
song beat pe booty….Janki tells Beeji that she is trying to clean the
hall and she is not letting her work. She asks her to sit at one side
and play game. Beeji says I want to punish you as I lost game because of
you. Janki says I know nothing about your game. Beeji says I lost as
you talked to me. Sarla hear them arguing and asks them to stop
fighting. She asks her to call Pragya again. Janki says she will lose
game. Pragya asks Abhi to get her down as her house came. Abhi comes
inside house and says hello ladies…..Sarla, Beeji and Janki are
surprised and shocked.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she refuse to
dance with a guy? Aaliya says she can’t dance with any random guy and
spoil her and her brother image. Tanu asks what do she wants? If she
wants to stay alone. Aaliya asks her to go and touch up her make up.
Tanu goes. Aaliya calls Abhi, but he doesn’t pick her call. Aaliya says
Abhi is obeying Dadi’s order and not picking call while driving.
Abhi introduces himself as Abhi, the rockstar. He asks if something is
stuck on my face..and asks why you are seeing as if you all have seen a
ghost. He says your daughter is in my hands…and gets her down. He says I
know what middle class people thinks, and says his ego and her
stubbornness clashed. He tells that Pragya twisted her leg and couldn’t
walk so I gave lift. He says I thought she couldn’t walk back home and
drop her here. Sarla asks do you know her. Abhi says she is a
receptionist in the company with whom I am working. He says her name is
Nikita, and she is my big fan, egoistic and stubborn too. He asks them
not to scold her. He then goes near Sarla and says I know this is
strange, but I can’t control. He asks about the washroom and says I know
it is there. He then says I was just guessing.

Pragya telling
Sarla that she tried to stop Abhi, but he didn’t listen. She says she
was afraid thinking about his reaction on seeing her, but now as he
didn’t react seeing her, her fear is gone. Now she can spend time with
him and also talk. Tanu waits for Abhi and gets impatient. She asks
Aaliya to think about her and says you don’t know as you are not in any
relationship. Aaliya says enough and calls him, but Abhi doesn’t pick
her call. Tanu says Abhi went far from me like he went far from Pragya.
Beeji shares her plan with Pragya. Pragya says you can’t do this. Sarla
refuses also. Beeji says I am not talking your permission and says I am
elder than you in age and experience. She asks Pragya to get massage
done by Janki. Janki says okay. Beeji says now see what I will do. Abhi
comes out and thanks them for nice meeting. He says can I go now? Beeji
says no, you can’t go. Abhi asks why?
Beeji says guest come with
their wish and go with our wish. Abhi says kidnapping. Beeji says this
is love. She says our relation is old and invited him for lunch. She
says I am your old fan. Abhi says I can’t stay as I have to go
somewhere. Dadi emotionally blackmails him. Abhi says I respect fans
like you and can’t refuse you as you are like Dadi. He says I will stop
for 30 mins. Janki comes and massages Pragya’s feet. Beeji asks Abhi
about his next album release. Abhi says very soon….Pragya says I will
help mum and is about to go, feels pain and sits down. Sarla cooks food
in kitchen. Abhi says if she needs Italian food. Beeji asks him to try
desi food today. Abhi asks Beeji if Pragya is her real grand daughter.
Beeji says yes. She asks him to visit them frequently. Abhi says okay.
They talk about game and challenge each other.

Sarla brings food
and asks him to eat. Abhi eats the food. Sanam Re plays while Pragya
looks at him. Abhi looks on. Sarla asks if food is not good. Beeji says
you must have added mirchi. Sarla says no, and says I didn’t add my
spices. Abhi tastes food and says do you have tiffin centre. Sarla says
no. Abhi says I feel like eating this food before also. Beeji says I
will increase your taste and makes him eat. Sarla also makes him eat
with her hand. Abhi says he have a wonderful food. Sarla hopes that Abhi
shall remember them. Pragya thinks their happiness is short lived.

Tanu and Aaliya come back to her house. Tanu cries and says she is
feeling rejected today as Abhi has broken her heart. Aaliya says Abhi
didn’t know that she called him there to meet her. Tanu says she got
emotional because of situation. Sarla brings ras malai for Abhi. Abhi
eats it and says it is my favorite. He asks how did you know that it is
my favorite. Beeji says everyone of us are your fan. Abhi says you seems
to be like my family. Sarla asks him to come whenever he wants to eat
made by her. Abhi says definitely. Beeji asks him to bring his cook next
time as Sarla will teach him cooking. Abhi says you might teach him
cooking, but mum’s taste will not come in his hands. He says he will
practice game and come there. He asks Beeji to tell Pragya not to be

Aaliya comes to the manager and asks why did you upload
the pic on the networking site. Manager says Abhi have given me this
pic. Aaliya doesn’t believe him and asks him to delete pic by now. Just
then she gets Tanu’s call telling that her dream is fulfilled. She says
she saw Abhi’s pic with Pragya. Aaliya says it is an old pic and says I
came to office and got the pic deleted. She says I will ask Abhi, and
then says it is a stupid mistake. She asks her to close fan page and
sleep. Tanu says no, I will not sleep and will cry all night. She cries.
Aaliya thinks something is happening behind my back. She thinks if pic
is new, then it means he met Pragya.

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