Zee World: Showing This Week On Fire & Ice

Below is a brief summary of what is expected next week on Fire And Ice showing Monday to Sunday, May 21 – 27 on Zee World.

Monday 21 May
Episode 93

Leela tells Twinkle, Anita and Yuvraj that
she found another donor for Kunj. Anita does everything in her power to find
out who the new donor is. Yuvraj takes full advantage of Twinkle’s helplessness
by getting himself released.

Tuesday 22 May 2018
Episode 94

Twinkle fools Kunj into signing Yuvraj’s
bail papers. Yuvraj gets released from prison. Twinkle gives in to Yuvraj’s
demands just to save her husband’s life. Yuvraj calls Twinkle to the same hotel
where Kunj is meeting his college friend.

Wednesday 23 May 2018
Episode 95

Yuvraj gets into the Sarna house as a
choreographer named Prince. Kunj sees Twinkle’s torn dress and plans to buy
Twinkle a new dress. Mahi reveals that she didn’t send the dress, this makes
Kunj suspicious.  

Thursday 24 May 2018
Episode 96

Yuvraj kidnaps Kunj and takes his place as
Twinkle’s groom. Anita reveals that the documents Kunj and Twinkle signed were
divorce papers. Can Kunj make it back on time to save Twinkle from Yuvraj’s

Friday 25 May 2018
Episode 97

Twinkle decides to pretend to be Yuvraj’s
wife and Kunj supports her. Twinkle insults Yuvraj and Anita really badly at
one of the ceremonies. Yuvraj tries to threaten her, but Twinkle threatens to
file for a domestic violence case.

Saturday 26 May 2018
Episode 98

Yuvraj’s plan to spike Twinkle’s drink
fails as it is his own mother who drinks it. Yuvraj and Anita get Kunj arrested
just to get Twinkle alone. Twinkle thinks of a way to spend time with Kunj in
the holding cell.

Sunday 27 May 2018
Episode 99

Yuvraj challenges Kunj to a cricket match
and states that if he wins, Kunj must allow him to take Twinkle on a date.
Yuvraj tricks Twinkle and takes her to a secluded area, not knowing he just
stepped into the belly of the beast.

Premiere episodes of Fire & Ice air on Zee
World from Mondays to Sundays at 19h00.

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