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I’m entangled in relationship with my suitor’s father (1)

It was a boring Saturday morning. My mother and younger sister had gone to visit our uncle, Anthony. Absolutely bored alone at home, I decided to go and see a movie on the Island.

Luckily, when I got there, a romantic film had just started. Glued to the big screen, I laughed at funny scenes, cried in touching scenes and also apportioned blame where necessary. At the end of two hours, I knew my day was made. It was time to head home and have a quiet siesta. Immediately I left the movie venue and crossed over to the other side of the road, I saw a woman in her 50s vomiting by the road side. I noticed that everyone passed by without looking at her twice.

I quickly walked up to her and asked what the problem was. “My daughter, I just felt dizzy and sick all of a sudden,” she told me. She then begged me to take her to a particular hospital. “Madam, did you come in a car?” I asked. She simply nodded no. I hurriedly got a taxi because at this point, she was becoming unconscious. On our way to the hospital, I wondered why a woman so expensively dressed from head to toe did not come out in a car. “O God, please let her not die in this taxi, spare her life,” I prayed.

When we got to the hospital, she was recognised by virtually all the staff. Immediately, she was taken to a private room and put on drip while I sat by her bedside. The doctor and nurses checked on her every 15 minutes to ensure her condition was stable. When she was fully conscious, the doctor informed us that he had called chief. “Madam, you will be fine. I have called chief and he is on his way here.”

Later, she introduced herself to me as Madam Joyce. She told me she actually left the house with her driver but the car developed a fault and she asked him to fix it while she hurriedly left in a taxi to catch up with her appointment before she suddenly took ill and started vomiting. “Please, pardon me. What is your name?” she inquired. “My name is Veronica, but everybody calls me Vero,” I told her. And she said, “Thank you for saving my life. You are indeed God sent.” While we were behaving like mother and daughter who have not seen for years, her husband, Chief came, rushed into the room and said, “My dear what is it this time? The doctor told me you were rushed here.”

Madam Joyce then told him how I helped her and he also thanked me for saving the life of his lovely wife. “Madam Joyce, since your husband is here and you are in good hands, I think I should leave now,” I told her. She gave me her complimentary card, took my phone number and made me promise that I would come over to the house for lunch whenever she invites me which I promised and left. On Sunday afternoon, I called to find out how she was doing and she excitedly informed me she would be discharged that evening.

She called within the week and invited me over for lunch on Saturday. After lunch, she told me she has only one son, Elvis who has been in the United States for about 10 years now and wishes he would come home soon so that he could take me as a wife. “Vero, you are a nice, young woman. You are the daughter I never had. I would want you to marry my son when he comes back if you don’t mind,” she said. I just laughed and refused to give her any answer.

Just then Chief walked in and said, “Vero my dear, you are free to come here whenever you like. See this place as your home.” He asked me what I do and I told him I was looking for a job. A few minutes later he asked me to see in his office on Monday. I was so excited and hoped for the best. I went to see Chief and he bluntly told me, I did not need a job.

“Vero, you don’t need a job. I can give you whatever you want, just be my mistress. I loved you since the first day I saw you at the hospital. Just be my mistress and all your problems would be over. I will take care of you and your family.” I was not surprised he said these things because of the way he was staring at me back at his house. I told him I was not interested because his wife sees me as a daughter and I would not want to disappoint her. Chief kept pestering me but refused to employ me in his company.

When the pestering became too much and my mother took ill and we needed money to take her to the hospital, I had to turn to Chief for financial assistance when Uncle Anthony refused to help us. Chief still insisted that I should be his mistress before he could assist me. I had to give in at this point to save my mother’s life. Chief and I started dating, and he spoilt me silly but he was too jealous. He does not like to see young men come any close to me.

A month later, he bought me a car, gives money N250,000 every week for my upkeep and we started spending most weekends together in exclusive hotels in and outside town. He tells his wife that he is going on ‘business trips just to be with me. I knew I had stolen the weekends he was supposed to spend with Madam Joyce, but there was nothing I could do because I was now enjoying every bit of it. I could remember one weekend when Chief and I were in one of our hotel hideouts that Madam Joyce called me, complaining about Chief and how she suspects that he was having an affair. She told me she was ready to kill any woman just to get her husband back.

I was scared by that statement but I summoned courage and assured her that I would talk to Chief during the week when I see him since he sees me as his daughter. At that point I felt a sense ofguilt and I told him immediately. “Chief I think we should end this. Your wife is beginning to suspect something.” He told me that we should take things easy for a while to allay her suspicions.

So he decided to get me a three-bedroom bungalow apartment in my choice area, which he furnished to my taste. I had to move out of our house which my mother bitterly complained about because she said I was dating the husband of a woman who has accepted me wholeheartedly as her daughter and a man old enough to be my father. But, I did not listen to her. I left the house and started living big courtesy of Chief, my sugar daddy. My house became the love nest for Chief and he warned me seriously that no other man must step foot there. “Vero, I don’t want to see any other man in this house. The day I do, I will kill both of you.” I promised him that he would never meet any other man in my house. One Tuesday, about nine months after meeting Chief and Madam Joyce, she called and asked me to come over to the house. “Vero, please I want you to come over to the house,” she pleaded. “Madam Joyce, I hope there is no problem,” I asked.

She assured me that there was no problem but that she has a surprise for me. I was so scared because I thought she had found out about Chief and I. I quickly dashed there, only to see Madam Joyce with a tall handsome man whom I believe was her son, Elvis. Immediately she saw me, she rushed and hugged me before introducing us. “Elvis, this is Vero the young lady I was talking about. Vero meet my son, Elvis. He arrived this morning without informing us. But, all the same, I am glad he is back home,” she revealed. We shook hands and had some chat. His mother encouraged me to take him round town once in a while and I agreed. Three weeks later, Elvis told me he thinks he had fallen helplessly in love with me.

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