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Trains of Jewels by Anne-Rose Mordi

Every fashion conscious woman knows that accessories complement outfits, just the way icing does to a cake. Perhaps it was in recognition of this fact that Anne-Rose Mordi decided to delve into the world of fashion accessories.
She is the proud owner of Jewelrybyanne and has been designing jewelry for five years and equally designs customized jewelry by speaking to clients and designing pieces to suit their personality.
Though she had no formal training in jewelry designing, she credits her artistic influence to her Nigerian heritage with its different cultures, as the reason for her uniqueness and craft. However she is not oblivious to the current trends in the jewelry industry but tries to incorporate these to her own unique patterns.
She has created a unique selection of accessories that range from hand-beaded purses to rich stone-textured bracelets, which no doubt have earned her a place in the world of accessories.
Anne-Rose Mordi, the second of four children was born in Dulwich, South London to an Issele-Ukwu Delta State father and a Cross-River State mother. Like most Nigerians in Britain, Anne holds a full time job as a London underground train driver and spends her leisure time on her passion- interior and fashion design.

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