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My husband is father of his best friend’s two children

I thought I was the luckiest and happiest woman on earth having been married to Maxwell, ‘a very responsible husband and father to three adorable children’. 
We have been married for 18 years. When my friends complain that their husbands cheat on them, I always told them that I am married to the best man on earth because he cannot and would never cheat on me because we are so fond of each other and our love grew every day. 

But, how wrong I was! I just discovered that Maxwell’s caring and loving attitude over the years was to cover up his multitude of sins. Hmmm, he is indeed a good player. Here is my story.
I met Maxwell 20 years ago at a night club with his best friend, Stanley. However, we got married two years later on the same day in the same church with Stanley and Rachael, his wife. Although they are best friends, they behave like twins. Maxwell revealed to me that they told each other from childhood that they would get married the same day and so we, their wives, granted them their wish.
Since both men love doing things together, most times we live either on the same street or area but not too far from each other. Our children too are so close and they attend the same school. In fact, they too do things together because that was the way we brought them up. We have always told our children that we are not just family friends but a family. Rachael and I are full-time housewives. We have boutiques close to each other inside the same complex, so we travel from time to time to stuff it up.
I retuned from a trip to Dubai one Tuesday evening and my daughter, Sylvia told me that Rachael comes everyday to see daddy. “Mummy, Aunty Rachael is always coming to see daddy whenever you travel these days,” said Sylvia. “There is nothing wrong with that. After all we are a family. I also visit her husband and children whenever she travels,” I replied. When she noticed that I kept saying we are family, she kept quiet and asked me what I brought for them from my trip.
But on a second thought, I had to reflect on what she told me. When Maxwell returned from work, I asked him if Rachael visited and he said yes. “Rachael visits the children and me for the seven days you were away. But you know she has no choice,” he said.
When I returned from my next trip Sylvia still told me the same thing. But at this particular time, she was more precise. “Mummy what I mean is that Aunty Rachael spends three to five hours in your bedroom with daddy,” she revealed. “Are you sure of what you are saying?” I retorted. She nodded her head.
I began to take what she told me seriously because Sylvia is 17 years old and I know that children of these days know a lot of things we adults do not even know. I figured out that what she was indirectly trying to tell me is that there is something between Maxwell and Rachael. Left for me, I would never have suspected anything. I just kept praying that it was not true because I could not confront Maxwell with this accusation by his own daughter.  
About a month later, something strange happened to me. I was to travel abroad and the flight was for 10:00 p.m. but all of a sudden while at the airport, I just didn’t feel like travelling any more. I felt a cold shiver all over me to board the plane. “God, what is happening to me? I have never felt like this before? Why this strange feeling, I asked myself.
I decided to miss my flight and headed for home. I tried calling Maxwell but his phones were switched off so I decided to hire a taxi. I got home at about 11:20 p.m. Even the gateman was surprised when I knocked. He flung the gate open for me. In order not to wake up anybody, I decided to open the door with my keys. But I felt my heart beating really fast and I knew this was strange.
I headed straight for the children’s room and they were all asleep. So, I went to our bedroom. What did I see? Rachael and Maxwell on our matrimonial bed! They were so engrossed in what they were doing that they did not notice me. Quickly, I quietly closed the door and thought of what next to do. One voice said stab both of them to death while another said, call Stanley.
I quietly walked to the gate and called Stanley. “Stanley, sorry I am calling this late. Can I talk to your wife?” I said. “I am sorry she is not home. She went for a vigil. I thought you were supposed to be on a flight right now?” he revealed. “Stanley, please can you meet me at our gate? There is something you must see,” I pleaded. He told me he will be on his way since our houses are just three buildings away. In less than five minutes, he was at our gate and kept asking me what the matter was. “Don’t worry you will soon find out yourself. Please walk quietly behind me,” I said.
We opened the door and Stanley was so shocked that he screamed, “Max, what are you doing with my wife. Rachael, is this where you are doing the vigil?” They were both surprised to see us and quickly tried to cover their naked bodies. Before I knew it, Stanley stormed into the kitchen and came back with a knife. With it in his hand, he asked, “How long has this been going on? If you two don’t talk, I swear I will kill somebody or both of you and go to jail.”
Rachael opened up, “It has been going on for 15 years. We used to meet in a hotel until recently when we started meeting here whenever Vickky travels out of the country.”
Tears flowed from my eyes and I asked, “So you mean you two have been lovers for 15 years and we didn’t know about it? You two are really good players”. “What else do we need to know?” Stanley asked in anger. “Stanley I am sorry, Nicole and Stephanie are not your children. They are Maxwell’s children,” she revealed. He was weeping like a child and suddenly he rushed towards them with the knife when I tried to stop him and asked him to leave them to their conscience. “Stanley, please I am on my knees, don’t do anything stupid that you would regret later in life, I beg you in the name of God. If I wanted them dead, I would have done it alone and earlier. Let’s leave their conscience to judge them,” I pleaded.
He didn’t leave without leaving a scare for both of them to remember in life. He stabbed them both on the shoulder and told them he never wants to set his eyes on both of them again and left in anger. I rushed them both to the hospital where they were immediately attended to. Thank God no vital organ was damaged.
Right now, Rachael cannot go back to her matrimonial home because of the fear that Stanley would kill her. And for me, I left the house with my three lovely children because the ugly memory of seeing my husband with another woman on our matrimonial bed is still very fresh and upsetting. I feel like killing him for betraying me, most of all defiling our matrimonial bed. However, some family relations, friends and church members have advised that I go back home for the sake of my children. But the question is, can I ever trust Maxwell again? On a second thought, do I even need a man in my life after three children?

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  1. It is really sad and awful but i advise you to return to ur matrimonial home for d sake of ur children,men!!! they are NECESSARY EVILS.

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