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I love to wear long hair– Imelda J

 Imelda Ada Okwori whose stage name is Imelda J is a pop artiste. The Benue State-born fashionista told  in this interview that her style is something that fits and she feels free in.  

What are some of the songs you’ve done?
In 2010 I did a song “My love for you” featuring OJB Jazreel, which actually won an international award, Lead Times African International Award as the best R & B that year. While “Show me” featuring side 1 also won the Divas Award 2011. There is another single coming out soon titled Fo so ke.
What’s your background?
Imelda is from a family of four, three girls and a boy. I am the second child but the first daughter. I graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Benue State. I studied Science Education and I am from Benue State.
You’re a graduate of Science Education, how did you come into music?
I grew up doing music. My mother was somehow into music so I picked it up from where she stopped from a very tender age. I also play instruments like keyboards and I am still working on guitar perfection.
What is style to you?
Style is anything that goes well on me. It is just something that fits me and I feel free in. If you are fat, you should know that there are some styles you cannot put on and vice versa. For me, I love colour combinations but I am very careful when it comes to what I put on. Most times people follow trend but I don’t.
What are the kinds of clothes you love to wear?
Basically, I love trousers, portable gowns, mini, bump shorts and Ankara outfits. I love Ankara fabric with a touch of western feel.
If you have to show off any part of your body, where will that be?
 I can show off my tummy.
Why your tummy?
I have a flat tummy. If I am going for a night event, I could just wear a jacket with a trouser or bump short depending on the event and off I go. But if it is a day-time event, I must wear an inner with the jacket.
What kind of clothing item will you not be caught wearing?
I won’t be caught wearing just bikini. Even at the pool, I still wear a tight with the bikini.
How do you love to carry your hair?
I love long and coloured hair. If I have to wear a short hair, it has to be wow, the colour combination and style has to be crazy. When you see me, the hairstyle is conspicuous. long hair on a normal day.
Why are you crazy about coloured hair?
Wearing coloured hair brings out my face because I am actually chocolate. I am neither dark nor fair. I love anything that will bring out my face.
Your best perfume
Victoria Secret because it lasts for a very long time. Days after you wash your clothes, the fragrance remains. The fragrance is sexy and romantic. But once in a while I also use other designer perfumes like Jean Paul Gaultier because of the scent and shape of the container, it’s so sexy and beautiful.
Describe yourself on and off stage
On stage, Imelda J is crazy. If you watch somebody like Beyonce, that is who Imelda J is on stage. But Imelda Ada Okwori on a normal day is a very simple, friendly, outgoing and outspoken fellow. In fact, the single definition of Imelda J is no downgrading. I don’t downgrade people, I respect people a lot.
How do you handle your male fans/admirers?
It is not easy but I am not harsh towards them. I take out time to chat with them sometimes. They are friends and fans so should be treated with respect.
Everybody has one fear or the other in life. What is your greatest fear?
Hmmm … I don’t have any fear. Sincerely, I believe life itself is a risk. Even when you sleep, it’s a risk. I have not seen anything that will scare me. But even if anything is going to scare me, it is my dream because if my dream is not big enough to scare me, then, I am not ready to fight for it. I love bouncing through mountains to obtain fountains.
Describe yourself in three words
Imelda J is simple, sexy and outgoing.
Who is your fashion role model?
It’s Genevieve. Everything she puts on works for her. I love everything about her.
Who is your role model in the music industry?
Beyonce, I think I have a crush on her. I love her energy and music.
How do you relax?
I love sitting by the pool side and I also love to swim.
Swimming, singing and reading. I read novels a lot.
Do you have tattoo?
No, I don’t and I don’t think I am going to have one.
Philosophy of life
No downgrading.

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