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I love and appreciate my boobs so much – Maxi Asuzu

Amaka Asuzu, popularly known as Maxi Asuzu, is an up-and-coming actress, artiste manager and a businesswoman. The Anambra-State born fashionista and graduate of Business Administration from the Lagos State Polytechnic, in this chat, told that she loves to look simple but unique.
I am from Anambra State and I am from a family of six. I am the number four child and the Ada of the family according to Igbo tradition. I am a graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic and I studied Business Admin.
How long have you been in the industry?
I started acting professionally in 2007 in Abuja but I actually started acting right from my secondary school days. However, I decided to come to Lagos because this is where entertainment is. Lagos gives one the opportunity to climb up the ladder as long as you are ready to work hard.
You are looking good. What is style to you?
My style is simple. I love looking simple but unique.
So what kind of clothes do you love to wear?
I love to wear three quarter dinner gowns. I also love to wear trousers and sexy tops.
If you have to flaunt any part of your body, where would that be?
Hmmm … my boobs.
Why your boobs and in what kind of clothes?
Waoh! That is because I love my boobs and I appreciate them so much. I believe to me that is what trips the guys most. I love to wear tank tops and other clothes that are a bit revealing.
Who is your fashion role model?
That will be Ini Edo. I love her outfits and the way she carries herself in whatever kind of clothes she puts on. This makes her look so charming.
Let’s talk jewelry. What kind of jewelry do you love to wear?
Let me say I am not the jewelry type but if I must wear jewelry, I keep it simple. I could just wear an earring, a bangle and maybe cocktail ring and I am ready to go.
What is the name of your hairstyle?
It is called Anita Baker. That is what I feel like wearing right now. I carry different kinds of hairstyles because it is not wise to appear the same way all the time. But I love braiding too.
Everybody has one fear or the other. What is your greatest fear in life?
Waoh! My greatest fear in life is disappointment.
Why disappointment?
That is because when I get disappointed, it makes me feel so rejected especially being disappointed by a loved one.
Best perfume
The name is Red Jeans by Versace. I love the fragrance so much.
How do you love your make up?
I love light make up.  But if it is a night event, my make up could be a bit loud.
How do you like your finger nails?
I love experimenting with different colours of nail polish. I don’t stick to any particular colour. I am wearing a red nail polish today; I may change to another colour tomorrow.
What kind of shoes do you love to wear?
I love high heels. High heels make ladies look elegant and unique in any outfit they wear. Low heels are good too but heels stand you out
How do you relax?
I relax by browsing on my laptop, watching movies and sometimes hanging out with friends.
Aside acting what else do you do?
I am into business as well. I sell shoes and bags.
Describe yourself in three words
Maxi is loving, friendly and beautiful.
What are your hobbies?
I love travelling, browsing and dancing.
Philosophy of life
In whatever you do, be sincere.

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