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Being a gay in movie brought me fame – Benson Okonkwo

He has been in
the news of recent amidst the rumour that he is gay. But for fast rising actor,
Benson Okonkwo he is only acting a movie. In this interview with, the
Enugu State based actor discloses the title of the gay movie which sparked off the
controversy about his sexuality and brought him fame.

did you start acting and which movie gave you your breakthrough?
I started acting in 2008. My first
movie was my ‘Wicked uncle’ but ‘No man’s land’ and ‘Pregnant hawkers’, the gay
movie that spark controversy about my sexuality gave me fame. I have done 30
movies and I am still counting.
acting, could you tell us more about yourself?
I am a Nollywood actor from Anambra
State. I come from a family of six. I love traveling, adventurous and meeting
people. I am also a model. I started modeling at the age of 16 and I have
modeled for zain, Wema bank, Nestle Table Water, gold circle condom and others.
I have a unisex salon called colectibus unisex saloon and clothing line, Benson
Mr Packaging designs in Enugu.
u really gay?
I am not gay. However, I have done three
gay movies entitled ‘Pregnant hawkers’, ‘One dollar’ and the ‘Strippers’ which
is yet to be released. It is only acting, a make-believe.  If you are giving a role, your ability to do
it well is what makes you a good actor. If you are giving the role of a mad
person, you have to make it real so that people will be convinced. I am only
acting. It is quite funny that because I played a gay role then I’m
automatically gay.
I have played the role of a guard
in a movie, a thief, good boy, bad boy, ghetto boy, house boy and other roles
as well. When given any role, your ability to act it out well will always stand
out. As long as the pay is right, I will take the role. It is only make-believe.

you ever been approached by someone of the same sex for a sexual relationship?
No, I have not been approached.
you take up a role in a porn movie?
Like I have said earlier, it is
only make-believe. We watch movies like that in Hollywood, Nigerians are
hypocrites. I think pornography makes our movies more real and for this reason,
I am in support of it. If you take a good look at Hollywood movies for example
you will notice that pornography is so rampant and it means nothing to them. It
is like acting normal roles first and foremost. 
You are giving a script and you have to interpret it. What we do in Nollywood
is not pornography. Nigerian movies are made for everyone, besides the
regulatory body gives approval before such films are shown and there are age restrictions.
But I can take a nude role if the pay is right.
what is the right price?
(Laughs) I am priceless.
you think you are a controversial person?
No I am not. I am on the quite side
it is just that my jobs makes me seem controversial.
would you describe your personality?
I am a reserved young man. I am real.
I like honest and caring people. I also like helping the needy and I stand out
anywhere I go, I am a head turner.
what makes you a head turner?
My dress sense, physique,
personality, smile, height and charisma. I love fashion and when it comes to
clothes, I like to combine colours properly. That is why I am called Benson Mr.
how do you handle your female fans?
I am just a calm guy, fun to be
with but I don’t sleep with my female fans. I am not randy.
us about the ‘Sexiest in Nollywood’ contest
It is a competition where fans vote
for their Nollywood sexiest actor or actress. This is the third edition and
voting ends this month. I am in the forth position now and third runner up, all
thanks to my fans who made it possible so far. We were 128 actors and actress
when we started and now we are 16 left.

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