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I have nothing to say about Ademinokan and Damasus issue- Doris Simeon

Media reports earlier this year alleging
steaming hot romance between Nollywood stars, Daniel Ademinokan and Stella
Damasus, and the supposed eventual secret wedding of the duo notwithstanding,
his Edo State-born estranged wife, Doris Simeon, has refused to pass any
comment on the matter. Also, she sneered at those speculating that her husband
dumped her because of her poor performance in bed. In this interview with, the
award-winning actress and mother of one reiterated that nothing would make her
buckle to dignify questions on the Ademinokan-Damasus saga with a response. She
simply quipped, “I have moved on.” Excerpts:

you dwell a bit on your background?
My name is Doris Simeon. I am from Edo
State, Okpella to be precise; and I am from a family of five, although I am an
orphan now. I am the second born of my mum and the third for my dad. I went to
St. Agnes Primary School, Maryland, Lagos, Maryland Comprehensive Secondary
School in Lagos and PEFTI Film Institute, Lagos, where I had training in
Production and Management.
you reminisce on your growing up days?
It was really fun for me because when I
look back, I see it as pure. But back then, I used to see it as punishment when
my mother beats us when we don’t deliver messages properly or misbehave.
Sometimes I use to ask myself, ‘is she really my mother?’ But now, I think
back, especially when I see my son and scold him when he does some things. I
come to understand what my mother was doing for us; it was for us to get better
in life. It was really fun for me because I grew up where it was like a
face-me-I-face-you kind of house, where you see different dramas every day.
When I think back, I laugh and tell myself, ‘that was a life.’ It was really
did you get into Nollywood?
That started like 12 years ago, if not
more than that. Acting is what I love doing right from when I was young, not
really Nollywood per se but entertainment generally. The journey has been
beautiful ever since then. Can you still recall your first time in front of a
camera and for which movie? My first time in front of a camera was actually in
the comic series, Papa Ajasco and Company. I reluctantly went for the audition and
fortunately for me, I was given a role. My first time on camera was in also in
Papa Ajasco and Company. I was so excited to work with the people I watch on
television working together on the same set, people like Papa Ajsco, Pa James
and others. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Then later, I got my
first role in a Yoruba movie.
is common knowledge that some up-and-coming actresses usually sleep with
producers and directors to get a role. Did you also… (Cuts in)
It is about choice, they didn’t force
them to sleep with them. It is their choice. They wanted it, that was why they
did it or probably because they are desperate. The truth is that, when God says
it is your time, no man can stop you.
you been sexually harassed by producers and directors?
What I will say is that I have the
experience of people or producers toasting me, that is a normal thing. However,
if you want to do, you agree and if you don’t want to do, you don’t. It is only
the grace of God that sustains one.

days, some actresses live flamboyant lifestyles which they cannot maintain and
as such, they get married to any rich man who comes to them without getting to
know him well. Don’t you think that is part of the reason celebrities’
marriages crash?
It all depends on how you were brought
up and your choices in life. Some ladies prefer to suffer with the guy while
some will not, except the man can provide whatever she wants. After you had
been trained, you have to train yourself too. It all depends on how you decide
to live your life and the kind of man you want. We are not equals; we are
brought up from different homes, decide to discipline ourselves differently and
want all the things we want differently. We all cannot have the same thing or
everything that we always wanted; so it all depends on their choice and not
that all celebrities want rich men. It depends on how you package yourself and
present yourself. They say you will be addressed the way you are dressed.
do you have to say about the increase in the number of divorces among
One thing I will say about this is that,
it is because we are public figures, that is why people say that it is only
celebrities’ marriages that crash. There are a million and one people who are
not celebrities and whose marriages too have crashed; but people don’t know
about it.
Like I said, ours is always talked about
because we are public figures but it is what we have chosen in our career and
life; we don’t have a choice than to accept and embrace it that way and then
live with it. So, it is not only about the celebrity thing. If everything is
perfect, then it is not a life.
have been silent about the touted affair and supposed secret wedding between
your ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus and your rumoured
divorce. Don’t you think it is time to speak?
Well, I have nothing to say about that,
absolutely nothing.
your fans would want to know the true state of things. At least you owe them
Like I said, I have nothing to say.
are you and Daniel officially divorced now?
No comment. I like it when my lawyer
answers such questions.
was an article written by someone who claimed to be an insider, that Daniel
left you because of your lacklustre performance in the bedroom. Is there any
truth behind that?
Is the person always in our bedroom when
we are doing it? Does the person enter into my bedroom whenever we are doing it
and as such do analysis of how we are doing it? If the person is bold enough,
let the person come outside, show his or her face and tell me how they analysed
it and in the public too. Since the person has started the story, he or she
should end it so that we can turn it into a film.
you happen to meet a man now who sweeps you off your feet, won’t you get
married considering the fact that you are still young?
I am still young, I know, but I am not
about men right now. I want to focus on my life, career and how I can touch the
lives of people. I want to put smiles on the faces of people, especially kids.
I love kids a lot.
you happen to give marriage a second chance, what are the things you would
avoid so that your marriage will not hit the rocks again?
Can that one work? Except I am married
to Jesus.
you saying that you have given up totally on men and marriage?
I have not given up on men; I am just
saying that there is no marriage that is perfect even if you try to do other
things aside from what you have experienced in the last marriage. One thing or
the other will still happen, that is why I said except you are married to
Jesus. He is the only perfect person who will accept your faults.
in your opinion should be an ideal marriage?
(Laughs) Everybody wants a perfect home
and a perfect marriage; it is only God who can make that come through. Me, I
have moved on. I am after putting smiles on the faces of people.
are you coping as a single mother right now?
I give God the praise and adoration. It
is not easy; it is just the grace of God.
you say fame has robbed you of anything?
No, fame has really favoured me in so
many ways and I thank God for that.

would you say was the highpoint of your career?
I would say it is the Yoruba television
talk show called Faaji Extra which I anchor on MITV. It is my first time
anchoring a TV talk show. So when I started, I was a bit nervous. I think it
was a dream come through for me because I always wanted to be a TV presenter as
well. When the producer came to me and talked about it with me, I embraced the
idea because it was just like a prayer that was answered for me. It was the
highpoint for me.
is the worst rumour that you have heard about yourself that almost brought
tears to your eyes?
The rumour I heard about myself never
brought tears to my eyes but instead, it made me laugh. The rumour was that I
was at a fuji show and I don’t go to fuji shows. It was a full page and they
wrote the story as if they were there, that I was dancing my heart out at the
show. Also, there was another story that about 10 or 11 years ago, I was dating
Saheed Osupa. It was so funny because I have never gone to a fuji show nor have
I ever dated Saheed Osupa.
you have to change anything about yourself or life generally, what will that
I don’t think I would want to change
anything, I just thank God for everything. If I have to come back to this
world, I would want to come back the way I am.
is the greatest asset you have as a woman that works for you? Also, can you
define your style?
I have never thought of that but I think
it is my eyes. My style is simple, comfortable and maybe elegant, sometimes.
advice do you have for up-and-coming actors and actresses?
Don’t be desperate; just be yourself.
Learn from the professionals if you have to and in due time, God will
distinguish you.
do you see yourself in five years?

It is only God who can say where one
will be in the next minute. So I always say ‘I want to be one of those women
who will affect the lives of people positively’ but I like doing that in a very
secretive way; I don’t like noise. There are street kids out there suffering
that need help. I like the courage of Iyabo Ojo and Halima Abubakar and what
they do with their NGO (Non-governmental Organisation). They are putting smiles
on people’s faces and that is what I am aspiring to do too.

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