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Bruce to walk Kim Kardashian down the aisle

Bruce Jenner will be giving Kim Kardashian out
in marriage to Kanye West.
According to TMZ:

Bruce Jenner will walk Kim Kardashian
down the aisle at a lavish wedding, formally presenting her to future hubby
Kanye West … TMZ has learned.

Kim considers Bruce to be her dad, and
she always planned on having him give her away … just like he did when she
married Kris Humphries. 
Sources tell us as far as Kim is
concerned … it doesn’t matter what Bruce’s relationship is with Kris … she
would never consider excluding Bruce from such a position of honor.

So let’s review the irony.  As TMZ first reported … Bruce was not
invited to the surprise engagement — it’s still unclear whether Kanye or Kris
made that decision — although it seems like it was Kris. 
The walk will be sooner rather than
later.  As we reported … Kim and Kanye
plan to tie the knot soon.

 However, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
have already agreed … they will keep 
their assets separate by drawing up a
prenup before they tie the knot.

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