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My dad died because of N2, 000 – Bishop Tom Samson

Life was not rosy for televangelist and general
overseer of Christ Royal Family International church, Bishop Tom Samson, the
cheerful and ever loving fire-brand gospel preacher when he was growing up.
He disclosed that he went through
hardship and poverty and as a result his father died because they could not
afford N2000 to buy his drugs.

The preacher, Educationist, Author and Philanthropist who will be marking his 47th birthday and
commissioning of Royal City, Ota on December 14 emphasized that, “When God
called me, he asked me to raise people. What God uses a man for, his based on
the need. When I was growing up my dad died because of N2, 000 to buy drugs. I
still weep because of that. I never bought a textbook and I trekked to
school.  I went through school with
hardship, suffering and poverty. I prayed a prayer, I said, “God if you ever bless me, I will be a
blessing. God has given me the grace and resources
so I have a heart of giving back to the society.

Hmm, sometimes, when some men of God attack
poverty, you will not understand why until you hear their story.

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