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Help! My husband forces me to watch pornographic movies

What will come to your mind as a married woman if your
husband forces you to watch pornographic movies with him whenever he wants to
make love to you? Watching these absurd movies on its own is disgusting; the
worst part is that he would want us to practice almost all the styles and this
does not go down well with me. More so that he is the choir leader in our
I have been married for only two
months and I feel like running away. In fact I was shocked to see a carton
filled with pornographic movies inside our bedroom properly hidden inside
his wardrobe. How can there be a cartoon of porn movies in
our Christian home? You will never suspect he is capable of such act with
his holier than that attitude especially in church. He told me he can never
make love to me without first watching pornographic movies as it arouses and
gives him erection. This happens each time we want to make love. I have told
him severally that he needs help but he wouldn’t listen. He believes it is a
normal lifestyle. Do I expose him in church by reporting him to one of the
pastors who is close to him? The truth is that we never made love during the
one year we dated before we got married as born again Christians. Please, I
need your honest advice because I feel very dirty watching these movies with him
before we make love. What should I do?
Simply call me Anita.

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