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Stephanie Linus releases trailer for second directorial effort, ‘Dry’


Actress cum director, Stephanie Linus, has released the much
anticipated trailer of her second directorial effort, Dry. A film about
Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF). The movie has been three years in the
making. It was inspired by the true story of a young girl named Aisha,
whom Stephanie met in Nigeria, many years ago.
The movie follows the trail of Zara’s (Stephanie Linus) trip to
Africa, her constant turmoil as a result of inexplicable horrors from
her childhood, her experiences and heartaches while working with young
girls suffering from complications from early child birth as child
brides, against the backdrop of a rich African culture.
According to Stephanie, “Dry journeys into heart-wrenching details of
a culture not too many film dare to explore. The issue might seem
controversial, but if it will set one girl free and open the minds of
the people, and also instruct different bodies and individuals to take
action, then the movie would have served its purpose.”

The film features stars like Darwin Shaw as Dr. Alex, renowned Liz
Benson Ameye as the Matron, Bill McNamara as Dr. Brown, and Introducing
Zubaida Ibrahim as Halima the teenager who had to endure a life not
designed for a child: to be married to a man who was more than four
times her age. Next Page Productions partnered with Aberystwyth
University, Wales to shoot the film in Nigeria and in England.

Zara, a successful African doctor living in Wales is determined to
stay away from her childhood memories and this now threatens her
commitment to marry Alex, a gentleman she truly loves. Her mother, a
missionary to Africa, has been unable to get Zara to go with her for her
yearly medical aid trips to Africa. When her mother falls ill and
unable to make a crucial trip and Zara discovers there is a strong
possibility her long lost daughter might still be alive in Africa, she
steered in a new direction to face and conquer her darkest fears. Her
trip to Africa becomes inevitable.
Back in Africa, 13 year old Halima’s poor parents make her marry
Sani, an old 60 year old man. With no idea of sex or its intricacies,
she goes through a dreadful ordeal as her new husband repeatedly rapes
her. Pregnant and after the delivery of her child, young Halima suffers a
condition known as Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF). A health nightmare
suffered by over 800,000 other women just like her, she is ostracize and
abandoned by her husband, family and community. It is a period of
rejection, isolation and despair for Halima.

Watch trailer below:

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