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Friday Update On Love Oh Love Episode 102-103

Read the interesting update on Love Oh Love, episode 102-103 for Friday, September 29.
Raj practices for the match. Madhuri
packs Raj’s things. Sheru is doing something with the balls. He hides it and
when Raj reaches home, his brother in-law gives him a ball which he wants Raj
to use for the match. Raj and Madhuri asks what he did. Raj again asks Sheru if
he tamper balls so that Samarth cannot make runs.

Raj, who finds out that his
brother in-law has tampered with the ball, disagrees to do any kind of cheating
during the match saying he has the ability to win and his love will make him
win the match by playing it fairly and will win Avni’s heart. Hearing this,
Sheru hugs him saying he is proud of him.

The day of the cricket match has finally arrived and both Raj and Samarth have
a star studded line up. Raj’s team wins the cricket match against Samrath’s
team. Avni is excited to tell Arpita that Raj won the match. She and Arpita
celebrates the victory. Arpita says she see her and Raj too; she is extremely
happy for her. Avni says he is her best friend. Arpita asks what about Samarth
who is her fiancé. Arpita tells Avni that she should agree that she always get
happy because of Raj and gets sad when he is sad. Avni asks her the meaning,
Arpita goes away by saying to ask it from herself. Avni thinks she was angry
with Raj. Raj thinks about the challenge and is happy that he won. Samarth
talks to his father that he decides to cancel his marriage with Avni as he
realizes Raj’s love for Avni and decides to step back. Mr. Chohan tells Samarth
that he is taking the decision too fast. Shastri ji comes and says that he
tried to match the Kundli’s but there is no match between Samarth and Avni as
their horoscopes are not compatible. Samarth, who realizes Raj’s love for Avni
turns to his dad and asks if he is now satisfied with his decision. Mr. Chohan
says he just wanted to see Avni with him. Samarth says Raj loves Avni dearly
than him.

Madhuri comes to Raj and waves hand to bring him back from his thoughts. She
tells him he should be with Avni tonight and tell her what is in his heart. Raj
asks if she know why he won the match. Madhuri insists him to get Avni but Raj
says he won it because Avni wanted him to, she was shouting in his support.
Madhuri says it is already very late so now he should go and tell Avni the
truth. Samarth comes there and says his sister is right. Madhuri goes inside
while Samarth congratulates him on his win in the cricket match and won Avni
for a lifetime. Raj says he is happy that Samarth understood him; else he
thought he had lost her. Samarth tells him never to thinks about it and to let
it happen. Raj says he is now going to confess his love for Avni. Samarth
wishes him best of luck and to take care of her. Samarth adds that before
leaving they will meet Avni and say what is in their minds.

The next morning, Samarth’s father goes to Suket’s house in order to informs
them his decision to cancel the marriage. Suket is shocked to see Mr. Chohan
and welcomes him. Bhavna offers him tea. Mr. Chohan says he has to say
something important about Samarth and Avni. Suket asks what will be convenient
for them; to do the marriage from Jaipur or Mumbai. Bhavna asks why he looked
worried. Mr. Chohan says he feels bad that he himself asked him for Avni’s hand
and today he has to say this himself that this marriage cannot take place. The
whole family gets shocked. Avni hears this from balcony of the hall. They were
all worried, Suket asks if they do some mistake. Savri asks Samarth that he
liked Avni and he himself proposed to her. Bhavna says they had called Shastri ji
home, but Mr. Chohan says he talked to Shastri ji and they are further informed
by Samarth’s father that the ‘kundalis’ of Samarth and Avni did not match. 
Samarth looks up at Avni who goes inside; he goes after her. She comes into the
room and thinks that she is not getting married to Samarth anymore; she should
be sad and be crying. But why doesn’t she get sad at it. She thinks of asking
Raj and thinks why she thinks of Raj first. Samarth comes there and knocks at
the door. He asks if she alright? She repeats the same; he denies. He says he
never met such a nice girl before and she says the same. He tell her that she
will get a better guy soon, every question arising in the heart has got answer
as well, and it’s just about better guy soon, every question arising in the
heart has got answer as well, and it’s just about finding it. Samarth says he
is just like the hero of his serial and will hopefully meet again in another
character in some other episode. He begins to leave when she stops him and ties
a friend’s forever band on his hand and shakes it.

Everyone bids farewell to Samarth with all the best wishes. Samarth comes to
Arpita that she and Akshat are beloved couple and blesses them to stay
together. He tells Abhay to stay the way he is. Avni waves hands to him and he
smiles back. Bhavna looks for Savri and says Samarth want to meet her. Savri
comes saying why should she have met him, he was not the one to be the
son-in-law of their house but he just came to stay here for some days. She adds
that she is worried what people will say about it. Bhavna asks why sorry about
something that isn’t in their hands. Savri says that Bhavna should start
thinking about it like her, they take great care of Samarth and the news spread
all in Jaipur about their marriage. Suket says the mistake was theirs, before
fixing the marriage they should have got the Kundli’s ( horoscope ) match.

Bhavna reminds them that it is the time to take care of Avni. Arpita says that
whatever happens is for a good purpose. Savri thinks she can’t take care of her
own relationship and is advising others. Avni calls Raj’s number and is annoyed
that he isn’t picking. She resolves now she won’t pick his call but as soon as
the bell rings she picks it up and complains she is trying his number for so
long. Raj says he know what is going to happen in her life. He tells her that
in a few minutes her house lights are going to go off, he asks her come to the
garden downstairs as he has something important for her and hangs on. Avni is
surprised to know that he is standing downstairs. Raj switches off the lights
of Avni’s house so that Avni can come downstairs. Abhay stops Avni and goes to
check the lights. Bhavna asks who is there, and catches Avni there. Avni says
it was very hot so she thought of going to the garden. Bhavna says she will go
along with her, Avni thinks Raj told her to come alone. She tells her mother
that she wants to eat something and is going to the kitchen instead of garden.
She comes outside to see the garden lit up and decorated. Raj is there, she is
surprised to see Raj there and comes forward in the centre of the garden. She
asks what is all this, he gives her his hand and says he will tell her soon. He
tells Avni, that she being in his life was the most beautiful moment of his
life. He still remember when he first saw her, her first smile, first cry and
calling him for the first time. It seemed God has given him everything.

Raj tells Avni that she felt jealous seeing him with Payal and the same as he
while seeing her with Samarth. It was jealousy, and it happens only when her
friend becomes more than just friend. And when happened to him, all his
feelings were linked to her; when she laugh he become happy. When she is hurt
he is sad and come to her help. He want to see her happy. Avni says she also
want to see him like that. Raj says but he don’t want to see her with anyone
else but him. He want a life that when he think about her and she is in front
of him. Today, he is going to say what he should have said to her quite
earlier. He points to the firework in the sky; it turns into letters saying I
Love You Avni. She reads it aloud. She turns to Raj who simply jerks his
shoulders. He kneels down holding her hand and proposes to Avni saying I Love
You So Much Avni. Avni stands stunned as the firecrackers beautifully display
Raj’s love for Avni in the sky. 

Raj says his first sight love will be there
till his last breath. Avni goes away from him. He comes to her and says he know
she doesn’t understand what she need to say. He says she can answer him later;
he is ready to wait for her for the whole of his life. She tells him that she
can’t answer him. He asks why. She says she doesn’t want to repeat Akshat and
Arpita sister in-law’s mistake, they loved each other so they had to lie to
everyone, but she don’t want to lie. She wants to tell her parents about it
before giving him a reply and promise to answer him after telling them. He
agrees to it with of course, that she  will do what she think is right; he just don’t
wants to lose her because he couldn’t confess his love. Whatever her decision
is going to be, he will accept it. He loved her before and will continue to do
in future. He leaves after bidding good bye to her and is very happy that he
has revealed his love for Avni.

Savri Bua comes to the terrace thinking about Arpita’s secret. The lights get
on, she comes downstairs. Suket is asking what had happened to the light.
Akshat tells him the fuse got burned and they fixed it. Savri thinks how Askhat
will fix his life when he will get to know that Arpita had an affair with
someone else before marriage. Bhavna comes saying she will serve the meal.
Akshat says he is going to his room as he is not hungry. Bhavna stops Savri and
asks her where she is going. Savri says she is going to take medicines for Pratab
as he is not well and she will be back soon. Akshat returns from the stairs and
says he will go with her, but Savri says that she will go by herself.

Avni comes to her room thinking about Raj- how he said I love you to her.
Arpita comes to her room and asks what she is thinking. Avni asks her how she
realized that she loves Akshat. Arpita says she realized the same way as
everyone does, when she smile thinking about someone; when he is in every
thought and action, everything gets linked to that one man, she see him asleep
or awake. Avni thinks about Raj and comes near to the window. She recalls when
Raj once asked who she sees when she closes her eyes and it was Raj and now
clear. Bhavna comes to her room. She says she know that Avni is upset thinking
about Samarth. She says that couples are made in heaven so they must leave it
on them. She tells her to come for dinner. Bhavna come back to her again and
asks what she is thinking. Avni asks if God also make plans to let the couples
meet too. Bhavna says He knows what has to be given to whom and when.

Savri Bua wants to know about Arpita’s past and continues her investigation.
She comes to a PCO and thinks that her plan will make Arpita uncover her secret
in front of everyone and calls her from a phone booth. Arpita’s  on the dining table, she gets worried seeing
that and doesn’t attend to it. Savri suspects and says till when she will
ignore it. The phone rings again, Suket asks whose call is this. Arpita say it
is some unknown landline number. Bhavna says it might be some important call.
She excuses herself and reluctantly attends the call. Savri says that she is so
busy in her happily married life that she can’t even talk to her? Arpita asks
who is it. Savri says she is her past; she know her pre wedding secret, meaning
her love affair. She blackmails her that she should celebrate all the happiness
with her husband and family as soon her father-in-law will get a call and in a
minute her lie will come to front. Arpita asks who is it and what do she want?
Savri hangs on while everyone on the table notices Arpita’s worry.

Bhavna asks her why she looked so worried. Arpita says this wrong number is
annoying her for a long time. Bhavna tells Suket they should check it. Suket
agrees that they should not overlook such things. Just then, Suket cell phone
rings this time. Arpita says she will look after it, but Suket says he has
eaten the food and goes to pick up the call. He picks up the call and says
‘What? Who is it?’ Arpita is is afraid that her past affairs with Akshat will
be revealed to rest of the family. He hangs on and says Arpita. He walks
towards her and says he just receive a call like her. He asks if both calls are
from the same number, he asks for her phone to check? She says they should
leave it but Bhavna also insists. He takes her cell phone. Arpita is worried
but he says it is a different number. Savri calls her again and says this was
just a trailer, but soon she will get the whole film. She will tell her truth
to everyone herself. Bhavna tells Arpita not to worry this much thinking it.
Arpita comes to her room and Akshat notices her mood. He comes to her and asks
the reason. She tells him about the call and cries. He tells her not to be
worried about the blackmailer, had he known it everyone must have known about
it till now. Arpita tells him that she also called father. 

Arpita is afraid what everyone will
think about them if they come to know the truth. Akshat tries to calm her down
saying they will both face all the problems together. Arpita says that everyone
is so happy, it is all so perfect; and she don’t want that thinking their
marriage have some problem. Akshat comes to hold her and says nothing will

Madhuri asks Raj why he is smiling when she even didn’t say yes. Raj says she
didn’t even say no. He says she should have seen her face. He is so happy, that
she finally know about his love. Everything that happens further in life will
be Avni’s decision. On the other hand, Avni thinks she cannot decide this. They
know each other for such a long time, she share everything with him and she
need time to think about him like this. Madhuri thinks it is quite suspected
that a girl will talk to her parents about her love. She is afraid her family
won’t agree. Raj is determined that Avni won’t leave him now and that her
parent will agree.

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