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Monday Update On Love Oh Love Episode 104-106: Arpita and Akshat Exposed!


Read the interesting update on Love Oh Love, episode 104-106 for or Monday, October 2, showing on Zee World.

Avni takes appointment from her own
parents to talk about Raj’s matter. Suket and Bhavna asks why appointment? She
says she wants to talk to them when they have the whole attention on her and
that they have an appointment fixed tomorrow.

 Suket says he is very busy tomorrow but
Avni offers a dinner together. They agree. After she is gone, Bhavna says she
will have to ask for a new mobile or laptop. Suket says whatever she will ask,
she will do it sensibly. Avni thinks tomorrow their fate together will be
decided Raj. The phone bell rings. Arpita meanwhile is scared regarding the
blackmailing calls and thinks isn’t that same blackmailer and is worried. Savri
comes there. Bhavna runs coming from the kitchen and asks why anyone isn’t picking
up the phone for so long. Savri says she just came here, and she doesn’t
understand why Arpita didn’t pick up. Bhavna picks it up and tells Savri that
the call is for Pratab ji. Arpita goes away. Sanvri thinks her white face makes
hers shine and conclude that there is definitely some secret that will disclose

Arpita comes to Akshat who is talking on phone. He leaves saying he is going
for some important meeting. She thinks Akshat has no time but she can’t live
afraid by picking every phone call. She thinks she should tell her mother
in-law and hopes she understands. Avni tells Devika she is afraid of her father
who might scold her. Bhavna is scolding a servant upon breaking a show-piece
then telling a lie. Bhavna says he should have confessed his mistake instead of
telling a lie. Arpita comes there and hears this. Bhavna asks her if she has
something important to say. Arpita asks what to cook for dinner. Bhavna says
she has a head-ache so she can do whatever she think is right. Arpita thinks it
won’t be of any use to tell her mother in-law anything.

Avni wishes everything simple as ‘Aaloo bhujiya sandwich’. She thinks its Raj’s
favourite too, their likes and dislikes resembles so much. She jerks the idea
and thinks until she doesn’t talk to her parents she won’t even think about
him. Arpita comes there. Arpita and Avni speak to each other but do not share
their matters with each other as Avni asks why she looks so worried. Arpita too
asks why she looks worried. Avni says she is just a bit nervous. Avni asks her
to talk what she wanted to say? Arpita insists that Avni is younger so she
should tell her problem first. Avni says this is one of the most important days
of her life, and she is going to tell something very important to her parents
upon a dinner. Arpita asks what? Avni apologizes saying she will first tell her
parents before telling her. Arpita says she hopes it will bring happiness to
her. Avni says she has butterflies in her stomach and says Arpita seems
worried, but she says she just see her tensed so she got a bit tensed. They hug
each other. Arpita thinks she is already tensed, so she will not make her more

Raj comes to Suket’s office. He is telling Akshat to make some best
arrangements about the guests. In between, Raj assumes that Suketh has again
selected a man for Avni and texts Avni to ask if she talk to her parents. Avni
thinks Raj is making is too quick. Avni says no, she wants some more work. Raj
texts her that he thinks her dad found a guy for him. Avni gets worried. Akshat
says Mr. Singhania wants to taste their food; Suket says he is their important
client and is her only daughter’s wedding. Suket adds that he will have to
cancel Avni’s dinner tonight. Later, Raj confusion vanishes when he realizes
that Suket was actually talking about his client and asks at once, were they
talking about the wedding of Mr. Singhania. He offers he can see the
presentation tonight as he has experience in it, and he should go on dinner
with Avni. Suket agrees. They leave but Akshat comes back to appreciate him and
wish him Best of Luck. Raj thanks him, and that he need it badly and texts Avni
that he was wrong, she should talk to her parents tonight.
Avni thinks Raj is creating problem in nervousness.

Arpita comes to the hall, the phone bell rings again. She stops at once then
goes to pick it up and tells that Akshat’s cell phone is out of order and he
may call the office. She turns around to find a magazine in the corridor. It
was written on a note with it that if she doesn’t tell her family all her
truth, she will reach her house like that letter and disclose her secret to
everyone. The phone bell rings again. She picks it up. Savri continues to
blackmail Arpita and asks if she think it was a joke, just to think when she
can reach her home and tell her family the truth. She asks her to reveal the
truth about her past by evening and to remember she just has the time till 7
pm. Arpita shivers. Savri says she is going outside now and will return till 7.
In a few hours Arpita life is going to take a turn. Avni comes to Bauji’s room
and says she brought sugar-free sweet for him. He says he never gets this sweet
for blessings during exams, so now she wants blessings for which exams. She
sits down and asks him to bless her without asking for reason. He blessed her
and says she will get a loving partner. She thinks he loves, but is he in her
luck as well.

Raj sits in front of God asking to let him meet Avni for whole of his life. At
the dinner, Avni offers seat to Suket and Bhavna. Suket says it is Chinese
restaurant and she like Italian. She says it is his favorite. Bhavna notices
flowers only on their table. Avni says it is a special evening, so everything
is special. Suket apologizes to her for Samarth. Avni says that she is not
sorry but is happy to meet a guy whom she was going to marry; and it was
because of them. She says it is okay that she couldn’t marry Samarth and is
happy to find a friend. She tells them that they are the best parents in the
world. Bhavna says they think of her as a child till now but she has grown up
so fast and asks why she brought them here, Avni says that… A waiter comes to
take the order. Avni suggests to eat something first and offers menu to Suket.
Avni thinks to herself not to be afraid, and just to say it. Savri comes back home
thinking Arpita will have told everyone and must have been ordered to go out of
the house. She sees no one inside and thinks where everyone is. She asks Bauji
where everyone is. Bauji tells her that Avni, Bhavna and Suket are out for
dinner, Akshat is in office while Arpita is in her room.

He asks her why is she worried. She says
she is much worried and sits down. She says she know something that isn’t good
for this house’s reputation. She is afraid if this leaks out what will happen.
She wants to meet Suket and Bhavna right now. It is such a big thing which she
can’t tell him alone. She asks him to go to them; they can’t wait them to come
home. Bauji goes to change and asks if he can invite Arpita too. She says no,
that Arpita takes too long to get ready.

They go in the car, Savri asks the driver to stop the car in the way. She says
she will get Pratab’s medicine. Arpita calls Akshat to tell him that she is
afraid alone. The line drops. She gets the call again, Savri is there. She says
she is giving her signals and she is not getting it. She says if she doesn’t
want anyone to know about it to come to Ram mandir at 9 sharp. She hangs on.
Arpita gets Akshat’s call.
Suket appreciates the dinner and says he thinks every family should go on a
dinner every week. Bhavna complains that it is Avni who brought him here else
he have no time and asks Avni what she wanted to says. Avni takes their promise
that they will hear it with full attention and answer about it open-mindedly.
Just then, Suket gets a call. It was Savri who calls her outside as she has
some important news for him. She says it is about their family’s respect. They
all get worried and go outside. Avni, who arranges a special dinner to tell her
parents how she feels about Raj keeps looking at them and hopes everything is

Suket asks why Savri called them out. She says they must all go with her. She
takes Suketh, Bhavna and Avni to a dark place which is the temple and says she
is going to reveal a secret today. She says they might not believe her so she
will let the secret keeper reveal it. Akshat and Arpita will also come there.
She says she will call Arpita and takes out another phone to call her and calls
Arpita from there. Arpita takes the call. Savri asks why she never told anyone
about her relationship from before the marriage. Arpita says this is none of
her business, she will give her whatever she wants today but she shouldn’t call
her after that. Avni wonders how Savri know about this secret and thinks she
should text Akshat not to say anything as they all are here. Akshat takes the
phone from her. Savri tells him he doesn’t know about the relationship his wife
had before marriage with someone else. Akshat blunt out and says that boyfriend
was him, he went to the concert with her and he was the one who had a
relationship with her because they love each other. Akshat shouts and asks to
tell him what she wants. They are all shocked as they realize that Arpita and
Akshat were in love with each other before the marriage itself and that their
marriage is a love marriage and not an arranged marriage. Savri takes away the
cloth and says she is his Bua Savri. He is shocked when he sees everyone coming
towards them. Suket gets furious with them and asks his son how dared he lied
to him, Avni tries to defend them but Arpita stops her saying they will face
it. Akshat says yes dad, they did love marriage.

At home, Akshat and Arpita apologizes to them. Suket and Bhavna both scold them
to be lying to them all along. Savri says they have been lying from the beginning,
she asks if he didn’t think about his dad for once and asks who taught him to
lie; she looks at Arpita and says she can see the answer in her front pointing
at Arpita. She says no one should be this blind in love to overlook one’s
family. Bhavna says her love was blind that she loved this girl like Avni but
she always betrayed them. Abhay comes there defending them and says they only
hid the truth and not lied. He tries to argue with his father and asks why
can’t they do love marriage in this home. Savri asks if he know all about this,
Arpita stopped him to say the truth. But Suket is not ready to listen as he is
completely against love marriages and says he shouldn’t speak into what he
don’t know, and marriage is not about individuals but families, so families
must take decisions about it too. He scolds Akshat that Love only teaches him
to lie and to betray. This is what they did, chose the wrong path and will
continue doing this. Savri says the only wrong one is this Arpita and she
should be thrown out of the house right now. Bauji says no one will do
anything. It is both Akshat and Arpita’s mistake; they break the traditions of
this house. So they both should be punished, Suket says he won’t throw them out
of this house, but he hasn’t forgiven him. He decides to break every
relationship with Akshat and also orders rest of the family to stop talking to
them and that he will break all relations with anyone who will try to talk to
him or try to keep a relationship with him.

Bauji asks what Suket is saying. Suket replied his father that he gave him the
power of decision and this is his decision. Avni asks this big punishment for
lying, he says this punishment is for love. He adds that they were manipulated
in this wedding, so they should both now continue their love and break all
relations. Abhay says he doesn’t want to talk and keep relation he should, and
asks why is he preventing them all. Abhaas says the reason behind Akshat’s
mistake is Suket. He asks if he would ever let him do the love marriage if he
wants to do so. Suket says his decision will be the same then, and if he has
some problem with this he can leave the house right now. He announces that if
anyone in the family favors Abhay, he can also leave right away. He ends the
discussion and leaves.

One by one everyone goes inside. Sad Avni comes to the temple. Raj comes home.
Suket is angry and says he should come to office and talk about business. Raj
says Mr. Singhania liked the food and confirmed the order, he asks how his
dinner went. He sees the anger in Suket’s eyes and takes leave. Savri is in her
room; Pratab gets furious with her when he learns of what she has done and asks
she do what she liked and that she must be very happy. Savri asks what she did.
Pratab says she is after Arpita from day one; he wouldn’t have let her come
here had he known about it. Savri says they were the one who lie and betray
them. Pratab says he agrees they were wrong but why did she do this. Savri asks
why she wouldn’t do this. She says Arpita is playing with the respect of her
family from day one. Pratab says she want to take revenge from Arpita.

Savri says this isn’t true. He asks why
didn’t she go and ask Arpita directly. He tells her that a distance has now
been created between their relationships too and announces
they will be far from each other the same way Akshat and Arpita will be away
from their family. Savri is upset with her husband’s reaction and says he can’t
do this and is worried. He says God is just punishing her. He says she did
wrong to a girl who always wanted her husband’s wellbeing. He recalls he broke
her diamond but she never let her trust break on him. He says for her respect
she and her parents kept quiet but when it came to her respect she blew trumpet
in the whole city. He adds that he wants to tell everyone about her reality but
he won’t, because there is hell of difference between her and him. He leaves
angrily while Savri cries as her thirst for revenge leads to devastating

Akshat is worried that this all happened because of Bua. Arpita says that Bua
had no mistake in this. Akshat says this isn’t because of Bua, it is because of
her. She couldn’t make it up with Bua, and this is because of her that he will
have to live without his family. She says it was his decision but he doesn’t
listen and goes away. Avni thinks what has happened to her brother who is
blaming her sister in-law instead of supporting her. Avni comes to her but
Arpita stops her. Abhay angrily wants to leave the house. Bhavna comes to stop
him, but he doesn’t listen. Bhavna begins to cry. He says he can’t see her
crying. She says she has already lost one son, and now she can’t afford to lose
the other, and begs him not to go. Raj is near the car, he thinks to call Avni
as something is wrong. Avni thinks how she is going to tell Raj about it. Avni
recalls her father saying Love only teach lying and betrayal, and what Akshat
said in frustration. Raj waves Arpita but she goes inside.
Bhavna is praying in the morning, Avni is also there. Arpita comes downstairs and
recalls how she used to help her. Bhavna offers the cup, Arpita runs to help
but Bhavna pulls it away and asks Avni. Avni tries to defend Arpita but Bhavna
scolds her. Avni deliberately slips thinking Raj is in office. He doodles Avni
on a page. Avni pours Halwa in a bowl thinking everyone likes it. Bhavna comes
to tells her she should distribute it with the servants. At dining table Suket
separates some chairs, Avni asks what this is? Suket says some people here
don’t deserve to sit with them. Akshat leaves, Arpita follows. Avni goes after
them. Suket reminds her that if she has to go with them, her chair can also be
separated. Suket comes to Raj’s cabin and takes the file along with him.

In his cabin Askhat comes to he doesn’t
talk. Akshat offers he will go to Mr. Singhania’s presentation with Suket but
Suket tells Raj that he will go along as he doesn’t need anyone. He asks if he
will go now. Akshat leaves, Suket tells Raj to stay. He is checking the file
and paper with Avni’s name comes. Raj asks him that he will show it to him
after completing it. Suket couldn’t see the page when Raj takes it. Avni gets a
prick on her hand from a plant. Bhavna comes running to her rescue. She says
when she separated then her favourite rose’s leaves, it pricked it. Bhavna says
it is true; the most favourites give the deepest wounds. Savri comes there and
tells them that she went to bank and withdrew all the jewellery from their
common locker that she gave to Arpita because she doesn’t deserve her gifts and
Savri thinks she is a wife of jewellers
and they take interest on returns. Bhavna leaves without saying anything. Savri
tells Avni to talk between all things. Avni says she is not young to see who is
wrong and right now her aunt is wrong. Savri thinks everyone is standing
against her. Avni asks her mother how she could do this. Bhavna says Savri did
what she liked. Avni asks what if she does the same to her. Bhavna says she has
faith that Avni will never do what Arpita did to them and tells her that Arpita
didn’t think of her as her mother else she would have told her.
Avni thinks what to do now. She thinks Raj used to help her always but now she
can’t even help him. Raj finds Avni in the garden but she doesn’t talk to him.
He asks her to talk to him as he loves her. She shouts at him to stop it and
that there is nothing like Love. It can only create problems and nothing less.

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