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Wednesday Update On Hello Pratibha Episode 60 – 62: Pratibha Gets Invited To Attend A 20 Year College Reunion

Read the interesting update on Hello Pratibha,
episode 60-62 for Wednesday, October 25, showing on Zee World

hugs his mother, Pratibha at home saying she is great as Peehu told him she
came to her school. Peehu is in bad mood, Anmol stops her to say thank you.

thanks her mother curtly and goes to Sunidhi’s room, Pratibha smiles at Anmol
and asks him to go inside too. Just then, Mahen comes home angrily and everyone
come out of the room. Mahen asks why she took responsibility for paying the
people but failed to fulfil it. Mahen asks why wasn’t anyone at home, he
informs her that they all came to his shop and insulted him. Pratibha looks at
Sunidhi, Sunidhi says curtly that she should not have given her responsibility
to her, she went out for five minutes and they came from behind her. Pratibha
says she should have thought about it before promising help her.


asks what the matter is, Pratibha tells him about Peehu’s admission card issue.
Mahen is concerned and asks Peehu how was the exam. Peehu thanks God that her
mom came on time and that her exam was good. Sunidhi asks Pratibha not to mind
and there is problem in her planning that she wants to do all the work in one
time. She should have planned everything systemically. Pratibha stands up to
Sunidhi that she is right, it is good she said so but she is about to speak to
her about it. Sunidhi is worried. Pratibha tells Mahen she has a request, she
and Sunidhi have not been able to manage the entire household and asks what if
they share kitchen work in the house; this will be beneficial for them both. 


persuades Mahen to please divide all the kitchen chores between her and
Sunidhi. Sanjeev approves of this, Mahen looks at Sunidhi. Sunidhi says why
not, she has a boutique and she has to go out of the house; still he can decide
what she has to share with Pratibha. Pratibha pleads with Mahen to please help
her. Mahen is silent, Sunidhi says he is elder and she will accept what he will
say to her. Kaashi curses Pratibha for being the owner again. Mahen says
Pratibha is not wrong, there are a lot of responsibilities on her and someone
must help her. Sunidhi says she agrees with Pratibha and Mahen.


says she should concentrate on her boutique work. She will leave after lunch
and take the responsibility of breakfast and dinner, so that she doesn’t have a
problem. Mahen says this is true. Sunidhi says she will even help in lunch
preparations as well. Mahen goes to freshed up and asks Pratibha to prepare dinner.
Sanjeev asks Sunidhi to get him tea as everyone goes in.

Anmol is checking Peehu’s photos for uploading. Peehu said the
photographer is not a good one. Anmol suggests they will first upload their
mom’s song as she sings really well. He thinks they should ask their mom before
uploading, Peehu says taking permission from their mom is not needed on every
single matter. Anmol agrees and uploads the video. Sunidhi comes to the kitchen;
Shalu says in awe that she is in kitchen to make food. Pratibha says not every
day but Sunidhi will help her in cooking. Pratibha says Mahen liked this a lot
that they have distributed kitchen work.


leaves, Pratibha tells Sunidhi to cut the vegetable. Sunidhi sits on the table
for cutting, thinks she will cut the vegetable but slowly. When the food will
be late today, then only Pratibha will know. The time passes by; Pratibha comes
to ask her the time. Sunidhi panics worrying how will they cook now? Pratibha
tells her not to take so much tension; she will learn all the work in a few
days. She goes inside and brings the cut vegetable from fridge. Sunidhi is
happy that she won’t have to cut now, but Pratibha gives her even more saying
this all has to be cut as well. The next morning, Mahen says he likes watching
her work in the household. Sunidhi says she is doing her best. Pratibha says it
has really been helpful. The doorbell rings, Sunidhi goes to open the door and
it is a courier, Sunidhi wonders why courier and that too for Pratibha?

She comes and announces it is for her. Everyone including Pratibha is
shocked, Kaashi asks her to see as she is now the owner; if Pushpa has named
her America’s property after her name. Pratibha reads the letter. Pratibha
keeps her letter aside and asks Sunidhi to kneed some flour. She is cutting
when her letter fell off, Anmol picks it up; it was his mother’s photo as
singer. The kids ask why this letter has come. Pratibha says there will be a
reunion or a gets together like thing. Anmol asks his mom if she will go as she
gets invited to attend a 20 year college reunion. Pratibha says she won’t.
Sunidhi takes a call; a lady wants to talk to Pratibha. Pratibha asks who is
it, she is shocked to hear Maya’s voice. Pratibha asks where she got her number;
Maya says her nephew is a student with Anmol and watched her performance video.
Maya asks if she is coming, Pratibha asks if she is going. Maya says who leave
such an opportunity; Pratibha says she has not decided anything. Maya asks to
bring Mahen too, Pratibha says she doesn’t know if she herself is coming and is
not sure about Mahen as well. Sunidhi says she is thinking what she will do at the



says she doesn’t think she would be able to go. Pratibha watches her older
albums, and wonder how would everyone be after so many years. Like her life,
everyone’s life must have changed. Namarata and Rishi come home, Pratibha
welcomes them and asks why they came so early from outing. Namrita says Rishi
had some important work, Rishi his work is important than outings. He reminds
Pratibha that he has to go and get a registry of the house, Pratibha says she
now remember that Maami ji told her. Rishi takes leaves, Pratibha stops her but
he says this work is urgent. He came to drop Namrata because she is insisting.
Before Namrita could step in, Pratibha stops her and goes inside to bring aarti
thaal for her. Anmol makes video of this. Pratibha asks Namrita how she is, and
a lot of question. Namrita says they are all happy as she has just come back
from her honey moon. Pratibha goes to get Namrata something to eat but Namrita stops
her. She watches

her album, Pratibha tells her about the reunion.


gets excited and heads to choose dress for Pratibha, though Pratibha is
uninterested. She keeps her saree on the bed saying they should cancel saree
and selected a good dress for her. Anmol says yes it will be just like the one
she used to wear in college days. Namarata looks at the photo and says she
looked so cute. She tells Pratibha that such opportunities never come back
again and again so she should come. Namrita leaves.

Mahen and Sanjeev were in the car, Mahen’s phone rings. He takes the call;
it is of a client who cancels her order at the last moment. Mahen asks how this
can be, it will be a loss for him but the client hangs up. Mahen is frustrated
that his order was prepared, and now he is cancelling. They drive back home.
Sanjeev gets Sunidhi’s message that he should talk to Mahen about their
property, Mahen notices this and asks what the tension is about. Sanjeev says
it is nothing, he left some pending work in office; he will talk to his friend
at home.


home, Sunidhi is waiting for Sanjeev and asks why he didn’t reply her messages.
Sanjeev says he willt not talk to Mahen about such things and this is all
wrong. Sunidhi says she knows he won’t understand but if something wrong
happens no one but a man’s money and property are his friends. She says he will
understand it one day, and she senses that day will come soon.

Mahen comes to his room talking on phone. Pratibha’s phone rings, Mahen
picks it. Maya recognizes him as his brother in-law and introduces herself as
Pratibha’s friend. She says it is good he picked the phone, Pratibha must have
told him about college reunion, she has made her mind about coming there and
they want him to come too. Mahen watches the clothes and album on bed when
Pratibha comes with tea. Mahen asks is there a reunion in her college. She says
yes, she is about to ask him. Mahen says when she has done all the preparations
and make up her mind, what is the need to show off that she needs his permission.
Pratibha asks why he is saying so. Mahen says he has a reason to say this, he
got Maya’s phone who told him what she didn’t tell him.


 Pratibha says she haven’t done any
preparations and asks if she ever take any decision without his consent. The next
morning, an invitation came, and she talked to Maya as well who wants him to
come too. She told her too that she hasn’t think about it, and Namrita brought
this saree for her. She winds all the things up, and goes to serve food for
Mahen. Mahen watches the invitation and Pratibha’s photo is with it. At dinner
table, Pratibha serves food to the kids. Mahen comes downstairs and smiles,
everyone else come and join the table. Sunidhi says today she will take the
credit of daal. Mahen makes an unexpected decision that leaves everyone
speechless saying day after tomorrow, she will have to look after all the work.
Sunidhi is shocked and asks if Pratibha is going somewhere. Mahen says yes, he
comes to Pratibha and says she is going to the reunion with her college.
Pratibha smiles.

Pratibha comes to the room, Mahen apologize to her that he was upset and
said a lot. She asks why he upset is, he tells her that a client insisted on
him to make a necklace without an advance and he did but he cancelled the order
at the last moment. Pratibha says it is alright, she can understand him. He
says he think a lot about it and she should go to the reunion. He will arrange
the taxi and she should take her friend there as well. She says the invitation
is for couples, Mahen says he is concerned with her being there. He is not
going. She says she won’t even go there then, as she doesn’t want to go alone.
He lie down saying he will not go. The next morning, Peehu tells Anmol that
their mother will never go without their father and their father won’t go to
the reunion. Anmol asks Peehu to speak well and says their mom will go to the


Sunidhi is sitting on the sofa thinking why she didn’t meet Chachi before
Pratibha. Pratibha gets Namrita’s call, Namrita asks what is she wearing and
has she matched the jewellery. Pratibha says Mahen is not going so she won’t.
Namrita asks her not to accept defeat but to convince her. Namrita says she has
a plan, and tells it to Pratibha. Pratibha agrees and asks Namrita to come to
their house.


hears from intercom about the conversation, and says it has been decided that
Pratibha is not going to the reunion.

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