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Monday Update On Hello Pratibha Episode 103 – 105: Pratibha Starts To Get Suspicious Of Sunidhi

Read the interesting update on Hello Pratibha, episode 103-105 for Monday, November 20, showing on Zee World. 
Even after Kaashi warning, Mahen and Pratibha do not
change their decision of searching the blackmailers and Kaashi gets to know
about it. Kaashi comes and asks why anyone is not stopping Pratibha.

 She asks Pratibha if she wants restlessness in home and
asks if she will sit behind or not. Anmol and Peehu hear this, Anmol wonders
why they attacked only Sunidhi, and why not him or his father. The phone rings,
Sunidhi picks it before Anmol could. She is shocked to hear, then says they
were blackmailers, who said now that she just reached home and that next time
she will reach the skies. Kaashi gets adamant on leaving the home and while she
is packings her stuff, Mahen stand beside her. She says she doesn’t want to
stay at home where she has no respect and 
obedience from her
She sarcastically calls his wife as a great educated
person, he will not stop her but his mother. Mahen asks her not to distract the
talk, Kaashi says she won’t stay at home until his wife doesn’t stop her
search. Pratibha is worried in her room, Peehu comes to her and asks her to
stop her search. She says she is fine and she is not afraid now. She does not
has nightmares now and she can’t put her in more problem because of herself.
Pratibha says kids never put parents in problem, and she is not in problem
because of her daughter. Peehu says though not because of her, but she is in
problem. She says she will be normal from tomorrow, but like the situation
going on at home, she won’t be able to recover. She requests her to stop her
search. Pratibha thinks for a while indecisively.
Mahen and Sanjeev stops their mother Kaashi but she
jerks them and says if they try to stop her, they will have to see her dead
face. She heads out of the house, but before she could step out Pratibha stops
her from leaving and she states she will will stop the search of the
backmailers from today. Sunidhi is relieved. Next morning, Pratibha is in the
kitchen. Sunidhi comes doing oohs and aashs because of her injuries and offers
to help Pratibha. Pratibha asks her to take rest. Sunidhi says she wants to 
tell her
that she feels bad that Pratibha had to give up on her search for blackmailers.
Pratibha says she wanted to catch the blackmailers and take revenge from them,
but she is happy today that from now on her Peehu won’t hide anything from her.
Sunidhi goes to put on medicine on her injury.
While in the room, Sunidhi tries to put on medicine with
much pain, then smiles evily and stretches her arms saying red-handed-my foot.
She has broken Pratibha’s back. Just then, her phone rings and it turns out to
be the blackmailers. Sunidhi shouts why they called her, that she had told them
not to call her and that she will call them herself? The boy tells her that
this is their new number, and that they are leaving the city today. Sunidhi
asks why they didn’t leave the city yesterday. They say there was no reservation. Sunidhi says they couldn’t have gone standing
in the train and she 
saved them from
jail. She asks where they are right now, he says near the station. She 
tells them to call
her as soon as they get into the train.
At the table, Pratibha is serving when Mahen holds her hand
and asks her to sit down. Pratibha says she will eat later on. Mahen says she
tells Peehu o be
courageous. Pratibha says she is not hungry. Sunidhi says she really feels bad
that it is because of her Pratibha had to drop her search, and that she is
feeling so guilty that she came into her way. Sanjeev says these were the
situations and they would have attacked someone else if not her. Kaashi says
for the first time since her marriage, she has said something sensible. Kaashi
wishes the attack would have been on someone else. Sunidhi again starts her
oohs and aahs using her injuries as a threat, she 
tells Sanjeev
to take her to the doctor. Pratibha watches her go with him, and observes her
for a while thinking yesterday she was bending her 
left leg while
walking and today she is doing it with her right leg. Sundihi looks back to see
Pratibha lost and smiles.

Peehu is in her room packing her bag when Pratibha comes in.
She watches a 
 on her sofa and hides it behind her. She asks her mother
if they should go to 
Kashmir in winter
break, she thinks it is a beautiful place. Peehu makes face. Pratibha says they
can go somewhere else as well. Peehu says 
Kashmir would be great as she has never seen snow fall. Peehu
says they will make a snow man there as well, and put on a carrot as his nose.
She laughs. Pratibha says it is done then, they will spend the vacations there
with the 
family. Peehu gets
serious and says vacations doesn’t suit her, last time it were the vacations
but Pratibha interrupts her and 
tells Peehu that this time familywould be together,
and this time she will enjoy the most. An excited Peehu hugs her mother.
Pratibha gets upset that she is the mother; still she has been unable to get
her over it.
Later, Pratibha and Shaalu sell the old books (magazines)
to a good old buyer. The buyer checks the books and finds one of the magazines
to be damaged with square pieces cut out of it. The vendor says he can’t take
it. Pratibha gets a shock when she realizes that the magazine belongs to
Sunidhi as she thinks only Sunidhi reads such magazines. She gets flashback of
the note, and then jerks the thought saying Peehu considers Sunidhi more than
her. Sanjeev 
tells Sunidhi in the way that she will get well soon that it
is better they visited the doctor. Sunidhi asks Sanjeev to take her to lunch;
Sanjeev says he has to go to office right now. They come home, Sanjeev helps
Sunidhi walk home and promises her to take her to dinner soon but right now he
is getting late for office. Sunidhi nods, waves him and as he leaves. Sunidhi
jumps, saying watching her defeated, she got the happiness that is nowhere in
any party or celebrations. Peehu looks at her mother and says she was very
crazy and she has now got some mind. She asks if her mom will go with her to
school. Pratibha assures she will.
Later that night, Pratibha starts to get suspicious of
Sunidhi after seeing the missing letters in the magazine. She thinks about the
magazine, she gets up from her bed and brings about that magazine. Pratibha tries
to match the words of the 
letter with that of
the magazine. Her investigation renders a positive result and thinks if Sunidhi
is behind this blackmailing. Pratibha comes to Peehu’s room and watches her
sitting tensed and worried. She knocks and says good morning to her. Pratibha 
tells Peehu that she is
so strong and asks why is she nervous now? She further 
tells Peehu that
her father would come and drop her to school. She suggests another idea, that
she will wait for her in school till her school ends. Peehu says she is not a
kid that she would wait for her, like the last time… she 
tellsher mom to let it
go that she will feel normal if she goes to school. Pratibha says it is good.

Pratibha then asks Peehu if she shared something about
the blackmailing with her 
Chachi (aunt) when
they had gone to Kolkatta. Peehu says she tried, but Sunidhi didn’t listen.
Pratibha wonders why she didn’t; she asks if she ever share this with Sunidhi
any time? Peehu says her aunt was never ready to listen and she desperately
wants to share something to her, but Sunidhi had said there are secrets of
someone in this age; she doesn’t want to know about them. Peehu adds that it
was when her aunt who brought the earrings back from Gupta uncle’s shop.
Pratibha asks why she didn’t tell her about this before Sunidhi brought those
earrings back. Peehu asks what is the matter and why is she worried? Pratibha
says nothing that she is wondering what made that all such events take place.
Peehu leaves the room.

Sunidhi comes to Pratibha in the kitchen and asks to help her
with the lunch box
. Pratibha thinks
that all proofs are against her. She remembers Anmol’s words why the goons attacked
only Sunidhi and not anyone else. Sunidhi calls everyone to the breakfast
table, Kaashi comes there too. Pratibha notices her.

In her room, Pratibha walks restlessly thinking about all the
drama Sunidhi had created. She says what has happened to her and is she
over-thinking. Pratibha says what will Sunidhi get blackmailing Peehu. She has
no proof to know about the truth and wonders where she would know. Pratibha
says who got Sunidhi attacked if it was Sunidhi behind all this. She peeks out
in the hall where Kaashi and Sunidhi were talking to each other. She goes to
Sunidhi’s room and checks on her things. She then takes her cell phone and
scrolls the phone log. She says there are a lot of unknown numbers, she thinks
about noting all the numbers down. At the same time, Sunidhi heads towards her
room. Suddenly, the phone begins to ring, Pratibha looks behind her while
Sunidhi is on her way. It was the boys call. Pratibha immediately notes the
number down. Sunidhi comes in, Pratibha watches her in the door.

Pratibha notes down the phone numbers from Sunidhi’s mobile,
but just before she could clear her room, Sunidhi shows up. Pratibha manages to
evade the situation and also confirms that Sunidhi is involved in the
blackmailing and is talking to the blackmailers. Pratibha calls the
blackmailers and plots a plan to meet them. When she meets the blackmailers,
she explains them the consequences of what they are doing. She assures them
saying that she would let them be free if they follow what she says.

Sunidhi shouts if they are insane that she gives them
five lava. The boys asks if she thinks they are crazy that they will leave even
when she has not paid them any money and that she must give them the whole
money tomorrow morning. Sunidhi says sure, she will. Sanjeev comes looking for
her and asks if she has not cooked something. Sunidhi is curt that she does not
earn well enough, she has to work outside the house the next morning and
work as maid at home late.  Pratibha thanks the blackmailer saying they will
meet tomorrow. She says she wants to catch Sunidhi red handed tomorrow.

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