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Monday Update On Lies of The Heart Episode 186 – 188: Samrat Uses His Influence And Gets Gaurav Fired From His Job

Here is what is expected on Lies of the Heart, on Monday, November 20, on Episode 186 – 188 showing on Zee World.
At Urmi’s residence,
while Asha is apologetic for Urmi and her plight, and feels sad too, her mother
tries to instigate her daughter, thinking that if she 
tells directly she
would blabber it to the rest of the 

 She thinks that she
would have to indirectly 
implant an idea in
Asha’s mind. She 
tells Asha that she is concerned for Urmi’s marriage too, and tells her that
couples may fight, and that the girl is left for ruins, once a husband is not
with a wife. She asks asha if she wants that this happens to Urmi, and that
their relation is over 
forever. Asha vehemently
denies. Asha’s mother 
tells her to behave rudely with Urmi so that she will go back
to Samrat’s house and her relationship will go back to normal. She further 
tells her that she
would have to try and irritate Urmi so much, that she gets frustrated and
leaves for Samrat’s house. As usual, Asha with her nonsense, understands this,
and complies to what her mother wants her to do, adding that she would be hurt,
and cry in solitude, but would scold Urmi so that she leaves the house. Her
mother also adds that this would get Gaurav and his 
family proud of him.
Asha then resolves to do just this.

The next morning, as Saroj lays the breakfast table, Gaurav
asks about Urmi. She goes to check on her. But just then, Shaurya comes in, and
laments that the
child is getting punished between the parents’ fight. Asha’s mother 
fakes pretending
to be concerned, while Anu and Gaurav are irritated. Anu says that Shaurya is
completely fine and not to bother to overreact. Asha’s mother continues to
agree, while Saroj and Devi are tensed. Asha’s mother says that hence all
aspects should be thought of. Saroj says that in some cases, this doesn’t
apply. Gaurav too agrees with his mother Saroj, and asks her not to bother
herself. He asks his mother Saroj to go and get Urmi. Saroj begins to go, but 
tells Granny to
explain to everyone, hinting at Devi, that no one will talk to Urmi, regarding
this. Devi fumes but is silent.

In the kitchem, seeing Asha work vigorously, Asha’s mother tells her that she
won’t make food, and 
tells her to say that she won’t make
, and those who have to eat can make so themselves. Asha
agrees. Her mother is happy.

In her room, Urmi begins to apply vermillion, but then stops,
as she eyes her reflection in the mirror. Saroj eyes her like this and is
distraught. She comes to her while she stands dazed. Saroj asks Urmi if she is
okay, and sees her not wearing the ‘mangalsutra’ and the ‘sindoor’ on her
forehead and asks her about it. Urmi 
tells her that since the relationship does not exist she does
not want the symbols of marriage to adorn her and that when the marriage has
ended, then why the symbols, as they are symbols of 
pure love between couples,
hence are useless to her. Saroj says that she understands her pain, and knows
well, what a woman goes through having faced a husband’s betrayal, relieving
her own experience. She starts telling about her importance for the
mangalsutra, and says that such truths are bitter, and that she would have had
to die a thousand times before doing this.
Urmi starts asking what
was her 
deficiency, that led Samrat
to do this. Saroj says that she was not at fault, as she gave everything, and
even bore his inhuman beating; still she forgave him, and went on to live
happily with him again. Urmi says that she never wanted this to happen, and
tried everything within her means, to save this relation and her marriage, but
she saw all of his infidelity with her own eyes, and couldn’t bear it at all.
Saroj asks her to stop blaming and victimising herself. Saroj hugs her while
Urmi asks why he did this. Saroj asks her not to overthink, and get down for
breakfast. As they both come down, Granny asks Urmi to eat. Saroj asks Asha to
give food to Urmi. Asha’s mother signals her, and she starts ranting that she
made only for the members of the 
family, and that the food is incomplete, and those who have to eat
can go and eat at their home. Granny and others are tensed, and asks what’s
wrong with her. Asha says that she is right. Anu argues that she and her mother
Saroj have not eaten yet. Asha says that Anu fed her portion to Shaurya, and
Saroj’s portion Devi ate, hence the food got over. Granny asks if she even
realises what she is saying. Asha starts eclaiming that she doesn’t need to be
scolded for no reason. She continues pointing out that she can’t make for
uninvited and free guests, hinting at Urmi. She starts again taking the cause
of her unborn child and refuses to cook ‘puris’ for Urmi. Hearing her excuse
Urmi’s mother decides to cook for her and stops her saying that if she can’t
make food for Urmi, who’s the daughter, then she would herself do so. She asks
Urmi to begin, while she gets food.

Just then, Samrat comes in and taunts everybody saying that
its really wonderful, and that the daughter is being made welcome and homely.
Shaurya is happy, while others are tensed. Shaurya hugs his father. Samrat goes
to ask Devi that he had promised that he would send Urmi right away then what’s
the matter. Devi and Granny are at a loss of words. Samrat starts blaming Devi
for going against his words. He asks Granny if they are supporting that their
relation break. Devi excuses that due to being so late in the night, they kept
Urmi. Asha starts ranting how much effort she has put in to keep their relation
alive. Granny asks him to sit, while Samrat says that he has not come here to
sit, but to take his wife, back to his home. Sayroj and all are tensed. Samrat
addresses Urmi and asks her to stop this drama as it’s been enough and now she
should end it and come home.
All are tensed awaiting
Urmi’s reaction. Urmi determinedly says that she won’t go, shocking her father
Devi, Granny and everyone else. Samrat is shocked too. Urmi asks Shaurya to
come down, and he complies, and begins to go. Samrat angrily asks her to stop
this drama and come along. Urmi says that she won’t go. Samrat asks her to stop
rant, as he may have
made a mistake, but she too did a mistake, by slapping him. Granny is shocked.
Samrat asks Urmi to 
and forget
 the other’s mistake, and finish this. Devi is shocked.
Samrat says that Urmi continued to hide her fault, glorifying his mistakes
only. Devi and Granny begin to reprimand Urmi for this, while Samrat tries to
become the bigger person, saying that he came to take her even after she
slapped him. Urmi says that he knows the 
 she slapped him. She says that for his mistake, there
is not any forgiveness, not any punishment, and makes it very clear that she
will not be going back to Samrat’s house and that she won’t go back home with
him, and no one can change this decision. Urmi points out to Samrat that
informs him that she has separated herself from the ‘sindoor’ and the
‘mangalsutra and that she has taken off the mangalsutra and vermillion, of his
name, that he had placed with her, at the time of their marriage, as they are
useless to him now. Samrat notices this too. All others are shocked. She says
that come what may, she would never return back to this hollow, empty relation.
Samrat is shocked.
Samrat insults Urmi’s mother and tries to forcefully drag Urmi out of
the house, just then Urmi’s brother Gaurav comes there to intervene and beats
Samrat. The two of them get into a fight and Samrat 
tells Gaurav that
he will face dire consequences for what he did. Finally Samrat leaves the house
after warning him and the entire 
family. Shaurya tells his mother that his uncle Gaurav is bad as he hit his
father and Urmi 
tells him not to say that.

Later, Amrit meets Samrat and again tries to continue to
blackmail Samrat but he gets shocked when he finds out that Samrat’s truth has
already come out in front of Urmi and they once again get into a fight.

Meanwhile at Anu’s residence, Devi and Granny ask Urmi how
she will bring up her child without husband’s support. Urmi’s father further
asks her to go back to Samrat’s place as she will be a burden to him. Hearing
her father Urmi gets upset and says that she will work very hard. Urmi later
goes from office to office in search for a job but does not find any job as she
gets rejected.

Meanwhile, Samrat decides to open an account in the bank
where Gaurav is working and goes to Gaurav’s office and the manager treats him
well and Gaurav gets angry on seeing this. On the other hand, Urmi’s struggle
continue and wherever she goes for interview, people ask her that why she wants
a job if she is Samrat’s wife. Later, Samrat meets Urmi and taunts her whether
she got a job.

On the road, Samrat tries to force Urmi to wear the
‘mangalsutra’ and ‘sindoor’ when she is out of the house and starts
reprimanding Urmi, for coming out dressed as unmarried, and starts proclaiming
her to be enjoying the unmarried status. Samrat tells Urmi not to spoil his
reputation. But Urmi feels that these symbols have no meaning for her as she is
no more his wife and tells him that he is not important for her anymore, as she
is just doing all this for herself and no one else. She says that he doesn’t
mean that much, that she plans her revenge on him, or even thinks of him. She
says that he doesn’t have any value or existence in her life. Urmi adds that
she is proud of being a mother, and that when he doesn’t exist for her, she
won’t wear the symbols of a married lady. She says that such symbols maybe for
him to show off to the society, but not her, and till he had respect in her
eyes, she adorned them, but now if she wears them, she would be an hypocrite,
to be mocking them, despite insulting the pious relation that a couple shares.

Urmi further says that sometimes, such turns come when not only life
changes, but a new life begins. Urmi asks him to accept this truth too, as she
is not privy to his existence, as she has her own self-respect and confidence,
and she won’t let him be a part of his identity anymore. She challenges Samrat
that she will now create her own identity and will not be recognized as his
wife. She leaves, while he stands shocked.

Meanwhile at Samrat’s residence, Mandira raises a hue and cry
that she wants to tie a rakhi to Shaurya. But her mother Kanchan sends the
‘rakhi’ to Shaurya through the driver and tells her daughter that she had sent
her rakhi to Urmi’s place, but Mandira insists on meeting and tying the ‘rakhi’
for Shaurya. Rudra begins to make Mandira understand childishly, while Kanchan
is distraught. Mandira asks how would she know that Shaurya tied her rakhi.
Rudra says that he would send a picture of the same. Kanchan says that she had
sent a rakhi sometime back and that now it must have reached definitely. Rudra
sends Mandira off to play gleefully. Mandira asks when would Shaurya and his
aunt ( Urmi ) return. Rudra says that they would come in sometime. Mandira
leaves in glee. Rudra laments as to Urmi have to come back, to be able to tie
the family together. Samrat comes in and relates what Urmi said, and how she is
searching for a job. Rudra says that he himself made her that helpless. Samrat
in unfazed, and says that he would let her soar, and then cut her short. He
asks them not to intervene, as he can mess with her, whenever he wants to, and
is just enjoying her new sense of freedom.

The driver reaches Urmi’s place, and Gaurav sees the driver.
When the driver gives the rakhi, Gaurav gets angry and begins to reprimand the
servant, that now they seem to be bothered, when no one raised a voice when his
sister was facing torture at Samrat’s hands. He asks him to take back the
‘rakhi and relate that they don’t want to keep any relation with the house, and
their family anymore.

At Samrat’s residence, when the driver comes back, Shashi
asks him what the matter is. The driver says what happened with Gaurav. Shashi
begins to fume. The driver apologises, and then Shashi turns him to her side.
She asks him to tell Kanchan that not Gaurav but Urmi sent the rakhi back, and
that she bears no relation to this house and it’s family members. The driver
complies and leaves. Shashi then stand to watch the drama. The driver goes to
Kanchan and lies to her on Shashi’s insistence that it was Urmi who had
returned the ‘rakhi’. Kanchan is shocked to hear what the driver said. Diwaker
is shocked too. Shashi likes that fact that Kanchan is unnerved, when the
driver plays to her tunes. Kanchan and Diwaker are stunned that Urmi could
behave like this. Kanchan gets upset with Urmi for doing this, when she loves
her so much but unknown to her that Shashi makes her believe that Urmi severed
all ties with her also, thus creating a huge misunderstanding between them.
Diwaker is unable to believe this. Kanchan still fumes, she decides to break
every relation with her saying that when Urmi has decided to be enemies with
her, then so be it, and that Mandira should forget about her brother, Shaurya.
Shashi is overjoyed at this.

The next morning, Mandira refuses to have breakfast, saying
that she would eat only after seeing Shaurya’s picture with the rakhi, hearing
this makes Kanchan angry the more. Mandira is hurt seeing her aunt Aditi, her
father Diwaker and her uncle Samrat celebrate rakhi. As Samrat gives a wad of notes,
Aditi is disappointed, but when he asks her to ask for whatever she wants, she
says that she would duly ask in time. Samrat is amused at this. Kanchan comes
back from the kitchen and finds that she still hasn’t eaten. Mandira refuses to
eat. Kanchan starts angrily feeding her, and she throws off the plate of food.
Shashi gets angry at Mandira. Aditi goes to Mandira and calms her down. Mandira
refuses to be quiet and she takes Mandira out, to compose her. Rudra is apalled
to see this.

Later, when Samrat returns home early, Shashi goes to his
room, to talk to him. Shashi asks Samrat to forget about Urmi, and think that
she is died. She hesitatingly proposes Samrat’s second marriage, but is scared
when he eyes her tersely. But Samrat agrees thinking that this would be a huge
setback to them and particularly Urmi. Samrat thinks that Urmi would have to
come, as he would fill her life with so many problems, that she would have to
bow. Samrat gets a call, and thinks that very soon she and her family would get
the first fatal blow. He happily picks up the phone.

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