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Summary Of This Week On Love Happens

Below is a brief summary of this week drama series Love Happens showing Monday to Friday, November 13- 17 on Zee World.
Monday 13 November 2017
Episode 11

Aanya decides to work on her cooking skills but ends up in serious trouble.
Lakhan learns of a secret about the village that he plans to exploit. Raghu
tries to avoid Aanya as he cannot understand how he feels when she is around

14 November 2017
Episode 12

After her cooking ends horribly, Aanya wants Raghu to help her become a farmer.
Intent on destroying the village, Lakhan goes after Raghu’s fields and GD
overhears his plan. However, will it be Aanya’s turn to come to Raghu’s

15 November 2017
Episode 13

Raghu hears that its Aanya’s birthday so he plans to throw a party for her.
Inspector Bali visits and un-expectantly tells Lakhan something damaging for
the Shroff women. Upon hearing Raghu’s plan, Isha tries to ruin Aanya’s special

16 November 2017
Episode 14

At the birthday party, Aanya does something to surprise everyone. Raghu and
Bhola make a really big mistake after they get drunk from eating a cake with
alcohol in it. Lakhan tries to threaten GD, but doesn’t realise he has met his

Friday 17
November 2017
Episode 15

Lakhan and GD plan to leave the village. Upon leaving, GD asks Raghu to make a
serious promise. After the party, Gehna thinks that Raghu is hiding his love for
her and Aanya makes things far worse with an unexpected visit to the chief.

Premiere episodes of Love Happens air on Zee World
from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00.

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