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Thursday update on Love Happens Episode 55 – 57

Read the interesting update on Love Hppens, episode 55-57 for Thursday, November 23, showing on Zee World
Lakhan is stunned to
see Raghu in front of him, but before he can say anything, GD intervenes. GD
tells Raghu that she was in need of a safe sanctuary in Mumbai and
since Lakhan knew Mittal, he just accompanied her to introduce her to Mittal. 

Raghu suspects foul play, but does not say anything and walks away.
Later, Aanya and Rahul force Raghu to accompany them to a pub. Reluctantly,
Raghu agrees. Meanwhile, Mittal meets ACP Sanjay, Inspector Bali’s
colleague, who gives him the vital documents of Shroff’s scandal.
ACP Sanjay assures Mittal that he will render his support in all his
endeavors. After ACP Sanjay leaves, Chaman informs Mittal that Aanya
has gone somewhere out. Mittal gets furious and shocks GD by telling
her that he is not interested in the village land and calls off his deal.
Meanwhile, Raghu enters into a tiff with the gatekeeper when he is
denied entry in the pub because of his village attire. However, Rahul
intervenes and handles the situation.
Rahul and Aanya chide
the gatekeeper who later allows Raghu to enter the pub. Raghu feels
embarrassed when people inside the pub laugh at him. However, Rahul stands by
his side and urges others to treat Raghu with courtesy. Later, Raghu is shocked
to see Aanya drinking. He immediately walks out of the pub; Aanya follows him.
Aanya then tries to convince Raghu by explaining that drinking is a common
trait in city, but Raghu does not approve. He is touched when Aanya promises
him that she will never drink again. Meanwhile, GD manages to convince Mittal
not to cancel the deal. Mittal agrees, but on a condition that Aanya will have
to obey his orders.

Rahul, Aanya and Raghu are shocked when they find GD and Mittal waiting for
them at home. Mittal does not say a word to Aanya and Rahul, but chides Raghu
for going out without informing them. Raghu loses his cool with Mittal when he
insults him, and he immediately decides to leave. Raghu then calls his village
and informs his mother that he has completed his task and will be returning

Meanwhile, Inspector Bali is shocked when he finds the case file of
Shroff’s scandal missing and suspects the involvement of some police
officers. On the other hand, Rahul tells Aanya that looking at the way she
treats Raghu, people may feel that they are seeing each other. Aanya rubbishes
Rahul’s notion and tells Raghu about this. Aanya and Rahul are shocked when
Raghu confesses his love for Aanya.

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