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Tuesday Update On Love Oh Love Episode 219 – 222

Read the interesting update on Love Oh Love, episode 219-222 for Tuesday, November 28, showing on Zee World.

At Raj’s
residence, Anjali is sad that Vikram’s past has again returned to haunt him
back. She collapses as she recounts what all she had gone through after her
marriage with Vikram, along with his own sufferings.

 She says that all this is
due to Bhavna, and that she is guilty for her as well as Vikram. Raj is
appalled and is wondering about who might be responsible for revealing about
the past to Suket, just then Virat enters the room. Meanwhile, at Avni’s
residence, Bhawna relaxes in Avni’s lap, and then she gets scared and tensed,
as a family picture falls on the ground, breaking into pieces, by the heavy
winds, indicating turmoil in the family. Avni is distraught.

Virat tries to make Raj believe that Avni might
have given away the secret and instigates Raj, by asking him how did Avni’s
family get to know about Sangeeta’s past, and that who other than Bhawna knows
this truth. Raj thinks it’s Avni, and wonders why would she do this, and if she
did, how could she do it. He calls Avni
and asks her to meet him straightaway as lots of questions need answers. Virat finds Avni and
Raj’s marriage certificate and
he decides to give Abhay a call.

Later on the road, Virat and Abhay meet each
other. Abhay angrily asks Virat why has he called him there, in the middle of
the road. Virat taunts him that his mother kept a secret from them for so long,
and now his sister too is doing the same. Abhay grabs him by the collar and
asks him not to malign Avni. Virat shows Abhay a
marriage certificate that shows that both Raj and Avni have been
married, and he is shocked, while Virat is amused. Virat asks Abhay to do
whatever he wishes to do with Avni, but not touch Raj. Abhay gets enraged that
he would teach Raj a lesson, for trapping Avni like this. He leaves. Virat is
amused that Abhay played right in his hands.

Meanwhile, on the road, Avni and Raj get into a
verbal scuffle and the two of them go on to blameeach other for revealing the
secrets of Bhavna’s past, each siding with their families. Avni tells Raj that
she regrets how and why she married him. Raj says that if this is so, then as
it is, no one knows of their relation and he frees her from this marriage and
asks her to get out of his life, and that he never wants to see her face ever
again. She too angrily supports him, and that he may have never loved her, but
she doesn’t care. They both storm in opposite direction, amidst heavy downpour.

At Avni’s residence, Avni comes drenched in
rain, remembering Raj’s words, and is shocked to find her father, sitting
gloomy, and Akshat too avoiding her mother Bhawna. She goes inside. Behind her,
Abhay enters, remembering the certificate. Avni finds Arpita sitting
gloomily too, and then again remembers Raj’s first proposal and his betrayal earlier in the day,
thereafter. She takes out Raj’s pictures,
and says that it’s all her fault, and she shouldn’t have married him, and that
they tried to unite the families, but in vain, and now the enemity is such,
that instead of enemity, nothing can rise, and now they too keep fighting, then
what’s the point of the pious circles around the fire. She breaks into tears. Abhay sees her
distraught, and saying that she loves him very much, and when the first time
the marriage was called off, she coped up somehow, but what to do now. She then
resolves that she can’t be this selfish, and if her family doesn’t accept Raj,
she would have to forget him, as he can’t torture them. She tears Raj’s picture
to pieces. Abhay is appalled to see her like this, as he remembers his promise
to Avni, that he would get her united with Raj, and is resolved to solve all
differences between them.

At Raj’s residence, Virat finds Raj coming back
distraught, and is amused. He pretends to be concerned and asks what
happened and if all is okay, and then asks where had he gone. Just then, Raj
gets Abhay’s call. He says that he wants to meet him. Raj asks him not to
interfere, as he is in a bad mood. Abhay calls up Raj, and tells him
that he knows of their marriage, and that they must have suffered a lot, and
tells him that if he still wants all things between the family to sought out
then they should meet each other rightaway, at an undisclosed location. Raj is
shocked, and reiterates the address. Virat says that Abhay called him and then
asked him to meet him. He gives Raj a hockey for a precautionary measure. Raj
says that this won’t be needed. Virat still agrees to keep it in the car.

Abhay goes to Akshat’s room, and finds him
upset. Abhay tells Akshat that when their father Suket was angry at him and
Arpita, then their mother Bhawna was the one who got their father to agree, by
giving him the advice,
that if hatred continues, love will never blossom, and reminds Akshat that now
it’s his turn to reciprocate the favour. He says that he is leaving for
sometime, and till then, Akshat should tell Arpita to take care of their mother
Bhavna. Akshat complies. Abhay then goes to his mother’s room, to find her
asleep. He presses her feet and she gets up. He tells her that he loves her,
and for him, she would remain the same mother, and he is still as proud, and
that she has taught him, that only situations are wrong, not people, and that
he would change the circumstances,
and promises her. She eyes him overwhelmingly, as he kisses her on the
forehead. he leaves.

At Avni residence, as Avni sits distraughttedly
by the temple, praying to the lord to get it all right and set things straight
between her and Raj, and their families. The earthen pot switches off, and Avni
gets tensed. But, just then, Abhay comes in saying that the pot may switch off,
but that will not dampen their hearts, and they should realight it. Avni is
consoled. Abhay assures her that he is going to get her happiness and soon
everything will be alright. He leaves.

Outside, Suket asks Abhay where is he going.
Abhay tells his father that he has always been the nonsense guy but from now
on, he would rectify everything, and his father will have no complaints
whatsoever. He touches Suket’s feet and he gets emotional and hugs his son
Abhay, and says that he is proud of him. Abhay is overwhelmed to hear this for
the first time from his father, and gets teary eyed. He leaves to meet Raj on a
windy night.

As the thunder calls in, Avni wakes up
shocked that Abhay has not returned yet. Suket too comes in tensed for Abhay.
They call up Abhay, and ask him how is he, but they are not able to communicate
well due to the network disruptions. He sends a voicemail to Avni informing her
about the same that he has come to meet Raj, and that today he will solve all
the problems. Avni and Suket listen to the voicemail and are angry that Abhay
had taken this decision by himself. An upset Suket asking why did he go to meet
Raj and that too alone. He leaves. Avni thinks that Raj is really angry and
their meeting might end in a scuffle. She decides to call Raj, but is not able
to get through. She is very scared that there might be some problem.

Meanwhile on the road, Raj comes to meet Abhay
in his car and eyeing the hockey stick, he gets out, unaware that Virat is in
the back
. Raj comes angrily asking why is he here. Abhay expresses
his intentions and says that he is with him and Avni to get the families
together and that for Avni’s happiness, with him, he just wants to solve it
all. He says that he would get their relation the love and respect that it
deserves. Raj and Abhay hug each other as they both sort out their differences
while Raj thanks him profusely as they both promises to patch up things between
their families but they are unaware about Virat hiding inside Raj’s car. Virat
is angry. Raj begs Abhay
to do what he said, and also apoplogises for talking very rudely with Avni.
Abhay says that he would set everything straight and that Raj should prepare
himself for happiness. Raj thanks him and then he drives off happily but Virat
remains and not knowing his uncle is also present, and Abhay too gets in his
car and starts searching for the key, and goes outside to search for it. Virat
asks him with the key in his finger asking if he is searching for this. Abhay
gets angry while Virat is amused. 

Abhay asks what’s he doing here and with his
key. Virat says that he also wants to finish it off, and that the past should
end together. Abhay says that it doesn’t look like he wants compromise. Virat
goes on to taunt Abhay that it’s not his intention, and that he would drown Raj
and Avni’s future in darkness, and Abhay’s dream will not be fulfilled. 
Abhay replied him back that he won’t let him do it, till he is alive. Virat
says that he won’t be alive now. Abhay is boggled. The two of them get into a
severe fight, where Virat starts overpowering Abhay. But Abhay gets over Virat
and gets the truth out of him too, as he grabs Virat by the neck, and he gags
for breath. Abhay tells Virat that he would have to confess the truth to both
of their families. As he starts the car, Virat takes the oppurtunity and then
hits him on the head with a stone. Virat beats up Abhay and hits him badly, and
then pushes him down the railings of the road cliff, in unconscious state.
Virat smiles evilly thinking, that nobody can stop Virat and that now abhaas
will never be able to speak again. He hears some people coming in, having heard
a scream, and Virat rushes and hides behind a bush. The people start searching
around for anyone.

Meanwhile, Avni prays
desperately by the side of the temple, with the lighted earthen pot. It
switches off with the winds, and remembering Abhay’s advise, she tries to light
it again, but is unable to, and gets tensed. She is scared when finally her
picture with Abhay too falls on the ground, and shatters into pieces. Later,
Suket gets a phone call, that stuns him, Avni and Akshat are shocked. Suket is
just able to utter Abhay’s name.

In the hospital, Avni, Suket and Akshat rush to
the hospital hearing this news and to Abhay’s ward, and are apalled to see him
in such a disastrous condition. Suket is shocked. The doctor tells them that
the condition is very serious, as he has fallen from a great height. Suket begs
the doctor that he should try everything within his means, to save him. The
doctor says resignedly that they should gear themselves up to meet Abhay one
final time, before he leaves them all. All are shocked and unable to respond,
as they eye Abhay gasping for breath. They rush inside by the side of his bed,
and are shocked to see him struggling for life. They begin to weep when they
see Abhay’ critical condition. Avni assures Abhay, that nothing would happen to
him, as they are all with him. Akshat and Suket too assure him. Abhay barely
manages to open his eyes. Suket asks Abhay, and he thinks that he would have to
tell Avni that Raj loves her very much. Avni and Suket try to find out how this
had happened. With great difficulty, he manages to take off his breathing mask,
and then the entire family waits for him to speak. Abhay is fighting death, when
his family desperately tries to find out who did this, Abhay barely manages to
say only word that comes out from his mouth is, Raj. Abhay then breathes his
last and this leaves the entire family unhappy and shocked. They scream out his
name, while he stares blankly with wide, open eyes at the ceiling, his soul
having left his dead body, his hand in Avni’s. Akshat rushes to the doctor,
while Suket and Avni collpase beside his bed. They both break into tears.

Still at the hospital, Avni and Suket are stunned,
when the doctor comes with Akshat and after cheking him, he tells them that
Abhay is no more, and then drapes him with a white sheet. Avni and Suket are
appalled while Akshat refuses to believe this. The doctor refuses to release
the custody of the body, and Akshat gets enraged. The doctor says that the
police has been called, and then they will continue with the proceedings. The
police arrives and apologising for their loss, he says that they will have to
conduct the postmortem, and then find out the cause of the accident. Akshat
says that this is not an accident but a planned conspiracy by Raj. Avni is
surprised. He continues and says that they should take Raj in custody and then
get to the bottom of the story. The police asks him to calm down and let them
investigate and claim the body too for that. Suket asks Akshat to let it be.
Suket finally detatches Avni’s hands from Abhay, and they take the body away.
Avni rushes after them, while Suket and Akshat run after her, and calm her down.

At Raj’s residence, Raj starts hallucinating, at
the dining table, that he and Avni are discussing as to how Abhay would set
everything straight. Meanwhile, Virat secretly enters the house, and stealthily
takes Raj’s wallet with him and surfs through it, and then keeping everything
inside, he sneaks to his room, while Raj is busy in the kitchen.

At Avni’s residence, Avni and Suket along with
others are mourning the death of Abhay at their house. Savri Bua and Pratab
comes shocked too. Suket laments that he couldn’t and didn’t even get the
chance to tell Abhay that he loves him too much. Savrii is shocked that Bhavna
still doesn’t know this and wonders what would happen when she does. Savri
wonders who will do this. Suket says that he won’t be able to tell Bhawna that he
couldn’t save her son, and asks his Yetendra to do it instead. Savri says that
he can’t tell a mother, that she lost her son. Akshat tells Avni to go and call
their mother. Avni rises up in a daze, while all mourn inconsolably. Avni goes
to her mother, and hears her saying that it’s good that she wake her up, as she
is making a sweater for Abhay, as she realised that the winters are approaching
and Abhay catches cold very easily. Avni is distraught and appalled. 

says that Abhay is the only one who understand her, and that she has to finish
it within two days. She asks Avni about the colour matching Abhay or not. She
finds Avni crying desperately, and Avni breaks into tears mentioning Abhay’s
name. Bhavna asks what’s the matter and if Suket scolded him ( Ahbay ) due to
coming late, and decides to come down with her, to tell Suket that he won’t
scold Abhay anymore. Just then Bhavna comes downstairs, and finds her sister
in-law Savri and her husband and says that it’s good that she came here. Savri
looks at her in a daze. Bhavna says that Suket always getting angry on Abhay
and asks Savri to take care of Abhay. All stand in a daze, while she says that
she would go and talk to Suket. She goes to him, oblivious of the body kept on
the other side, and says that she knows that they all are angry with him, but
he has to stop getting angry at Abhay. Avni and others break into tears. Bhawna
keeps vouching for Abhay and then realises that they are all crying, and
assumes that he threw Abhay out of the house. Just then, her eyes roll over,
and and seeing her son lying dead on the floor she gets shocked and appalled.
She goes to him, and asks what happened and if he is okay. She starts slapping
the body and asks him to get up, and breaks down completely, while Savri tries
to console her in vain. Akshat on the other hand breaks into his Pratab’s arms.
He is sure that his brother is murdered and is also sure that Raj is
responsible for this murder. He tells his father Suket that he wants to know
what happened with Abhay. He says that he wants to know what evidence did the
police gather against Raj, and that he wont be able to live in peace till then,
and till Raj is not convicted of the crime. Avni is disturbed.

Meanwhile at the Crime scene, Virat goes over to
the crime scene, and keeps drop Raj’s wallet there, along with the car hearing
the police seril. He immediately ducks when the police approach, to investigate
the crime scene. Virat thinks that this was the only way to save himself, as he
killed two birds with one stone. He smiles evilly.

The next morning at Raj’s residence, Raj asks
his mother about Madhuri, and is told that she went to the temple. He expresses
his desire to perform the puja with her. Vikram and Jashan are happy too. The
flower vendor comes in just then, and apologises for coming in late with less
flowers, as he got an urgent order from the Khandelwal house. Jashan taunts if
their daughter is getting married again. Raj is shocked when the flower vendor
tells them that Abhay got killed last night. All are shocked while Raj is
outraged, and rushes out of the house.

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