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Friday Update On Hello Pratibha Episode 126 – 127

Read the interesting update on Hello Pratibha, episode 126-127 for Friday, December 1, showing on  Zee World.

Pratibha is worried
seeing her father condition and calls Mahen. The doctor tells them that
Pratibha’s father had a minor heart attack, and that he has already informed
them to keep him away from tensions as his heart is already weak. 

He writes
some tests which Mahen asks Sanjeev to bring. Sanjeev promises to manage the
money. Sunidhi is curt. Kaashi comes out saying they never spent money on her
this much. Pratibha asks Sanjeev if he brought the medicine, Sanjeev says the
medicines were expensive and he couldn’t bought them. He came home to take more
money. The phlebotomist takes blood of Pratibha’s father and gives Pratibha the
bill which shocks her to be 15,000. She comes out where Mahen returns a seller
saying he can’t buy his designs right now. Pratibha says he liked the designs a
lot and asks why he didn’t buy them. Mahen says he wants to save some money
now. Pratibha hands him the bill which he pays in front of Kaashi. Kaashi
curses Mahen again saying if he has ever thought about Sunidhi and her upcoming
bills. Mahen says he will manage them in her times. Kaashi leaves curtly,
Pratibha apologize to Mahen. Later at night, in the room Mahen makes a call to
cancel an order of his shop. Pratibha tells him she is very lucky to have him
as husband and that he is being burdenized with her father’s budgets. Mahen
tells her not to worry, that it is his duty and goes to sleep.

While in the room Sunidhi brainwashes her husband, Sanjeev when she sets the
example of Mahen before him. She tells Sanjeev how easily Mahen is handling the
situations before him and how he is able to pay his father-in-law’s bills as
Mahen has such a great property reserve that he is bearing the expense of uncle
( Pratibha’s father ). She asks what they would had done had something happened
to them as they have no bank balance or savings. She asks Sanjeev if he has
kept some savings for their baby to be born. Sanjeev replied that he never
thought about saving in presence of Mahen. Sunidhi says Mahen’s children are
now growing up and what if someday Mahen denies giving him any money. Sanjeev
is thoughtful about this. 

Sunidhi says she wants
him to bear his own responsibilities himself. On the other hand, Pratibha comes
to her father, Pratibha’s father tells her to draw the money from his bank
account. Pratibha asks why so and asks if she and Mahen don’t have any right to
pay their bills. Sushma asks her to take the bonds from bank, to keep her
father’s self-respect. Pratibha suggests about taking the savings of her father
and why bonds? Sushma is reluctant, then bring to her knowledge how they are
handling situations together that her father’s pension wasn’t coming since last
few months, savings have ended and they even didn’t pay any rent of their
house. Learning her parent’s helplessness, Pratibha decides to help them out
and complains that they don’t consider her as their child. Pratibha’s parents
say they didn’t want to bother her as she has her own expenses. Pratibha says
they should have thought something about it. She point out that this year Mahen
had great profit in business and had they told them about their tensions, they
will have helped them. Pratibha says only children help their parents in times
of need.

Pratibha is then stammering, Pratibha’s father says when the children
grow up they hide things from their parents. Pratibha says when she was a
child, they always take great care of her, now she and Mahen will bear all
their expenses until he gets perfectly fine. She says once he gets well, he
will take that bond from bank but till then she won’t argue any further. She
holds his hand and tells him not to bother. Just then, Kaashi comes behind
Pratibha as she takes some jewelers from her cupboard. Pratibha says she is
thinking about selling her jewelry before her marriage. But Kaashi intervenes Pratibha
and asks if she has lost that she is selling gold, and asks what the reason
behind it. Pratibha says that the expense of the house has increased a lot so
she wants to help Mahen. Kaashi says all the expenses have been increased
because of her father. Pratibha says if any other member of the family needed
them she wouldn’t restrain. Kaashi blocks all the means by which she could help
her parents by taking the jewelry 
Pratibha saying they will only be sold if someone from this household needs them,
not an outsider. Pratibha is worried how to help Mahen now. She comes to the
temple and says God helps one who is in pain, and she is now dependent on them.
She thinks of herself as a helpless lady today, her father is ill and Mahen is
worried; she asks for help and miracle and for a way.

Pratibha gets a call from Shubra, her teacher.
Pratibha is excited and asks why she is calling. Shubra asks how is her singing
career going. Pratibha says she got so involved in household and her father is
also ill these days, and nothing is important for her than her family. Shubra
then offer her a deal she cannot refuse and asks Pratibha to join her academy
as a teacher, she says she is a great singer and it is her (Shubra’s) duty to
give a direction to her career. Pratibha says she won’t be able to do the
teaching. Shubra says she will regain her confidence after the first class, and
she should think about it. Pratibha says she will discuss this with her husband
Mahen, then thinks it is a great opportunity even to divide the monetary burden
with Mahen as well, and she is confident about her singing as well. At night,
Pratibha brings milk for Mahen and tells him about the offer. Mahen cheers and
asks when is she joining. Pratibha asks if he think she should do this. Mahen
says after Kolkatta auditions he wanted her to pursue her career and it is a
great opportunity from Shubra. He tells his wife he will talk to his mother
about it. Pratibha says everything seems well when their very owns are there
for her.

The next morning, Pratibha brings tea for her
mother in-law Kaashi. Kaashi asks if she had less responsibilities that now she
is going to teach children as well. She asks Pratibha not to overlook anything,
but she won’t be able to fulfil all the responsibilities. She says she doesn’t
want anything neglected in her household. Pratibha tells Kaashi she will have
to take the class only for two hours and she will somehow manage. Mahen stand
aside and smiles at Pratibha. Pratibha is all set to attend her first day at
the singing academy as a teacher. She bids bye to kids, she comes to her
mother and says she is nervous. Sushma says she is a mother of two children.
She blesses Pratibha and Pratibha leaves. Sunidhi hears all this and comes to
Sanjeev saying only this was left to happen in this house. Sanjeev asks what is
happening. Sunidhi says Pratibha and Mahen already own half of the property, he
should ask Mahen that he needs an equal share in the property. Sanjeev says
they will never have to beg in front of Mahen or Pratibha, and that Sunidhi
should not think negative else this will affect the health of their child.
Sanjeev leaves, but Sunidhi says she will take her share by hook or by crook.

In the class, Shubra thanks Pratibha for
accepting her offer. She says Pratibha’s nervousness will end in a day or two.
She introduces Pratibha to the class and says she is leaving her class onto
Pratibha. Pratibha takes the seat, Shubra leaves the class blessing Pratibha.
Pratibha begins the class. The students hear her keenly. She is successful in
handling her family well and is also responsible as a teacher at the same time.
Dates pass by and Pratibha finally gets her first salary as a singing teacher.
She is happy as Shubra hands her her cheque. Later at night, Mahen is sitting with
a magazine when Pratibha shuts his eyes from behind, she is excited and shows
him her first cheque. He hugs her. Just then, they hear Kaashi saying that they
will reduce the expenses of the house, if they can’t shut the fan off and they
should light the candle instead of the light. She switches the lights of the
rooms off. Pratibha and Mahen there and Pratibha is flabbergasted to find how
her mother in-law is treating her parents in her absence as she and Mahen come
to see Pratibha’s mother Sushma struggling to read with candle light about the
medicines. Seeing this, Mahen raises his voice against his mother and switch
the lights on. He asks what she is saying. Kaashi asks him not to interfere,
claiming this is her house and only what she is saying will happen. She says
their house expenses are increasing and they can’t take money from guests but
the guests will share the expense in the 
the house. 

Pratibha questions her
mother why they suffered all this. Sushma says Kaashi is right, it is not even
this hot to use AC or fan, and they will share Kaashi’s expenses with her.
Kaashi tells Pratibha that even Sushma knows this, but Mahen tells her that she
left him with no respect in front of his parents in-law and how bad they must
be feeling about their son in-law who brought them here on insistence. Kaashi
says it is Pratibha who has been unable to take care of her parents well here.
Pratibha tells Kaashi she is right, she has been unsuccessful. Kaashi says when
she accepts her defeat she should agree that she can’t be a daughter and a
daughter in-law together. Mahen stops his mother saying she will never forgive
and he was the one who bring Pratibha’s parents here. He tells his mother that
she made this a game only to defeat Pratibha. Kaashi says he will not forget
what was the bet between them, and he must not forget she is only doing this
for the betterment of this house. Mahen says he won’t argue with her as it is
useless. He then tells his mother that he decides to shift Pratibha’s parents
to a different house but only on one condition that she won’t stop Pratibha
from meeting them. Kaashi says she will accept his condition only if they leave
the house tomorrow morning.

While in her room, Pratibha tells Mahen that his mother is right. She could
neither be a good daughter nor a good daughter in-law. Mahen says she would
have defeated only if her father had been unwell. He says he considers this a
victory of hers. Pratibha says the parents who brought her up and whom she
brought with so much force into her house; she won’t be able to meet them if
they don’t leave the house tomorrow. Mahen says it was decided they are not
going to stay here forever and it is good her father is leaving healthy. Mahen
assures Pratibha that he will find a house for them tomorrow. Pratibha asks him
not to say no that she will also pay for their rent, only then she would be
peaceful that she fulfilled the rights of a daughter as well. Mahen holds
Pratibha’s hand and says he will bring Peehu up in a way that she only
daughter like her.

Kaashi stops Pratibha in the morning and reminds her that if her parents
doesn’t leave the house today she will have to break all the relations to them.
Hearing this, Pratibhha wonders how she will cross the hurdles put before her
now. As ordered by Kaashi, Pratibha’s parents pack their bags to leave her
house. lt was 2 o’clock, Pratibha gets Mahen’s call who tells her he is at
property dealer’s place. He says he remembers everything and will handle it
all. Pratibha asks Anmol to help her pack the luggage of his grandma and
grandpa. Sushma asks Pratibha that the day is about to end, Mahen still didn’t
call. Pratibha calls Mahen up and inquires whether he has found a house for his
parents. Mahen informs Pratibha that he has found a house for her parents and
their house is just beside his house. Pratibha is happy and says they won’t
believe which house Mahen has found them for.

Meanwhile, Kaashi speculates that
Mahen would have found a home for Pratibha’s parents somewhere far from her
home and tells Sunidhi that today she is happy they are leaving the house. When
they were about to leave, Kaashi stops Sushma and says she hopes their new
house is not so far away. Mahen says he has not but Pratibha has taken the
house. Pratibha says Mahen has found a nearby the house and it’s number 205.
Kaashi stammers and asks if it is the next door house. Mahen says yes, and asks
if he didn’t do good that Pratibha can take care of both the houses. Mahen
proudly says now Pratibha will take care of both the house well. Pratibha’s
father thanks Kaashi, Sushma asks her to forgive Pratibha and they apologize
for any pain due to them. Sunidhi tells Kaashi she had warned her already that
something wrong is happening. Kaashi is irked when she finds out that
Pratibha’s parents would stay just at the adjacent house.

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