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Friday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 250 – 252

Read the update on the new series Love Happens episode 250- 252 for Friday, December 29 showing on Zee World.

Samrat’s residence, Radha enters Samrat’s room and is thrilled looking at all
the modern things in his room. She finds the tv on, in Samrat’s room, with no
one watching it, and finds that it’s a waste of energy.

tries to figure out a way to switch off the tv, with the help of various
buttons on the remote. Finally she switches off the main plug. Just then Samrat
comes out of his bathroom, Radha also hear Samrat coming out of the bathroom,
she immediately hides herself behind a couch and stealthily, catches hold of
him, as he comes out in the towel, and gets scared when he shuts the door, to
change and get dressed. She finds him going through the wardrobe, and picking
out his suit, and then he drops the towel, and she covers her eyes.
On the road
and Sushma’s residence, Urmi is clueless about her next plan as her lawyer has
left her midway along with her money. She remembers talking to the thug lawyer
and how she was cheated. She gets a call from Sushma and wonders how to give
her the bad news. She picks up the call, and then as Sushma enquiries about her
meeting with the lawyer, Urmi lies to assure her that the lawyer is working.
Hearing this, Sushma is relieved, and consoles her that everything would be
okay soon, and asks her to come home soon. Urmi thinks that she did lie, and
would have to do something, and that she has to arrange money somehow. On her
way, she enters a shop after she sees a notice which says that the shop
requires a sales girl. She enters the shop, and talks to the manager regarding
the job opening of a sales girl, and applies for the job and when she says that
she would try her best to understand, the shopkeeper agrees to give her the job
as she is recruited at a salary of 700, and added incentives based on performance.
She is relieved when she is asked to join from tomorrow. But just then Urmi
asks the manager for some money in advance. The shopkeeper begins to laugh and
they ridicule her, as he think that she is trying to fool them, and asks her to
leave the shop. She starts walking out, apologising and listening to their
Later, Mr.
Tiwari and Shaurya monitor the cooking, and he starts talking about divorce,
and Tiwari gets tensed. He tries to explain it to him, in layman terms. Sushma
comes there and asks them to come out, as the door is open. Shaurya talks about
him monitoring Mr Tiwari’s cooking. Sushma tastes the curry, and actually finds
Shaurya’s observations correct, and starts reprimanding Tiwari. Shaurya tells
her that she should not scold him much, or else he will divorce her. He is
amused, while they both are tensed.
Niranjan’s office, Samrat signs the cheque for his lawyer, and he thanks him,
and then inform him that Urmi has not followed up with the divorce proceedings,
and Samrat says that she doesn’t have the status to follow up, and is scared
and regretting that she stand against him (Samrat). He says that Urmi doesn’t
have the means or the money, to compete with him, and they both ridicule her
step. Niranjan says that he is very happy, that things are happening according
to his client. Samrat says that he wants more, and achieves it too, and if she
is not following up, he should proceed with the case, and drag her to court for
her torment, as he would be satisfied with that only. Niranjan asks him not to
be hasty, as that would be wrong, and asks him to let her understand what it
means to stand against Samrat, and that one day, it would take for him to win
the case, but the win won’t be enjoyable, and Samrat likes that he is talking
just the way he wants to. Samrat says that he doesn’t want delay. Niranjan asks
if he is sure, as he wanted her to ruin, physically, emotionally and
financially, and when she would be stripped of everything, then they will win.
Samrat says that he is smarter than he thinks he is, and that he won’t let him
mint money, for his motives. Niranjan compliments him on his full proof
smartness, and Samrat asks if he is wrong, as he doesn’t want to be bankrupt
just for employing him for no reason, and asks him to stick to his job, and he
will handle the rest. Niranjan is tensed, but complies with his wishes. Samrat
asks him to get to work, and proceed with the case. Samrat asks his lawyer that
his first hearing should be the last one, so that in the blink of an eye, her
son comes to him, once and for all and forever, as that’s her ultimate
harassment, and then she won’t be left with anything else to lose. Mr.
Niranjan, his lawyer hears intently and then complies.
Meanwhile on
the road, Urmi goes on to walk her way towards her home and finds that there is
not any auto or bus, and finds from two bikers that there is a strike, and
hence she would not find any conveyance. She retreats when the same people
start teasing her and passing lewd comments, and wards them off. Just then a car
stops by, who turns out to be Ishaan while passing by in his car. Ishaan gets
down from the car and he asks her to come inside, that he will drop her, as she
won’t get any conveyance. The two of them have a little conversation as she
asks him not to bother, and that he need not get upset. He asks if she will go
barefoot. She says yes. He asks her to leave this madness, and get in the car,
even if she won’t have to talk, as it’s a desolate area, and dangerous. As she
agrees and starts walking with Ishaan towards his car, just then Samrat arrives
while passing by, he notices them from a distance and then reverse the gears
back, shocked to see that Urmi is with Ishaan. He assumes that something is
cooking up between the two of them and it leaves him thinking that Ishaan is
having an affair with his wife. Samrat says that he was right in thinking that
Ishaan has his eyes on her, right from the beginning, and today he just got
proven. She sits in the car with ishaan, while Samrat is frustrated, as they
drive off. Samrat gets furious seeing Urmi going in Ishaan’s car and asks his
driver to chase Ishaan’s car, but Samrat’s car does not start and Samrat gets
mad at his driver.
Urmi does not speak to Ishaan in the car and finally Ishaan breaks the silence
telling her to say something, shout at him, but not to stay quiet. He offer his
sincere help to Urmi in fighting her battle against Samrat for her child’s
custody, and later tries to convince her to make him her lawyer as he knows
Samrat very well and he will hire a top lawyer. Urmi still considers him
Samrat’s friend and refuses to trust him and also feels that he has been
compromised by her husband saying if he can hire for himself to win the case,
then he can pay someone to make her lose case as well. Ishaan says he made
mistake and he has returned now to rectify it. He asks her to believe him. They
arrive at Sushma’s house and Urmi gets off. Ishaan understands Urmi’s position
and decides to win her trust no matter how hard he has to work for it.
later enter the house and she is welcomed by Sushma and Tiwari along with a
good news as Sushma gives the good news that they have found a good business
proposal to start her bakery. Urmi is overjoyed but thinks where she will work.
Sushma says she has arranged everything in her kitchen. Urmi hugs her and they
get emotional. Sushma tells her to go to the bakery tomorrow and learn what she
has to do. Just then, Samrat dashes into the house in search of Ishaan and is
furious with Urmi saying his usual nonsense. He shouts at her for being with
Ishaan and accuses her of having an affair with him asking since how long their
affair is going on. Urmi, Sushma, and Tiwari get shocked. Sushma and Tiwari
speak from Urmi’s side, but Samrat insults them as well and shuts them up. He
goes inside to search for Ishaan. Urmi tells Sushma that she’s used to this now
and she has no fear from him. Samrat comes outside and asks Urmi again. Urmi
tells him to find himself if he thinks Ishaan is really here. Samrat gets more
furious with Urmi’s replies and leaves saying he will find Ishaan somehow. Urmi
gets little sad after Samrat leaves. Sushma tells her to calm down. Urmi says
she’s not sad; she is just shocked how low someone can go. Sushma and Tiwari
say Samrat is very cheap, but him doing all this drama proved that Ishaan is
not with him this time. Urmi thinks.
messages Amrit to do something soon, as she can’t live in Samrat’s house.
Shashi is going somewhere. Her husband stops her and asks where she’s going
secretly. Shashi says parlour. Servants from Thakur’s house come with Shaguns.
Aditi tells her dad to understand her position, that she can’t say anything in
front of Samrat but she can at least tell him. Her dad also finds all this
happening too fast, but Shashi shuts them up and tells Aditi that Samrat is
doing all this for her, to settle her down. Aditi’s dad says there is nothing
wrong in a 2nd marriage, but the guy has to be good.
Asha sees no
one is at home and starts her mission to make her father-in-law Devi walk on
his feet. She does her silly stuff, but fails in the end.
Later, Urmi
meets Samrat’s mother Shashi outside the parlour and Shashi starts her nonsense
regarding divorce drama and so on. She tries to warn her by saying that she
will be having a difficult life ahead and that no one will even look at her
after she gives divorce to Samrat. But Urmi does not listen to her and is ready
for the road ahead. Urmi then gives her solid replies and shuts her up. She
tells her not to worry about her and worry about her son instead. Her good values
will still remain with her after divorce and if in her destiny, she will get
everything after divorce.
Ishaan tells
Anu to convince Urmi to let him fight her case, but Anu tells him she is not
allowed to talk to her. Meanwhile, Samrat goes to meet Ishaan and finally finds
him and says affair nonsense to him as well which shock and anger Ishaan. Samrat
and Ishaan argue with each other. Ishaan laments as to how Samrat has stooped
so low, that he can’t differentiate between the right and wrong, and that he
can’t mend himself even if he wants to. Samrat reprimands Ishaan and accuses
him of having an affair with Urmi and that this is what he wanted all along,
even since his marriage with urmi. Ishaan stops going defensive, and asks how
come he take so many years to find this out, and sarcastically reprimands him,
that he is an idiot to find out so late. Samrat tries to threaten Ishan, asking
him to get lost and never be seen in Bhopal again. Unfortunately for him Ishan
doesn’t get scared off so easily and asks him to stay in his limits, as he is
just boasting of his home town, whereas he has come back after conquering the
school. Ishaan further asks him to keep his male ego to himself and challenges
him to enter into enmity with him, as he won’t live in Jhansi, as he has only
seen his friendship and not his enemy. Samrat says that he can’t believe that
his own best friend, has teamed up against him, and is threatening him. Ishaan
asks him to shut up, as this won’t affect him, and that he is the most sought after
lawyer in New york, and reminds him again, that he has come to Jhansi only for
Urmi, and that he would do whatever it takes, and if he thinks it’s wrong, he
doesn’t give a damn. A knock on the door, provokes Ishaan to ask the butler to
come in, and when he comes with food, he asks Samrat to excuse him as it’s his
dinner time now. He sits down, completely ignoring him. Samrat leaves in a
Ishaan calls up Urmi and tells her to be cautious and tells her about Samrat
and his fit, and the temper he is in about Samrat’s disgusting accusations, by
insinuating about their illicit relation. Urmi says that he has done this to
her before. Ishaan expresses that he too reprimanded him back, and now he would
do anything in his rage, brash and irresponsible. She asks him to stop behaving
like her guardian, as she has faced Samrat and also composed herself, in worse
situations. He says that he doesn’t know what happened to her when he was not
there, but he won’t let anything wrong happen to her now. He adds that he is
just a well-wisher, but not a guardian, and he doesn’t need a certificate from
her. She thanks him resignedly, and then disconnects the call. He is tensed.
The next
morning, as Shaurya gets ready for school, Tiwari keeps teasing Shaurya that he
would send him back to his father if he misbehaves, while he tells him that he
won’t misbehave, and only study in school. Just then the postman delivers a
notice from the court. Urmi receives it. She is shocked that it’s a notice from
the court which has the date for the first hearing of their divorce case, after
ten days, through Samrat’s lawyer. They ask her to get the lawyer to prepare,
and that she should also send a notice through her lawyer. When they hear about
Niranjan being the opposition lawyer, they are tensed that he is the top
advocate here. Urmi remembers about her absconding lawyer, and is tensed.
Later, in
Urmi’s absence, Ishaan drops by and Sushma and her husband discuss Urmi’s case,
and he pleads them to convince Urmi that he should take this case. Sushma says
that the lawyer has already been hired. Ishaan asks why do they need anyone
when she has him. She says that Urmi does not believe him, and that she is an independent
girl. Ishaan tries to show them the implications, as to what lengths Samrat can
go to win this case. They are convinced. Sushma and her husband are asked to
find out the lawyer’s name from Urmi, so that he can find out about his
calibre. They agree. She is relieved that there’s someone who understands Urmi,
and shall stand by her, at any cost.
At Samrat’s
residence, as Kanchan is instigated by Shashi, Rudra tries to shut her up.
Aditi too comes and says that she can’t believe that Urmi said this. Shashi
continues to instigate everyone against Urmi, while Aditi comes in Urmi’s defence,
saying that Urmi is just trying to cover up with Samrat’s torments and
troubles. Samrat reaches his home dejectedly, when his mother Shashi excitedly
tells him that she has to tell him something that would require him to be
patient and calm. She tells him that she had met Urmi in the market and she
begins to fill Samrat’s mind with things against Urmi that what Urmi did with
her, adding in with her extra remarks, and instigates Samrat, saying that she
would get lots of men, after divorce and says that she feels Urmi has an
affair. Samrat is again drawn to Ishaan and Urmi. Aditi and Rudra try to
support Urmi and all reprimand Shashi for doing this, but Samrat gets furious
while he vehemently supports his mother, and that he also knows the bastard
behind it, and all are shocked when he names Ishaan. Shashi instigates him,
that he took Ishaan to the honeymoon too, and goes on to say that Urmi is
having an affair with Ishaan and they must have enjoyed there too. Rudra tries
to shut her, but she continues to instigate Samrat the more, saying that he was
too innocent to understand all this, and Samrat is influenced by her
instigation. Shashi even goes to the extent of saying that maybe Shaurya is not
his son after all, and is Ishaan’s child. All are shocked. Samrat in a rage and
grabs her throat, while she is scared and he asks her to shut up, and never
utter it again, as he would kill her. He leaves in a huff. All are shocked at
Shashi’s callous statements.
Next day at
the dining table, Samrat is still lost in yesterday’s thoughts of Urmi and
Ishaan, when his attention is drawn by his mother Shashi towards his ringing
phone. He receives Niranjan’s call, who tells him that Urmi must have received
the notice. Samrat again reminds him that he wants the game over in one
hearing, as he doesn’t want to create a scene of himself in Jhansi. Niranjan
again goes on a self-boast rant, and tells him that the hearing is on 28th
November. Samrat agrees resignedly and then his attention is drawn as Aditi’s
would be in-laws come in visible angry. He is surprised. Samrat gets to attend to
them with much buttering and pleasing. As Aditi, on her elders’ command, tries
to touch their feet, he stops them saying that there’s no relation and they need
not do this drama. He starts insulting them that they won’t manage a relation
with them, even in their worst days. Shashi asks what happened. He tells Shashi
that they won’t take any relation, and shows her the fake bangles, and all are
shocked. The prospective in-laws’ insult Samrat and his family completely,
while Shashi tries to tell them the importance of these heirloom bangles.
tries to clear the misunderstanding, as they won’t do this with anyone. But
they say that the misunderstanding is now clear, as they need not have been
betrayed like this. Rudra tries to calm him down, but they are beyond
salvation, and say that they are calling off the relationship. Samrat tries to
insist them to be given one chance, and Shashi too joins in, saying that they
can sort it out. But they are adamant that the relation has been called off
now, and they won’t even look back, now that they are once disappointed. Samrat
is frustrated, and shows his mother what bangles are these. Shashi tries to
talk, while Samrat is angry. Rudra asks them to get it checked. Samrat asks
them to hurry, and get to the bottom of it right away. Aditi is tensed and
boggled. Samrat is frustrated as to what’s happening.
In the
multiplex, Urmi talks to the cafe owner, and then having finalised the deal,
she remembers to pick Shaurya and also stuff for the pastries. She gets in the
elevator, which later stops midway. Urmi gets tensed as she gets stuck in a
lift for a long and also finds that the alarm button is not working. They start
screaming for help. Urmi is oblivious that on the ground, Samrat too is waiting
for the same lift to get to a meeting. Samrat too is oblivious of Urmi’s
presence. Urmi being claustrophobic starts suffocating inside. Co-passengers
start noticing and ask what’s wrong, and she says that she is pregnant. Samrat
downstairs start getting impatient, with no regard of the pregnant lady in the
stuck lift. The people comment as to how Samrat is just involved in his
meeting, instead of the plight of the pregnant lady. The people inside the lift
keep screaming for Urmi. Samrat callously wards off everyone’s inhuman
accusations at him. A lady tells him to take the stairs, if he is so impatient.
He leaves, attending to another call. 

After a while she is rescued as the lift
door finally opens, all the people rush to Urmi’s care, as she is nearly
unconscious. They make her sit down and relax while Samrat is at a distance on
the phone call. After disconnecting the call, just then Samrat reaches the
scene and sees Urmi feeling unwell being attended to. Samrat is shocked to find
Urmi, and wonders what she is doing here. The lady starts telling Urmi to take
care of herself, in such a delicate condition, and asks her to keep a bottle of
water with her all the time. Samrat hears this lady asking Urmi to take care of
herself as she is pregnant. Samrat is shocked to hear this and is enraged.

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