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Zee World:Modern Homemaker Teasers December 2017

Read about what will be coming up on the new novela Modern Homemaker on on Zee World in January 2018.

Monday 1 January 2018
Episode 18

Despite Sona’s efforts, the family members
keep trying to undo her work. 

Tuesday 2 January 2018
Episode 19

Sona’s efforts to help Cheeku go to waste.
Gajanan confronts Sunaina about her behaviour, but she refuses to see her

Wednesday 3 January 2018
Episode 20

Neelam and Uddham’s relationship keeps
going downhill. Sona’s goals to bring the family together seems to be a
challenging task. 

Thursday 4 January 2018
Episode 21

Uddham receives good news about his career.
Sona takes this opportunity to bring Uddham and Neelam closer.

Friday 5 January 2018
Episde 22

The family receive distressing news about
Renu. How will they deal with this? 

Monday 8 January 2018
Episode 23

Guests in the Chaturveti family stir
trouble in the house. Uddham confesses his love to Neelam. 

Tuesday 9 January 2018
Episode 24

Sona tries to improve the family finances
but none of them are open to change. 

Wednesday 10 January 2018
Episode 25

Uddham’s joy turns into sadness when he
receives disturbing news about his new job.  

Thursday 11 January 2018
Episode 26

Sona is stuck between a rock and a hard
place, her family force her to do something that is unethical. Despite the
challenges she faces, Sona strives to bring happiness to her family.

Friday 12 January 2018
Episode 27

An old friend of Sunaina’s gives her an
offer to purchase her house. Sunaina is faced with a challenge as her family
stands divided. 


Monday 15 January 2018
Episode 28

Sunaina finds out that Kanhaiya has been
going against her word. She takes drastic steps to teach him a lesson.
Sunaina’s daughters-in-law make plans to sell their home behind her back. 

Tuesday 16 January 2018
Episode 29

The three musketeers approach Sona for
help, her response leaves them dumbfounded. Sunaina finally shows favour to
Sona. What could Sunaina be up to now? 

Wednesday 17 January 2018
Episode 30

Once more, Sona proves that determination
goes a long way. 

Thursday 18 January 2018
Episode 31

Sunaina gives in to her daughters-in-law.
Sona tries to bring everyone together but her efforts seem to go

Friday 19 January 2018
Episode 32

Neelam makes a decision that leaves the
family astonished. Renu stirs up problems between Sona and Sunaina. 


Monday 22 January 2018
Episode 33

Bindiya and Renu are at it again. The two
keep instigating Sunaina against Sona. Kanhaiya takes a drastic step that might
affect his career. 

Tuesday 23 January 2018
Episode 34

Sona and Kanhaiya team up to solve a
troubling mystery. 

Wednesday 24 January 2018
Episode 35

Sona catches the thief red handed. She,
however, chooses to not inform Kanhaiya about this. How will she handle this

Thursday 25 January 2018
Episode 36

A theft has been committed in the
Chaturvedi house, and Sona, suspects that it is one of the family

Friday 26 January 2018
Episode 37

The identity of the person behind the theft
is revealed. How will the family handle this news? 


Monday 29 January 2018
Episode 38

Kanhaiya comes up with a plan to catch the
thief. Suniana keeps getting in the way of Sona and Kanhaiya’s happiness. 

Tuesday 30 January 2018
Episode 39

Once again, Sona is faced with a challenge
but no possible way out. 

Wednesday 31 January 2018
Episode 40

Kanhaiya and Sona’s marriage is on the
rocks. Sona takes part in a religious ritual to save her marriage. 


Premiere episodes of Modern Homemaker air
on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.

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