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Season Finale Update On Love Oh Love Wednesday December 6, 2017

Read the interesting season finale update on Love Oh Love, for Wednesday, December 6 showing on Zee World.

At Suket’s
residence, Bhavna and Suket ask Savri to come along, but she refrains saying
that she won’t be able to welcome there, and they might even blame her only for
the kidnapping.

Bhavna asks
her not to think like that, as this is not the time to think otherwise and Avni
and her family needs their support. Savri is reluctant, but Bhavna drags her
out along with them. 

At Raj’s residence, Avni, Raj and others continue
with their search for Pooja who has been kidnapped. They take the help of the
police. Madhuri and Jashan are in front of Avni’s family, they tell the
inspector about what happened and Avni shows him the ransom note. The inspector
says that they should accept the call at any time. Just then, the phone rings
and all get tensed. He asks Raj to pick up the phone, and it’s revealed that
it’s actually Vikram, who tries to talk normally, as Vikram asks about Pooja,
and Raj maintains a calm face, as he didn’t want to disturb his father. He then
disconnects the call, and all are appalled. Raj is tensed. Avni rushes to him,
saying that life doesn’t let them be happy for long. The inspector assures them
that all steps have been taken and pooja will soon be found. The phone rings
yet again, and all get tensed. Avni picks up, and it’s Pooja’s voice from the
other end, and she puts it on speaker.
Raj and Avni’s
family sit together, along with Savri, while the kidnapper emotionally
blackmails them by making them hear pooja’s wailing voice, and after that
demands for 1 crore (10 million) in cash, and within an hour. They are all
tensed. The police manage to tries to help them in tracking the call of the
kidnapper. The kidnapper also mentions that if they were foolish enough to
bring the police or even intimate them, the will just get their hands on
Pooja’s dead body. All are shocked. Avni assures the kidnapper, that they won’t
do anything like that, and ask him for the place to keep the money and is told
to keep it near the temple in the mountains. He disconnects the call abruptly
before the police could get their actual location. All are tensed.
Savri starts
reprimanding them for being so careless especially the parents. Madhuri starts
blaming herself, while Bhavna composes her. Avni says that she is not at fault,
and then goes on to reprimand her own aunt Savri and asks if what she said is
true. Savrji defiantly says that it’s true, and she just spoke the truth. Avni
takes Madhuri’s side, and says that Savri shouldn’t say this. She says that the
truth is that she is just a witness to the drama, but not for them, and that
she is selfish, and when she wants something that the other person has, she
likes when that person is hurt or troubled. Hearing this from her niece, Savri
blames her for taking her in-laws side. Avni says that she is saying this, as
she is fed up of her irritable attitude, and why is she so selfish, and asks
how she can blame a mother like this, and asks if this is the time for all
this, and she doesn’t understand what is at stake, as to how pooja might be in
grave danger. She adds that if Savri can’t understand or help them, then she
can leave from here. Savri is shocked and hurt, and leaves in rage. Avni is
tensed. Bhavna and Suket get tensed. Avni apologises to Madhuri for Savri’s
statements while Madhuri cries inconsolably.

Outside, Savri starts reprimanding Avni and her
behaviour, on the phone in front of Pratap, when an idea strikes her, when she
pays attention to the background noise of the kidnapper’s call, and she figures
out where they have kept Pooja. She decides to go there to prove that Avni is
wrong. Inside, Raj and Jashan arrange the money, asking suket to be here only,
as the family needs his presence. As per the kidnappers order, Raj and Jashn go
with the money to meet the kidnappers.

Near the temple, Savri reaches the place which
turns out to be the house of Pooja’s real mother and finds Pooja crying as well
as seeing the kidnapper’s faces while the kidnapper leaves for the collection
of ransom money, and a lady stays behind. She identifies it as the same woman,
who she had once bribed. She is shocked.

Meanwhile, Raj and Jashan reach the temple, and
find a policeman in hiding, undercover. They assume that he is with them. When
the inspector comes and says that he got a little late, he is surprised when
Jashan and Raj talk about his agent already being there, and tells them that he
didn’t send any agents. When they turn around, where they see another policeman
hiding, they find him gone along with the money bag. They are appalled.

Meanwhile, Savri Bua immediately goes to the
house of Pooja’s real mother and goes to save Pooja, and starts reprimanding
the lady, for being so jealous, that she is ready to bargain for her own
daughter. Savri starts reprimanding her for her motherhood, saying that Madhuri
is a far better mother that Pooja’s real mother, as she is dying right now for
her girl, while she is using her own child for money. Savri tries to set Pooja
free. The lady says Savri can’t untie this girl, but Savri is defiant, and says
that she would get her free. She then throws the lady away, and frees Pooja.
Savri tries to get out with Pooja, but finds the man coming in, and she later
hits the kidnapper with a rod and he falls unconscious. Savri Bua manages to
rescue Pooja from them and even takes the money that Raj and Jashan had given

At Raj’s residence, Jashan and Raj come back
disappointed as they do not get Pooja back and Madhuri gets distraught asking
where Pooja is. All others get tensed too, as their plan is a failure. Madhuri
breaks down, but is then shocked, when she hears Pooja rushing in, calling out
to her. Seeing her, they are relieved and all the family members cheer up, as
Madhrui hugs and kisses her profusely. Pooja tells her that aunt Savri saved
her. They are surprised to learn that Savri Bua had rescued Pooja, as
Savri comes with her head hung low. Pooja explains everything, while Madhuri is
overwhelmed and thanks her profusely for this. They all thank her. Jashan too
thanks her for giving her a new life. Savri says they shouldn’t thank her, as
somewhere she herself is responsible for this. Savri says that the kidnapper
was her own mother and later goes on to tell them the entire story of how she
was responsible for bringing Pooja’s mother here and how she bribed Pooja’s
real mother. She also tells Avni that she is right, in blaming her to be evil,
as she had become terribly selfish, and she was right to reprimand her. Avni
says that she is very good, and that she speaks out of tension. Savri says that
she was right, and whatever happened was for the good, and that now she is
relieved as she got to know that Pooja can’t have a better mother than Madhuri.
All gets emotional.

Raj applauds Avni, that even in her anger and
hatred, she got her aunt Savri to take the right direction in life, and walk on
the moral path, and they became one big happy family now. Avni smiles at him.
As Madhuri prepares pasta for Pooja, Pooja then takes it to Savri, and
apologises for calling her bad aunt, and shares her food with Savri, who
happily feeds her. All smile looking at them.

In the jail, the lawyer tells Virat, that there’s
a very strong case against him, and that life imprisonment is a surety, he also
faces the fear of capital punishment. Virat is frustrated. Virat says that all
of this is due to Avni, and is frustrated at her. He asks the lawyer, that even
two murders will only give him capital punishment once, and that he would kill
Avni too. Virat’s tensed and on the other hand Avni’s smiling.

Later at night, Avni gets a dream that gets her
extremely disturbed about Raj being attacked by the goons and she feels that
something is not right and worried for Raj’s safety. Raj and Avni then hear
Arpita and Akshat murmuring about something and the two of them enquire about
the matter. Arpita finally spills the beans and reveals about her pregnancy to
Avni and Raj. Both of them get extremely excited and announce the news to the
entire family. The entire family is surprised with this news and they decide to
have a grand ‘godh bharai’ function for Arpita (Arpita’s baby shower ceremony
). Avni is scared at the ceremony, due to the nightmares, that she had earlier
in the night, of Raj being hit by a bullet, by some murderer who crashes their
party. But Raj assures her not to be tensed, as nothing would happen to him. He
leaves. Avni gets a phone call from the lawyer, telling her that Virat got the
corporal punishment. Avni is happy and relieved as she finds out that Virat has
been given a death punishment for his crime.

Raj and Avni
decide to give Arpita a picture of a baby so that she can put one of the
pictures in her room. Both Raj and Avni begin to fight with each other and they
claim their photos to be better than the other one. Arpita sees both the photos
and realizes that Raj had given Avni’s baby photo and Avni had given Raj’s.
Meanwhile, Virat who is being taken in the police van has a last wish of
ruining somebody’s life and taunts the lawyer as he is being taken away, that
he would settle one last work. As they drive off, Virat, in the van asks for
water, trying to get their sympathy, and emotionally blackmails them, saying
that it’s just a matter of a few days that he would die. He also asks for tea,
as they stop at a tea shop, and manages to carefully slide the keys on the
seat, out of the pocket of the hawaldar. As they all get down, he sets himself
free, and then manages to grab a pistol from one of the people, and forces them
all to get inside, and tie their own hands, and then takes all their mobile
phones. He then locks them inside the van, drives the van himself, saying that
he is to be hanged to death, and his last wish before that, is to ruin
someone’s life, and tells the hawaldars, that before being punished, he wants
to settle scores with Avni, who’s responsible for his ruin and condition today,
and he knows who he needs to kill today. He gets down the van, and walks off.

Arpita’s Godh Bharai (baby shower ) ceremony is
celebrated by the ladies of both Raj’s and Avni’s family. As Akshat becomes
extra careful, all tease him for his concern for Arpita and the men are thrown
away from there. Avni finds Raj and Akshat sneaking in, through the window, and
shuts the curtains, amusingly. The cast of 7
Bridges To Cross
also wishes Arpita for a healthy baby. All are happy.
Savri expresses her concern as to how seven ladies won’t be able to get an
adjustment- controlled daughter-in-law. They all point out, that they will
definitely get a wonderful daughter in-law, for their Vivaan, and they assure
Savri, that they would get a wonderful daughter.

Raj and the
men discuss as to how wonderful it is to become a parent. He then starts to
crib to Avni, dearingly, that he too wants to have a baby, and she shyly
accepts. In her excitement and happiness, he carries her in his arms, and she
is amused. He again asks for a kiss, and she is nervous of people’s presence,
but gives in, when Raj leans in on her. Savri comes there and amusingly sends
Raj out, while he is frustrated and Avni is amused.

Meanwhile, Virat stealthily approaches Raj’s
house, and overhears the celebration, and decides to convert this happiness
into grief, and asks them to live on their last breaths, as he would soon come
to finish them off.

Inside, Avni is teased by her mother Bhavna and
aunt Savri, as to what Raj was doing in the kitchen. They starts discussing as
to Arpita would have a boy or a girl, and they start discussing names and Avni
is reminisced that this is exactly like the dream that she saw. She goes out to
check on Raj, and finds his Kurta burning from one end, and he being oblivious
of it all. Then Avni reprimands him for being so careless, and she begins to
compose him. They all go inside. As the celebration continues, Bhavna is
shocked, when she finds Suket coming in with her brother, who had shunned her
years back, and she is overwhelmed with emotions, while he too apologises for
his stern and mistaken behaviour with her. She greets and hugs him emotionally,
while he presents Arpita with gifts. They all pose for a family picture, which
Jashan takes.

Meanwhile Virat doses one of the waiters into
unconsciousness, with chloroform, and then dressing like one, he gets inside,
with lots of boxes of sweets in his hands, to cover his face. He then gives
sweets to the hawaldars, and they leave. He then throws the boxes away, and
gets inside, with the pistol in his hands. Meanwhile, Avni intuitively, feels
something is wrong and is restless. Jashan sees him, from the back, and orders
him to get the food ready. Virat complies. Meanwhile, Savri clears up all the
misunderstanding between them, apologising for the way she behaved, and how she
always rebuked her.  Arpita thanks her
and says that she wishes she too had a child. Savri Bua then shows her the
filled adoption form, and says that now she is ready too to have a baby. All
are happy for her and amused.

In the kitchen, while Virat has his eyes on Avni
and Raj, he overhears them talking, when Avni apologises for scolding him, and
then says that she gets extremely tensed, whenever something happens to him.
Virat retreats the pistol, as he hears Avni professing how she is in double
pain when he is in any trouble. She leaves, saying that he is her life, and
kissing him on the cheek, she leaves. Virat thinks that Avni would be tortured
more, when he kills Raj, and she does every single day, in his memory. He then
decides to kill Raj, for this novel plan. But he finds Raj gone, by that time,
and is baffled. In the drawing room, all compliment Avni for a very successful
planning of this ceremony. Akshat and Arpita give a locket of lord krishna to
Avni, as a return gift, and she is very happy to receive it.

Outside, as Raj mingles and gives orders, to the
waiters, Virat has his keen eyes on him, but he loses sight of Raj. Then someone
orders for a glass of water from him, and Virat says that he would get it right
away, and Raj overhears this voice, and recalls it. He sharply turns around,
but is unable to recognise Virat, as he has his back turned on him. Meanwhile,
Avni interrupts him, asking what’s he doing here, and asks if he is okay. She
takes Raj aside. Avni gives the locket to Raj, saying that her safety would be
ensured by his safety. Raj asks if she is happy, and she gets tensed. He asks
her what’s the matter, and she tries hard to conceal her tension. They all go

Inside, they all have dinner, and suddenly the
phone rings. Bhavna picks it up, and the inspector tells her as to how Virat
has escaped from their grasp. She is shocked and distraught when she finds
Virat walking in, stunned. He comes with a pistol, while all are shocked. Raj
tries to get to him, but he aims him gun at Raj. Avni is reminiscient that she
saw exactly this in her nightmare. Virat says that they are all celebrating,
getting him convicted, on the day when he was declared to be hanged. Bhavna
asks him to leave, but he says that now he would do, and do with a bang, before
dying, and will give another death. Bhavna is shocked, while he says that they
will keep grieving for this person forever and will ruin their lives. Virat
adds that he can’t be hanged twice. All are shocked and appalled.

Virat comes
and points the revolver at Avni, saying that having gotten him hanged to death,
they are all enjoying here, and that he won’t let one of them live. All are
tensed. Avni begs him to kill her, as she is his biggest enemy, but not do
anything to Raj or her families. Virat taunts her for her selflessness, and
says that she won’t be dead by this bullet, as she would stay alive, so that
she can die every day, every single second, and that if he kills her, it would
be a favour on her, and he won’t do that, and hence he would kill the person
who is her life, meaning Raj, his nephew, and is shocked. Virat proclaims that
both the families will lose their son and that this is her punishment that she
lives a life worse than death. He fires a blank in the air, and then points it
at Raj, who covers up Avni, by standing in front of her. All are stunned into
silence. He shoots Raj and all are shocked and appalled, as Raj falls clutching
his chest, and they rush to him.
Bhavna is
shocked and distraught. But fortunately the bullet just passes through his
locket. Both families find that Raj has been saved by the locket, and Virat is
enraged. He again make an attempt to shoot him but this time Avni comes in
between and the bullet hits her in her chest. All are shocked and apalled.
Suket and Akshat fight with him, and the police come to take Virat away. The
ladies scream in grief. Raj keeps assuring Avni that nothing would happen to
her, while she says that she loves him profusely. All are shocked, as Avni
falls unconscious.

At the hospital, Raj and rest of the family rush
Avni to the hospital and immediately taken to the intensive care. All are
extremely worried about her and break down and are appalled outside. While all
of the family members shed tears, Raj is confident that no harm will come to
Avni and tries hard to convince everyone else and himself, that nothing would
happen to her and they shouldn’t let negativity override them. The doctor comes
out and says that the bullet has been taken out, and all are relieved. Raj then
asks if she is out of danger, and the doctor informs Raj that Avni’s condition
is extremely critical due to some internal injury. They are shocked, as the
doctor says that since the bullet is close to the chest, and has caused damage
to the left ventricle, causing intense bleeding, and they are trying their best
to locate the source and control, and repair the damage. The doctor says that
her chances of survival are very feeble. Hearing the doctor saying this, ryaj
gets angry and grabs him by the collar. He asks him to be calm, and they are
trying their level best to save his wife, and his aggression is not going to
help her. Raj is assured that they will let him know, when she regains
consciousness. The doctor leaves. All are tensed, and break down, in grief. Raj
is consoled by Akshat, while the ladies are beyond consolation.

Bhavna goes out, to the temple, and Suket follows
her, saying that they should pray together. Avni’s mother Bhavna shows her
anger towards the god’s statue that she prays to everyday and says that she is
not here for his mercy, as she has devoted herself all the time to them, and
never was selfish, but still he tormented her always, first by taking away her
son, and now he is on the verge of taking away her daughter. Suket tries hard
to compose her, but she breaks down, saying that no one can understand the pain
of a mother, when her child is dying right in front of her eyes while the lord
watches this drama. She vows that if anything happens to her daughter, she
would stop believeing in god anymore. Suket consoles her.

All wait while Avni’s condition is analysed.
Finally, the nurse
comes and says that
Avni is conscious now, and they are happy. She tells them that Avni is in much
pain, and they shouldn’t bother her by talking too much. All go inside, and are
appalled to see Avni, sleeping on the bed. Raj is distraught. He caresses her
face, and she wakes up slightly, as he calls out to her. He asks if she is
okay, and she nods. She eyes the locket, that saved Raj’s life, and he says
that this should have been with her, as it was her safety charm. Suket asks her
not to worried, as within two days, she will be fine. Avni tells him that he
can’t even lie properly, and says that she knows what’s going to happen to her,
as she can feel it from the inside. Raj assures her that she knows nothing, and
he knows that she would be completely fine, as their love won over all
situations, and now they will triumph over this too, with positivity. She says
that she loves him, and nothing is more positive than him being alive, and she
is happy. He tells her that he is not, as she shouldn’t have come in between,
and kisses her. She turns to her mother Bhawna, and asks if she did the right
thing, by being a good wife. Bhavna and all the ladies are appalled, and Bhavna
applauds her saying that it was a very brave effort.

doctor comes and says that they need to prepare her for surgery, and asks them to
leave. Avni tells him that if she doesn’t survive the surgery, she wants to
talk to him in private, for some time. The doctor agrees, while all others
break down, going outside. All leave. Raj turns away, while Avni asks why this
anger, and asks if he was in her position, he too would have done the same
thing. He breaks into tears, and she says that he saved her a couple of times,
and reminds him of all the times. She says that she too had to reciprocate, and
it was a two sided effort. She justifies, while he is appalled. She adds that
the best thing is that she is not in pain at all, as the happiness of saving
him is so much, that she can’t feel anything else and that he has to take care
of himself, if anything happens to her. He turns and says that nothing would
happen to her. She asks him to kiss her once.
He is
overwhelmed and kisses her on the forehead, while she gets emotional too. As
the two of them get emotional as it might be their last meeting, he says that
this is not their last kiss, and she should also know this, and asks her to
fight at the operation theatre, and not lose hope, for his sake, as he won’t be
able to live without her. He reminds her of their future children, and how she
had promised to give them to him. He begins to go, and she says that still if
anything happens to her, she makes him swear, that he would move on, as his
whole life lies ahead, and he should share it with someone else, and that he
won’t live alone, as if he is happy, then she is. He asks her to come back, if
she wants him to be happy, and all the love in his heart is for her. He adds
stoically, promising that if she doesn’t come back, he won’t ever be happy. He
caresses her forehead, and leaves. The doctor is about to take Avni inside, and
in front of the family, Raj says that only she can be his wife, his life and
the cause of his happiness, and no one else. Raj cuts his finger with the
scalpel, and fills Avni’s forehead with his blood, marking it as vermillion,
and Avni is overwhelmed with emotions. All are shocked. Avni is told by Raj
that she would have to come back for him, and makes her swear on it. Raj eyes
her lovingly, as she lies on the stretcher. Finally they take Avni away, while
Raj is tensed. All start praying for her.

Later, Avni stops breathing and the doctor try to
cover her face, as she is dead. Raj refuses to let him do that, shocked and
appalled. The doctor tells Raj that they tried a lot but they couldn’t save
Avni. Raj is distraught while both the families are stunned and refuse to
believe it. Raj asks him to try once more, and give her shock or something, to
revive her back, and begs him to do something, as she had promised that she
would not lose hope and would come back to him. The doctor apologises
profusely, while Raj collapses on the floor and starts to cry in front of her
lifeless body.

He asks her how can she do this, and leave him,
as she promised him, and she never breaks her promises, and says that he would
leave all his bad habits, and that he can’t live without her. He goes mad, and
berserk, as he tries to convince her, that he would do whatever she wants him
to do, and asks her to just get up one time. All of them are emotionally
appalled. Raj’s tears falls on Avni’s cheek. As he falls on her face, just then
Raj senses some movement in Avni and tells the family members. The families
sense movement in Avni’s pupils. Raj cups Avni’s face, and nudges her
aggressively to come back to her senses, and open her eyes and see him waiting
for her to come back. He asks her to live and try one more time, for his sake,
and for the sake of her promise to him. Finally, Avni wakes up, and all smile
as they are overwhelmingly happy to find her alive. Raj gets highly emotional,
having seen Avni graze by death so close, and having such a close shave. Avni
calls out to Raj, while he breaks down. Madhuri explains how miraculous it is
that Avni’s tears brought Raj back to life, and today it has reciprocated.
Arpita says that it’s the miracle of love. All are relieved and happy, while
Avni and Raj eye each other overwhelmingly.

At Raj’s residence, as Raj gets Avni in his arms,
back from the hospital, she is shy, while all compliment their love and the
power of it that brought back Avni from the shackles of death. They decide to
celebrate the power of love in a festive manner. Raj and the entire families
agree. All are happy. Raj then gets Avni to her room.

In their room, Raj helps Avni dress up in a
beautiful manner as a married woman. They both get overwhelmed with emotions.
She professes her love for him, and asks him to get ready as people must be
waiting downstairs. He says something is missing, and shows her the anklet that
he got for her, and she is overwhelmed to see that he remembers, as he helps
her wear it. She eyes him lovingly and kisses her forehead after helping her to
apply the vermilion.

Avni and Raj come down, to find the whole room
decorated, and both the entire families happily join together mixing with each
other, in the festive manner. Savri Bua says that she has a very special
surprise, especially
for Raj and Avni,
and proudly introduces her son Arjun whom she had adopted recently. They are
all happy. Yetendra too comes in just before the cake cutting ceremony, while
all are happy. He blesses Avni to always be happy, and thanks the lord, for
such a happy family’s atmosphere. All take his blessings. Suket thanks him, for
his blessings. The entire family come together and enjoy their time with each

the cake is cut, and Raj feeds the first bite to Avni, and vice versa, while all
cheer with claps. Raj says that he wants to say something to them, and want to
ask something. Avni says that they are respecting love today, but what happened
yesterday, led them to believe that life can change in an instant, and hence
they should not leave any second, to tell their loved ones how they feel for
each other, as there might just be regret and grief later on, once the moment
is gone. All agree. One by one, first Akshat and Arpita express their true love
for each other, and how their love surmounted all barriers and troubles, and
obstacles, and yet triumphed. Savri asks them to hug, and Yetendra (Avni’s
grandfather) agrees, and they comply.
Next is
Madhuri and Jashan. Jashan goes on a humorous rant comparing her to the
favorite foods, and all thoroughly enjoy it. Madhuri too excitedly says that
she loves him too much. Then Suket asks Savri and Pratap to start, and Savri
Bua excitedly goes on a rant of her love and respect for him, and he too
reciprocates. Suket on his turn says that he won’t do it here. They all go
outside. On everyone’s insistence, Bhavna starts to talk about Suket, comparing
him next to an idol of simplicity, principles and honesty, and knows that he is
not very clear to express his feelings, and is a little shy about it. As she
shyly begins to go, Suket takes her by the hand, and says that he waits for the
evening to come, as that’s the best time for him, when he comes back from
office and she waits for him, with a steaming hot cup of tea. He says that he
knows her effort, as he considers himself the luckiest man, to have her as a
wife, who idolises love, and affection.
He then goes
on to present her a rose, as token of his love for her. Savri asks him to
propose by bending on his knees. Suket amusingly agrees and proposes to Bhavna,
and they both confess their love, and hug each other. Bhavna then says that
now’s the time for both of them, as they have to play the game that they all
have planned. The entire family finally too decide to play a game of ‘pass on
the parcel. They all start playing. while Raj and Avni sit aside as they are
excluded and they are baffled and recollect their past memories of love for
each other. All of them start playing the passing the parcel game, adding that
whoever the parcel stops on, will have to share their best Raj and Avni moment.
All get
excited, especially Savri as they gear up to play. The pillow stops on Madhuri,
and she says that it’s the time, when he saw and saved Avni for the first time,
and then realised that he was in love. All have a good laugh. Then it falls on
Arpita, who says that she loved the moment when Avni got rid of her nervousness
at her Sangeet, and then went on to learn dance steps from Raj.
On everybody’s
teasing and insistence, Raj tells about their love story, Avni says that she
gives credit to Akshat and Arpita, who’s their idol. Pooja asks when did they
find out when she was in love, and Raj and Avni finally say that they never
knew how love happened, but it just did, completing the sentence with the name
of the serial, AUR PYAR HO GAYA while Avni and Raj promote cast of 7 Bridges To Cross.


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