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Thursday Update On Love Happens Episode 85 – 87

Read the interesting update on Love Happens, episode 85-87 for Thursday, December 7, showing on Zee World.

Aanya gets curious when she sees Gehna planting a
sapling in Raghu’s courtyard. She asks Janki about it, and the latter says that
it is their tradition for the bride to plant a sapling because as it grows into
a tree, so does the love between the couple.

Aanya likes
the idea and later in the night, she also plants a sapling in Raghu’s
courtyard. Janki sees this and is shocked when she comes to know that Aanya loves
Raghu. She asks Raghu about it and is stunned when Raghu also admits his love
for Aanya. However, Raghu tells Janki that he will never break his promise and
will marry only Gehna. He tells her that even Aanya does not have any issues
with his marriage. However, Janki feels very bad for Raghu and Aanya as they
were sacrificing their love.

The whole village gears for the ‘Jugalbandi’, a
competition of singing between two groups headed by the bride and groom. Aanya
also decides to participate in the event. While going for the event, Gehna
stumbles and her leg gets injured. She asks Aanya to participate in the
competition on her behalf. The competition starts and everyone is shocked to
see Aanya in place of Gehna. However, Gehna soon arrives limping and takes a
seat next to her mother in the audience. As the competition progresses, Aanya
and Raghu get emotional and both express their love for each other, leaving the
entire village in a state of shock.

anyone can raise question, Raghu and Aanya pretend as if they are performing a
play, and thus control the situation. However, Rangeela is not convinced and
tells Raghu that he will inform everyone about his affair with Aanya. Raghu
asks Bhola to stop Rangeela from spilling the beans. Raghu tells Bhola to keep
Rangeela drunk so that no one will trust him. Rangeela is surprised when Bhola
turns up at his place with bottles of imported wine. He at once realises
Bhola’s intentions and cleverly fools Bhola and makes him drink instead.

Bhola is drunk and there is nothing he can do to stop Rangeela. Aanya and Raghu
are shocked when they see Rangeela going towards Sarpanch’s house. They try
their best to stop him, but their efforts go in vain. Sarpanch is shocked when
Rangeela tells him to call off Raghu’s alliance with Gehna as Raghu and Aanya
love each other.

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