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Thursday Update On Modern Homemaker Episode 13 – 15

Read the update on the series Modern Homemaker episode 13-15 for Thursday, December 14 showing on Zee World.

Sunaina keeps waiting. Sona’s Daadi comes down where Sunaina
Devi asks if she has made Sona understand. Sona’s Daadi says she went to make
her granddaughter understand but instead she made her understand.

She adds that any decision she takes is final and she would
not change it as she only listens to her heart and that if there is anything
that could change her mind would be time. Sona’s Daadi leaves. Sunaina talks to
herself that not time but she will make sure she goes back to work. On the
other hand, Julie is walking and just then, her phone rings, she answers the
phone where a guy says she asked him to wait for him at the Library and she
didn’t come? Julie then lie that her grandmother was not feeling well and her
father didn’t re-charge her phone. The guy tells her not to worry that he would
do it for her and Julie ends the call saying her mother is coming. Julie thinks
to herself how free these guys are. Sunaina is counting cash and keeps it in
her money locker thinking she is not able to have Sona’s salary now and she
can’t afford to lose it. Sunaina Devi then decide to sells all the gifts given
to the Chaturvedis by Sona’s family, with an intention to recover her loss of,
not gaining Sona’s salary because of her decision to turn into a housewife. 

Sunaina then looks for Pappu wondering why he have not arrived and two people
come saying they had came to meet Sunaina Devi. Bindiya’s husband calls them in
and calls his mummy Sunaina. Sunaina comes there and then calls Neelam. She
asks Neelam to take out all the gifts from the Store room and everyone gather
in the living hall as Neelam brings out all the gifts. Chacha (her brother
in-law) ask what is all this? In front of everyone and Suhnaina says yes, it’s
in front of everyone and tells Bindiya’s husband that this was the gift that
Sona’s family gave for her and gives it to the Pappu guy. Sunaina also takes
the sarees and gives to the guy. Both Neelam and Bindiya are saying that mummy
is cheating them with the gifts. Kanhaiya says everyone know earlier that their
mummy switched the gifts but if mummy clears the store room, it’s now wrong.
Sunaina also gives the clothes that was meant for Dimple and Julie while Julie
asks her not to sell it but Sunaina says she is still going to sell everything
and Sona keeps looking at her greedy mother in-law. Sunaina asks how much would
they buy the apple and they pay it to Sunaina. Suhnaina thinks to herself that
Sona has to change her decision or everyone else would pay for it as she counts
the money and looks at a smilling Sona.

Kanhaiya tells Sona so what if people talk? If people talk it will go very
far away. Gyaneshwar (Sunaina Devi brother in-law) suggests Sona to follow her
heart and forth come her duties of being a housewife and adds that this talk
will end today. Sunaina Devi tells Sona to look right now as she have taken the
1 month’s salary in advance. So she will tolerate it for now, but she will not
tolerate it in the future. She further tells her to come on the right path and
arrogantly suggests Sona to rejoin her office work. Because if she start having
to explain to her, then it will be a big mess and tells her to get herself
ready. Sona stays firm to her decision of performing household chores and tells
her mother in-law that she will get breakfast ready.  
Sona steps into the kitchen. It seems like she is trying to figure out how
to work the electronic stove. Sona says such a small heater and so much food
but she don’t know how she will make it. 

Neelam gets disturbed, as she wishes to help Sona and also perform all her
activities of a housewife as she can’t stand not doing any work and that mummy
has forbidden everyone from going into the kitchen. Neelam’s husband tells Neelam,
that now she is not a housewife and request her to fulfill the duties of a wife
to serve her husband. He then tells her that his head feels like he’ve just
been shot and asks her to come and massage his head.

Sona is trying to prepare the food. Sunaiya tells the household that they
all will be left starving today as Sona will keep them all starving. Bindiya
tells Sunaina Devi that she can’t stand the sun, staying starving, and sadness
and that if she wait for the food then she will be late to the
The youngest kid tells his aunt to go ahead that she will get a lot of tips.
And then asks how will she convince his Daadi? Sunaiya tells Bindiya to go to
the parlor and adds that today she won’t take any tips from her and further
inform her to have some Kachori and Jalebi on the way. Bindiya says okay and
says that at least this way she will get good food. Bindya gets up and leaves.
Kanhaiya comes to the dining table and asks what’s the matter as it’s so quiet
at the dining table? Sunaina Devi asks her son to have patience and that his
wife is cooking something. Meanwhile, Sona is shown continuing to cook stuff in
the kitchen and says not everything is even cooked yet.

Gyaneshwar tells his sister in-law Sunaina if the breakfast
is being cooked on an electronic heater, then it will take some time. Sunaiya
lovely called him Devar, and says that’s why she don’t want their little Chiku
to keep saying breakfast and not getting anything. Kanhaiya gives the little
boy some money. Sunaiya then tells the little boy to go and eat some food with
the money given to him by his uncle. But Chili refuses his Daadi that he don’t
want to go and will eat his Sona aunt’s breakfast. Sona continues cooking.
Julie too asks her Daddy Sunaina to give her some money too, that she will also
eat outside with Chiku. Just then, Bindiya walks back in. Dimple then asks her
mom if she is going to the parlor? She then asks her mom to give her and Chiku
a lift as they will eat some Jalebis and Kachoris outside. Bindiya agrees and
tells them to come. They leave. Sunaina Devi gains Kanhaiya’s support to influence
Sona’s decision and suggests her son Kanhiaya to let’s them go into the kitchen
and they will explain to Sona to not make a huge mess in the kitchen. But
instead go to work and make a mess. 

asks her husband, won’t he have breakfast? He asks why? Neelam says just
because he didn’t go to the dining table for breakfast so she thought of asking
but he bluntly says no that he will first have this massage done and then he
will think whether to eat or not eat. Neelam thinks to herself if he stops
having this massage, even then how will she help Sona? She wonders If her mummy
finds out then she will kill her.

Sunaina Devi and
Kanhaiya walk into the kitchen. Sunaina takes the opportunity that Sona
encounters in fulfilling her duties as a housewife to persuade her to go back
to work but she is adamant in her decision that she will become a perfect
housewife and that she is her daughter in-law. She got strength and trust from
her. Sunhaiya asks if she done with her research on being a housewife? She
again asks her to leave all of this work that Neelam will do it and calls
Neelam. Neelam comes into the kitchen. Sunaina then inform her Sona has failed
in trying to become a housewife and tells her to take her out of the kitchen
and she should take over the kitchen. She then asks her son Kanhiya why is he
standing and looking at her face? She declare that the decision has been made
that Sona will be a working wife and not a housewife. She tells him to go and
drop his wife to the office. Kanhiya tells his mummy that he is ready to
understand her words, but to just let her daughter in-law get ready and then he
will happily drop her off. Sona then replied his mother in-law that she have
not accepted defeat yet. Sunaina Devi then asks if she never play a cooking
game in her childhood that now all of a sudden she have the shock to do all of
this? She says making food is a lot more than just a hobby for a housewife and
it is necessary to know how to cook to win over everyone’s hearts. Suniana asks
how long will she continue playing this cooking game?. Sona, who encounters a
difficult challenge fulfilling her duties as a housewife says this is not a
game for her but it is the duty of the housewife of such a big family and she
want to be a housewife just like her. Sunaina remind Sona that she can’t even
be trusted to get a gas, then understand going forward there is going to be no open
path for her and that as far as she becoming a housewife, then she will take
that thought out of her mind. She leaves the kitchen. Neelam says she forgot to
get something. She leaves. Kanhiaya asks his wife if she is coming with him or
should he go? Sona says if he want to do anything for her then to just get her
a gas. And if he can’t then it’s okay, he should just tell her and she will try
her best. Kanhiaya assures her that with him, she don’t have to worry about
anything. She is talking about just the gas? And he is ready to do anything for
her! He then inform her that he is going now and will get it done. He leaves. 

Darshana tells
Gyaneshwar ( Sunaina’s brother in-law) that the preparations have been amazing.
The gas finished and it’s a good thing. This food is amazing and it’s such a
yummy food. Her husband tells her to leave all of that and lovely praise his
uncle Gyaneshwar that because of him they got all this food and he didn’t know
he was such a great person. Darshana asks how can he say for sure? His uncle
tells Damad that he is like a son to him and doing all of this doesn’t suit
him. Darshana’s husband decline that he was giving him money but he wasn’t
taking it. He shut up the moment Sunaina walks in and then tells Sunaina that
his stomach is full of gas so he will go get rid of it. He leaves. Sunaina asks
Darshana what he have done? Darshana says he haven’t done anything and she is
the one who found him for her and she is suffering for it. Hearing this,
Sunaina says if this goes overboard then she won’t get a chance to tell them
both what they have done. They have to fix them up and she’ll also be packing
away. Darshana asks what is she talking about? First this whole gas problem is
such a headache and now she is saying it’s because of her and tells her mom
that her brain is so empty right now. Sunaina says with Sona both her brains
need fixing too. 

Sona walks in and
bring Gyaneshwar breakfast. He thanks and bless her. Sona also gives her mother
in-law her breakfast. Sunaina then asks if she see the time? The clock reads a
little past 12 and if she look at the watch then she will learn how to see and
if this continues to be the state of the house then
 everyone will
get their breakfast so late. She then tells Sona all this is not for her and
asks If she want her to write this outside of the house? Sona replied her that
she can’t say that and asks what have she done so far in her life that outside
that she would honor her? Sunaina says if she haven’t done anything yet, then
to do something and it’ll only suit her to work at a nice paying job. She
remind her that she is a press person and only that suits her and not in the
kitchen but Sona interrupts her asking how is the breakfast? Sunaina says when
ones is very hungry then everything tastes good. Everyone smiles. Sunaiya
starts criticizing the food a bit.

On the other hand,
Kanhiaya is searching for gas. A random person tells a random guy that he told
him already that they don’t have any gasses. The guy leaves and Kanhiaya
arrives at the same place. He walks up to the guy who stands up seeing his
arrival. Kanhiaya inform him that he was being mean on the phone and asks what
have he decided? The guy says the decision is in his hands and whatever he
punish him for, he will tolerate it but he don’t have a gas and he won’t get
any gas nearby. Kanhiya hits the guy and asks how can he say for sure? The guy
plead with him to leave him. Kanhiya asks if he is threaten him. The guy gives
Kanhaiya some money and Kanhiaya lets him go. Kanhiaya then says he’ve gotten
his senses after he choked him and in front of his eyes he found money. He
leaves happy with the fact that he got money.

Sunaina is on the
phone and She invites several guests for lunch inorder to trouble Sona. She
hangs up and again call someone to get ready as tomorrow where everyone will
comes to eat food cooked by the daughter in-law. She tells the person on phone
to bring her entire family as her new daugther in-law has come and she will eat
her food. She makes all of these calls in front of Sona. Devar ji asks his
sister in-law to forgive him and asks what was the hurry as they haven’t even
gotten the gas yet. Sunaina asks why is he worrying? Their new daughter in-law
will fulfill the duties of being a housewife well. She then makes another call. 

Neelam comes
and asks if she call her? An upset Suniana asks what is wrong with her? And
that when he call her, she’ll know clearly that she called her and tells her to
go and rest as they have a housewife. Neelam leaves. Devar remind his sister in-law
they don’t have a gas in the house, so all of this is of no use but Sunaina
interrupts him saying this is the time to see Sona’s capability and then tells
Sona that she only have today to prepare. And that tomorrow evening only about
7-17 people will be coming to have food cooked by her and during this period no
household chore should be put on hold. Devar asks his sister in-law if she is
sure about this, and asks her to think about it one more time. Suyaina replied
him that she is a housewife and knows everything. She will find a way. She then
asks Sona if she will make all of that food or want to quit? But, Sona stays
adamant on her decision and welcomes every hardship by Sunaina Devi with a
smile that she will make all the food and make sure all the relatives love it.
She further tells her mother in-law that she said the right thing that she is a
housewife and a housewife knows everything. So she will solve all the problems
of the gas. Sunaina confidently tells her that she won’t be able to do it and
there is still time to quit. She will call the ‘Halwayi’. Sona says there is no
need for that. If she has her blessings with her, then with her blessing no
work will be left incomplete.

A neighbor comes
in the house calling Neelam, Neelam welcomes her asking if there is anything in
which the neighbour says that her gas has finished and she came to see if they
had extra. Neelam explain to her that their gas is finished. The neighbor asks
what would she do now? Neelam tells her not to worry and to let her see what
she can do which Sona is watching from the kitchen. As Neelam turns, she sees
Sunaina where Sunaina pulls Neelam away. The neighbor sees Sona and identify
her as the new daughter-in-law! The neighbour then goes to Sona and tells her
that her gas is finished in which Sona too tells her not to worry. She asks the
neighbor if she have tomatoes, vegetables and bread
in her house? The neighbour asks why bread? Sona’s
neighbor then asks if she know sandwich? As she was so worried on how would she
do anything without the gas but she ( Sona ) had given her the idea. She tells
Sona that she will go back home and do Sandwich for everyone and smiles while
Sona smiles too. Meanwhile, Sunaina brings Neelam to her room and asks how many
times do she have to tell her not to do anything without asking her? Neelam try
to explain to her mother in-law but Sunaina warn her that if she repeat the
same again, her punishment would be worse than Renu and Bindiya. Gyaneshwar
(Devar by Sunaina and he is call uncle by the rest of the family) advises Sona
to beware of Sunaina’s actions and asks how is she managing things in which
Sona replied him that if a person is strong, she will be able to handle any

Gyaneshwar also explains
about the river ganga. Sona asks him not to worry as she will never break his
trust. Gyaneshwar asks that without gas, how would she cook for so many people?
Sona says preparations for tomorrow have been taken care of but the worry is
about today and that she will surely find a way for it. He asks how will she
prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner without the gas cyclinder? Sona says she
have a super plan with her Sona and however, relishes him and starts explaining
to her uncle (Gyaneshwar ) in a silent mute. He is happy with her plan and shows
thumbs up to her. Later in the hall, Sona announces everyone to listen as she
has news for them where Renu, Bindiya and Neelam come to Sona. Sona however,
announcing a fake surprise by their mother in-law Sunaina Devi to the family in
Sunaina Devi’s absence. She inform them further that all of them on handphones
and TV which means they should open their eyes and ears and listen properly to
what she is going to say and get prepared for it. All of them get excited
hearing this. Sona claps her hands and their uncle thinks to himself that if
his sister in-law is smart, then Sona is even smarter than her and she is the
right person to handle her and can’t wait for the surprise in his sister
in-law’s face and laughs.
Renu and Bindiya are also going and get prepared for the
surprise by their mother in-law. Sona then calls her husband Kanhaiya and asks
if he remember about the gas cylinder? Hearing this, Kanhaiya assured her not
to worry about it as he had called to the gas provider and if he bring the gas
cylinder today, she should remember what is balance? Sona understand he is
talking about their consummation and tells him that he is talking exactly like
a police officer. Kanhaiya decline this and says he will speak in love language
and can’t wait for tonight to be intimate with her. Sona tells him to first
understand her language, and inform him too that his mom is going to give
everyone a surprise. Kanhaiya is confused about his mom surprise without a
cylinder. He then sings a song to her about cylinder while the constables are
dancing together. Sona, who is listening to this smiles and laughs. She tells
him that he is funny at times. Neelam also tells her that she is lucky to get
him and that she must have done good in her previous life to get a husband like
Kanhaiya and then tells her to look at her own fate? Sona asks why is she
saying that? She make her understand that Udham is also good. Neelam says being
good only is not enough as there is no heart and he always only speaks of
military and even makes border in the room and this seems upset to her. Sona
says that means there is nothing between both of them? Neelam confined in
Donating that there is nothing and perhaps he don’t care about her too? Sona
asks if she have talked to him about this? Neelam smiles saying in all the
works, perhaps she didn’t found the time to do so. Sona then tells her that
they both are good people and there must be a mis-understanding between them.
Neelam says it’s just her fate and that Sona is lucky. Sona then tells her to
wait and see that Udham would love her so much one day that her life would
change. On the other hand, Bindiya is putting on make up and her husband teases
her not to apply too much on her face. Bindiya stares at him. Renu also wears a
nice saree while her husband is still selecting the right shirt as they all
for their mother surprise. Sona too is making Neelam wearing
an expensive saree and some jewelleries. But Neelam is uncomfortable and tells
her that she is only used to be simple. Sona says she need to wear it like this.
Sona further tells her that she should always get to dress like this and
to make use of today. Sona lets go of Neelam’s hair saying even a housewife’s
life needs to change. Renu meanwhile is scolding her husband that in the name
of searching for a shirt, he is ruining all her saree and asks him not to wear
any ugly shirt and come next to her. She adds that if he wear that and he
should stand with his brother. An uncomfortable Neelam tells Sona this change
is too much for her. Just then, her husband Udham comes in and is shocked to
see his wife Neelam change avatar from down to up. Neelam also looks at him not
sure of what he think. Udham then says she look like he had not seen her before
and just like a new missile’s entry. Sona laughs telling Udham that her sister
Neelam’s entry in his life is a new change. Sunaina comes to the hall and
thinks why is everyone getting excited today? Perhaps her new daughter in-law
Sona has decided to go back to office without telling her? Sunaina goes to the
kitchen and wonder where Neelam is? Even Renu and Bindiya is not seen anywhere?
Julie comes to Bindiya’s room saying that there is an important thing and asks
her mother if she remember she wanted to bring her to her beauty parlor?
Bindiya says yes and asks what is with that? Julie says there is an viewers
awards show on Zee TV and many starts are coming on it. Bindiya asks who is
coming on it in which Julie says Abhishek Bachan, SRK and many more. Bindiya
remind her daughter that they are in Ahmebad and asks how would they see them?
Julie says they can watch them on TV and she want to look like a star too. She
had also voted for her favorite star and she hope they would win in. Bindiya
also says she want to watch the Zee Cine Awards.

Sunaina comes in saying no one can hide anything from her and
that on 19th January, the remote control for the house will be with her. She
adds that not only them but all of them will also watch Zee TV awards. Bindiya
asks everyone to watch Zee TV awards too. Sunaina goes up and hears Darshana
and her husband talking about the gas cylinder in which Darshana says everyone
here are worried and her husband asks where will he look for one? He can try
looking for one and get extra money for this. Hearing this, Sunaina breaks her
silence telling Darshana, she want to speak to her son in-law personally and
she may leave to her room. Sunaina then tells him that she is willing to give
him money but he will help her. He asks if she want him to find good cylinder?
Sunaina Devi on the other hand, bribes Darshana’s husband to prevent cooking
cylinder’s availability at it residence whille he says he can’t understand and
Sunaina says he would soon. 

Kanhaiya comes him into his room and sees Sona
dressing him and says he feel like today is his suhaag raat. He complement her
that she look like a beautiful flower, he holds Sona’s hands and says the name
of the beauty is Sona. Sona asks if he forget his duty. Kanhaiya says his duty
is only for her and further tells her that she look great today. He adds that
if she go out today, the whole town will be looking at her. Kanhaiya cherishes
his affectionate time with Sona. He holds Sona’s hands while Sona looks at him.

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