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Thursday Update On Modern Homemaker Episode 39 – 40

Read the update on the new series Modern Homemaker episode 39-40 for Thursday, December 28 showing on Zee World.

gets Chicku ready for school, she brings him out and asks where his school van
is and Chicku says that perhaps the school van break down. Neelam asks him not
to make reason.

then, the van comes where all the other children tease Chicku saying that he
finally have mood to go to school. Neelam asks if he has done his homework in
which Chicku says that he has done it. Neelam is pleased as she manages to send
Chicku to his school. Govardan and Renu come down and ask for their meal
container, Neelam offers to bring it while Sona packs it in the kitchen, Neelam
pass it to Govardan and Renu. On the other hand, Julie is talking to Anuj over
the phone where she plans a date with Anuj that they will meet later. Julie
comes down to leave for college and Neelam asks Julie to eat something first in
which Julie says it’s alright. As she is about to leave, Kanhaiya calls Julie
and offers to drop her at her college. Sona is watching it and Julie thinks to
herself that Sona must have surely complained to him. Kanhaiya asks why Julie
is having problem to come with him. He tells her that it’s not safe these days
and Julie leaves with her uncle Kanhaiya while feeling unhappy. Chicku’s van
arrives at his school and Chicku refuses to enter the school. Chicku sits in
the school park and plays on the swing. Neelam goes to Darshana’s room asking
if she has any dirt cloths to wash. Darshana asks if Neelam is trying to
impress her. Neelam says no and Darshana takes out all the curtain and bed
sheet saying since she wanted to wash the clothes. Neelam looks at the clothes
and Darshana asks why is she looking at it? She reminds her that she now have
Sona as assistant, and to ask that superwoman to do this work.
sees the way Darshana treats Neelam and asks what Darshana is doing this? She
says here comes the housewife and the superwoman. Darshana tells her give her
the clothes and that she will wash it myself. Udham comes asking what happened.
Darshana inform him that his wife came and asked if there is any clothes to
wash and once she give her, she is giving so many reasons. Udham stops Darshana
and asks Neelam to go and wash all the clothes. Neelam nods her head while Sona
tries saying something to Udham not to speak like this to Neelam as she gets
upset. Sona asks Udham to understand Neelam and leaves a thinking Udham. Neelam
saddens after she expects her husband to respect and love her as she recalls
Udham’s words. Udham comes to Neelam and asks if he can help her?
Neelam says
it’s alright, that she will do it herself. Udham then tells her that he know
that Darshana made her do this on purpose but he realize that he was wrong in
understanding her (Neelam) as she is doing a lot of work and he have decided
that he will be together with her and he will try not to give her any problems.
Udham holds Neelam’s hands. Hearing this, Neelam is so happy and turns to
realize that she was just imagining and cries saying she wish if this was real.
Kanhaiya bring Julie on his bike and asks why she is so quiet? Julie lie that
she was thinking of her project. Kanhaiya asks what time is her college and
decides to go through another way. Julie asks her uncle to drop her here that
she will go on her own but Kanhaiya insist that he will drop her. He stops by
at a shop as he goes to meet a few people and Julie gets worried. Julie turns
and sees Anuj opposite the road, Anuj says that he is going to come and he
crosses the road to meet her while Julie keeps giving him signal that she is
with her uncle. Kanhaiya comes out of the shop at the same time and Anuj walks
towards Julie, he spots Kanhaiya coming and walks away. Kanhaiya asks what she
is looking around for. Julie replies that she is seeing if she knows anyone
around and Kanahiya brings Julie to drop her at her college.
rings the house bell and Darshana goes to see who it is. A guy asks if Chicku
has come back from school or not? Darshana says that he had gone to school and
why is he asking her if he has come back home? The guy says that he had brought
a letter from the school and Dharshana takes the letter. Neelam asks for who is
it and Darshana says that it’s from Chicku’s school. As Darshana open the
letter she receives from Chicku’s schools that reads his suspension and asks
how this is possible that Chicku has been suspended from the school. Neelam and
Sona are shocked. Neelam asks why and what the reason is. Darshana says that he
has been missing from school most of the time. Chicku’s suspension bothers
Neelam, Darshana and most importantly Sona. Sona thinks to herself what is
happening in this house and what will happen to Chicku’s future?
tells Neelam that she is responsible for Chiku’s suspension and that she may
have returned always to the house back before sending Chiku in the school van.
Neelam tells her that she always takes care that Chiku goes to school every day.
Darshana then inform her that she will complain about Neelam to her mummy. Sona
gets worried as to all wrong happening in the home. Renu drops down by auto and
is shocked to see Cheeku, who have been suspended from school fighting with
some children and sees his school bag and gets worried that Chiku should be at
school this time and wonders what he is doing here.

Sunaina enters the house and Darshana informs her mother Sunaina Devi about
Chicku’s suspension from his school. Sunaina is shocked and scolds Neelam that
being a housewife and Chiku’s caretaker she didn’t take care of her
responsibilities. Sona tells Sunaina that Neelam is not at fault and Sunaina
asks her to stay away from this. Darshana shouts about the restigation when
Renu returns with Chiku, she is shocked with the news of her son. Renu scolds
Neelam that she is irresponsible this and didn’t take care of Chiku and now he
is suspended but Neelam will not realize it because she herself does not have
kids. Hearing this, Neelam says that it is not so and that she always take care
whether Chiku goes to school or not. sona asks Renu to not say this but to
think of other ways about Chiku’s problem and that Chiku’s mind will be
affected by such things. Once again, Sona gets blamed for someone else’s
mistake as Renu asks Sona to stop claiming that it is happening because of her.
Renu then decides to leave her job and take care of Chiku and his studies and
for this she will resign from her teaching job.
Sunaina is
shocked to hear that Renu wants to resign and refuses Renu to quit her job. She
asks her not to do so as there are already two housewives in the house and
further says from now Sona will take care of Chiku’s study and she has to take
care that Chiku is re-admitted to school. After Sunaina Devi announces Chicku’s
responsibility to be taken care by Sona, she asks the same of Sona and she
assures her. Manohar and Govardhan are happy with the news and Renu does not say
anything and goes inside. On the other hand, Bindiya as usual doing her makeup
tells her husband Govardhan that Renu is a teacher and Manohar-  an engineer, then too they failed to take care
of their Chiku and feels happy that her Dimple and Julie are very well at
Anuj and Julie are at a restaurant where Anuj says that he realized that there
was something wrong so he didn’t come at that time and Julie is happy that
finally she was saved from her uncle Kanhaiya. Anuj reminds her that it’s now two
years of their relationship and they should be serious. Just then, Julie gets a
call from Avinash and Anuj is jealous with this. Julie talks to Avinash and
asks him to come home at times. For questioning Julie, Anuj answered that they
should know each other even more and that he (Anuj) is a very good friend and
has a special place in her life.
watches the advertisement of Zeetv’s Dramebaaz and remembers the very small
Chiku that she used to play with him. On the other hand, Sona and Neelam are working
in the kichen. Sona remembers that once Sunaina gave her the responsibility to
take care of the house and tells Neelam that she will proove herself right.
Neelam also remembers that mummy asked her to help Sona always as she is also a
housewife and asks Sona to go and teach Chiku and assured her that she will
handle the kitchen work. Sona on the other hand, gets worried on fulfilling her
responsibility of being a housewife and proove herself. Darshana and Durgesh
talks about how Chiku’s matter will be handled by Sona and that Sona will fail
and adds that the environment will be created in the house. She tells Durgesh
to be prepared to gets commission.
tells Manohar what had happened is already over and Manohar says that he should
have paid attention on Chicku. Renu comes in and taunts Manohar for being a
mechanic and Manohar give her a befitting reply that it’s the responsibility of
a mother to look after a child’s studies. Renu holds Chicku’s school bag and
Govardan asks why is she holding the bag? Renu takes out Chicku’s books and
gives to Manohar saying that he will teach Chicku from today. Manohar says that
he himself needs to study the books first. An upset Renu says that she will not
listen to anything and he will have to teach Chicku. Sona is with Chicku and
she informs them that she is going to teach Chicku from today but before that,
they need to be good friends. Chicku shakes hands with Sona and Sona picks a
book to start teaching. Renu asks if she will be able to teach her Chicku along
with all the housework. Sona asks Chicku to study and Sona say yes, she will be
able to do it and points out that Neelam is also with her. Renu tells her that
it’s difficult and that all her multi-tasking work will fail as this is not
easy. Renu adds that she should not mix studies and kitchen together and
between these discussions, Chicku gets up and runs away. Renu asks if she see
that and Sona goes behind Chicku calling for him.
opens the door and runs out while Chacha wonders where he is going. Renu comes
out and again asks Sona if she sees that? She tries to tell Sona that she will
not be able to catch him as he is her son and she will handle it. Seeing this,
Chacha tells them that there is no use of fighting among them. He tells them to
firstly go and meet his teachers, and they can know what problems he is having.
Sona agrees with Cha-cha that they will go to his school tomorrow and find out.
Kanhaiya comes home in anger and calls out Sona. He asks if Julie has come back.
And that Julie knows he was supposed to fetch her from college and when he went
there, she was nowhere to be found. He again asks if she come back home? Sona
says she has not come back and just then, Julie walks in. Kanhaiya asks where
Julie went. Julie tries to say something to her uncle but Kanhaiya shouts at
her that when she knows he would come and fetch her, and ask where she go?
Julie lie that she was waiting there but he didn’t come, so she went searching
for him. Kanhaiya is very angry and Julie’s father Govardan asks Kanhaiya not
to treat Julie like a small kid.
He says that
his daughter is really good and questions why Kanhaiya is behaving like this
after listening to Sona? Kanhaiya asks Govardan if he read newspapers on what
is happening daily. And explain to his elder brother that Julie is a girl and
asks what would they answer if anything happened? He then faces his niece that
from tomorrow, he will send and fetch her from college at the same time and
same place. Kanhaiya then asks Sona to bring him tea. The next day, Renu, Sona
and Manohar is at Chicku’s school where the teacher questions them how come
they have not cared about his education? The teacher then asks if they have not
received any of their letters.

or Renu are shocked and says that they have not received any letter and the Principal
clearly says that they have no worried about his studies. The principal calls a
handicap boy in and asks him to tell what Chicku did to him. The boy says that
Chicku pushed the boy down and Manohar says they are worry about it and to
please forgive him. The principal declares that it’s too late, but she will
give their son three days for an admission test and he has to pass the exam to
enter the school again. It’s the only chance and only three days and that she also
want to meet him before the exam and Sona looks worried as she has bitten off
more than she can chew.

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