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Twist And Drama As Shruti Kanwar Makes Entry In ‘Lies Of The Heart’

Fans and viewers of Lies of the heart should expect more
twist, drama and betrayal as the new character, Rudha, 
distant cousin 
is introduced. The role of Rudha is played by beautiful actress,
Shruti Kanwar.

 Shruti Kanwar is best known for playing the
role of Ovi Deshmukh/Ovi Kirloskar in Ekta Kapoor’s, Pavitra Rishta on Zee
Kanwar played a vital role of Radha, a distant cousin of Kanchan, Samrat’s sister-in-law
who lost her mother during her birth and more recently, her father. Shruti
enters the show at an important and interesting juncture, where Urmi has
finally filed for a divorce case against her abusive, arrogant and egoistic
husband, Samrat.
is a young, beautiful and docile girl from a small town. She hails from a poor
family and is now left orphaned with nobody to take
care of her as a result, she is brought to Samrat’s house with the sole aim of
taking care of five year old Shaurya. When she enters Samrat’s house, it’s a
never-seen-before world for her and she is in complete awe of the richness and
luxury she sees around her but since Shaurya has now left the house, Shashi
decides to make use of Radha as the new servant of the house. But Radha’s
character will unfold an interesting turn.
The show will see how the timid, village girl
Radha starts to fall for Samrat. Her fascination for Samrat grows by the day;
however, Samrat will purely consider this nave girl as an easy access at home.
Urmi and Ishaan will use Radha against Samrat in court to win Shaurya’s custody
case. A turn of events will see how Radha creates havoc in Samrat’s life as she
reveals in front of everybody in court that Samrat is her husband and their
marriage was kept a secret.
The custody drama will wrap up with Urmi
winning Shaurya’s custody and Samrat being put behind bars.

Wow! Interesting. You just have to keep a date
with this fan favourite.

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