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Wednesday Update On Love Happens Episode 97 – 99

Read the interesting update on Love Happens, episode 97-99 for Wednesday, December 13, showing on Zee World.
Raghu meets
Gehna and tells her that he is confused whether he should thank her or express
his apologies. Gehna tells him that it would have been easier if he had
informed her about his affair with Aanya earlier.

she expresses her happiness that finally Raghu and Aanya will marry each other.
Later, Aanya tells Raghu that they should go on a date. Raghu gets confused as
he does not have any idea what she is 
about. Aanya then explains to Raghu the meaning of a date and convinces him for
the same. Meanwhile, GD and Kishan are worried as their plan of Aanya and
Rahul’s alliance has failed miserably. On the other hand, Janki also gets
worried when Daadi makes it clear that she will never give her permission for
Aanya and Raghu’s marriage.
decides to wear a village outfit for the date and Gehna helps her get dressed.
Kishan finds it strange that Aanya was going out with Raghu, an illiterate
villager. However, he is shocked when Debbie tells him that soon Raghu will
become his son-in-law. Meanwhile, the whole village comes to know that Aanya
and Raghu were going on a date. Bhola decides to find a perfect place for the
couple to enjoy their time together. An excited Raghu gets ready for his first
date, but gets disappointed when his Daadi does not approve of his going out
with Aanya. However, he manages to convince his Daadi. Finally, Raghu and Aanya
set off for their date, little knowing that Daadi has decided to play a

finds a secluded place on the hills and makes a beautiful tent and decorates it
with flowers. Isha tries to woo Bhola and asks him if he can go on a date with
her, but gets irked when Bhola refuses. Aanya gets mesmerised to see the
beautiful place and thanks Bhola for everything. Bhola then leaves and assures
them that he will not let anyone intrude their privacy. Aanya then asks Raghu
to kiss her. Raghu gets nervous and tells Aanya that he can’t kiss her before
marriage. However, Aanya manages to convince him.
before they can lock their lips, Mirza and the village postman interrupt them.
Bhola soon arrives and drives them out and apologises to Aanya. Aanya again
asks Raghu to kiss her, but whenever they plan to kiss, someone or the other
interrupt them.

the other hand, Isha feels very jealous and decides to ruin Aanya and Raghu’s
date. She gets excited when she sees Daadi coming their way. She instigates
Daadi that Raghu and Aanya have asked Bhola prohibit everyone from intruding
their privacy. Bhola tries to stop Daadi, but his efforts go in vain. Daadi is
shocked to see Raghu and Aanya very close to each other.

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