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Friday Update On Love Happens

Seeing Neal with the camera, Aanya starts screaming. Victor gets suspicious when he sees Neal standing outside Aanya’s house, but due to darkness, fails to recognise him. He feels that a crook has barged in the house and throws a stick towards him which hits him hard.

Neal falls flat on the ground and loses his consciousness for few minutes. Bhola and Isha also come there and are shocked to see Neal in such a state. Hearing the commotion, everyone comes out and is surprised to see Neal unconscious. Soon, Neal regains consciousness and tells everyone that he saw Raghu in Aanya’s room. Further, he tells that he has clicked their picture. However, Aanya deliberately drops the camera and it breaks open. Later, Aanya accuses Neal of being a pervert and spying on her. Victor also supports Aanya and orders Neal to be careful in future. The next morning, everyone go out for the walk. Bhola gets shocked when he sees Rangeela and the postman coming their way.

Rangeela is surprised to see Raghu standing close to Isha, while Aanya is standing close to Bhola. Raghu manages to control the situation. However, later all of them are shocked when they see Dadi coming their way. Rabbi introduces Dadi to Victor and Victoria. Dadi gets confused with the strange behaviour of Aanya and Isha. Raghu, on the sly, tells Dadi that Victor and Victoria are a bit insane. At the same time, Aanya tells Victor and Victoria that Dadi and Janki are a bit insane. Aanya, Bhola and Isha fear that Dadi might expose their reality, but Raghu manages to control the situation. Later, while having breakfast together, Aanya and Isha decide to prepare ‘Paratha’, a type of Indian bread, for Raghu and Bhola.

Nicky also decides to make Paratha for Neal. Raghu, Bhola and Neal volunteer to help their wives. Victoria is impressed to see this. However, everyone gets shocked when Raghu loses his cool with Isha when she forces him to eat from her hand. Raghu chides Isha and tells her that it is not good for a woman to get so close to a man other than her husband! Aanya is taken aback with the sudden outburst of Raghu, but she manages to convince Victor and Victoria that Raghu behaves like this whenever they have a tiff. Later, Raghu tells Aanya and Isha that he is fed up of pretending to be Isha’s husband and no longer wishes to be a part of the contest. However, Isha and Aanya tell Raghu that they cannot afford to leave the competition now and convince him to continue. Later, Victor tells Victoria that he will judge the competitors by luring them with money. He invites all the couple to play a game to judge how well each of them know their partners. The game is won by Neal and Nicky and they are awarded with a briefcase full of money. Neal and Nicky are in seventh heaven after winning,
while Isha and Aanya feel dejected.

Later, Victor tells Victoria that he will now judge the compatibility of the contestants. He tells Victoria he wants to see whether the couples stay loyal to their partners or get lured by other women or men. On the other hand, a new couple from the city arrives in the village.

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