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Meet Leading Stars Of ‘Fire and Ice’ Premiering On Zee World Africa

Fans of Zee World Africa will be
introduced to a brand new drama series titled, Fire and Ice with the Indian name, Tashan-e-Ishq, tomorrow, Sunday, February 18.

Fire and Ice is an Indian romantic
series which follows the story of bubbly and outspoken Twinkle who falls in
love with jealous, vengeful and overprotective Yuvraj, however, their mothers
are at war. But because of her love for her mother, Twinkle accepts a proposal with
Kunj, a loving and dutiful young man.
To enjoy this love triangle between
Twinkle, Yuvraj and Kunj, follow their relationship journey filled with hatred,
love, obsession and betrayal.
The series which
stars Jasmin Bhasin, Zain Imam and Sidhant Gupta in the lead roles set in Punjab
premieres replaces the just ended
series, Love Happens.
Meet the leading stars of Fire and
Sidhant Gupta played
the role of Kunj Sarna 
 Kunj grew up seeing his father always
ill-treating his wife, so he started compensating for the same by giving his
mother the love she deserved from his father.
As a result, Kunj and his become best
of friends. However, he does not have a good relationship with his father
because of his love for money and the constant ill-treatment of people under
him. That is the prime reason he doesn’t want to join the family business, many
times he rebels against his father’s wishes.
However, Kunj is a loving, hardworking
and caring young man, whose main motive of doing things stems from his love for
Jasmine Bhasin played
the character of Twinkle Taneja
 Twinkle is a fun, bubbly, outspoken
and drama queen who is kind at heart. She is also fearless, feisty, transparent
and compassionate. Her biggest fear in life is that she will hurt the ones who
love her, especially her mother and Yuvraj.
Twinkle too has a childlike streak, and in many ways Kunj and Twinkle are the
same characters.
She is someone who falls for the big, lavish gestures but also begins to
appreciate smaller yet thoughtful expressions of love as the story goes along.
Zain Imam
played the rolr of Yuvraj Luthra
Handsome, rich but arrogant, Yuvraj loves
flaunting his lavish lifestyle. Fearless, pompous, vengeful and impulsive,
Yuvraj’s attitude to life is best described as reckless.
The twist in the tale however, is
that Yuvraj’s love is his mother Anita’s deceptive ploy to take revenge on the
Taneja family.
Yuvraj’s love seems to be a deceitful
act to disgrace Twinkle as well as her family especially her mother who he
believes made his father commit suicide.
To follow this riveting series, watch
new episodes Monday to Sundays at 6:00 pm. And you will not regret it!

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