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Monday Update On Modern Homemaker Episode 154 -156

next morning, Kanhaiya, Sunaina and Shakuntala are having their breakfast while
Sona serves them. Kanhaiya asks Sona to sit and have breakfast with them. Sona
says that she is keeping fast for the teej. Sunaina remind him that she told
him yesterday.

adds that Sona is a married woman and that’s why she is keeping the fast. She
concludes that this is to celebrate Shiv and Parvati’s Punar Milan and also to
get blessings of Shiv and Parvathi. She later says things are currenly not good
between both of them but Sona has to keep the fast since she is married.
Kanhaiya asks Sona not to fast and both Sona and Sunaina are shocked. Sona
tells him that she want to fast for their relationship. Sunaina smiles and sees
Chitrasi’s face. Sunaina asks Chitrasi, why she woke up early today and asks
her to come and have some food. Chitrasi says she is not feeling well and don’t
feel like eating anything. She then tells Sunaina that she will go and take
rest in her room. Sunaina says alright, telling her to go and rest. Sunaina
then looks at Sona while Sona nods her head.
enters Siddeshwar’s room and Siddeshwar asks where was Chitrasi as he didn’t
see her. Chitrasi says that she was not feeling well and that’s why she was
resting in her room. Siddeshwar gets worried and says he is going to call the
doctor. Chitrasi says there is no need for it and Siddeshwar says she is like
his own daughter and he can’t keep quiet when she is not feeling well. But the
saddest thing is he could not do anything to help her sad life but he is sure
she will soon get her happiness as Kanhaiya and Sona are going apart and that’s
why despite being married, they have not consummate their marriage. Chitrasi
thinks to herself that Kanhaiya will make the decision and Sona needs to always
stay away from Kanhaiya. On the other hand, Sona is decorating the mandir and
she starts feeling dizzy again, and Kanhaiya watches this. He goes to Sona, he
watches her doing work and starts helping her to decorate it. Sona asks
Kanhaiya to leave it and Kanhaiya replied that when a wife is keeping fast for
her husband, he too is worried for his wife’s health and will help her. 
Chitrasi sees both Sona and Kanhaiya together. Sona says she know he still care
and love her and that she pray that she successfully complete this fast for
them. Kanhaiya thinks to himself, saying that he want her to complete this fast
and they must be happy together. Sona prays the same to herself while Chitrasi
thinks to herself that she will not let Sona complete her fast. Kanhaiya leaves
for his work and Sona remembers something. Chitrasi comes on the way and looks
at Sona while Sona stares at her and leaves. A guy comes then from Allampur
when Sona’s Daadi had sent some pooja things (Sindoora) and Chitrasi says to
herself how lucky is she that she received it instead of Sona and vow that she
is not going to allow Sona to complete the pooja. Sona gets ready in her room
and gets a call from her Daadi while Daadi asks how is everything here. Sona
says everything is fine here as her mother (Sunaina) had came over and she is
supporting her in everything she does. Daadi says that the jodi of the
mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will surely win and she had sent over the
Daadi then asks her granddaughter if she know the meaning of the
sindoor? Sona says how can she not know it since she (Daadi) thought her all
this? And it comes from the maayka ( paternal house) where it has sweets,
sindoor and all the necessary things for a married woman and her Daadi says she
is right. Daadi further tells her to remember to collect it. Sona asks when did
she sent it since she did not receive it yet. Daadi replied that the guy who
sent it even called her and said someone collected it. She then tells Sona to
try asking anyone in the house and Sona says she will surely ask. Daadi says
she prays everything turns like how it used to be. Sona is walking looking
around, Chitrasi asks if she is looking for her sindoora? Sona says yes and
Chitrasi smiles. Sona gets angry asking if she took her Sindoora, she demand
her to return it to her. Chitrasi asks if she have ever done anything good for
her? She further asks how did she expect her to give it back to her? An upset
Sona asks to shut up and demand her to give it back to her. Chitrasi asks Sona
to look at the clock where its 6pm and adds Sona only has another 6 hours to
look for her Sindoora.
says she need to look for the Sindoor within 6 hours or she would burn it in
front of her and asks if she is prepared. Sona asks what this new drama is?
Chitrasi tells her not waste her time. Sona reply that she is ready and
Chitrasi tells her to meet again in 6 hours and see if she can look for it.
Sunaina says that they need to teach her a lesson which she will remember for
life. Sona says she’ve looked for it everywhere and she can’t seem to find it
and they are running out of time as it’s already 11.35pm. Sunaina Devi tells
Sona that the fasting will not be complete if she don’t have the sindoor.
Sunaina thinks and asks Sona to quietly go and look for it in Chitrasi and
Shakunta’s room and also in the kitchen while she will go and look for it in
Siddeshwar and his son’s room. She adds that they have to look for it together
and they will be able to search for it. Sona enters Chitrasi’s room and
Chitrasi smiles saying Sona can look for it where she wants to and Sona starts
searching for it while Chitrasi smiles. 
Sona leaves. Sunaina enters Kamal’s
room and Kamal is getting reading, Kamal asks Sunaina to sit and Sunaina says
it’s alright and looks around and finds nothing. Sona meets Sunaina and says
its not here and they continue searching. Sunaina enters Siddeshwar’s room,
Siddeshwar asks how Sunaina is?. Suhnaina looks around while Siddeshwar says
that Sunaina looks worried. Sunaina admit that she is worried thinking of old
memories and thought of talking to him. Siddeshwar tells her to treat this as
her own house. Sunaina meets Sona and inform her that she is not able to find
the Samindoora anywhere and the clock is now showing 11.50pm. Sona says she
feel that Chitrasi will win this time. Sunaina says that they will teach her a
good lesson. The clock is now showing 12am and Sona is in tears. Chitrasi comes
to Sona asking if she was not able to find it? She order Sona to come with her,
that she will show her where the Sindoora is and Chitrasi brings Sona. Sona
reminds her that she said the Sindoora is in the house but this is the
basement. Chitrasi asks if this basement is in the neighbours house? She shows
Sona here is her Sindoora, she takes a matches and lights it in front of Sona
while Sona says she can’t do this. Chitrasi blunt out that she had lost
Chitrasi is about to place the fire on the sindoora.
brings the fire closer to the sindoora. Sona grabs Chitrasi’s hands and blows
the fire off and tells Chitraasi that she can’t win. Chitrasi asks what is she
saying? She reminds Sona that its already 12am and she lost the deal. Sona
remains silent, she brings down the sindoora and asks Chitrasi to look at the
clock where its showing 12.05am. She proudly tells Chitraasi that she turned
the clock 5 minutes earlier which means it’s now 12am. Chitrasi says she is
lying right? Sona then tells her to try look around at other clocks if she
don’t believe her. Siddeshwar calls out for Deva and Chitrasi use the
opportunity to asks Siddeshwar what is the time now in which Siddeshwar says
that it’s 12am. Deva comes there and Chitrasi looks at Deva’s watch where its
showing 12am. 
Seeing how worried she is, Siddeshwar asks her what happened and
is there anything special? Chitrasi lie that she just wanted to check if the
time is correct and both Siddeshwar and Deva leaves with some files while Sona
smiles to Chitrasi showing her the sindoora. Sona asks what did she think that
only she can do tricks. Sona leaves while Chitrasi throws a pillow in anger.
Sona tells Sunaina that they have won and Sunaina asks Sona to prepare lime
water. Sona asks what is this for? Sunaina explain to her that it is for
Chitrasi and tells her do it carefully. Sunaina then says she will now see how
this Chitrasi keeps her fast while she is around and that she will not keep
quiet till then. She then tell Sona to make it faster. Sona starts doing the
drink. Sunaina thinks to herself pleading to god to forgive her as she is
trying to break someone’s fast but Chitraasi is trying to take her
daughter-in-law’s place and she will never allow that to happen. Sona gives the
drink to Sunaina and Sunaina smiles after taking it from her. 
Shakuntala asks
if Chitrasi’s alright and proudly says she is sure that her Chitrasi will keep
her fast and it will be broken by Kanhaiya’s hand. Chitrasi confidently says
that she will surely win. Sunaina comes to Chitrasi asking how is she feeling
now. Chitrasi replied that she is still not fully recovered. At the same time,
Siddeshwar and Kanhaiya enters, Siddeshwar asks Chitraasi why is she still
refusing to see a doctor? Kanhaiya offers to call a doctor and Sunaina says
there is no need for it as she’ve made this lime water and once Chitrasi drinks
this, she will feel better. Sunaina asks Chitrasi to drink it and Chitrasi who
is fasting for Kanhaiya refuses to drink this. Sunaina then emotionally
blackmail her asking if she won’t listen to her? Kanhaiya intervene that his
mummy is asking her to drink it, and she should drink it. Chitrasi then lie to
him that she don’t like lime water. Sunaina tells her not to worry, but to just
drink it and have some rest. Sunaina tries force Chitrasi to drink and
suddenly, the cup falls down and all the drinks pours down. Seeing this,
Sunaina angrily stares at Chitrasi.
Kanhaiya asks Chitrasi what have she done?
Chitrasi cunningly apologize to everyone as she had lied to all of them. She
further tells them that she is feeling well and she is keeping fast for
Kanhaiya. Sunaina asks how could she keep the fast? She points out that she is
not Kanhaiya’s wife and Sona smiles. Sunaina tried to convince her that she
know Chitraasi is sad about this but the truth is that she can’t keep this
fast. Kanhaiya agrees with his mummy dearest saying that she is right and
clearly tells Chitrasi that she have no rights to keep this fast. Chitrasi says
she know and that’s why she didn’t tell anyone that she is keeping this fast
because she know that all of them will stop her but she still think of him as
her husband. She then plead with Kanhaiya to allow her to keep this fast while
Kanhaiya stares at her. Chitrasi goes to Siddeshwar and asks him to speak to
Kanhaiya asking him to allow her to keep the fast. Siddeshwar tells Kanhaiya
that Chitrasi had not asked for anything till now and since she wants to keep
the fast, then Kanhaiya should let her keep it. 

Siddeshwar looks at Kanhaiya
and Kanhaiya says since his father said it, then to let it be. Both Sunaina and
Sona is unhappy hearing this. Chitrasi thanks Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya leaves.
Chitrasi walks past Sona and smiles. Later, Chitrasi speak to someone on the
phone saying she has ask the person not to call her, and asks why did he called
now? And that too today! Chitraasi further she don’t want anyone to know about
this and hangs the call. Sona hears this and wonders who Chitrasi spoke to.
Sona immediately informs this to Sunaina saying that something is surely wrong
and she needs to get the number of the person she talked to. Sunaina assures
her that she will try to get the number from Chitrasi’s phone and they can find
out who Chitrasi spoke to. Sona says alright and Sunaina leaves. Sunaina enters
the kitchen, she sees Chitrasi’s phone where Sunaina takes the phone and looks
at the call log and also memorizes the number. At the same time, Chitrasi
enters the kitchen. Suhaina immediately hides the phone and smiles to Chitrasi.
In order to
divert her thinking, Sunaina tells Chitrasi that Kanhaiya had not accepted her
as his wife till now but she is keeping fast for him and asks how many people
are like Chitrasi these days. Chitrasi point out to Sunaina that she is only
doing her duty as a wife and says so what if Kanhaiya don’t accept her as his
wife, but she have accepted him as her husband. Sunaina quietly places back the
phone without Chitrasi’s knowledge and leaves. Sunaina repeats the number to Sona
while Sona dials the number and the phone rings. A guy picks up the call and
Sona is shocked. Sona goes to a restaurant, she looks around and calls back the
number and a phone rings. Sona turns and looks where a guy is seated and Sona
greets him. The guy asks what type of insurance is Sona selling. Sona apologize
to him that she lied to him as she has not come to sell any insurance but she
just wanted to know a truth and the guy asks about what? Sona reply that aboout
Chitrasi and the guy is taken aback. 
The guy says he is leaving as he have
something important to do. Sona asks if he don’t want to know who she is? She
then introduce herself as Sona Chaturvedi, Kanhaiya Chaturvedi’s wife and the
same Kanhaiya whom Chitrasi married while they are small. The guy asks if she
is living with Chitrasi and her family? Sona says yes and asks how did the guy
knows Chitrasi? The guy reveals that he has been in a relationship with
Chitrasi and adds that he loves her while Sona is shocked. The guy tells Sona
not to mistaken him. He inform her that his name is Madhav and that he live
near Srirampur. He adds that he love Chitrasi and she loves him too but he
could not propose to her as he have no money. He continue that he wish if he
had more money so that he could start hislife with her and that because of his
situation, Chitrasi is not with him. Sona says this means he can help her. 
Madhav asks what help? Sona says she will give him money so that he can get
Chitrasi where no one will come in between of her marriage life and Madhav will
also get Chitrasi. Madhav smiles and says sure and asks what will he do? Sona
asks Madhav to say the truth in front of all the family members. She further
asks Madhav to come to the house and reveal about his relationship with
Chitrasi in front of everyone. Later in the night, while everyone is praying
for the teej pooja, Sona looks at Kanhaiya, she takes the water from the mandir
and brings it close to her ( Sona’s ) mouth to end her fast and Sunaina smiles.
Seeing this, Chitrasi then pretends to faint while Kanhaiya grabs her.
Siddeshwar asks Kanhaiya to give Chitrasi the water. Shakuntala smiles and Sona
looks at Sunaina that they have been defeated and have to do something. 
Kanhaiya brings his hands to give the water to Chitrasi, Sona takes the water
from his hands and gives the water to Chitrasi and sprinkes some water on
Chitrasi’s face. Chitrasi opens her eyes, she sees Sona and is shocked to see
the container in Sona’s hands and Sona smiles. A concern Deva tells Chitrasi,
to go to her room and rest and adds that they will send food to her room. Just
when Chitrasi is about to leav,e someone knocks on the door and it’s turns out
to be Madhav. Sona and Sunaina smiles to each other while Chitrasi gets scared
looking at Madhav.

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