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Saturday Update On Modern Homemaker Episode 150 -152

Sona prepares herself to leave the house and walks down with her bag
while Siddeshwar tells Kanhaiya that he could change his decision if he
want to and that he will manage the rest in the house. Kanhaiya decline
his Babuji, that he have made a decision and this is final.

sees Sona carrying her bag walking down the stairs, he goes to help her
and Sona shows her hands asking Kanhaiya to stop. She says its alright,
that she will need to learn to be independent after this.
looks at Siddeshwar, she walks towards him and takes his blessings while
Siddeshwar stands still. Sona walks to Deva, Bheema and Kamal and all
three of them looks away. Sona carries her bag and the song Pyar Humko
Bhi Hai from Chalte Chalte plays in the background while Sona looks at
Kanhaiya recalling their old moments together.

Sona turns away
and stops in front of Chitrasi while Chitrasi signals Sona to leave. She
stares at Chitrasi and Shakuntala. Sona walks to the mandir and
remember her prayers with Kanhaiya in the house after their marriage.
She prays in her heart that when she came into this house, she never
thought she would have to leave like this and if this is what God have
decided, she agree and plead to their goddess to save this family and
house from any problems. Sona wipes her tears and as she walks, she
recalls how she entered the house after the marriage. She looks at
Kanhaiya one last time and carries her bag walking towards the main
door. Sona places her bag down and opens the main door to leave, but
just before she does, Sunaina Devi arrives at their door step and Sona
is surprise to see her standing at the door step smiling to Sona.

Sona call out to her as mummy, she takes Sunaina’s blessings and Sona
is about to say something but stops and carries her bag to leave.
Sunaina who smell something fishy asks Sona, where is she going at such
late night? Kanhaiya runs towards his mummy dearest Sunaina and hugs her
while everyone else watches in disbelief. Kanhaiya asks his mummy where
had she went? He says she didn’t inform anyone including him and also
informs her that they searched for her everywhere. Sunaina asks if he is
interviewing her now and tells him to let her breath first. She promise
to tell him everything but to tell her where Sona is leaving at such
late night? Everyone keeps quiet hearing this. Kanhaiya tells her that
Sona is leaving the house and Sunaina asks why is she leaving the house?
Shakuntala says she will tell her and informs her that Sona tried to
kill her daughter. Sunaina is shocked and looks at both Kanhaiya and
Sona. Kanhaiya asks his mother dearest to forget that and introduce her
to Babuji ( his father) and his brothers.

Kanhaiya is about to introduce
Chitrasi and stops while Sunaina watches. Shakuntala blunt out that she
is Siddeshwar’s in-law and this is Chitrasi, the daughter-in-law of
this family and that she is married to Kanhaiya during childhood.
Sunaina asks childhood marriage? Siddeshwar asks what would he say as
somethings is not in their hands and it’s god’s game that Munna was
married to Chitrasi when they were small and when they meet Kanhaiya
again, he was already married to Sona. He further inform Sunaina that
Chitrasi then backed off and gave the status of Kanhaiya’s wife to Sona.
But Sona didn’t appreciate it and she started feeling insecure. She
started hating Chitrasi and today, it has went over the limit. Sona deny
to mummy and explain to her that, they are all mistaken as she have not
done anything like that. She asks if Sunaina believe her. Sunaina asks
Sona to keep quiet and further asks if she should listen to her or
believe what she is seeing? Sunaina adds that she know very well what
Sona is capable of doing and reminds her that didn’t she try to take
Kanhaiya away from her? Sona is shocked and Chitrasi smiles.

looks helpless and carries her bag to leave but Sunaina stop Sona
addressing her as her daughter-in-law. Suhnaina tells Siddeshwar that no
one else knows Sona as well as she do. She very well know Sona can do
anything very easily and apologize to him as she should not be
intefering in his family issue and plead with him to allow her to say
something. Sunaina tells him if Sona leave the house at this time, what
would people think? She adds that this house is not far from the police
station and everyone would blame everyone and that these days no matter
how bad a daughter-in-law is, people only blame the in-laws. She says
Sona could leave the house and make a police report against all of them
and that she is asking him to think before doing this and she won’t say
anything else. She asks him to do what he think is best for him. Sunaina
then face Kanhaiya that she thought he is smart and being a police
officer, didn’t he think of all this? She asks him what would people say
if a lady leaves the house in such late night? Suhnaina looks to
Siddeshwar and says because of the love she have for Kanhaiya, she came
here as this is the first time she is staying away from him and if
Kanhaiya comes home even a little from the police station, she will keep
waiting at the doorstep thinking why he is late.

Sunaina further says
she is sorry if she said anything wrong as this is his ( Siddeshwar )
family issue, and to do what he think is right. Kanhaiya says Sona isn’t
leaving anywhere and she will stay here based on what his mummy said.
Everyone is shocked and Sona smiles. Deva bluntly says she can’t stay
here, and she has to leave right now. Siddeshwar asks Deva to keep quiet
and not say anything. Siddeshwar tells Suhnaina,that after listening to
what she said, he feel that she is right. He thank Sunaina for arriving
at the right time and stop him from making any wrong decision. He
address Sona as his daughter-in-law, stating that she is not leaving
anywhere and she can stay here. Sona thinks to herself that she don’t
understand if she should be happy or feel sad as one said she is happy
that she will not stay away from him and on the sad part, he don’t trust
her anymore. But at least she get to see him. Kanhaiya is in the room
sleeping on Sunaina’s lap asking where she went without informing him.
Sunaina says she never even dream that he will go so far from her and
that’s why when this house was sold, she was not able to say anything to
him. Kanhaiya says this means when she sold this house, she knew she
was selling it to his Babuji? Sunaina says no, she didn’t know about it
but she only knew it after selling this house as Sona informed her and
that is why she came to meet him. Kanhaiya says how come he didn’t know
this and Sunaina asks him to forget it, and state that she is here to
spend time with her son Kanhaiya.

On the other hand, Shakuntala is angry
in her room saying from where did this old lady came from? She adds
that only if she had came later, Sona would have left Kanhaiya’s life.
Chitrasi tells her mother that she is giving up so fast and to learn
from her. She further tells her mother that the game which she is
playing needs to be played slowly and she will use Sunaina Devi to get
her rights. Shakuntala asks if she think she is smart? She asks
Chitraasi how is Sunaina useful for her by coming to this house?
Chitrasi reminds her if she didn’t see how angry Kanhaiya was and when
Sunaina came and stopped Sona from leaving, he listened to her.
Shakuntala says so what with that? Chitrasi says if she win Sunaina
Devi’s heart, she will also win Kanhaiya’s heart. Shakuntala asks if she
have forgotten that Sona will also be living in this house? A proud and
confident Chitrasi says its very easy to defeat Sona as she have
already lost.

Kanhaiya tells Sunaina that he loves and respects
her ( Sunaina) more than his own mother and he can’t live without her.
Sunaina cries saying no to Kanhaiya, that this is no longer her house.
At the same time, Chitrasi enters saying this house is hers and that she
is also one of the family member. She adds that she may not have given
birth to Kanhaiya but she took care of him and everyone knows her as
Kanhaiya’s mother. Chitraasi further says she too want her to live in
this house and she is sure everyone would also agree to this. Shakuntala
says she second that and everything is happening as per fate otherwise
Sunaina would have got a daughter in-law like her daughter, Chitraasi.
Sona brings food for Sunaina and everyone looks at her. Sunaina looks at
Kanhaiya and says she know Sona but she never expected her to come down
to this level and she will not be forgiven for what she had done.
Kanhaiya looks at Sona and when Sona looks back, he looks elsewhere.
Sona enters her room with tears re-calling her once mother-in-law
Sunaina’s words saying that she knows Sona well as Sona had tried to
snatch Kanhaiya away from her. Just then, Sunaina comes to Sona’s room
asking Sona what have she done? And adds that she is surprised. Sona
turns and looks at Sunaina wiping her tears. She walks to Sunaina saying
she know that she (Sunaina ) would not believe no matter what she say
now but to trust her, that she did nothing wrong.

Sunaina walks in and
opens Sona’s packed bag, she takes out Sona’s sarees from the bag and
seeing this, Sona is shocked. Sunaina Devi then asks Sona if she is
going to keep back all her sarees in the cupboard or is Sona going to
help her in putting it back? Sona is surprised and call out to her
addressing her as mummy. Sunaina asks Sona what she thought that she (
Sunaina) never saw or heard anything? She know who is right and who is
bad. She reminds Sona that she had done many bad things to her before
and she can clearly see who is wrong and that she can obviously see that
Chitrasi and her mother is acting to be good. A surprise Sona again
call out to her as mummy. Sunaina asks how long Sona know her that she
think she ( Sunaina) is not smart? She wipes Sona’s tears saying she
know that Sona have a very good heart and she would never do anything
bad to anyone and she trust her more than herself. An emotional Sona
hugs Sunaina crying as she finally realize that her mother-in-law
dearest trust and believe in her.

Sunaina console her to stop
crying and wipes her tears. She assured Sona that she will not cry
anymore and they will make Chitrasi and her mother cry. She then asks
Sona to now tell her what is all the problem about? Sona explains on
everything that have happened and everything that Chitrasi had done
against her. Sunaina says this is the mother and daughter’s dirty plan.
She then tell Sona to just see how this mother and daughter ( Suhnaina
and Sona ) defeat that mother and daughter ( Chitrasi and Shakuntala ).
Sunaina asks Sona if she will be with her mother, she forward her hands
out to her hand and Sona places her hands on Sunaina’s hands and nods
her head with both of them joining forces to defeat the villains.

Moment later, Sunaina is watching the family album, she sees Kanhaiya
coming down and immediately signals Sona. Sunaina pretends to be crying
and Kanhaiya asks what happened to his mummy dearest? He further asks
why did she look sad? Sunaina says she was seeing the old photos and
missing how things used to be. She asks Kanhaiya to sit along to see the
album together while Chitrasi watches this from far. Kanhaiya asks his
mother where everyone is? Sunaina replied him that Govardan and Manohar
have shifted to Banaras, Udham got his transfer to Rajastan and Neelam
followed along. She then shows him Udham and Neelam’s wedding photo.
Chitrasi tells Sunaina that she have such a beautiful family addressing
her as mother and Sunaina looks at Sona. Sunaina then flips to the next
page and tells Kanhaiya to look at his wedding photo. Hearing this,
Kanhaiya looks at Sona and remains silent.

Chitrasi calls Kamal,
Bheema and everyone else to come and have their meal to divert the
topic. A guy walks in with a powder telling Sona this is the powder she
asked for. Sona then asks Sunaina if she can keep the powder in her room
and Sunaina bluntly replied if she want to place it on her head? She
order her to go and keep it in her room and Kanhaiya watches while Sona
leaves. Chitrasi in her room is saying that Sunaina is showing the
photos to Kanhaiya trying to bring back the old memories and that too
only good things. She agree with her mother that she is right, she says
she need to end Sona’s chapter and she need to do something fast to get
into the good books of Sunaina as if she impress her, Kanhaiya will like
her. Shakuntala asks if she have think on what she is going to do and
Chitrasi smiles. Chitrasi comes to Sunaina’s room, she sees her in the
washroom and thinks that its good that Sunaina is in the wash room as
Kanhaiya saw Sona bringing the powder to keep in the room and this will
make her job easier. Chitrasi takes the powder and mixes different
powder into the powder container and says the fun starts now as Sunaina
will come and use this poweder and start doing disco dance and that the
blame will be on Sona. Sunaina takes the powder and on the other hand,
Shakuntala is also in the room applying powder and asks her daughter
Chitrasi for help to apply the powder on her back. Chitrasi applies the
powder for her mother and Shakuntala asks how come Sunaina have not made
any noise yet? Shakuntala suddenly starts to feel irritation and
Chitrasi says that her hands are also irritating. Shakuntala and
Chitrasi runs to wash the powder away. Chitrasi tells her mother that
she don’t know how this happened as she herself mixed the irritation
powder in Sunaina’s powder container.

Sona looks at Sunaina and a
flashback is reveal where Sunaina is about to use the powder and Sona
stops her on time saying that she just saw Chitrasi walking out with a
powder packet and she is sure she must have done something. Sona looks
at the powder container and puts some powder on her hands and feels
irritation. She alert Sunaina that they had added irritation powder in
this container and tell her not to use it. Flashback end to present,
Sunaina smiles to Sona and walks to Shakuntala asking what happend to
both of them? Shakuntala reply Sunaina that it looks like their powder
has spoiled and Sunaina asks them to always check the expiry date before
using. She then offer to give Shakuntala her powder, that she can use
it but Chitrasi refuses that its alright. Sunaina says it’s alright as
it looks like both of them are in pain, she asks them to come to her
room so that she can give them some medicines and Sona smiles watching
it. Sona walks to Chitrasi and pretends to feel sympathy for her and
asks if they are fine? She asks Chitraasi if she think they both can
always do things and keep winning? She then inform her that she saw her (Chitraasi ) leaving mummy’s room and she thought that if she (Chitrasi ) went inside, then something is wrong and when they both left
the room, she exchanged the powder.

Sona smiles and leaves while
Chitrasi is in anger as Sona defeated her in her own game. Sona is in
the room telling Sunaina that if Chitrasi’s plan had worked, she (Sona)
would have been blamed again. Sunaina proudly remind her that she have
defeated Chitraasi. Sona says that till now, Chitrasi real face is not
out and Kanhaiya is still angry with her and that he is not even talking
to her. Sunaina assured her not to worry that everything will be fine
as she is here, Kanhaiya will surely talk back to her and they will fix
everything together and her Kanhaiya will be back with her. Sona smiles.

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