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Thursday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 10 – 12

Manohar’s wife is handling the decorations of the party, Manohar
comes there and tells his wife that he want talk to her. On the other
hand, Twinkle thinks she don’t know if Yuvi have even eaten anything, he
called his friends for support, she enters the farm house to see a wild
party going on along with Yuvi dancing with girls and enjoying the

Yuvraj sees Twinkle and call everyone’s attention, he says this
day is important, and they must be thinking the reason for this party.
He called them all as Twinkle and Yuvi have break up, he want all of
them to enjoy, to dance and have fun. One of Yuvraj’sfriend ask what is
he saying and asks if he is joking? A drunk Yuvraj says he have become
joke but now he is free and that’s why he have throw this party and he
is happy. Twinkle is in tears and shock to hear this from her love.
Yuvraj adds that there is no more Twinkle and Yuvi, and that they are on
separate paths and finally they did something right. Twinkle is shocked
and hurt, Yuvraj opens a champaign bottle, and all his friends leave as
Twinkle breaks a bottle and says she was thiking about him the whole
night and he is busy partying here. Yuvi asks if she want him to become
Devdas and sing sad songs for her? He reminds her that she wanted to
break up with him and it was her decision and asks if she will also
decide how he should behave after break up. Twinkle says she just refuse
to elope, she didn’t ask for break up, but he did it. Yuvi tells her
that he asked her to choose between him and her mom and she chose her
mom, and now he will take his decisions. Twinkle asks if he is happy
now? Yuvraj says yes that he is enjoying his life. Twinkle ask if this
is their final break up and will he be able to live without her? Yuvi
says yes. Twinkle says okay and fine, she then reminds him that he ends
everything and nothing matters to him. She leaves Yuvraj farm house.

Manohar brings his wife in the room and locks it, she gets afraid and
moves back, Manohar says it’s been years with him but she is still the
same, illiterate adding that she can’t do anything right, and she don’t
know his taste even now. He further says she used to be foolish and
still the same. She cries as her husband keep insulting her every now
and then. He tells her that this party is very important for him as
everyone will see his status, the media will come and asks if she want
to destroy this day? He shows her genda flowers and point out why she
chose these down market flowers? He inform her that he want orchids and
white lilies only and to be thankful that he is just throwing the
flowers down, as he have become great Manohar Sarna but she have no
class, and can’t even compete with high class people and also complain
that she make her son Kunj like her and asks where he is? She replied
him that he is sleeping and assured Manohar that Kunj will come to the
party. Manohar reminds her that Leela is coming to see him, and warns
her that if anything happens then she and her son will bear the
consequences. He leaves while his wife thinks that she have to do the
decorations from start again and swear that she will not give him chance
to complain now.

While Twinkle is going back home, she recalls
her time with her Yuvi, while Khoo Gya Ghum Ho Gya song plays in the
background. Everyone are waiting for Twinkle, a worried Leela says she
don’t know where Twinkle is. Pinni suggests they should leave for the
party. At the same time, Twinkle comes in and tells her mother that she
is ready for the marriage. Leela is surprised and ask if she is saying
the truth or is this her new drama? Twinkle hugs her and says she mean
it and that she is not doing any drama adding that they all can leave,
and she will come after getting ready and also promise to be there.
Leela thanks God that he finally hear her prayers. Since Manohar Sarna
throws a very grand party at his house, the media talks to him that his
elder son Anand Sarna is on holiday with his family but his younger son
Kunj is here, he is eligible bachelor and asks if they can meet him.
Manohar replied them that he will be here in a minute, he goes to his
wife, brings her to a corner and ask where Kunj is and didn’t he get up
yet? She then inform her husband that he went to do charity. Manohar
gets upset and says he doesn’t know what’s happening in the house that
Junk went to do charity, and asks her to call him and to inform him to
come right now. However, a guy is shown stealing something and running
away, people runs behind him, that it’s asthma pump he had, people
catches him and starts beating him, an old lady comes there and tries to
stop those people as she knows they are beating the wrong guy. Kunj
sees the old lady getting jittery for asthma pump and Kunj fights with
those people in order to save the old lady.

Kunj gets up, gives
the asthma pump to the old lady, and the old lady explain to the people
that he is not a thief but he only took the pump from the thief and was
coming to her. Kunj drink a bottle water and pure some on his head and
he leaves from there. Just then, his mother calls him and ask where is
him? He says he is coming home. Manohar is welcoming the guests, Anita
also comes there and says everyone are gossiping about him, praising him
that she used to give big parties but he beat her to it. Manohar tells
Anita that he have hear alot about her. At the same time, Leela and her
family comes there. Anita says they have both friends and enemies and he
know jealousies are part of game but she is here to do friendship, and
he should ask Leela how good she is with friends. She cunningly hugs
Leela and reminds her that she have only 4 days for her challenge asking
who will marry her daughter. She says her son Yuvi must be comning and
she leaves. Manohar happily ask Leela if she is fine? Leela says
everything is fine, and they are not cheap like Anita. Manohar ask about
Twinkle, Leela says she was getting ready so she will come later. Pinni
comes in the party and says all ladies will be jealous of her, and
again she finds the old lady Preeto wearing same earrings as hers.
Twinkle’s grandpa comes to Preeto and tells her about the same earrings
with Pinni. Preeto ask what to do now as there are duplicates available
in market.

Kunj comes back home, Manohar takes him aside and ask
where was he? He scolds him that he just always do mistakes, and reminds
him that there are many ministers here and he don’t have time to listen
to his rubbish as all guests want to meet Kunj Sarna, son of Manohar
Sarna, asking to look at himself as even his servants are more better
than him, pointing out that he ( Kunj ) and his mother just insult him
everytime. Kunj get furious and politely ask him not to bring his mom in
all this. Manohar ask him to lower his eyes when talking to him but
Kunj does not. Manohar is about to slap him but his wife stops him and
told him that she will bring Kunj to the party. Manohar tells them to
come fast else his hand will be raised. Manohar leaves angrily. Kunj ask
his mother, why she sto’p him? He angrily tells his mom that he don’t
like the way his dad talks to her and she reminds him that he is her
husband, Kunj asks if he will not respect her? She asks him to leave it,
and reminds him that he promise her that he will respect his wife. Kunj
says he will and he leaves.

Moment later, Kunj enters the party
in tuxedo while Leela thinks he will look great with her Twinkle. Just
then, Twinkle comes to the party, she loses balances and is about to
fall but Kunj holds her at nick of time, both look at each other, Sajna
Ve song plays in the background. At the same time, Yuvraj comes in and
sees Twinkle and Kunj together and he looses his mind. Twinkle gets up,
Kunj holds her hand and spins her, she sees Yuvraj and pulls her hand
back. Some ladies ask Kunj if he will do arrange marriage or love?
Manohar immediately speak for his son that it’s arrange marriage adding
that he will marry where he want. Chinki comes to Twinkle and says she
must have patched up with Yuvi, but Twinkle is sad. Manohar tells Kunj
that he have selected Twinkle for him and asks him to meet her. Anita
brings Yuvi there. Yuvi tells Manohar that he is from classy family like
them. Manohar leaves, Kunj calls the waiter and offers Yuvi juice. Yuvi
refuses claiming that he don’t drink these, adding that he is grown up
so he like alcohol. Kunj replied him that with alcohal one loses senses.
Twinkle comes there and agrees with Kunj that he is right, one doesn’t
know what he is saying, and that Kunj is like her and it’s good as they
are going to get marry. Yuvraj looks on hearing this from her.

Twinkle tells Yuvraj that Kunj and she are getting married, and at same
time, the media comes there and says there are three kids of famous
families of Punjabi, Twinkle Taneja, Yuvraj Luthra and Kunj Sarna and
they will ask them about love. Twinkle tells the reporters that love can
go from ones life but the wound will never leave ones life, as two
people come together, see some dreams and then part ways, adding that
it’s only memories that remains with him. Yuvraj looks at her and she
leaves. Twinkle is in washroom, she recalls how Yuvi asked her to leave
him, and how he said that he is happy without her. She cries. Yuvi comes
there, she is stunned to see hi. and ask him to leave, he holds her
while she politely tells him not to touch her, as he have already said
that he have no feelings for her and asks him to leave. She then declare
to him that she have no feelings for him too. Yuvi is shocked to hear
this, he sit on his knees and apologize to her but she pushes him away
and ask him to not hurt her more. Just then, Anita comes outside and ask
Yuvraj if he is inside. Yuvi says yes that he will come in a minute and
asks his mom to leave.

Anita leaves. Yuvi tries to convince Twinkle
that he can’t live without her, he realized that he can’t handle himself
if she get married to someone else, and he did all that as he was hurt
for choosing her mom over him. Twinkle also tells him that she was hurt
too but she came to him to solve everything. Yuvraj says he don’t know
what he said in anger, and again apologize to her. Twinkel appraise him
that he is great that when he want he can break up and when he want he
can patch up. A flabbergasted Twinkle clearly tells him that she can’t
forgive him this time, and that it’s over. Yuvraj is hurt. Just when
Twinkle is leaving the washroom, Yuvi breaks a glass, put a glass piece
on his pulse in order to scared her but she asks if he think he will
change her mind with this drama then he is wrong. Yuvi says he is
serious, and threatened to hurt himself. Seeing that she is not taking
him serious, he starts cutting his hand, he tell Twinkle that he hurt
her so he have to get hurt now too and till she don’t forgive him, he
will keep hurting himself. Twinkle takes a glass piece from him and
finally says she forgive him as she can’t see him in pain. He says even
him can’t bear to see her in pain, both hug each other, Tashan e Ishq
song plays in the background. Twinkle ask what will happen now that she
said yes for the marriage. Yuvraj asks her not to worry, reminding her
that she made 49 guys runaway and now it’s time for 50th guys.

comes at the door and ask Twinkle if she is inside? Twinkle says yes,
that she will come soon. Since Twinkle and Yuvraj are both in the same
bathroom, little do they know that their mother’s will come looking for
them. Anita comes there and claims that her son is inside and question
what Leela is doing here? Leela spark back that her daughter is inside,
and Anita is saying that they are together as they hate each other. She
suggests Anita to see who is inside, and ask Twinkle to say hello.
Twinkle is shocked as she is worried that she must not be seen with
Yuvraj. Anita ask Yuvi to say something and he is also silent too. The
moment Twinkle opens the door, Anita is shocked and calls out Twinkle’s
name? In order to defence herself, she says she talked to Yuvi 2 minutes
back. Leela, who knows how troublesome Anita is shout at her to stop
her drama. In order to proof that she is not lying, Anita goes in to
check but she doesn’t find Yuvraj there and sees his message on phone
that he is in the party, she leaves rightaway to look for him. Leela
finds the washroom glass broken and wonder how it happened. At the same
time, Manohar comes there. Twinkle feels embarrassed and tells him that
it got broken by mistake as well as apologising to him. Manohar who sees
Twinkle as his lucky charm says it’s okay and leaves with getting upset
with her. Twinkle looks at the window and leaves. Yuvi thanks Chinki
that she opened window and took him out.

Later, the priest is
checking the Kundli’s ( horoscopes) of Kunj and twinkle. Twinkle prays
that it should not match, and the priest shockingly speak up that he
have not seen horoscopes like this and declaring to them that it’s
matching greatly and perfectly adding that it’s like they are made for
each other. Manohar immediately says she like Twinkle so they should
finalise this relationship. Leela, who is extremely happy that her
dreams of getting her daughter married to a rich family says she have no
problem too. Twinkle’s uncle Raman tells them to make the girl and boy
meet too. Leela then says it’s a waste of time as they have already met
in the party. Twinkle thinks she is her mother, she knows if her mom
asks her to meet him alone then he will run away. Manohar says he think
they should talk alone, as they will become comfortable. He ask Kunj to
go and Kunj leaves with Twinkle.
As Twinkle and Kunj are sitting
in the room, she thinks that she should start, and asks if they will
stay silent? She tells Kunj that she will start, and suggests them to
start with hobbies. She tells him that she have only 2 hobbies that is
to make poor eat and before she can tells him her second hobbies, Kunj
interrupts her and says he have only one hobby claiming that is girls so
that Twinkle can turns down his proposal. She is surprise. He continue
that the girls must be hot, he shows her video of some girls rampwalk
and she is shocked. He adds that this is his morning alarm and further
her that he will show her something, he brings girls magazines to her
but Twinkle moves away.

He shows her dupatta and says it’s of Tina, she
left club at night, he think it’s of Laveena but he is a bit confused. A
confused Twinkle asks him how many girls come here? He says he don’t
count, adding that his philosophy is simple that just enjoy life, and
compliment Twinkle that she look good while blushing. He purposely pulls
her to himself and makes her sit on his lap in order to frightened her
the more, telling her that he will change after marriage. Twinkle is
stunned and leaves. Kunj laughs at her, opens his diary and looks at the
picture of his girlfriend Alisha, whom he loves so much, talking to
Alisha’s picture that he did all this for her and he had to do
characterless things with Twinkle for her, asking her to just say yes
and make his life soon, he then expresses his love to Alisha’s picture
that he love her.

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