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Friday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 74 – 76

Raman and Leela are on there way to Surjeet and Anita engagement,
Raman tells Leela that they should not go for the engagement as Anita
will think that she won if she sees them there and also Yuvi will be
Leela tells him to think about situation and says they have to go
for Twinkle as she doesnt want Anita to annoy her, so she will attend
with fake smile as she don’t want to give Anita one more chance to taunt
Twinkle, and she will do what Anita want and they don’t have any

At Sarna House, the engagement ceremony starts and
Surjeet welcomes everyone and then informs everyone he is the new CEO of
Sarna industries, and that it means all property and business of
Manohar is now his. Manohar looks on tensed. Surjeet introduces Anita as
his new business partner and says his beautiful, gorgeous Anita will
celebrate this happiness with him, and that she is not only his business
partner but she is going to his life partner too, he asks them to
please welcome Anita. Anita comes there. Surjeet says today is their
engagement and he will be marrying Anita soon. Surjeet says he will be
marrying Anita soon. Twinkle tells Kunj that Anita has so much hatred
and cheat feelings behind her smile and adds that Anita true face will
reveal very soon. Kunj says she is talking as if she know magic and asks
when she will do the magic on Anita, as they will blurt out the truth.
Twinkle tells Kunj she have already done magic as she has already mixed
the whole medicine in the drink and when she drink that juice then she
will herself tell the truth.

Twinkle tells everyone to excuse her and
announces that as it’s a special day for Anita and Surjeet today, she
made a drink for her aunt and uncle and asks the waiter to gives them
but before they can drink it Raman tells Anita that this is wrong when
her guests are waiting for wine and she want to drink it. Anita gives
the drink to Raman and he drinks it. Both Twinkle and Kunj are very
unhappy as there plan has failed as the truth medicine was mixed in the
wine. After drinking the drink with truth medicine Raman starts to utter
out all nuisance and asks Anita if she is getting married at her age,
he tells Surjeet that Anita is a snake as she will make him dance on her
tunes after marriage. Kunj blames Twinkle and says that’s why he calls
her Drama Queen, and asks why she mixed the whole bottle in one glass
but nothing left for Anita now and wonders what they will do now? Then
Anita keeps her desire in front of Surjeet asks him that there should be
some dance performance in her engagement and that she know a great
dancer here, she comes to Leela and says she is great dancer. All are
stunned to listen to such words from Anita. Anita says she wants Leela
to dance at the engagement ceremony of her daughter’s in laws and ask if
she will not do this much for her in-law? She plead with her to do it,
all are tensed. By this Twinkle got very upset and tells Kunj they need
to stop all this, she holds Kunj’s hands and tell him to somehow stop
all this as her mother can’t dance in front of everyone.

comes to Surjeet and ask what’s this drama all about and asks if Leela
will dance on the song? She tells him to atleast think about her age.
Surjeet who considers Anita’s love to be true love says these fun do
happen in marriages and dancing have nothing to do with age, and adds
that Punjabi’s dance is to enjoy every function. Anita tries to become
sweet in front of others and says as they say age doesn’t matter when
you have to enjoy and Leela’s daughter have got married in this house
but Leela will dance here. She ask Leela to not be spoil sport and dance
and she starts the music. Leela have teary eyes and starts dancing.
Twinkle thinks why is her mother doing all this. Anita glares Leela,
while Leela dances more on item song. Seeing that Leela is dancing on
prostitute song, all are tensed what will happen after marriage. Anita
comes there and says what a performance, she praises Leela that she
liked it as she can dance well in this age too. Seeing that Anita is
trying to humiliate his mother-in-law further, Kunj thinks that he have
stop Anita’s drama, he comes on the dance floor, wipes his
mother-in-law’s tears, he change the song and acts on the song Jeena
Yahan Marna Yahan song and dances with Leela. Seeing this, Twinkle
thanks Kunj in heart that she is proud to have him as her husband. Kunj
happily dances with Leela.

Anita is irked and thinks that Leela’s drama
was going on fine until Kunj had to come in between and destroy the
funs. Kunj whispers to his mother-in-law that he will take revenge from
Anita for insulting her in public and he know she is hiding something
and asks what is it? Leela recalls in flashback Anita asked Leela to
dance in her engagement and if she doesn’t do it then Twinkle will have
to bear the consequences, and threatened her that what if she tell Bebe
that Twinkle had affair with her son Yuvi then Bebe will throw her out,
so Leela have listen to everything she say, flashback ends. Kunj says he
know she is doing all this for Twinkle and he ends the dance and all
clap for them. Twinkle vow that she won’t let Anita’s succeed and she
have to answer her back. She make another annocement that she will
remember this day as Surjeet and Anita are getting engaged, this day is
special for her uncle and Anita aunt and she will love it if Anita
should do the performance for Surjeet, and he should know what a great
dancer she is. Kunj smirks and thinks to himself that he have to accept
that Twinkle is clever as she turned Anita’s trick on Anita only. Leela
ask what Twinkle is doing? Kunj reminds his mother-in-law that she is
her daughter and will take revenge for her for the insult. Twinkle ask
Anita to make Surjeet feel special by dancing for him but Surjeet is
unaware that Twinkle is taking revenge for her mother’s insult and
agrees with Twinkle, he tells Anita to dance for him.

Twinkle turns on
the music while Anita thinks to himself that Twinkle is acting very
smart and vow to teach her a lesson. Kunj tells Twinkle’s mother that
her daughter is smart and she threw Anita’s trick on her only. Anita is
embarrassed and just when she is about to start to dance, someone fires a
bullet, and it’s turns out to be Yuvi, he comes in and tells them to
stop the drama. He has gun in his hands and is drinking wine, he fires
in the air, he comes to his mother and Anita ask him to put gun down the
gun but he refuses and he asks his mother how can she do this to him?
He gets furious with his mother that she is getting married and that
too, to Kunj’s relative when she should be thinking about his marriage,
his happiness but she is trying to fix her wedding and asks if she isn’t
ashamed of all this? Yuvi adds that he is very unlucky as whoever he
loved in life, they only cheated him, he turns to his mother and asks if
she has any respect for his emotions? He then vow that he won’t let the
engagement happen. Anita plead with her son not to do this and Yuvi
asks why not? He tells his mother that if she can cheat him then why
cant he? Anita says she thought she will tell him after the engagement.
Yuvi gets more furious with this and says she thought she would take her
palanquin to Sarna’s house and the truth is she wanted to do the
marriage and then tell him later.

Bebe is angry and ask Yuvi what is all
this? She turns to Anita that she didn’t tell her son about her
marriage and further asks if this is her son? Bebe rudely tells Anita
that her son seems like a brat and ask how dare he come in their house
with gun? She asks Yuvi if Anita raised him like this? A flabbergasted
Yuvi shouts at her to shut up addressing Bebe as an old lady, and asks
why is she meddling in between when he and his mom are talking, he then
warns her not to come in between or else he will fire at her. Kunj get
furion and interrupt Yuvi that he don’t know about him but elders are
respected in their house and if his mother has hidden such big truth
from him then it’s none of their business and asks him to do this drama
in his mother’s house. He further warns Yuvi if she try to misbehave
with his Bebe then he will cut his tongue. Surjeet scolds Kunj and asks
how dare he talk in between his family matters? Surjeet who feels Yuvi
will accept him as his father ask Yuvi to come aside, that they will
talk and settle things among themselves but Yuvi is in no mood to listen
to him and tells him not to speak in between, he adds that he have not
come to talk but to finish him, he points the gun at Surjeet and the
whole Sarna’s family are left shock. Anita tries to stop him but he
pushes her away, Kunj tells Yuvi to stop it. Yuvi then points gun at
Kunj, all are shocked, he ask Kunj what’s his problem and why he come in
his matters? He swear to kill him but Twinkle immediately stands
infront of Kunj before Yuvi press the trigger and tells Yuvi that he
have to kill her before killing Kunj, she asks him to fire and kill her.
Yuvi pushes her away from Kunj and tells her not to come in between, he
points the gun at Surjeet and fires at him but Anita comes forward and
the bullet hits her hands, all are shocked.

Anita falls down and even
Yuvi is left shock that he shot his mother. Surjeet cried and ask her to
open eyes. He tells her that in order to save his life, she takes the
bullet meant for him. Twinkle comes to her too. Bebe is more than
convince with this, she apologises to Surjeet that no one can love him
more than this woman. She further tells him that Anita is truly his life
partner as she put her life in danger to protect him, she them bless
them both. Surjeet is pleased with this and says now that he got his
sister blessing, no one can stop him and he will marry Anita right now,
he cuts his finger with the pieces of glass on the floor and fills
Anita’s forehead with his blood as vermilion. All are shocked. Surjeet
announce that he accept Anita as his wife and will see who will be able
to separate them. Anita smirks while Leela thinks that the past should
not haunt her Twinkle, she pray to God inside her mind to protect
Twinkle from Yuvi and Anita.

Anita kicks the Kalash, Bebe does
their aarti and tilak, Anita and Surjeet takes her blessing. Bebe ask if
she talk to Yuvi? Anita says she have talked to him, he is miffed but
will see her happy with Surjeet and will get happy too. Anita ask Bebe
if she will not give her Shagun? And remind her that she have right to
take it. Bebe says why not and also remind her that her marriage
happened suddenly so she couldnt get anything, she shows Twinkle’s
bangles to Anita and says it their traditional bangles. She promise to
make same for her and will give it to her. Anita kept her step in
Sarna’s house just to fulfill her wish and decides to take revenge of
her humiliation. She tells Bebe she want her gift today and she want the
bangles in Twinkle’s hands. Bebe asks how can she do that. Anita point
out that the bangles are old fashioned and will suite her more than
Twinkle and request Bebe to give it to her. Babee agrees with her and
tells Twinkle that she will make new style bangles for her and asks her
to give the bangles to her. Twinkle angrily stares at Anita.

Twinkle nods and gives it to Bebe. Anita is not satisfied and tells Bebe
she will be happy if Twinkle makes her wear it and ask her to make her
wear it. Babee ask Twinkle to make her wear it, Twinkle nods and makes
Anita wear her bangles. Kunj is not happy with this but he keep quiet.
Anita thinks she have snatched her bangles now but soon she will sntach
her peace and everything, and she will take revenge from her for
insulting Yuvi. Twinkle thinks if she have entered house then she have
responsibility to make Anita right and vow that she will stop her bad
things and she will not rest until she change her to a good person or
else her name is not Twinkle Sarna. Later that day, Twinkle sadly sit in
her room, Kunj says it’s impossible to understand girls. Twinkle asks
him not to joke with her. In order to change her mood, Kunj ask why
girls like bangles and etc? And why is she upset for that bangle as she
will get another one but Twinkle says she is not worried about the
bangle but the way Anita took it from her is like it’s some game plan of
her. Twinkle takes his laptop from him that she want to watch a movie,
he ask her to watch it on her laptop but she refuses and insists to
watch it on his laptop and insult him that the way his laptop is, is
very old and it should be put in museum, and that her laptop’s charger
is damaged so she will watch it on his laptop. Kunj says fine, he bangs
into door and the lock gets opened.

Kunj thank thank God their blood
group is different else she would have asked that too, he goes to sleep.
The next morning, while Bebe is praying, she finds Kunj’s room open and
finds out that Kunj is sleeping on the couch while Twinkle is sleeping
on the bed, she wonders why they both sleep separately. Anand comes back
home and tells his mother that Nikki and Ishan will live in london but
he have come back and apologize to them for living them. Anita comes
there and ask if he will not welcome his aunt in-law? Anand ask who she
is? Bebe inform him that she is married to his uncle. Anita him him to
seek her blessings but Kunj asks him to take rest, and they will talk
later, Anand leaves. Bebe announce that tomorrow Kunj and Twinkle will
leave for their honeymoon. Twinkle asks her what’s the need, with the
excuse to spend time with Bebe. Babee tells her not to think about
anything and they both have to go. Anita says she is right, that if they
both spend time together then their love will increase, she ask Twinkle
if she love Kunj? As Bebe has hopes from them both. Seeing that Anita
is taunting her, Twinkle says if Bebe has asked then they will go to
their honeymoon in Goa for sure. Kunj is shocked.

Kunj comes to
his room and asks Twinkle if she want to go to honeymoon with him and
asks why is she dragging him along. Twinkle tells him they will go to
the honeymoon as Anita is just looking for a reasons to tell Bebe about
her affair with Yuvi, and this is not the good thing that girl had
affair before marriage and Bebe would be hurt to know this and she don’t
know till when she will keep bearing all this, she cries. Kunj gives
her tissues and tells her she don’t look good while crying, she wipes
her tears and throws the tissue away. Kunj gets irritated with it and
says he don’t want to go with her as he can avoid her here but won’t be
able to that there, and he will find some solution to avoid this
honeymoon thing, he leaves, Twinkle thinks if all husbands are like this
then she has got a unique piece?

Yuvi is in car and coming back
home, he is drunk and driving rashly, Leela comes in his way, he
immediately applies brakes, and comes out. Leela ask why is he
destroying his life? She advice him that there is still time, Yuvi ask
why being so polite with him? He tells Leela he can’t forget anything
and asks what’s wrong in him? He proudly tells her that he is more good
looking than Kunj and her daughter would have been happy with him but
she left him and married Kunj. He asks Leela if Kunj is better than him?
He advice her that she still have time to tell her daughter to come
back to him and he will accept her. Leela gets furious and tells him
that she is someone else’s wife now, adding that this is the difference
between him and Kunj as he have no respect for relations, but his Kunj
is a gem and asks him to stop thinking about Twinkle and start a new
life with someone. Yuvi laughs and asks if she have gone mad? He says
they both keep praising Kunj while people want to live life like him
(himself)? He asks Leela if she want to drink wine? He force her to
drink but she throws it away and says his life is destroyed and he can’t
go back from this path, she then curse Yuvi that he get destroyed in
coming future, and he will be gone, adding that this is a mother’s
curse, she angrily leaves. Yuvi says not his but her daughter’s life
will be destroyed and he will do his final attack and Twinkle will be

While Bebe is discussing with Usha regarding Kunj and
Twinkle’s honeymoon, she hear Twinkle cough and asks why is she suddenly
sick. Twinkle make an excuse and at the same time, Kunj comes back home
with the help of some guys and his feet is hurt. Twinkle is confused.
Bebe ask what happened? Kunj explain that someone hit him with cycle,
Bebe she planned their honeymoon for them both but it got failed. She
asks them not to worry, and they can go some other time, she ask Twinkle
to come and sit beside Kunj. Twinkle coughs continuously. Bebe says she
will bring them water. Twinkle coughs again and thanks her. Kunj ask
her to not cough on his face, Twinkle says she thought he would not plan
anything so she acted like she have cough. Kunj says they should go to
Goa and he will throw her in water. He asks if she see her face, that
she is not looking ill at all, Bebe brings water for Twinkle and throws
fake lizard there. Kunj and Twinkle get up seeing this,the onion in her
armpit fall down while Kunj stand on his injured feet instead of right.
They both understand that they have been exposed and he immediately fake
it that it’s a miracle that he can stand on his left leg. Bebe says she
know they both were faking it, and their arranged marriage will be
changed to love marriage but they both are going to honeymoon and she
gives them tickets.

Anita comes to Yuvi and he rudely asks his
mother what she want and if she is expecting him to hug her for this?
She says yes that this is what she want. They both smiles and hug each
other. She praises her son that he have learned acting from her. Yuvi
admit that he have learned it from her but she is his mom in planning
and also compliment her that she is the best. She says she didn’t have
another way and she had to convince them to gain entrance to the family
and she have to get her insulted. She then inform Yuvi that Twinkle and
Kunj are going for their honeymoon in Goa? Yuvi agrees with his mother
that she is actually right and their plan will start from there. He says
Twinkle’s second phase of troubles starts from tomorrow and he will
kick it off. The next morning, Twinkle and Kunj keep their luggage in
the car. He cleans his shades from Twinkle’s clothes and both have a
cute arguments.

Leela is there and Kunj decides to bid a farewell to
her. Leela sees Twinkle. Kunj asks how she is? He inform his
mother-in-law that they are going to Goa for their honeymoon and they
need her blessings. Leela says she is happy for him as this is the most
important time of his life. Kunj understand that she is indirectly
wishing them both and assured her that he will take care of Twinkle and
himself. Twinkle is pleased with this and tells herself that whatever
she ( her mother) said, she will keep it in her mind. She asks for how
long will she be mad at her? And that daughter is waiting for her. Leela
says some things are unforgivable. She goes in. Twinkle wipes her
tears. She and Kunj leave.

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