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Monday Update On My Lost Home

Later in the living room, Durga call Cherry over and introduce her to
her aunt named Santosh? and she tells Cherry to touch her feet as she is
elder. In order to prove that Soni is carrying Veer’s child, Mahi and
Shabd went to the hospital and know if the DNA was there but find out
that it’s missing.
Veer’s picture is put-up at the house and Durga cries
touching his picture. Parmeet says that he put the picture up so
everyone could see Veer’s picture all the time. Durga cries and Parmeet
says he’s sorry to have made her cry. Parmeet promises to try to be
equal of Veer to them if possible. Jyoti hears their conversation.
Parmeet hugs both his parents in-laws ( Mr and Mrs Khurana ) with no
affection what-so-ever. Mahi talking about what happened in the lab
(Veer’s blood samples were stolen). Mahi can’t understand what anyone
would gain from stealing Veer’s samples. Mahi and Shabd conclude that it
must have been Cherry. They are wondering how she found out before they
got there and Jeet comes there and says she must’ve heard him talking
to them. Jeet promises to be with them through-out their investigation.
They decide to trap Cherry. Soni walks in and Jeet looks at her sadly.
He leaves asking Soni to take care of herself. Later, Inspector Chopra
comes to Shabd’s house and asks Soni if she can recognize anyone in the
pictures he brought with him. Soni recognizes the guy that shot Veer.

Inspector leaves and tell Shabd that the culprit will be caught soon.
Jyoti is in her room thinking when Parmeet walks in. He tell Jyoti that
he is taking her parents to the Gurdwara and asks her if she wants to
come along and she refuses. She talks about her loneliness and Parmeet
tells her that it was her choice to leave him. Durga walks-in and
realizes that she walked in at the wrong time. Durga asks Jyoti to come
along and Parmeet tries to cover up saying Jyoti’s not coming because
she has a headache however Jyoti tells her mother that she is coming.

Mahi asks Soni to rest and that she will get food for her. Moni their
mother comes in with food. Mahi goes to get Vitamins for Soni and drops
some books. Moni gets up to put the book back and find a picture of
Mahi’s father there. She goes to Mahi and Soni and asks whose picture is
his. Soni and Mahi look at her weirdly as the woman claiming to be
Mohini fails to recognize their father and Soni tells her that it is her
father’s picture. Moni then looks at the picture again and says oh
yes…she says she’s far sighted and asks Mahi to get a pair of glasses
for her. Moni changes the topics and starts feeding Soni. This storms
doubt in Mahi the more. Moni leaves to get water and Mahi who is still
not convinced that the strange woman is their mother and asks Soni how
could she not recognize their father. Soni seems to have bought her
explanation and tells Mahi that they should get her glasses. Mahi thinks
to herself that she hope she is right because how could it be that
their mother did not recognize their father?

Cherry trying to
seduce Jeet and Jeet think to himself that she is doing this to stop him
from investigating Veer’s death but her trick will not work on him,
especially when she tag him and poor Soni characterless. He swear not to
spear her if she have something to do with his brother death. Cherry on
the other hand is also thinking the same for her benefit. Cherry tries
to reach someone on the phone but is unable to do so. She figure out
that since Jeet forgot to take the address with him, he will be delayed
and she can get there first to take care of the matter. She leaves and
Jeet sees her leaving. He tells Shabd that Cherry has left. Cherry
reaches the place where the goon is supposedly kept. It is set-up so
that it appears the goon is on an oxygen mask and he is unconscious.
Cherry gets there and says so he is the one to spell her secret. She
basically admits everything she has done everything including the fact
that she is responsible for Veer’s death. She takes the Oxygen mask off
the guy only to realize that it is an imposter. She turns around to find
Jeet and company there. Mahi’s shows her the tape recorder and Cherry
has seen a ghost all of the sudden. Mahi says that they were searching
for evidence against her but she is stupid enough to admit everything
herself. Mahi slaps Cherry and basically lectures Cherry about ruining
Soni’s life and taking her unborn child’s father away. Jeet says that
she has to pay for her sins and they call the police-in to arrest

The inspector advises Jeet to hold onto the tape as it’s their
only proof. Back at Mr Khurana’s house, everyone is listening to
Cherry’s taped confession. Lovely says that they will pursue this is in
the court and ensure that Cherry pays for her crimes. Mr. Khurana says
at least now he can look into his Veer’s eyes and say that they have
found his murderer. Durga cries out loud saying that this is all her
fault as she is the one who brought Cherry in the house as her
daughter-in-law and she wishes she had never brought Cherry in her
house. Jeet says that they all have to pay the price for their sins and
as for Cherry her fate has been sealed as he stares at the tape
recorder. When Shabd’s whole family is sitting in the living room,
Shabd’s uncle says that at least they have caught the culprit and now
Veer’s soul can rest in peace. So-called Moni is sitting and lost in her
own thoughts throughout the scene. Aunt Billo consoles Soni. Soni says
that she never harmed Cherry in any way and she took the father of her
child away and vow that she will never forgive Cherry. Kamya agrees with
her and takes Soni to her room to rest. Shabd’s uncle tells everyone to
rest and prepare for court tomorrow. Everyone leaves except Moni and
Mahi. Moni tells Mahi that she is having a hard time coping with this
and she will never forget this. Mahi says none of them will ever forget
anything and tells her to go and rest but she tells Mahi that she wants
to pray a little and question God as to why he did this to her child.
Mahi leaves and Moni is left sitting in her own thoughts. Harry leaves
the Khurana’s house saying that his niece is responsible for Veer’s
death and it makes no sense for him to hang around.
On the day of
hearing outside the court, Cherry is brought to the court as the entire
Khurana family watches her with anger. Durga confronts Cherry in-front
of the court-house. She tells Cherry that she brought her into the house
as her younger daughter-in-law but she took her son away from her.
Durga screams at her and further tells stunned Cherry that she only
found her Veer to kill in the entire world and tell Cherry to pray that
the court doesn’t spear her because if they do, she won’t. Cherry tries
to defend herself again laying the blame on Soni but Durga doesn’t
listens to her and continues to curse her for her deeds.

the court, the lawyer argues that this is an open and shut case as the
culprit is Cherry. The lawyer recounts the incidents leading up to
Cherry’s confession and the recording. The lawyer plays the tape with
the confession and to everyone shock, the tape has been switched and the
judge yells at them saying they have wasted his time. Jeet tries to
tell the judge that Cherry’s confession was in the tape but however the
judge basically scolds them for wasting his time and free Cherry. Cherry
has a winning smile on her face while everyone looks on with disbelief.
Durga begs the judge to punish the murderer of her son but he leaves
the court and Durga goes to attack Cherry while the guards hold her
back. Everyone leaves the court and Cherry stands there with a
determined and cunning look on her face.

At Shabd’s residence,
Shabd is wondering what happened to the tape but no one has a clue as
far as what may have happened to the tape. They conclude that the tape
was switched some time at night and that Cherry is not operating alone.
Moni on the other hand has a strange look on her face, lost in her
thought. Mahi tells everyone that it has to be someone from the family
to know how to enter and exit the house. Back at the Khurana’s
residence, the family is wondering how the tape was changed. Parmeet
tells them that since Cherry was in the jail at the time, then there has
to be someone associated in helping her. Parmeet adds that they have to
find the tape fast before it’s too late. Durga blames God for the
injustice in court. As she is cursing Cherry, Cherry comes home and says
that anything and everything that she does from now on will be right in
front of their eyes. The entire family is shocked to see her there.
Durga tells Cherry to leave their house but Cherry says she is not
leaving, because by law, she is still the daughter-in-law of the family
and Cherry challenges her. Durga goes to slap her and Cherry holds her

It appears that Cherry has an accomplice, as the person has
their ear on the ground for her when Jeet figure out that someone broke
into his room through the window to steal the tape. Jeet confirm his
doubt when he then finds a part of a key-chain outside the window and he
wonders if this piece of evidence can lead him to Cherry’s partner in
crime? Jeet takes the key-chain to the police. The inspector tells him
that the key-chain will serve as a starting point for their
investigator. He asks Jeet to keep the key-chain with him and that they
will continue to investigate the case.

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