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Saturday Episode Update On My Lost Home

After the strange confrontation Mahi had with the strange woman. The entire Sareen family sit in the car and they all leave to go home.

Shabd saw that Mahi was quiet all along and she asked her what the matter was. He also asked if she talked with someone in the temple. Tyaji replies that there was a strange woman in the temple who hold Mahi’s hand that was why she is scared. Mahi tells them that she didn’t want to scare her. Rather she tells them that she was very happy upon seeing her. Shabd told her that there should have been some misunderstanding. Mahi tells him that she called her name. But Shabd says that he had called her name many times at the temple and as such she might have heard it.
Durga tells Cherry that her plan was very dangerous. She says that she did not tell her about the Acid Powder, she asked what if she had drunk the juice. Cherry says but you did not drink it. Cherry tells her that this is just the begining, now let’s see what will happened next with Soni.
At the hall, Cherry comes with some gifts and says that she was very tired. Cherry says that she has brought gifts for everyone. Cherry gives a perfume to Jyoti. Lovely and Harry also comes around. Cherry gives a sari to Lovely. Harry tells Lovely that she would look like an angel in the dress. Cherry gives a sari to Durga as well. One more sari was left, Durga asked whom the sari was for? Cherry replied that it was for Soni, “I have bought a lot of gift for everyone so I thought why not buy one for Soni, as she is elder than I am ” Durga praises Cherry.
Shabd took Mahi’s dress, Mahi asked Shabd inside the bathroom whether if she has seen her dress. Shabd says no. Mahi comes out from the bathroom wearing only a T- shirt. Shabd keeps looking at her and Mahi saw that Shabd has intentionally hidden her dress. There is a cute scene between Mahi and Shabd. Shabd tells Mahi that she was looking splendid at the temple. Mahi remembers the strange woman. She remembers when she holds her hand and the woman says that she was her child. Mahi asked Shabd if she remembers the woman who followed her at the temple. Shabd gets pissed off as he was in the mood to talk about romance. Shabd tells her to change the topic.
At the Khurana mansion, Veer is getting ready for the office, Veer asked for his watch and wallet. Soni gives it to Veer. The phone rings, Soni picks up and it was Mahi. Mahi tells Soni that she wanted to ask her a favor? Mahi asked if she would go with her to the temple? Soni asked for Veer’s permission and Veer agrees. Veer tells Soni to come with her, as he was going to the office, “I will drop you at the temple”He said, Durga comes with a dhaga, Durga tells them that she went to the temple and she meet a priest. She tells them what the priest said about Jeet, that he has a good wife. She turns to Veer and tells him that the priest said his wife will give him a lot of problems and that someone will deceive him. And that will be the person he trusts the most. Veer tells her mother that he doesn’t believe in those things. Veer furthermore says that he know no one will deceive him. Durga gives him a talisman to wear. She tells him that he has to wear it for her sake, Durga leaves. Veer tells Soni not to believe in such things. He asked her to get ready so that they leave.
At the temple, Mahi is waiting for Soni, Soni comes and they both go to the mandir, Mahi is looking for the strange woman. They starts to pray and Soni asked whom she was looking for? Mahi tells everything to Soni. Mahi asked Soni if everything was fine at her marital home. Soni tries to ignore her question, she tells her to talk to her about her married life now. Mahi says that she was very happy with Shabd. Mahi asked Soni whether if she has talked to Veer about Jeet and her previous relationship. Soni tells her that she would tell him when she gets the opportunity. Soni says that its time for her to leave. Soni leaves. The woman comes back again and says that Mahi has come back to take her back home. Mahi says no, I have come to meet my sister. The woman says Soni’s name and she asked where she was? Mahi asked her who she was and also how come she knew her sister? The woman tells her that now she would have to tell her the truth. She yells out that ” I am your mother” Mahi is shocked.
Mahi is still with the woman who keeps telling her that she is her daughter. Mahi tells her that she recognizes her mom and she looks nothing like her. The woman touches her face and looks confused. Mahi tries to run but the lady catches her hand. Mahi frees herself and hurriedly leaves into her car.
Soni is preparing lunch when Durga comes there and starts taunting her for taking so much time. Just then Veer calls her asking for his wallet and Soni leaves to give it to him. Cheery enters the kitchen and both Cherry and Durga puts lots of chilly pepper in the food. Everybody is seated at the dining table waiting for the food to be served. Harry makes Lovely sit with him and keeps flirting with her. Soni brings food and serves to it everyone. Veer takes a bite and starts coughing. He drinks water and tells Soni that she has put a lot of spice into the food. Veer tells Soni to taste it. She does and immediately apologize. She goes in to get something else but DD and Harry defended her. Durga says that now a days Soni has started making a lot of mistakes and god knows where her mind is. Veer tells Durga that he was getting late and leaves. Soni gets something else prepared but Durga yells at her because Veer left without eating anything.
Shabd comes home and sees Mahi sitting on the chair. He comes closer and kisses her. He also asked her if she was thinking about him. She once again tells him about the lady and how she keeps insisting that she is her mother. Shabd tells her that it’s not possible because her mother was no more. He asked if the lady looks like her mom but Mahi denies that. He tells her to be careful or the woman would take advantage of her weakness. Mahi tells him that she cannot be a fraud. Shabd tells her to stop thinking about her and asked her what she wants to do in the evening. He decided to have a romantic dinner at home and they both hug but Mahi kept thinking about the strange woman.
Veer is changing her cloth when Soni brings dinner for him. She again apologizes and tells him that she made his favorite kadi rice. He asked her if she had eaten and she lies that she did. Veer catches her lie and feeds her first. She then starts her daily routine of her apologizing and Veer told her that she shouldn’t say sorry for such a small thing, and that it was his fault. He asked her if he was so bad that he would get angry for such small things. Soni again insists that she made a huge mistake. He tells her that he can never be angry with a wife like her. Both of them hug each other. Soni worries that Veer trusts her so much. She gets confused as to whether she should tell him the truth.
In the morning, Veer wakes up and Soni comes along. Veer asked Soni what she was hiding. Soni says nothing. Veer gets up and saw that she has a flower behind her. Soni wished a Happy Birthday to Veer, Veer got surprised. Soni again wished him a Happy Birthday. Veer kissed Soni. Veer tells her that he will keep the flower always with him. Soni says its not a gift, tell me what u want, I’ll bring it for you. Veer says god has already given me a gift and it’s you.Veer hugs Soni. Everyone comes and says a Happy Birthday to Veer. He thanks everyone and says I had completely forgetten about my birthday. Lovely says that they want a party. Cherry asked Veer where they would be having the party. Jeet replied that they will have the party at Veer’s favourite restaurant. Veer agrees. DD asked him what gift he wants. Veer says like always their blessings. Harry says wow “indian culture”.Veer says so today party is for sure.
Shabd saw Mahi is coming towards their bedroom so he intentionally sleeps, Mahi comes with the tea. Shabd wants to touch Mahi but Mahi doesn’t allow him to. Mahi put Shabd hands in the tea and Shabd wakes up. Mahi says was it very hot? does it hurt?Shabd says no and Mahi says you were acting? Shabd says you have to says darling, Mahi says I won’t say it. Mahi and Shabd started having a romantic chat whiles Shabd teases her.
Jyoti asked Cherry to show her the necklace, lets see how it looks on me? Cherry tells her that she has told her many times that if she likes her things, she can just take them. Durga also comes and tells Cherry that she was looking beautiful. Durga saw a bracelet and ask if it was for Jeet. Cherry says its for Soni. Durga asked what both of them are trying to do without telling her. Cherry says can we do something and we won’t tell you? it’s not possible. Cherry says it’s a new plan and this plan won’t be successful without you. Cherry shows Durga the bracelet bill and tells Durga to put it in it’s right place. I will tell you how our next plan will work. She said. Cherry tells Jyoti and Durga something in absolute silence.
At the hall, Tyaji tells Mahi and Shabd, that she was feeling very sorry that because of her, both of them won’t be attending Veer’s birthday party. Mahi says we will celebrate it at home, I will make something for everyone to eat. Gauri comes with an ice cream. Tyaji says I don’t want it. Kamya comes in running and shouts ice cream. Tyaji tells her to eat since she doesn’t feel like eaten an ice cream. TT had a romantic memory down the lane. Tayaji says to Tyaji” You remember when we had a show before our marriage, where i was the Shahjahan and u Mumtaz.” Tyaji smiles. Kamya leaves with Gauri to tease TT. They both leave. Mahi tells Shabd that she was tired and that she was going to sleep. Mahi was going but Shabd pulls Mahi. Mahi says leave me T/T will come. Shabd says give me a cute name also. Shabd keeps on insisting Mahi to say darling. Mahi indirectly says darling to Shabd but also add ‘darling nahi kahungi’ and leaves. Shabd goes behind her.
Durga enters Veer and Soni’s room, she is trying to put the bill in the bag of Soni, Soni comes and says mummyji. Durga asked why she was not ready yet. Soni replied that she was just getting ready. Soni turns around and Durga puts the bill in the bag and leaves. Veer also comes. Veer asked Soni what she would be wearing for the party? Soni says I am not able to decide what to wear, Sari or a dress? Veer says you will wear the dress that I will give you. Veer tells Soni to go and get freshen up but till then he will chose a great dress for her. Soni leaves. Veer has selected a sari. Veer says to himself that the bag of Soni was opened. Durga who was sneaking quietly sees everything behind the door. Veer saw a bill of a bracelet and thinks that Soni has bought a bracelet for him as his birthday gift, she want to give me a surprise so why should i spoil her surprise” He said. Veer put the bill back inside Soni’s bag. Durga looks happy as her plan was a success.

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