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Saturday Update On Fire & Ice Episode 48 – 49

Chinki cries. Twinkle cheers her up that nothing has happened to her and she just have to be strong. She asks her to go to her room. Kunj comes to Twinkle, Tashan E Ishq song plays in the background. Twinkle leaves. Leela asks Bubbly about Twinkle.

Twinkle comes there. Leela asks her to sit for her mehendi. Twinkle thinks about Yuvi’s words. Someone asks to play the dhol…Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali song plays in the background. Leela gets emotional. Twinkle is lost in thoughts, when mehendi designer asks about her groom’s name. It’s decision time for Twinkle, as she now has to decide whose name must be written on her palms at the henna ceremony. She thinks about Yuvi asking her to decide. Just then Yuvi and Kunj come there in front of her and look at Twinkle. Twinkle looks at them and then tells the mehendi designer that her would be husband’s name is Kunj. Yuvi gets angry hearing this. Mehendi designer writes Kunj’s name on her hand. Kunj tells Yuvi that whatever he is doing with Twinkle is hurting her. He asks him not to increase her problems and reminds him that they are marrying each other for their family. He further says he never wanted to marry her, but he asks him not to hurt Twinkle else he will not spare him. Anita tells Leela that her hands are blank because of her. Leela says it is a lie and that she have never done anything with her. Anita says she is denying so easily and remind her that she have ruined her home and now getting her daughter married. Leela confidently says she will still stick to her truth and that she have not done anything. Anita repeat that she have ruined her life and if her son’s life is ruined then she will not let her daughter stay peacefully. Yuvi calls Twinkle up but she asks him not to trouble her. Yuvi says he is going to Amritsar as she have really moved on. He asks her to meet him for one last time. Twinkle refuses. Yuvi lie to Twinkle that he want to return all the gifts which she have gifted him. Twinkle agrees. Yuvi asks her to meet him the next day. He smirks.
Leela talks to Kunj’s mum Usha, and talks about her indifferent behavior towards Twinkle. She says she wants her daughter to have a mother like feeling with her. Usha clearly tells her that she will treat Twinkle only like her daughter-in-law. She asks her not to think that she will treat Twinkle badly as she also have a daughter. Anita comes there and asks Leela to wash Usha’s feet and drink the water. She says she would have never allowed her son to marry her daughter, after all she had accused Kunj for attempt to rape. Leela asks Anita to attend the wedding and leave. Moment later, Leela wakes Twinkle up. Twinkle asks her to let her sleep for some more time. Leela gets emotional and says she will marry soon, she will become a wife and a daughter-in-law and mum also. She asks her to keep mum-in-law happy and for that she have to make breakfast. Twinkle gets emotional. She asks how she will make food? She reminds her mother that she don’t know how to make food. Leela asks her not to worry that she will teach her everything. Twinkle hugs her and expresses to her mother that she Iove her. Leela decides to help Twinkle in making place in Usha’s eyes.
When Twinkle is going, Kunj asks where is she going? Twinkle tells him that she is going to end the chapter. Kunj tried to convince her that Yuvi is a trouble. Twinkle inform him that Yuvi has some gifts given by her, and she don’t want anyone to create trouble for her because of that and need to get those stuff back. Kunj tells her that Yuvi might be thinking of some plan against them. Twinkle says she don’t want his help. Just then a veil falls on them and makes the environment romantic. Siddharth comes there and apologizes for the fallen veil. He tells them that God felt that they are made for each other, and asks him to always keep the veil. Kunj says he can’t keep. Siddharth tells Kunj that he got good life partner and God’s blessings too, adding that no one can separate him as they are bind to be together. He bid farewell to Twinkle and lovely address her as his sister-in-law. While Siddharth leaves in his car, Kunj and Twinkle see Taweez falling from Siddharth’s hand. Kunj calls Siddharth, but he has already left. He keeps the Taweez in his pocket.
Yuvraj tries one more time to bring Twinkle’s name into disrepute and gives a cell phone to a waiter, asking him to connect the phone with outer camera and asks him to connect the camera to LED TV so that everyone can see live telecast. He asks him to message him once he does his work. He puts glycerine drops in his eyes and asks Twinkle baby where she is? Twinkle comes just then. Yuvi thanks her for coming. Twinkle bluntly says she came here to get the stuff so that it don’t get in wrong hands. She asks him to return the gifts she gave him and says she needs to go. Yuvi returns her gifts, and says he had given her with much love. Adding that everything has ended now and neither he is with her nor his memories. The waiter meanwhile connects the camera to the LED. Yuvi holds Twinkle’s hand. She asks him to leave her hand. Yuvi says he forgot that he don’t have right to touch her and asks her if he can hug her for one last time, and says they were physically attached before. He tries to hug her but she pushes him away and bluntly correct him that they were never physically attached even though she is a modern but her mother have instilled good value in her and warn him never to says they are physically attached again. He gets a message from the waiter that his work is done. He decides to expose Twinkle infront of everyone. Kunj’s dad says he will be very happy when Twinkle becomes his daughter-in-law. Leela gets extremely happy. Pinni asks Usha, if she is not happy with the marriage. Leela scolds Pinni for asking embarrassing question.
Kunj comes to the hall and sees the waiter connecting cam with TV. He looks at Yuvi and Twinkle on TV and notices that his family and Twinkle’s family are coming towards the place to watch a movie. He drag the waiter and asks on whose order he is doing this. The panicking waiter accepts to his crime and inform him that he did it on Yuvi’s orders. He begs him that he is a family man and he do it for the purpose of money. Kunj takes the wires out to disconnect the cam and mobile and managed to do so. Twinkle’s uncle and everyone come there. When asks what he was doing there, helie to them that he was checking on the TV. Leela asks to call Twinkle. Kunj says he will bring her. Kunj meet Twinkle and tells her that her live footage was going on, and it was Yuvi’s plan to ruin her respect. Twinkle gets teary eyed, and says she didn’t understand him or his plans. She calls herself idiot and says he can never be right. She accepts that she was blinded in love and she deserve this.
Twinkle hears Usha talking to a girl Alisha, asking if she loves Kunj. Alisha claims that she love him very much. Usha asks her not to leave Kunj and says she is not happy with this marriage and that if Kunj loves her, then she will get her married to Kunj. Twinkle thinks she can back off if Usha asks her, and thinks Alisha is after Kunj’s money. Leela tells Twinkle to make Usha happy and that she will be proved to be a good daughter-in-law. She thinks of what to do? Leela brings Twinkle and makes her sit with Kunj. Usha hesitantly makes Twinkle wear the veil and gives her gifts. Everyone give her gifts but Twinkle feel uncomfortable as her would be mother-in-law prefer Alisha over her. Someone asks Kunj to make Twinkle eat the sweets. Kunj makes her eat. Twinkle makes him eat sweets and he mistakenly bites her finger. She screams out in pain and everyone laugh and claps for them. Twinkle looks him angrily. Usha asks Kunj to elope from there and tells him that Alisha told her that he loves her. Kunj open up to his mother and clearly tells her that he don’t love Alisha as she loves their property and surname. Usha is shocked to hear the true from her son. Kunj further tells his mom that Alisha has played with his feelings and admit that he loved her so much, but she betrayed him. Usha is shocked and cries asking why destiny plays with his emotions. Kunj says it was good that they came to know about her on time. Usha tells her son that she wants to see him happy but she couldn’t see Alisha’s greedyness and lies and that she can’t believe she believes in her lies. Kunj clearly tells her that he will marry Twinkle.
An upset Usha meets Alisha and slaps her. Alisha is shocked and wonders why she slaps her. Kunj, who comes along with his mom asks Alisha what did she get by lying to them, after breaking his heart. He says he is angry on himself for loving him and dreaming to live his life with her but he didn’t know that she will involve his mom and play with her emotions too. He wipes his mother’s tears and says he can’t see tears in his mum’s eyes. He asks Alisha to get out and never show her face again. Alisha leaves. Yuvi hears their conversation. Twinkle sees her clothes on bed, and asks why she put her clothes on bed. Her uncle Raman asks her to make her mum happy and fold her clothes. Twinkle politely says she don’t want to learn, saying her mother will not come to help her if she learn now. Leela promise her that she will always help her. Twinkle asks why can’t they be together always. Leela says all daughters have to go to their in-laws house and that one day, she is Twinkle Twinkle little star for her. Twinkle asks if she will come to meet her. Leela says yes and hugs her. Twinkle folds the clothes. He asks them to get ready for surprise.

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