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Sunday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 65 – 66

Kunj comes to the hospital after receiving the unexpected calls, he
meets the policeman who tells him that Twinkle was found in Guradvarah,
she did Parikrima due to which she started feeling dizzy, and falls
unconscious there so someone brought her here.
Kunj gets shocked that
Twinkle lands up in the hospital after being found in Guradvarah doing
Parikrima and due to Parikrima she had weakness and fainted. The
inspector adds that Twinkle tried to call him but her mobile’s battery
drained and he call him to the hospital when he got to know about her.
Kunj thanks the inspector and goes to see Twinkle in the hospital room
after being informed about Twinkle from the police. He finds her
unconscious lying down on bed while the doctor is checking her, Kunj ask
what happened to her? The doctor ask who is he? Kunj reply that she is
his wife. The doctor asks if he is Kunj and tells him that she kept
murmuring his name, she is very weak and she couldn’t bear stress,
adding that it seems like she has some stress and in her dizzy state,
she was murmuring to him that she is with Kunj and she won’t let
anything happen to her family. Kunj ask if she will become fine? The
dcotor says she prayed alot and was weak so she had nervous breakdown as
it seems like something is bothering her and she is not able to come
out of it and if she doesn’t become conscious in next 24hours then she
can go in coma too, he leaves. Kunj calls her Siyapa (drama) Queen and
gets emotional at the efforts Twinkle did.

He talk to himself that she
is a problematic girl, she is a unique piece, she was praying for her
family since morning, and for the family which she just joined now and
where she is not even welcomed nicely and that she care for them so
much? Kunj says if Twinkle can do this much for his family, then he will
do the same. He holds her hand that from today he promises to support
her his whole life, to stand by her in every problem, and to protect her
always. Kunj will always be with Twinkle in every problem. After
locating Twinkle in the hospital, Kunj calls Leela up and tells her
about Twinkle been admitted in the hospital, he tells her not to worry
about her that he is with her, he will take care of her, he is her son
now and he will do everything, as she have given her hand in his hand
with faith and he will not break that faith, he promise to be with
Twinkle till death, he won’t let any problem fall upon her, he will take
care of Twinkle and support her no matter what and this is a son’s
promise. Leela says people think for mother, and biggest moment is when
her daughter gets married but more bigger moment is when she gets to
know that her life partner respect her and will take care of her, she is
so happy that she chose him as life partner for her daughter, and pray
that he have long life, she ends the call and tells Usha that Twinkle
went to Guradvarah temple to pray and she became unconscious, and now
she is in hospital and Kunj is with her. She further tells Usha that she
blamed her Twinkle easily but didn’t think how much it will hurt her
mother and she will never forget what she said about her daughter,
adding that her upbringing is not so weak that her daughter will runaway
from responsibilities like this and before pointing fingers at Twinkle,
then she should think first.

Kunj calls Roshni up (Jamai raja), he
ask about Siddharth and says he want to tell him about some MMS scandal.
Roshni request him to tell her. Kunj inform her that he saw Shabnum who
is blaming Siddharth in his marriage, and he feel she is trying to
destroy Siddharth and her (Roshni). Roshni tells Kunj that Shabnum is
her step sister and she don’t know why she is trying to destroy her and
Siddharth’s life. Kunj tell her not to worry that if she is not able to
see any path then God will show her some path. Roshni thanks Kunj for
motivating her to fight against her step sister and Siddharth is her
hero and no one can defeat him. Kunj says if she need anything then tell
him as he is always there for her, he ends the call and prays for

Yuvi comes back home, Anita ask where was him? She then
tells him that Kunj came that he kidnapped Twinkle, and asks if she do
this?. Meanwhile Leela and Usha is leaving for hospital, Anita and Yuvi
comes to her and says finally she found her daughter, and asks where did
she run away to that Kunj blamed her son. Leela says she don’t have
time to listen her rubbish. Anita again point out that from the time
Twinkle got married, problems keep coming in their life and that Twinkle
is a badluck for everyone. Leela fire back that she is a badluck for
Twinkle but now she is married and she can’t poison her life now, she
leaves from there while Anita thinks that time will tell how much
destruction she will bring in Twinkle and Leela’s life.

tells Kunj that Twinkle has dengue, Usha suggests they should take her
home. Kunj says she will stay in the hospital till she becomes fine.
Usha point out that after 2 days, its Karwachauth, and they will
celebrate it together and Twinkle have to do all rituals so they can
break fast and she believe in all these rituals, alot has happened in
their lives and if they don’t do these rituals then more problems will
crop up. Kunj tells his mom that this is old fashioned thoughts. Usha
insists that his kwife is modern but that doesn’t mean they will stop
doing rituals and they will do these rituals. Kunj also decides to do
Karva Chauth for Twinkle and prepares for it while spending time with
Twinkle in the hospital and talking to her.

Kunj says if this is
the case then he will do these rituals this time, and he will do the
fast for Twinkle this time, adding that if wife can fast for their
husband long life then why can husband fast for his wife? He tells his
mom that Twinkle needs it too and remind his mom that she used to say
that husband and wife are same. Usha says this doesn’t happen. Kunj
further tells his mom that wife-husband support each other in every
problem, and Twinkle is in this situation because she was praying for
his family and asks why can’t she do this much for her? And he will fast
for her. Seeing that Kunj also decides to do Karva Chauth for Twinkle,
Leela says she is proud of him, she is proud that he is her son, he took
her problems on himself, and now she know that nothing will happen to
Twinkle till he is with her, and she cant thank him enough. Kunj says
mother should just bless her son, he have married Twinkle and will
fulfill all her responsibilities, he will try to keep her happy till
death and no one will point fingers at his mother-in-law as he is part
of her family and he just pray that Twinkle becomes fine soon. Leela
says she will also pray that he do all the rituals nicely. Yuvi listens
to their conversation from distance and says again their emotional
scene? He vow that he will add some spice in it as always and he won’t
let Kunj become perfect for Twinkle.

Leela tells Usha
that Twinkle and Kunj are made for each other. Yuvi gives money to a
nurse and ask her to do his work. Kunj prepares for it while spending
time with Twinkle in the hospital and talking to her. While Kunj is
sitting in Twinkle’s room, a nurse comes there and acts like she fell
down, Kunj goes to hep her, Yuvi immediately comes to the room and
change the thread to glass powder thread which Kunj will using to make
sieve for Karwachauth. Kunj comes back and Yuvi hides. Kunj starts
making the sieve, his hands get cut due to the glass powder on the
thread and his hand bleeds. Kunj speeds up Twinkle’s drip and blood drop
falls on her forehead and looks like Sindoor (vermilion), Kunj thank
God that Twinkle is not making the sieve. Yuvi gets irked as Kunj
completes the first rasam of Karva Chauth while spending time with
Twinkle in the hospital. Moment later, both Leela, Usha and all comes
in, Leela ask how did his hand get cut? Kunj explain that the thread had
glass powder on it and his hand got cut by it. Leela asks why did he
use it then? Usha and Leela starts putting cream on his wounds, Kunj
says he is fine and they both should be happy that the first ritual of
Karwachauth is done.

Usha asks what was the need to do it? Kunj says it
was needed for Twinkle and asks what’s the next ritual. Usha says he
don’t need to do anything. Kunj convinced his mom that Twinkle can’t do
these rituals in her state and he will do it for her as he is her
husband and won’t let her down like this and he believe that if he do
these rituals then Twinkle will become fine soon, and again asks what he
have to do? Usha inform Kunj that the Guruji has said that there is a
Mandir near Highway which he have to bring sand from there, and the
glass will only be made from it which will be used in pooja. Raman tells
him that the Mandir is very dangerous, it was far away from city and no
one goes there. Leela and Usha ask Kunj to not go there but Kunj says
he will go there for Twinkle, he need to do this and nobody will stop
he. Just when he is leaving, Leela gives Kunj Twinkle’s veil and tells
him to bring that sand in her veil so she will be part of ritual too and
further asks him to be careful as he have to cross the jungle to go to
the Mandir and cross it safely, she then blesses him, Kunj leaves to
embarks on a dangerous journey just to ensure that Twinkle recovers.

While Kunj is going to the Mandir, the breeze takes Twinkle veil from
the car, he try to stop the car in order to get the veil and realize
that his car break is fail. Leela on the other hand is with Twinkle and
prays for her. Twinkle starts taking deep breathes, Leela gets tensed
and calls the doctor, and the doctor checks Twinkle and treats her.
While Kunj is driving car, his car’s break fails. Yuvi comes to Usha in
the hospital, he ask how Twinkle is? He then says he mean his Twinkle?
He have listened that she is serious but he is worried more for Kunj, a
flashback is shows where Yuvi is listening to the conversation of Kunj
and Leela when she gave him Twinkle’s veil. Yuvi further tells Usha that
he told her to not put her son in danger but she made him marry
Twinkle, and if she had made him marry Twinkle then Kunj would be safe
today. Leela and Raman listens to this too, Raman asks him to shut up
and Yuvi asks if he will beat him but Twinkle will not come this way,
and he is advising him to not take much tension as he is growing old.
Yuvi again tells Usha that anything can happen to Kunj too, and he is
just saying that suppose he is driving and asks what will she do if his
accident happens? Raman ask him to leave, Yuvi says no one can stop
Twinkle and Kunj leaving this world, he leaves, while all are tensed.

Twinkle is not breathing, and she is given electric shocks to revive
her, she becomes conscious and ask where Kunj is? Everyone come to her,
she ask where Kunj is? She asks her uncle to call him. Raman then inform
her that Kunj has gone to Mandir for her. Twinkle tells Kunj’s parents
and her uncle that she have seen a bad dream that Kunj is in some danger
and again asks them to call Kunj, she want to see him and vow that she
won’t drink anything until she sees Kunj. Kunj’s parents are worried for
their son listening to their daughter-in-law dream. Leela thanks Lord
for reviving Twinkle and prays to make her fine as Kunj is taking care
of her too, she pray to give him reward by making Twinkle fine
completely, and at the same time, Raman comes there and informs her that
Twinkle has become conscious. Leela is extremely happy but she stops
herself just when she is about to go to meet Twinkle and tells her
younger brother that she can’t go to Twinkle.

Raman reminds her
that she kept praying for her and now when she is fine and wants to meet
her then she is stopping herself and asks for the reason why? Leela
says she can’t become weak, she know how she is keeping herself away
from Twinle but if she don’t keep herself away from her then she will
not learn her lesson in life, she cheated her and she can’t forget that
she is her mother and wants her to learn how to unite family, she will
bless her only from far only, and ask Raman to leave, he leaves while
Leela cries. Twinkle tells her uncle that it has been long since Kunj
left, she asks where Kunj is and further asks if he is fine? Manohar
assured her that he is fine, and asks her to drink something or let the
nurse apply drip to her. Twinkle refuses that she won’t take anything,
and once Kunj comes back then she will take everything he is asking for.
Just then, Kunj comes there and asks if she started her drama again? He
smiles at her and she is elated to see him, both look at each other,
Kunj ask the nurse to apply drip on her that he know she is afraid of
drip that’s why she is doing drama. The nurse complies and applied drip
to her. Twinkle sees her veil in his hands. Usha comes there and thank
God that he is fine. Kunj says he brought the sand which she wanted.
Manohar ask why did he take so much time? Kunj inform them that his
car’s break failed, and he was saved from the accident. Usha once again
put the blame on Twinkle that this is happening because of her. Kunj get
furious and stops his mother that he is saved only because of Twinkle
as her veil got stuck in the tyres and the car stopped so indirectly she
saved his life. Twinkle looks at him lovingly. Twinkle calls her uncle
Raman that her mother didn’t come to meet her after she became
conscious, ask her to talk to her once, Raman says she is little miffed
with her but she will become fine, and asks Twinkle to take care of

At Sarna’s residence, Kunj brings the medicine for
Twinkle and ask her to take it, she says she won’t have it with the
excuse that it’s bitter. Kunj says only hour passed when she returned
home and her stubbornness again, Twinkle says only one hour have passed
and his taunts started again. Kunj scared her not to take the medicine
but the doctor will give her injection and he will make her funny video.
Twinkle says he won’t be able to make her video as she is taking the
medicine. She takes the medicine, Kunj says she didn’t drink water after
taking it? Twinkle says if she can bear his bitter words then she can
take this medicine without water too. Kunj says she sounds mad raising
his two fingers up. Twinkle sees Kunj’s hands wounded, and tells him
that she got to know that he did all the rituals of Karwachauth and his
hands also got injured. Adding that it was her work and he did it. Kunj
asks her not to be happy that he didn’t do it for her, but he did it for
his mother, as she is the biggest problem of his life and asks her to
tell him why did she go to Guradvarah and what did she ask for?

says she was asking for his brain to work perfectly. Kunj asks if she
think so much about him. Twinkle deny that she don’t think about him and
he went there to pray for her family and to bring her father-in-law out
of all problems but Kunj is her probolem, and that he is confused as
one moment he talk to her with so much concern and second moment he get
rude with her and ask why is she so confused? Kunj spark at her that she
have made his life confused, and points out that she have taken over
his bed too. Twinkle also says this is her bed too. Kunj says most
fighting girl has become his wife and ask her to sleep. Twinkle says he
is not allowing her to sleep as he keep blabbering, both glances at each
other and goes to sleep.

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