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Thursday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 58 – 60

Kunj comes to Twinkle, Twinkle tells him that she have done many
mistakes, she break her mother’s truth, she break her heart, she hide
Yuvi’s affair from her, took advantage of her freedom given to her and
it’s all wrong.

Kunj says she tried to tell the truth many times, she
became Yuvi’s trap, she married the guy whom her mother wanted, its all
good and it’s very difficult to accept mistake and asks her not to blame
herself. Twinkle says she took time to rectify her mistake, and her
mother has broken all ties with her as she is dead for her mother, and
she have hurt her mother so much that she had to give this punishment to
her and it’s enough. She then vow that she will not lie again till
death, Kunj ask if they should go home? Twinkle nods as yes.

Later at
her in-laws house, Kunj gets a call from someone and excuse himself.
Manohar says he have made joke infront of all but his Guruji asks him
not to worry that they will do the ritual with Twinkle without Kunj.
Usha does Twinkle’s aarti, Guruji ask Twinkle to kick Kalash and come
inside house. But Twinkle finds difficulty in Kunj’s house as she enters
in the house, she faces first challenge with her mother-in-law’s house
and while doing the housewarming ritual her, but instead of right leg a
trouble mind Twinkle kicks the Kalash with her left feet, all are
shocked. Usha asks Twinkle what she did that make her to used her left
feet and came in by putting left feet in the house. Twinkle tell her
that she did this for the first time and apologize for the mistake. An
upset Usha asks if her mother has not told her anything, and hits at her
that all girls know this, adding that it’s a bad omen for their family.
Manohar who sees Twinkle as her lucky charm tells his wife to let her
be as Twinkle is still young but his Guruji support Usha on this and
thanks to this one silly mistake, Twinkle gets forced to do something
very unusual by Manohar and his guru as his guru point out that they
have to rectify this mistake and Twinkle have to take bath with cow’s
pee. Twinkle ask if there is no other way to rectify it? Guruji decline
that she have to take bath from it only. Manohar persuade her to do it.
Twinkle begs them that she won’t do it. Seeing how stubborn she is, Usha
decides to call Leela up and blackmails her, that she will complain to
her mother and upon hearing this, Twinkle who at first denies stops her
mother-in-law from calling her mother and immediately says yes for the
purification process, that she will baths with the cow’s urine, everyone
leaves. Twinkle thinks to herself that she won’t hurt her mother more
and will will bear everything.

Leela tells her younger brother
Raman about Twinkle and Yuvi’s affair. Raman says this can’t be true.
Leela says when someone close to them deceive them then one can’t
believe it but the truth is that Twinkle was deceiving them from many
years, she was so proud of her daughter and she insulted her so much.
Raman says she may have done mistake but she accepted it and she left
Yuvi, and he point out to his sister that between Yuvi and her mother,
Twinkle chose her and she married the guy whom she wanted and that it
take a guts to tell the truth and she did it. He then asks till when
will she be angry with her? Leela says its not about her anger, as this
thing has gone way ahead and so what if she has married Kunj? She adds
that Twinkle cheated her and that’s the truth. Raman reminds his sister
that all girls need support from her family in her in-laws and Twinkle
needs her in life ahead and asks if she will leave her like this? Leela
says she know she won’t be able to live without her, as she is the
reason of her life but for Twinkle’s happiness, she have to do this, her
childish things was fine till in this house but now in her in-laws
house, she should learn how to carry herself and how to keep the family
united. She adds that Twinkle has to grow up, she was so hurt to tell
Twinkle to leave from here but she had to do this for her betterment,
because if she married Yuvi in her foolishness then her life would have
been destroyed and Twinkle needs to learn life and have to bear all the
problems herself.

Twinkle gets ready to take bath from the cow’s
pee. Kunj after seeing his friend in the hospital reaches his house and
asks his mother Usha that in which world she is living as she is asking
Twinkle to take bath with cow’s pee. Their Guruji tells Kunj they have
to do it to rectify Twinkle’s mistake. Kunj tries to raise his voice in
favor of Twinkle that he don’t think it’s a mistake if she had put her
left feet in the house first and she doesn’t need to rectify it. But his
father Manohar scolds him and asks Kunj if he will tell them what to do
now? Twinkle sit down to take bath while Kunj is disgusted to sees
this. Usha pours the pee on Twinkle’s head, Kunj watches Twinkle bathing
outside with the cow urine. He gets shock to see her in that position
and thinks that Twinkle hasn’t entered the house and this is happening
with her, he leaves from there. After the purification, Nikki brings
Twinkle to Kunj’s room and tells her not to mind that she is stinging
and Kunj would vomit to smell it. She then suggest Twinkle to use
perfume as she sting and it’s spread in the whole house, adding that if
Twinkle need anything then to tell her. Nikki further welcome Twinkle to
her in-laws house, she leaves.

Twinkle start using perfumes on her body
and at the same time Kunj comes in and ask her not to dare touch his
perfume. Twinkle spark at him that she is stinging and she have to use
it. Kunj feels bad and says he tried to stop them but Twinkle is still
upset and tells him she had to bath with cow’s pee and he is thinking
about his perfume. Kunj too is angry and asks why should he think about
her? Adding that it’s her problem that she can take bath with anything,
but had problem with the ritual, and she don’t matter to him. A
flabbergasted Twinkle says he keep giving explanation himself and she
don’t care if he care for her or not. Kunj says he can’t live with her
else he will kill himself. Twinkle also says she will commit suicide too
if he remain with her and asks him leave the room for her. Kunj is
about to go and turns back that this is his room. Twinkle tells him they
said this is her room too so she won’t go anywhere. Kunj close the
door. Twinkle ask why did he close the door? Kunj starts coming near
her, Twinkle misunderstand him and think he is trying to get closer to
her and asks him to stay away from her. She further asks why is he
coming near her, she mistakenly falls on bed, Kunj leans in on her, he
smells the sting, he takes pillow and says he can’t even talk to her as
she sting and he have no interest in coming near her, adding that he can
go to the guest room but then people will talk about it so he will
sleep in the balcony.

Twinkle agrees with him that he is right as she
don’t even want his parents to get worried. Kunj goes to the balcony and
sit on the rocking chair while Twinkle stares at him, he turns his
chair away from her but he keep looking at her and he falls asleeps.
Twinkle opens her luggage and sees her and her mother’s picture, she
recalls her harsh words and vow that she will become a good
daughter-in-law. Twinkle sleeps on the bed while Kunj sleeps in the
balcony. Later that night, while playing with his grandson, Manohar gets
a threatening phone call and warns him that if he don’t give them the
money on time then his family will be in problem, adding that they will
kidnap his grandson. Manohar sees this as empty threat and tell the
caller that he won’t give him any money and asks him to do whatever he
can and then he ends the call. Manohar who easily talk rudely to the
stranger that he is not afraid of such fake calls is actually got
frightened with his call. Usha who is present there sees him to be in
tension and asks her husband about the matter if there is no problem but
Manohar who doesn’t respect his wife rudely tells her that it’s none of
her business, adding that there is no problem and he leaves angrily
while Usha have a doubt that he must be hiding something from her, and
thinks if same problem has cropped up again. Usha get worried.

the morning, Kunj is trying to adjust on chair while sleeping, when
Usha knocks on the door, Twinkle wakes up and wonder why her mom is
knocking with so much noise, she opens the door only to find Usha there,
she address her as mother and asks why is she at their door. But Usha
bluntly correct her that she is not her mother but her mother-in-law and
Sarna’s daughter-in-law doesn’t sleep till late, and asks her to let
her go in and wake Kunj up. Usha goes in while Twinkle is worried if she
finds Kunj sleeping on chair in the balcony, she turns to find Kunj
sleeping on bed and is relief. Usha finds him sleeping and tried to wake
him up, reminding him that Twinkle and him will do dushhera pooja
prayer as newly wedded couple, she leaves. After Usha leaves, Twinkle
comes to Kunj and calls him sleeping beauty and ask why is he sleeping
on her bed? She tells him to wake up, she removes his blanket to find
him sleeping without wearing shirt and she immediately turns away. Kunj,
who quickly comes to sleeps on the bed wakes up and calls Twinkle
screaming beauty and ask her to stop irritating him as he should thank
him that his mother didn’t see him sleeping in the balcony, reminding
her this is her bed and he can sleep on it. They begins their nok jhok
as Twinkle says first he should start wearing clothes to bed. Kunj tells
her to go and sleep without AC in balcony then he will see, he stand
up, covers himself with bed sheet and leaves.

  Leela on the other hand
wakes up and comes to Twinkle’s room, she misses her and recalls her
good time with her daughter. Twinkle does the aarti ( prayer ) in
Sarna’s house, she gives the aarti and prasad to everyone as well as
giving Ishan (Nikki’s son) candies. Just when Ishan is going to the
garden, Twinkle stops him and tells him not to go alone but Nikki spark
at Twinkle that her son can go alone and they can’t appoint bodyguards
everywhere, pointing out that she is his mother and she know what is
right for her son, she leaves. Twinkle prays to Lord for her family.
Seeing this, Kunj ask her when did horror channel turned off and this
traditional channel started? Twinkle says she is modern but she know the
rituals, and she is not like him. Kunj praise her that he is impressed.
Twinkle says she didn’t find anything in him that can impress her. Not
long after, Ishan gets kidnapped by some goons. Twinkle comes out, she
sees them taking Ishan away and she runs behind them but the kidnappers
leave while Twinkle who chase the car could not gets the pace of it.

Twinkle who witnesses the moment runs inside and tells them about
Ishaan’s kidnapping.

The Sarna family rush out, they sees the tracing
that Ishaan have been kidnapped seeing the match prasad offering on the
floor. Why the family are wondering who could be behind this, Nikki
breaks down into tears and suspect that Yuvi must have done this.
Twinkle says if Yuvi has done this then she. will go to him and will
talk to him. Kunj asks if she have gone mad? He reminds her if she don’t
know that Yuvi has become psycho and it’s not good to go to him.
Twinkle tells Kunj that she don’t want to see Yuvi face but she have to
go to him for Ishaan and that she will go there as she don’t anyone to
get hurt because of her past mistakes. While Yuvi is drinking wine, he
recalls Twinkle’s harsh words towards him and at the same time Twinkle
who think that he have kidnapped Ishaan comes there. Yuvi misunderstand
her coming to his house and taunts her if she is bored with her sweet
husband that she has come to him. Yuvi further asks her that she must be
missing the spark of their relationship and that’s why she have come to
his house. Twinkle confronts Yuvi that she would rather die than coming
to him and she came to his house to tell him to stop his cheap acts,
reminding him that he have tried many things but failed every time, and
asks where Ishan is? Yuvi is shocked with a what? Twinkle tells him that
Ishan is a small kid and asks what he got by kidnapping him? She again
asks him to tell her where he is? Adding that the Sarna family knows
about his cheap acts too and they won’t spear him for this. A confused
Yuvi politely tells her that he don’t know anything and he have not
kidnapped him. Twinkle who doesn’t believe him says she know he can do
anything to destroy her.

Just then, Anita comes there and admit to
Twinkle that she is right, that they will ruin her mother, her and her
new in-laws family but they will not play hide and seek now, adding that
they will not back stab but they will attack like lions now and finally
says that they have not kidnapped Ishan as they will attack from front
now and one attack will be enough for them all and rudely asks Twinkle
to leave from her house. Yuvi pushes Twinkle away and just when she is
about to fall, Kunj comes there and manages to holds her. He angrily
asks Yuvi till when will he keep raising his hands on girls? He reminds
Yuvi that Twinkle is his wife and if he try to touch her again then he
will break him. Anita point out that his wife has come to there house
herself and they have not kidnapped Ishaan. Kunj who doesn’t believe in
Anita’s words says they will see to that matter too and warns Anita that
if Yuvi is involved in this then he won’t even warn her, he leaves with
Twinkle from there. Anita begins to wonders and says if they have not
kidnapped Ishaan then who did it? She then conclude that Twinkle have
more enemies too aside them. Kunj gets furious with Twinkle that he told
her to not go to him. Leela comes out and listens their conversation as
Twinkle tells Kunj that what if Yuvi had kidnapped Ishaan? And when
Nikki pointed towards him then she was in doubt too that he has done
this and she want to find Ishan. Leela is shocked, she comes to them and
ask about the matter. Twinkle tells her that Ishan is being kidnapped
and they are searching for him. Leela who is still angry with her
daughter face Kunj and asks him not to worry that they will search for
him in the whole Amrtisar. Just when Leela is leaving, Twinkle ask her
mother to to talk to her as she needs her support. Leela instead comes
to Kunj and tells him that she will pray for Ishaan, she leaves without
looking at Twinkle.

Twinkle and Kunj are in car, Kunj offer to
drop Twinkle home then he will search for Ishan, Twinkle refuses that
she will come with him. Kunj tried to convince her that it’s dangerous
as he will keep protecting her while searching for Ishaan. Twinlkle
assured him that she can take care of herself and insist that he won’t
go alone as she will come with him. Kunj compliment her that it’s sweet
of her but she is a problematic girl and he don’t want any problem. A
stubborn Twinkle reminds him not to forget that if she had not come to
the police station that night then nobody would have saved him. Kunj
also reminds her that he have saved her many times too and he is
determined to search for Ishaan. Twinkle asks why he have so much over
confidence, and further asks him to drop me here and promise him that
she will bring Ishaan back on her own. Kunj ask if she has any plan?
Twinkle point out that she saw the kidnappers leaving in 7seater car
with Ishaan. Kunj asks how will they find 7seater in the whole Amrtisar.
Twinkle tells him that God will help her, she gets out of the car while
Kunj leaves. Twinkle prays to lord to give her hint and just then, she
find the same 7seater going from there.

 Usha mention that Manohar
received calls the previous night and Manohar says he thought it’s
ordinary fake calls. Anand meanwhile ask his father Manohar what did the
kidnappers say to him? Manohar explain to him that he already told him
everything and asks him not to irritate him now. At the same time,
Manohar gets a call from the kidnappers, where kidnapper mock him that
by now he know their strength, as his grandson is with them and if he
want him alive then to give them the money, adding that they will tell
him the place and time and that he know how much money they want, he
ends the call. Nikki ask if Ishaan is fine? Usha ask how much money they
are asking? Manohar says they didn’t tell him about money and they will
tell him later. Manohar is tensed.

Twinkle on the other hand is
searching for the car, she finds toffees candies on the road which she
gave to Ishaan, she follows it track and goes to the abandon godown and
she calls out Ishaan’s name. The Kidnappers are alert and immediately
hide Ishaan and covers his mouth. Twinkle finds Ishaan’s shoe there.

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